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  1. Tibarn

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    I certainly am not dodging. In fact, pot meet kettle, it is you who are dodging, since you avoided providing support for the statement that my post was a classic example sophistry. The consistency argument is a fallacious as well. India's policy should be fluid on the will of the people, new information, new arguments etc. Neither is there a law or constitutional provision on such matters. If Modi tomorrow celebrates Remembrance day, the next day gets assassinated, and then, say, Lalu Yadav is PM in 2019, and decides not to celebrate: both are valid as they are ultimately the will of the electorate, as understood by the government at center, and the PM is ultimately the representative of the will of the people. People are ultimately not going to celebrate those they don't want to and will celebrate those they do. Thus your argument is sophistry. I don't think one needs a single opinion on all of them. I think many were probably just mercenaries/hired guns. Loyalty is only assumed to be toward the government. India can pay money to Ugandans mercenaries as well to fight for the Indian army, but one wouldn't assume they are loyal, per se, to India either. Many people indeed consider the army as a career, nothing more. I would say there are 2 true categories of sepoys: 1) Those who were mercenaries- no loyalty one way or another, only loyal to money. They don't need to be celebrated. 2) Those who were actually loyal to the British- they certainly shouldn't be celebrated. Just because they suddenly wear an Indian army uniform now doesn't change anything. They wore a different uniform, that of the British before. If their is a 3rd category of sepoys who were somehow loyal to India before and after the ouster of the British, then I don't see for what reason they would care about Remembrance day. It was a British war on British interests. It has nothing to do with India or Indians.
  2. Tibarn

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    Nope you just aren't consistent with your own thread topic. On the one hand you ask what posters think people should do in the future, while citing an example of the past. One isn't dependent on the other. This is a clear case of lack of logical consistency and a disjointed argument. Pro-tip: your entire post is sophistry. Give me a source that shows my argument is a "classic" case of sophistry.
  3. Tibarn

    What happened to our fielding/catching ?

    When one doesn't hire a proper fielding coach, what else does one expect? For being the wealthiest board in the world, the BCCI sure doesn't throw its money around like one would think it should. The BCCI should be able to even poach coaches from other international sides, like what happens in some American sports where small teams lose their coaches to bigger brands/teams
  4. Tibarn

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    Nope. What the Indian government did in the past has no bearing on what my argument was, since the topic is what India should or shouldn't do in the future. No one here is pretending to be a representative of the Indian government.
  5. Tibarn

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    It's not binary per se, but to me it approaches it. The individual rebels who killed noncombatants could be tried/ court-marshaled/condemned/arrested on the merits(or demerits) of their actions, but the sepoys who were loyal to an occupying power are intrinsically engaging in criminal behavior in my eyes. They themselves were hardly respectable people. Post 1857, in the span of 10 years, these sepoys killed 10 million Indians according to the historian Amaresh Mishra. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/aug/24/india.randeepramesh
  6. Tibarn

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    I think Jadhav is the answer, and I don't think it is close. He has proven to be a world class part-time spinner thus far in his career, with a large sample of games he has bowled in. His downside is his fielding and injury history. DK is good in a limited role, but I don't expect him to score large scores in tough situations, ie a loss of 3 top order wickets and him needing to stand up with a century.
  7. What's also impressive is that the IPL is such a short tournament. The NFL lasts around 21-22 weeks in the year. NFL players are physically unable to play more than 1, and occasionally 2, games within a 7 day span. The BCCI can easily double the length of the IPL as a power move over the ICC. They should do so promptly.
  8. Too bad Kohli has regularly played 6 bowling options in LOIs. Chahal, Kuldeep, Bumrah, BK, Pandya, and Jadhav. In tests there isn't much of a benefit in playing a 6th bowler, as there is effectively no upper limit on how many overs can be bowled by the top bowlers in a side.
  9. Tibarn

    Ayodhya Verdict

    According to Gandhi himself his popularity was in decline around the partition era. This is true especially because many people viewed his cancellation of the nationwide satyagraha after the Chauri Chaura incident as a betrayal. For Bose fans, Bose even beat Gandhi's candidate, and thus by association Gandhi, in the Congress elections of 1939(?).
  10. Tibarn

    India should do something for Rememberence Day

    Disagree with OP, these people were sepoys and thus servants of an occupying power. They only deserve to be shamed. Those of them who deserve respect are those who rebelled, ie in 1857 or in the British Indian Navy rebellion.
  11. 100% agree This is also partly how the Europeans genocided the Native Americans. They spread syphilis and small pox among the populations of the Americas causing mass deaths. They went so far as to give the Native Americans small pox infected blankets... What is also disturbing is that a closed-off, restricted area like this was so easily accessed
  12. Pot meet kettle, You are the rabid Pidi who failed to address anything written in the post you quoted, instead just started barking Bhakt-bhakt and accusing others of having an agenda( I guess in hopes of a biscuit). I am not surprised that someone with your reading comprehension skills doesn't understand the irony in your own post. I addressed each and every part of your argument, but why let facts get in the way of your pathetic attempts to save face? As one can see below: and Instead of addressing my point, you proceeded to build up a strawman, attacked it, and declared victory. See below Claim 1 I added an addendum to the 2nd quote here in bold. Claim 2 is addressed by I addressed each portion your argument, but I never expected someone with your antecedents to show any integrity in this regard. You are too busy backtracking and trying to save face by hiding behind empty sanctimony. You started the personal insults with pejoratives like bhakt and claiming I have an agenda, instead of addressing the points I originally made, and, now, you are whinging when because I responded in kind. Shamelessness knows no limits it seems. Try your BS with someone else, I have no patience for two-faced people.
  13. On topic Interesting article from Brookings Basically in the entire Northern plains, there isn't a single city which is a major employment or growth generator. I bet a lot of that has to do the disastrous Freight Equalization Policy. Natural resource rich states like JH, CG, OD, etc lost their competitive advantage to cities in the rest of the country.
  14. Tibarn

    Ayodhya Verdict

    It would be good to read some dedicated articles on this. Read through this series, starting with part 1 below https://www.dailyo.in/politics/gandhi-hinduism-christianity-indian-freedom-struggle-non-violence-revolutionaries-indic-ethos/story/1/5049.html Later, during partition, he even said something along the lines of "I am willing to die for the sins of my people." Gandhi seemed to have a Messiah complex. When that dumbo Godse shot him, he, in a way, gave him his wish and turned him into a martyr. PM'd you a link to another forum where I posted more on this, as I don't want to write that much on it. Basically the Great Secular Muslim King Akbar, the one that IoI types promote to create an alternative history of some magical syncretic Mughal Empire, was actually an Apostate away from Islam during his whole "tolerant" phase. Some of his actions were, in fact, actively abrasive to the Muslims in his court/palace.

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