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  1. On a serious note, RR is doomed if KKR scores anything over 100
  2. No doubt, on Earth-3, Rahane's multi-verse doppleganger is known as Ajju bhai, a mafia don who grew up on the mean streets of North Mumbai Aggression is in this guys blood, we are lucky he only uses in to be black belt martial artist on our Earth
  3. Karate Kid's mastermind captaincy getting praised
  4. Faf ate some fafda before the match, thus he has the clutch gene for CSK today
  5. Plot twist in the script apparently
  6. Finally the Chuskis best player comes in, Jadeja
  7. Sunny angry at Indian batsmen being unable to pick the googly
  8. Pandey does something positive
  9. SRH will have to defend probably less than 6 RPO
  10. Yusuf can salvage this innings still, he's done it before for KKR in the playoffs
  11. Playoff stats shouldn't count toward Orange/Purple caps
  12. Mansih Pandey comes in Student vs Teacher Will Dhoni ask for guru dakshina today and make Pandey throw the match ?
  13. CSK should've played Tahir instead of Faf IMO
  14. Will need it when BK is bowling yorkers at the death
  15. Tibarn

    Are RR fly in the ointment in the playoffs ?

    Fake News! Here is the real story of RR as told by SS Rajamouli Yeh Aag Kaisi Mere Seene Mein Hai DehaktiAndhron Mein Na Koi Umeed Hai ChamktiMakkhi Makkhi Makkhi MakkhiMakkhi Makkhi Makkhi Makkhi…
  16. CSK is in better form, I think they will win today. The smaller ground also helps their stronger batting lineup more than SRH IMO.
  17. The truth is Bangladeshis are screwing both WB and Assam and by extension the NE and further all of India. Climate change is going to hit Bangladesh hard; I remember one NASA study saying Chittagong will be underwater in 100 years and over 60% of Bangladesh is less than 5 m above sea level. The whole place will be under water soon enough. These people are going to pour into neighboring countries and turn them to ****. They are going to make the Rohingya menace look benign by comparison. The Indian government, SC, and buddhi-jeevi class is so crap and suicidal anyway that they will let them in also, totally screwing the country.

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