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  1. Tibarn

    Indian classical music

    I used to have a large collection on my old laptop before it got the BSOD and got bricked. All those gigabytes of real music gone I love Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and his strings!
  2. Agarkar was laying into Rahul on the cricinfo shows as well, before the last innings he played. One got the feeling that Ajit isn't impressed by our batting barring Kohli
  3. I disagree, the Dukes aren't special. Even the Windies use them, but one doesn't see the kind of cricket from this series there. SA use the Kookaburra and there is always balance between the bat and ball there. The same thing in India, we have had competitive Tests matches recently at home. It comes more down to conditions more than the ball itself. Anyway, if there is a single ball used, it will be the SG.
  4. Tibarn

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    I think he will retire after 2019 WC and continue to play IPL only. He wants a chance to win the cup again, so he is continuing. He already retired from Tests, so the WC is the only thing that keeps him going I think.
  5. Some poor on-field captaincy at some points (over-bowling Ashwin, Jadeja and Shami ) Some poor squad/playing XI selections(Dhawan doesn't really fit. Should have probably tried Umesh in the 2nd Test and either Umesh or Shardul in the 5th to see bench strength. Also Shaw in the 5th Test). The lad Shardul just seems to go on vacation with the team, I'm not sure why he's even there if they won't ever bowl him. No warm up matches, so some of the players seemed under-cooked at the start = Poor performance by all the batsmen barring Kohli Unlucky captain(5 tosses lost) Shastri can also be blamed, but, from the outside, he seems like a passenger more than anything. I'm not sure what he does to help (or hurt) the team.
  6. Tibarn

    Why do most of Bollywood stars speak English?

    Their fake accents are the worst!
  7. Tibarn

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    Absolutely, Pant would have a terrific time carrying drinks at the Asia Cup I can see it now: (Scene begins) (A grizzly old Dhoni calls for Pant preparing to enter the match; Asia Cup match vs Pakistan, India 250-3, 40th over) (A giggling young Pant runs to Dhoni) Pant: "Mahi Kaka, Mahi Kaka, kya aapne mujhe bulaaya?" Dhoni: "Haan Rishu beta, jaa jaaldi se mera bat, mera helmet, aur Shastri Kaka ke liye ek bottle Vodka leh ke aao " Pant: "Mahi Kaka, agar main aisa karta hoon, toh kya aap muhje batting karne dhoonga agle match mein?" Dhoni: "Na beta, main retire ho jaoonga 2030 mein, phir teri baari! Lekin, agar tu jaldi se aate ho, toh main tujhko helicopter ride par le jaoonga." (The young Pant, ecstatic at the thought of his career launching 12 years from now screams) Pant: Promise? (The sly Dhoni, wearing his trademark smile and crossing his fingers behind his back) Dhoni: Haan beta, promise... (Pant, with eyes filled with joy) Pant: Mahi Kaka, aap mahan ho! (Unable to contain his exuberance, the young Pant does a quick charan sparsh of Dhoni and rushes to retrieve the items ) (Dhoni, by himself, awaiting the young lad's arrival chuckles to himself) Dhoni: "Murk! Dhoni is forever!" (End scene)
  8. Tibarn

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    This current innings by Rahul and Pant is the definition of the word "Intent," which is the buzzword the Kohli-Shastri duo throw around for their plan for Test cricket. Even if these two don't pull off the chase, and while people are correct it is a dead rubber on a flat track, these are terrific innings by these two. It is is interesting that one can get an insight into how Kohli's mind works in terms of how he views how test batting should be. This is also why Dhawan gets selected, even though he is a consistent failure overseas thus far. He is also viewed as having the ability to show this kind of intent. (This is also why players like Vijay and Pujara get dropped, as they can't play this way). The problem arises from the question of whether this type of batting can work outside of flatter surfaces. If it can, should we drop Pujara as well and replace him with a player who can show this type of "Intent"? If not, then should we drop players who thus far don't show much defensive technique and scour domestics for more traditional grind-it-out Test batsmen? Or does a mixture of the two work?
  9. A good 41* so far. We needed batting like this from Ashwin this series.
  10. Jadeja needs to farm the strike vs the spinners. Ishant can block the pacers but struggles vs spin
  11. As a team we are Moeen's bunny (in England). Is this the most bizarre rivalry in cricket history: some part-time spinner owning a batting lineup brought up on spin?
  12. Holding just called Pujara, Kohli, and Rahane "the Big 3"
  13. Jadeja reaches a 30 batting avg in Tests
  14. That guy in the crowd wearing a uniform looked like Piers Morgan
  15. Sir Jadeja ready for a triple century
  16. Tibarn

    Homosexuals in Family

    Are you asking about just the bolded part or the whole post?
  17. Tibarn

    How do we select Test players going forward

    One has to trust Ranji trophy and A team tours. What else is there?
  18. He served as our batting consultant during the previous tour of SA a few years ago. Many of our batsmen played a great attack like Steyn, Vilander, and co well that series. His ability as head coach is TBD, but as a batting coach/consultant he has somewhat of a track record.
  19. I am really tired of the Ganguly-Shastri constant drama. Can we lock these two in a room and force them to engage in a battle to the death? Meanwhile we can get a Dravid or Moody to coach the team.
  20. Tibarn

    Indian bowlers approach against the tail

    Bad plans by them and the "coaching." England doesn't have real tailenders except Anderson. Treating proper allrounders like hacks is no plan for success. Only Ali in particular looks poor vs the short ball.
  21. He's not an every match player I think. He needs to be rotated in order to stay fresh and reach his best performance in Tests

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