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  1. Some of the tweets by lizards in response to the actress.
  2. Another left-armer for Ashwin to devour. Ashwin is going to eat all the Lankan coconuts and leave them with the bill.
  3. As long as discriminatory laws against Hindus like the ones in the table below, exist, this makes logical sense for Lingayats. If you can free yourself from government looting and interference why wouldn't you? This is one more brilliant example of Congress's "secularism" they practiced. BJP is proving to be worthless in this regard, as they haven't done anything to alleviate these issues, until just this week when Delhi MP Mahesh Girri decided he will introduce a private member bill against RTE in Parliament. However, only 4% of private member bills even get debated, so prospects remain bleak in that regard as well.
  4. Over under 5 test matches before Yuvi is in the middle order of our starting test XI
  5. Useless people this SC is filled with. They have time to interfere in cricket, but refuse to reopen this case regarding this murderer Yasin Malik. There are plenty of people who claim to be eye witnesses to his activities in Kashmir.
  6. This one is from today http://www.deccanherald.com/content/624392/bengaluru-declaration-calls-reservation-private.html Reservations are reforms
  7. Now that Rahul is injured, I wonder if Kohli will move to 3 to facilitate Rohit at 4 and push Pujara to open again. This would be a perfect way to start project Rohit.
  8. https://twitter.com/search?q="Sanjay Manjrekar"&src=tren https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q="Sanjay Manjrekar"&src=tren Sanjay Manjrekar is trending
  9. We had one during the 2011 WC, I remember a cricinfo article on it. It's a good idea. Even if the players don't use him/her, the option being available would be good enough.
  10. There are only 2 official languages in India for communication by the central government: Hindi and English. Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, et al are not official central government languages for communication. The latter languages are also official languages, but only in terms of they have equal status in importance as Hindi/English. They aren't used for communication by the central government, although state governments can choose them as official languages for communication within the state on state government communications. Thus if we look at the signboards in question, they have Kannada, English, and Hindi on them. The Kannada language is the official language of the Karnataka government, and English/Hindi, are the two languages designated by the center for communication. If Karnataka is allowed to use their official state language and pick only 1 of 2 languages of the Center, then the equivalent would be, say Punjab, where they can communicate on signs with Punjabi and choose either English or Hindi, I don't mind that. There just has to be a consistent standard across states. My state, Gujarat, can't be required to have both Hindi and English on every signboard, but Karnataka gets a choice on which official languages they get on signboards.
  11. 11 from 12 need 2 boundaries. Sharma is the key.
  12. Still have 2 wickets, we can still win from here.