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  1. Rohit should train for boxing/UFC, he will lose that paunch
  2. Tibarn

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    In my view, this is a horrendous judgement by the SC, filled with cognitive dissonance, colonial-era tinged paternalism, and possible overreach. For all the grandstanding of India being "the world's largest democracy," this judgement is further confirmation that India is devolving into (or always was?) an oligarchical banana republic, or, more accurately I guess, a kritarchy/kritocracy. Off topic: LOL at some of the alternative facts being spread here, but I digress...
  3. Death of Superman 8/10
  4. The two best batsmen in the team, with Kohli rested, are the key to India's plans!!! What insight by Lee I wonder if Lee thinks water is wet as well.
  5. Tibarn

    Anil Kumble to Don Mentor role for DD?

    It worked out so well before for Kumble
  6. Some decent test batting performances and suddenly this virtual nobody in T20s catches the eye of IPL teams I don't know why I'm laughing, the Royals will probably exhaust 8 cr buying this guy
  7. People who dedicate countless hours of their lives to reach the pinnacle of a sport also care when they lose...
  8. Why did ole Prince of Calcutta allow Shastri to be hired in the first place?
  9. I don't agree. They couldn't even blunt the new ball most matches. I don't think the English openers are the standard to go by here. England has been going through openers for a while now, even Cook has been out of form the last few years. We only play 5 specialist batsmen; if they don't score, at least passably, then one can't blame the lower order. If we are going to compare lower orders, the English batting lineup goes all the way to 10 with Anderson the only true tailender.
  10. Tibarn

    India now have Pak like selectors

    Send them there
  11. He's not totally wrong. This series has been fantastic, barring the 2nd test which was an abomination. How close the 1st and 4th tests were and how agonizing the defeats were were great advertisements for Test cricket. Even though the series line is 3-1, it is nothing like the last two tours of 4-0 or 3-1. That doesn't mean there isn't room to improve, but we are close, IMO. That said, Kohli needs to work on finding new openers and needs to work on his on field captaincy. If bowlers are proving ineffective, he needs to be more proactive and change them. Also being a supposed good captain for fast bowlers, he sure didn't trust them when he needed to. Instead we got Ashwin's nonsense, over after over.
  12. Tibarn

    Should Kohli rest for the last Test?

    Play and select to win the test. Test wins, even in dead rubbers matter.
  13. Tibarn

    This team needs proper no 6 batsman

    I think the batting problems begin and end with the openers. We need two openers in the mold of Vijay(from our last round of overseas tours). The 3-5 are always exposed to the new ball because our openers are never able to even form 50 run partnerships overseas. Even if they don't score, openers should at least blunt/soften the new ball and tire our the opening bowlers in their first spells. Right now the older Vijay and mediocre at best Rahul/Dhawan are truly millstones around the neck of the team's batting. We need to get over the Sehwag obsession: he is a once in a lifetime type batsman; neither Dhawan nor Rahul are going to replicate him. Proper openers for us need to grind people to dust like Sunny.
  14. Also the comeback win over SL in SL
  15. 3rd match this series The Aussie home series where we came back and won.
  16. Tibarn

    Strategic errors, mistakes and blunders

    Looks like a 70-80 run loss on the cards... Regardless, I am proud of how Pujara, Kohli, and Rahane batted overall this match. Fast bowlers bowled great. We are getting nothing from the openers, who are crucial overseas. The lower order is also disappointing. Ashwin should stop being considered an allrounder. Kohli had some of the more bizarre captaincy England's 2nd innings: Overbowling Ashwin, underbowling the fast bowlers, not giving the old ball to Shami, not giving the new ball immediately to Bumrah/Ishant. Ashwin deserves special condemnation: Arguably the best spinner in the world can't figure out to bowl in the rough, instead decides to dart in deliveries and bowl like he is playing a T20.
  17. That was such nice spin. Stupid Ashwin was allergic to bowling in the rough
  18. Tibarn

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    Based on batting only, I think we should have introduced Pant at home rather than here in England. I support introducing new batsmen only during home series. Pant is playing like Rahul did when he came in Australia. They play too aggressive and try to hit too much.
  19. Rahane needs to start trying to put the bad balls away...
  20. Pant has to play more aggressive I think. He can't get bogged down like last innings.
  21. Tibarn

    Indian Batsmen vs Spin

    People are underrating our current lot I think. Vijay/Kohli both average over 60 Dhawan/Rahul/Pujara all avg over 50 vs spin Only Rahane is looking bad here at 35.3 @Moochad Look at the stats for Rahane, Laxman and MSD. They all avg lower than players who come in at the top of the order. Of the players who average over 60, 3 are openers: Sehwag, Gambhir, and Vijay. This kind of supports what you were saying the other day. There is no way Laxman and MSD and could average so low vs spin if they were up the order, methinks

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