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  1. I don't agree with some parts, but the thing I disagree with the most is the idea that we will succeed regardless. The idea that if we elect some khichdi government or some government led by goofballs who advocate private sector reservation is laughable. To think someone like Mamata or Mulayam will engage in further economic reforms or not napalm all the initiatives Mahatma Modi has made is naive, IMO. Weak governments are the most vulnerable to special interest groups who want this or that law removed/created. Some union with a large chunk of voters can easily get the new Contract-Labor Laws repealed by promising their votes to some regional satrap. Also, the demographic dividend idea is a tired cliche'. In the same video Gupta acknowledges that India has failed to establish a proper lower-level education system. Then he also acknowledges we have missed the sweet spot in time when there was much more opportunities for manufacturing = we have a poorly educated workforce, that workforce is multiplying, and we have missed out on the area of the economy which employs the more unskilled labor. A "demographic" is a "dividend" when one can harness the demographic and use their skills productively. If a demographic doesn't have something to be put to use in or lacks skills for what is available, then all one has are hordes of disaffected, jobless youth. Some dividend!!! Also lol at some of Chacha apologia. There was never any sane rationale for ignoring primary education to establish a handful of universities which end up exporting talent to Western countries. If students don't have the fundamentals from primary education, how exactly are they going to take advantage of a select few magical IITs and the sort?
  2. If that kind of pace and bounce is available, I would focus more on the bowlers. The Aussie lineup would look much weaker without Smith and Warner there. There is no reason not to bundle them out cheaply.
  3. Tibarn

    Best Historical war/action films

    Glory is a decent movie set during the US Civil War which is based off the true story of one of the first African American units in the US Army
  4. Tibarn

    Damning scoreline hides India's competitiveness

    Winning our fair share of tosses(at least 2-3 out of 5) or 1 other good batsman who would have averaged 40 in the series and 1 of the "allrounders" each match showing application and there is a high probability we win the series in my eyes. I blame Ashwin the most of the allrounders because he has the longest pedigree of being a capable-enough batsman, and I blame Rahane of the batsmen as I expect most out of him from his prowess shown during the previous overseas tours even including the most recent SA series!
  5. Chuskis have better net bowlers than the other Asian teams frontline bowlers. Dhoni destroys far superior bowling in the IPL only.
  6. Career summary Grouping Span Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10 in Australia 2006-2018 18 34 720.3 181 2126 60 5/43 7/127 35.43 2.95 72.0 1 0 in England 2003-2018 83 159 3049.3 806 8745 368 7/42 11/71 23.76 2.86 49.7 21 3 in India 2006-2016 10 18 309.5 71 870 26 4/40 6/79 33.46 2.80 71.5 0 0 in New Zealand 2008-2018 7 12 255.0 58 853 26 5/73 7/130 32.80 3.34 58.8 1 0 in South Africa 2005-2016 8 14 315.1 55 998 25 5/63 8/161 39.92 3.16 75.6 1 0 in Sri Lanka 2003-2012 4 7 135.4 30 448 11 5/72 5/98 40.72 3.30 74.0 1 0 in U.A.E. 2012-2015 6 12 216.0 63 452 22 4/17 6/69 20.54 2.09 58.9 0 0 in West Indies 2009-2015 7 11 248.2 68 648 26 6/42 7/77 24.92 2.60 57.3 1 0 Jimmy only has a great strike rate at home. Every other place it takes him at least 57 balls to take a single wicket.He's basically toothless in all but 4 countries, and in 3 of the 4 he is only average. At the home of the 3 other big test teams, Aus/Ind/SA, he doesn't do anything it seems. It's hard to call him "great" with such a record. He is good at best.
  7. I agree with Grumpy Gambhir, we shouldn't play Padosiland in any sport or engage them in any international organization/forum.
  8. Tibarn

    Indian classical music

    This isn't technically Indian classical music, but it is nice and I didn't want to make a separate thread, so here it is
  9. Tibarn

    Rahane NEEDS to score 100s in SENA

    When he does score centuries, they need to be big. I don't know why he seemingly lacks the ability to convert his 100s into larger 100s.
  10. Manju's being his usual goofy self A) Australia and England aren't the same place. Scoring runs in one doesn't indicate the ability to score in the other. Likewise, failing in one doesn't indicate failure in the other. Just labeling everything in SA/NZ/ENG/AUS as overseas is misleading. All 4 have different conditions: pitch behavior, ball behavior, weather, etc. Even SL and Windies are "overseas", should one use performances in those two to predict performances in the other 4? A player can realistically do well in just one of the four while failing in the other 3. B) Dhawan also has a hundred overseas, that too in NZ, which is more of a correlate to England than Australia is. That didn't make him a good bat in England, Australia, etc. C) I'm convinced people just say players have great technique when they like them. Manju says Rahul has the "technique" to succeed everywhere, and then only a few lines later talks about Rahul's struggle to play the in-coming and out-going deliveries. Newsflash Manju: playing deliveries that come-in and go-out are part of "technique." Technique isn't just how stylish you look when playing shots or how perfectly horizontal/vertical one keeps the bat. Even Pujara was said to have "great technique" and has failed in multiple countries thus far.
  11. Tibarn

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    Everyone knows Bumrah is the best ODI bowler, but he failed in the CT final. BK did what was expected of him that game. 1 wicket and 44 runs. No one in team management expects him to take 2-3 wickets. They select him for his death bowling. Going for 8 rpo in the death isn't bad. Should he be replaced? Sure, why not? I'm always in favor of looking for better players. However, I don't think he will be replaced until after the WC. This I don't agree with: Last 3 years, minimum 20 innings bowled, matches vs top 9 teams(including Bangladesh) Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI Ave Econ SR 4 5 Kuldeep Yadav (INDIA) 2017-2018 23 21 192.4 6 929 48 6/25 19.35 4.82 24.0 2 1 YS Chahal (INDIA) 2017-2018 23 22 203.1 7 997 39 5/22 25.56 4.90 31.2 1 1 Imran Tahir (SA) 2015-2018 41 40 354.0 11 1780 62 7/45 28.70 5.02 34.2 1 1 AU Rashid (ENG) 2015-2018 54 52 478.4 5 2563 87 4/41 29.45 5.35 33.0 4 0 KM Jadhav (INDIA) 2016-2018 33 21 98.5 0 512 16 3/29 32.00 5.18 37.0 0 0 A Zampa (AUS) 2016-2018 30 30 246.4 2 1422 39 3/16 36.46 5.76 37.9 0 0 MJ Santner (NZ) 2015-2018 46 43 361.1 6 1694 46 3/15 36.82 4.69 47.1 0 0 AR Nurse (WI) 2016-2018 24 23 192.5 3 1016 24 4/62 42.33 5.26 48.2 1 0 AG Cremer (ZIM) 2015-2018 23 22 176.5 3 870 20 4/32 43.50 4.91 53.0 1 0 MM Ali (ENG) 2015-2018 54 52 431.4 7 2233 47 4/46 47.51 5.17 55.1 1 0 Imad Wasim (PAK) 2016-2017 24 24 169.4 3 773 16 2/13 48.31 4.55 63.6 0 0 Sikandar Raza (ZIM) 2015-2018 23 20 137.2 5 718 13 3/21 55.23 5.22 63.3 0 0 Shakib Al Hasan (BDESH) 2016-2018 24 23 194.0 3 1089 18 3/47 60.50 5.61 64.6 0 0 TM Head (AUS) 2016-2018 38 26 127.3 0 737 12 2/22 61.41 5.78 63.7 0 0 Shoaib Malik (PAK) 2015-2018 33 21 101.0 2 582 7 2/45 83.14 5.76 86.5 0 0 JP Duminy (SA) 2015-2018 45 33 132.1 0 824 9 2/30 91.55 6.23 88.1 0 0 JE Root (ENG) 2015-2018 54 21 70.4 0 436 3 2/31 145.33 6.16 141.3 0 0 Kuldeep is by far the best ODI spinner, but Chahal is right there for #2.
  12. Tibarn

    Marks for India

    Batsmen all below 5 Pujara , Rahane , Rahul , Dhawan ,Vijay. Kohli 8 for his goofy captaincy. Ishant 9. Great performance, but I wish he had a defining innings like his 7-for at Lords last time. Bumrah 10: I'm not sure what else he could do to get a perfect rating. He did everything asked of him in only his 2nd test series. Pant: 5, batting was bad, but he looked ok behind the stumps, so brings him to 5. Ashwin 5, he bowled well early, but he was so bad in the 4th test, he needs some demerits. His batting ability has also disappeared. Shami is too high, Should be at max 5 more likely 4. He was overall decent at best. He could not swing the ball consistently in conditions which were tailor made for swing bowlers. He also didn't bowl with consistent venom: in the first test only, he sprayed the ball around in the 2nd innings directly allowing Curran to get in. He is supposed to be a specialist with the old ball and cleaning up the tail, but he didn't do his job. Umesh is too low, should be 3 for mediocre. He has good stats from his 1 test match overall. His 1st innings was wayward. His 2nd innings he bowled well when given the ball. Overall inconsistent. Kuldeep 1, bad performance in the match he played. Jadeja 6, did what was asked of him. Took wickets and scored runs. I can't give him much higher based off 1 match. Pandya: 6, made handy contributions with bat and ball in random innings across the series. He needs to be more consistent for that allrounder title. DK: 1, mediocre keeping and poor batting overall.
  13. Tibarn

    Should Rohit bat at No.4 in Asia cup?

    Rohit is one of the best ODI openers in the world. So is Dhawan. There is no reason to mess with their positions to facilitate Rahul. Rahul needs to earn his keep at 4(or 3 this series). Furthermore, Rohit has a poor record at 4. I doubt he will get used to it over the Asia cup and give similar performances to his as an opener.
  14. Tibarn

    Isro spy case & delay in cryogenic engines

    This guy was selflessly serving his country and gets setup and harassed for (20?) years. In the mean time: urban naxals get express service by the milords in SC.
  15. Tibarn

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    A BK fan would say Bumrah is the one who failed in the CT and Bhuvi did his job overall, and they both went for ~8 an over in the death(last 5 overs) http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8037/scorecard/1022375/india-vs-pakistan-final-icc-champions-trophy-2017 http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8037/commentary/1022375/india-vs-pakistan-final-icc-champions-trophy-2017?innings=1 BOWLING O M R W ECON 0s 4s 6s WD NB B Kumar 10 2 44 1 4.40 34 2 2 1 0 JJ Bumrah 9 0 68 0 7.55 22 8 0 5 3 R Ashwin 10 0 70 0 7.00 25 4 3 4 0 HH Pandya 10 0 53 1 5.30 28 5 0 1 0 RA Jadeja 8 0 67 0 8.37 16 8 2 0 0 KM Jadhav 3 0 27 1 9.00 3 0 2 2 0 The truth is, at least in my opinion, we lost the CT because we were carrying Jadeja/Ashwin in the team, both of who were truly terrible in ODIs for the past few years. Also Kohli managed the bowlers poorly where Bumrah ended up with a over remaining and Jadhav was overbowled and gave up 16 runs in the 45th.
  16. Tibarn

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    I agree with you, but the other established bowlers who we use in ODIs are Shami and Umesh. Both are good wicket takers, but neither bowls well at the death. Shami is also a minus in the field. BK is not crap with the bat. With the WC so close, I doubt the thinktank will look past him now, barring injury. Definitely, some bowlers in ODIs have low ERs only because the opposition plays them out without having to take risks. After the batsmen are set they go bananas. Strike bowlers need to remove them before they get set, particularly in the middle overs. There is no way we are beating Aus or England in ODIs without removing their middle orders.
  17. I agree with that, but, at the same time, only Butler and Curran(lol) looked good from the English side. Even someone like Root who usually averages 50-60 at home had to bully us on a flat track in the 5th match to make his average look decent. It may just be one of those series where it was a bit too hard for batting, either conditions wise or because of the quality of bowling.
  18. Tibarn

    NFL 2018-19

    Already off to a disastrous start: Aaron Rodgers is injured, if he misses games GB is crap. Also the Falcons lost their 2 best defensive players.
  19. Tibarn

    NFL 2018-19

    It's that time of year again folks After last season's disastrous predictions, it can't go much worse this time AFC 1) Patriots 2) Steelers 3)Chargers 4) Colts 5) Cheifs 6) Texans NFC 1) Rams 2) Eagles 3) Packers 4) Falcons 5) Vikings 6) Saints
  20. This I agree with. Pappu Italvi and Chacha Pappu have similar IQ levels. Only Pappu Italvi has to face the internet, social media, video-cameras, and a relatively freer media, unlike Chacha Pappu. Also I think the organization of states on linguistic lines was a bad idea and hampered Indian's natural tendency to be polyglots and embolden regionalism.
  21. I think only Vijay will be dropped due to age. Dhawan will get in form vs the Windies and go to Australia
  22. One would think we would already have a left-arm throwdown specialist...
  23. Tibarn

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    Overrated depends on what one rates him as: If one rates him as one of the best overall bowlers in ODIs , I think they are clearly wrong: he doesn't take wickets, so he puts pressure on the other bowlers to take them. If one rates him as one of the best death bowlers in ODIs, then I think they are right.

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