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  1. Define being "on fire" You may not understand this perceptive, but, in my opinion, nation comes before useless cricket matches with a terrorist country. When a country dedicates itself to killing you and your people, playing a pointless game with said terrorist country seems asinine, cruel, counter-productive, and hypocritical.
  2. My bad, I saw that part in the post and quoted it but it sent the notification to you some reason...
  3. Tibarn

    Trump screwing china !!!

    My fault, that was what I was trying to imply/write, but I think I forgot it. If Russia-US ties warm up, we lose one of our two biggest headaches, the other being the Iran-US-Israel relationship.
  4. This is a clear myth. The highest living standards are in countries with the freest economies. Even ME countries with low personal freedom have large economies. There is zero evidence that personal freedom = living standards. This is further proven by the fact that Europe has been the leader of living standards for the last several hundred years despite the concept of personal freedom, in the "modern" European context of the word, existing for less than half a century in most places.
  5. Tibarn

    Trump screwing china !!!

    Except this is nonsense. SA and Russia are not economically strong and neither has had an economy and market the size of India's: SA doesn't have as much money as you think to throw around. Based off of one IMF projection, they will run out of financial reserves by 2020-21. Their economy is under stress due to the falling of oil prices. They have even had to start charging IT to its citizens just to pay for all the entitlements they have. A similar story exists for Russia. Depending on the year, their economy has been declining in size (partly because of oil). They don't have money to throw around. Both are declining economies, one doesn't even have much of a military, yet they, along with other countries, have soft power. A large economy isn't a requirement for soft power, but India has that anyway. Here you are also confusing hard vs soft power. The PLA being weak in comparison to the Russian Army is an example of hard power. Regardless, my post was regarding future tense. India has both a booming economy, an ever-expanding amount of FOREX reserves, and a government which is working to fix the balance sheet. There is nothing preventing India from developing soft power capabilities. Again this is laughable. Please back up this claim that no one respects India. India has support from numerous major countries for a permanent role on the UN Security Council. India has no staunch allies or friends by a matter of policy: non-alignment. Blame that retarded Non-Alignment policy. Even then, the Soviets were at one time an Ally. The Israelis went out of their way to aide India during the Kargil War. India under Modi has become involved in new security dialogues such as the India-Australia-Japan dialogue and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. It is India's job to push these security dialogues into full blown alliances, which again fits with the future tense nature of my post. No, India is a player that punches below its weight but is finding its feet. There is no reason the worlds 4th largest economy and military is a small player and there is no reason it cannot use the power it already has. Unless your definition of large player is only the US, India is not a small player. A small player is something like Canada which has limited power projection capacity/ a sphere of influence or Djibouti something so irrelevant that no one knows it exists. Your entire argument comes down to Mongolia? India's ties with Mongolia are still in development: the FM just went to Mongolia in April to deepen ties. There was never a large relationship with them in the first place, but they are still in development. You ignore Vietnam a more direct rival to China, to whom India is in the process of selling/has sold misses ie BrahMos, Akash. Soft-power doesn't require that India out maneuver China in Mongolia. It is already established that China has more financial clout than India. That doesn't preclude India from developing soft power.India simply has to be able to influence other countries toward its sphere of influence and make decisions in India's favor. Again nonsense. Power is the ability to exert influence. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/power India can and does exert influence. It should just do better and more, in line with the size of its economy and military
  6. I will be absolutely disgusted if we don't refuse to play our next match with Bakistan this Asia Cup. Forfeit the points, the Cup, or just leave right now. Whatever option we take. I am sick of this *
  7. Don't worry, the liberandus will push for more people-to-people contact and cricket with Bakistan and the "nationalists" will make some bhaashan(s) and only block cricket while letting these barbarians get free treatment in India, letting them play other sports in India, letting the actors/musicians come and make money in India.
  8. Tibarn

    Trump screwing china !!!

    Strawman, never said we did and never compared Indian economic capability to Chinese or American. One doesn't require the economy of the size of US or China to have soft power. Even countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia have soft power. Neither can China compete with US, so putting them in the same sentence here is a joke. Lol at India being a small player. You are thinking of your precious Canada here. The 4th largest economy and 4th most powerful military do not equal a small player unless the definition of small player includes everyone except the US. Indian capability isn't equal to that of the US or China or Russia, but that doesn't preclude it from developing soft power.
  9. Tibarn

    Trump screwing china !!!

    double post
  10. Tibarn

    Trump screwing china !!!

    Trump has had a very unique foreign policy with numerous events which can be argued to be achievements. Also, there is no way Trump has been bad for India. He is the most openly pro-India US President since JFK, although there have been some decisions which have hurt India, on the net, he has been a positive. International events which happened under his watch 1) The decisive turn in the battle against ISIS, partially due to Trump's changes as Commander and Chief. 2) The warming of ties between North and South Korea, once again with Trump's State Department's involvement 3) Shifting in the Overton Window with regards to NATO and the UN. 4) Shifting of the Overton Window with regards to Islam and Immigration, providing leadership for other countries ie Hungary and Poland 5) Somewhat warming of ties between Russia and the US. 6) US punishing Turkey through tariffs and sanctions. Positives in an Indian view 1) Increased friendliness toward India facilitated by the Republican Hindu Coalition and Shalabh Kumar. 2) Increased government contact between the two countries ie 2 + 2 meetings 3) Economic pressure on China, our direct Economic rival 4) Loopholes in Russian sanctions to allow India to continue to buy military hardware from Russia. 5) The punishing of Turkey 6) US increasing pressure on Bakistan, including just this month cancelling $300 million in aid. 7) Fighting back ISIS
  11. Tibarn

    Trump screwing china !!!

    Trump is showing the world the power of a Superpower and the Chinese their aukaat. This is what is called "soft power." One has to truly admire strength and be envious of it as well. Purely for comedic reasons, I hope he puts these tariffs on Europe, Canada, Mexico etc. That would be the biggest reality check for these gyaanis (and it would benefit India as well ) Compare it to the vacuous nonsense think-tankis and buddhi-jeevis in India pass off as "soft power": Bollywood, Secularism, Democracy, Yoga-day, Cricket-diplomacy We have been so thouroughly outclassed the last 70+ years it's not even funny. It's a little bit sad actually. Hopefully Ajit Doval lives up to his hype should Mahatma Modi win a few more terms.
  12. Does anyone have a spare bulldozer I could borrow? #AskingForAFriend
  13. Tibarn

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    Jadhav has taken his opportunities and made the most of them, especially in comparison to other players we have been trying out. There is nothing to really complain about from him thus far.
  14. Tibarn

    After 20 years in international crickets

    Bangladesh needs to lose its Test status, along with a few other teams. The quality of Test cricket is falling with some of these teams. It's better to let these teams focus all their limited financial resources in being competent in ODIs and T20s.
  15. Tibarn

    Asia cup format - why so many matches?

    Exploiting our participation to make some money. We should leave the tournament now: it is pointless to continue. We never should have come to this joke tournament in the first place. We already got 1 injury to a key player. Let the scrub teams celebrate this Asia Cup.
  16. Goyal is good as FM, like he is now. I don't think he fits as a PM. Only the King in the North is a fitting PM for Bharat. It makes sense in economic terms(good economic logic), but not outside of that. No I get that, but that is exactly why he is being a fool. Nehru ideologically pushed his agenda. Indira pushed the same Socialist agenda for political expediency. Therefore, Indira's IQ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bandit Nehru's. Nehru was dumb enough to believe in Socialism and it's BS ideology. Indira just used Socialism to win elections and loot money. She was corrupt, but she was a clever politician and enriched her family. On the other hand, he was an ignoramus. I know this Gupta fellow from Twitter, he is a Libertarian. The fact that he needs to apologize/defend Nehru reflects poorly on him and is hypocritical, as no sensible Libertarian would be foolish enough to speak of the virtues of some pseudo-intellectual who caused the death of millions through his distinctly evil policies.
  17. Tibarn

    Commentators For The Asia Cup

    The best duo from our end in English commentary was Dada and Dravid. The others in English are horrible: Bhogle, Manju, Shastri, Siva Hindi commentary is usually good IMO.
  18. HK and Lankans performing similarly thus far with the bat.
  19. I don't mind limited changes for the Australia series as batting in England isn't a good measure for batting in Australia. However, not blooding some potential replacements vs Windies would be foolish. At minimum try a new opener or two.
  20. These expat teams like Hong Kong and UAE need to be banished.
  21. Tibarn

    The nagin strikes

    No Nagin Naach yesterday. I guess Banglas learnt their lesson to not overdo it JK, just wait for their match vs India or Padosiland
  22. Tibarn

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    Hopefully Hitman loses some weight, he's been looking a little slow between the wickets for a while now!
  23. I don't agree with some parts, but the thing I disagree with the most is the idea that we will succeed regardless. The idea that if we elect some khichdi government or some government led by goofballs who advocate private sector reservation is laughable. To think someone like Mamata or Mulayam will engage in further economic reforms or not napalm all the initiatives Mahatma Modi has made is naive, IMO. Weak governments are the most vulnerable to special interest groups who want this or that law removed/created. Some union with a large chunk of voters can easily get the new Contract-Labor Laws repealed by promising their votes to some regional satrap. Also, the demographic dividend idea is a tired cliche'. In the same video Gupta acknowledges that India has failed to establish a proper lower-level education system. Then he also acknowledges we have missed the sweet spot in time when there was much more opportunities for manufacturing = we have a poorly educated workforce, that workforce is multiplying, and we have missed out on the area of the economy which employs the more unskilled labor. A "demographic" is a "dividend" when one can harness the demographic and use their skills productively. If a demographic doesn't have something to be put to use in or lacks skills for what is available, then all one has are hordes of disaffected, jobless youth. Some dividend!!! Also lol at some of Chacha apologia. There was never any sane rationale for ignoring primary education to establish a handful of universities which end up exporting talent to Western countries. If students don't have the fundamentals from primary education, how exactly are they going to take advantage of a select few magical IITs and the sort?
  24. If that kind of pace and bounce is available, I would focus more on the bowlers. The Aussie lineup would look much weaker without Smith and Warner there. There is no reason not to bundle them out cheaply.

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