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  1. Tibarn

    Gujarat Lions

    Likely first-choice XI Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Smith, Aaron Finch, Suresh Raina (capt), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ishan Kishan, James Faulkner, Praveen Kumar, Shadab Jakati, Dhawal Kulkarni, Shivil Kaushik Reserves Batsmen - Jason Roy, Chirag Suri, Jaydev Shah, Pratham Singh Bowlers - Andrew Tye, Manpreet Gony, Munaf Patel, Pradeep Sangwan, Nathu Singh, Basil Thampi, Shelley Shaurya, Tejas Baroka Allrounders - Dwayne Bravo, Shubham Agarwal, Ravindra Jadeja, Akshdeep Nath I don't like the 11 on cricinfo. I prefer: 1)Bmac 2)Smith 3)Raina 4)Roy 5)Finch 6)Karthik 7)Dhaval 8)Nathu 9)Thampi 10)Kaushik 11)Praveen Batting = Murderer's row Bowling= hope the youngsters Nathu and Thampi perform well.
  2. Tibarn

    Shastri excellent point on pujara

    Lions should have selected him, he's been working hard on his LOI game. Half the IPL teams buy young Aussies/Saffers at the auction who won't get even 1 game and will warm the bench in the tournament. One of them should've spent that money on Puj, even if it is just to sit on the bench.
  3. I was thinking somewhere in Bihar. Guru Govind Singh and Mahavira were born in Bihar, and there is already Bodh Gaya there. A new, large Mandir could be built there and then a pilgrimage track could be built between the 4 sites.
  4. Tibarn

    Bongs according to Swapan Dasgupta

    End result of secular-jihadi policies, trying to turn India into secular Pakistan.
  5. Tibarn

    Ishant Sharma roped in by Kings XI Punjab

    Ishant roped in by Kings XI Punjab; was the lope rope used?
  6. Sarvarkar's Hindu Mahasabha incorporated all 4 Dharmic religions, but they died soon after Independence. I wonder which city this could be established in.
  7. Illiterate of basic science this lot is. It's a shame they don't know how many of their "rational" beliefs aren't actually rational, but derived from religion.
  8. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    I guess those people should be chained/electrocuted instead.
  9. Tibarn

    When will radical Islamic terror end and how?

    Let's see it Gappu.
  10. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    One of you moderators should note that your pet donkey Mule-o-ghanta started the personal attacks in this thread. Don't lecture me when it escalates. Calm down Princess. That low IQ deriving from consanguinity is getting the best of you. Go ahead, carry on to your hearts content. You're fooling nobody. The fact that you don't even know the importance of statistical tests reveals the truth about your knowledge of science or engineering. Nope, ad hominem, princess, evidence counts as what scientists count it as below. Not what some internet troll who spends entire days posting on ICF considers it to be (some life you have there ) . None of which you provided. Too bad you Bangladeshis are unable to understand that understand that. From someone who thinks clay tablets are scientific sources, I wouldn't expect anything better. Strawman, I never said engineers don't understand science. If anything, I have immense respect for engineers. It's why I know you aren't even that. I haven't met an engineer as allergic to data/evidence as you. I'm convinced that the only type of engineer that you are is a sanitation engineer (ie a janitor). Re-posting this old gem, from which you ran away from responding. Source 2: Via the IEEE, a 400k member Engineering Professional Organization, writen by Duke Professor of Engineering Source 3: Literal dictionary defintion of a Scientist You don't have a PhD, therefore you aren't an expert in any science. You aren't studying either of the two categories of science, thus you aren't a scientist. Your own biography you told me states: Where exactly is there expertise of science or spending one's life researching/studying. Programming isn't the equivalent of studying. Engineering isn't a natural science. It also isn't a physical science. By definition, a physical science is a part of this list: https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/cipcode/cipdetail.aspx?y=55&cipid=88479 Taking a couple of classes in Physics for your engineering doesn't qualify you as a scientist. Just about every university in the US requires a battery of Biology/Chemistry/Physics courses for undergraduate students, even those studying subjects like Poetry. All US Poetry undergrads who take some Bio/Chem/Physics courses aren't scientists. If you were either a Scientist or an Engineer, you would be knowledgeable about the difference between the scientific method and the engineering method or at minimum be knowledgeable about at least one of the two. The fact that you conflated the two, implies that you are neither or ignorant of the differences. (I actually do believe your an engineer) Lol at your sad life. You are 60 yrs old and still play pretend scientist. Kuch toh sharam karo What a spelling error. You supposedly have a wife who serves as a counsellor, but you can't even spell her profession? Jhootha. How do you even survive with an IQ so low? It's no wonder that you consider your ability to exist such an accomplishment. Anyway, I did some digging and found this: Muloghanta's resume for his application to be a Sanitation Engineer at a Canadian movie theater: Picture Name: Sheikh Maboob Birthday: April 1, 1957 Education: BSc in Faulty Logic from Marxist Madrasa College for the Intellectually Challenged (topper from the bottom), Chittagong BSc in Science from WebMD, Public Library of Rangpur MSc in Pole-vaulting from Dhaka University PhD in Sanitation Engineering from the Mamata Banerjee University for Bangladeshi Ghusapaithiyon Major accomplishments are: Being very good at computer games Spending entire days on an internet forum getting owned by people half my age Having siblings as parents Paying a hooker to serves as my mental health counselor Living to the age of 60 with the IQ of a Mule World class wicket-keeper batman in my youth, should have been captain of India Smelling like rotting fish Skills Being Buddhist on odd days and being Atheist on even days Being very good at computer games Pretending to be a scientist Pretending to be married Pretending to be an engineer Redefining words to mean whatever I want Fast bowling expert in comparison to Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble Willing to: Clean up the ground with my tongue whenever a white-skinned person spits Butcher the English language
  11. Tibarn

    Site Feedback

    In general, It seems the moderators let Muloghonto post with different standards on the forum. They will lecture/ban other people but he gets free reign to say whatever/abuse others. Just ignore him or report his posts.
  12. Tibarn

    Gujarat Lions

    Kill em with a smile
  13. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    @Muloghonto Whatever you say . Carry on, mention me when you have evidence to back up your nonsense.
  14. Tibarn

    2017 Elections Thread

    Since the Politics Section is pretty sparsely populated, lets use this thread to discuss all the upcoming elections. Here is the schedule of elections. Start date End date Election Jurisdiction 04 February 2017 Punjab Legislative Assembly election, 2017 Punjab 04 February 2017 Goa Legislative Assembly election, 2017 Goa 15 February 2017 Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly election, 2017 Uttarakhand 11 February 2017 08 March 2017 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election, 2017 Uttar Pradesh 04 March 2017 08 March 2017 Manipur Legislative Assembly election, 2017 Manipur Next month will be insane with 3 completed elections and 1 other election starting.
  15. I care about winning in SA and AUS right now, during the next tours. Our batting did fine in both SA and AUS, but our bowlers couldn't do it last time. The question is how much better did our bowlers get? Is Shami fit enough to play multiple test matches across multiple series? Can Ishant recreate his good form like that of our last tours of ENG and NZ? Is Umesh going to be consistent? Is Bhuvi going to get conditions that favor him? Who is our overseas spinner? What is the proper combination for overseas? 6 batsmen or 5 bowlers or do we play an allrounder in Pandya/whichever of Ashwin/Jadeja.
  16. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    Rinse and Repeat from the post you quote. Strawman. False, you didn't read the paper. You are making up arguments that the paper didn't make while attempting and failing to knock them down. Strawman. Show me where I said liberal = communist. The paper clearly defines the terms it uses. I use the terms that the paper uses. I haven't produced any interpretation or taken any creative license with the paper. Ad hominem, you can't produce a single source to support your original argument therefore you attempt to attack the source. The definition isn't arbitrary because you say so. Provide a source. No true scotsman, redefiniton: You don't get to make up your own definition of. Attempt to discredit another's argument based off of 0 sources and your own personal feelings, when the person only used the definition available within the paper itself. You aren't a credible source. Since you won't read the paper. I will post the relevant portions myself: The research used a Likert scale, nothing misleading or biased about it. The researchers talk about liberal ideology in the paper, seen above highlighted. Now using a dictionary: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/liberalism That should be the end of that Non-recognition fallacy: A deluded fallacy in which one deliberately chooses not to publicly "recognize" ground truth or common phrases. Both the researchers and the participants knew what was being asked and what was being measured. You can continue to strawman, ad hominem, argument and argue from ignorance. Don't waste my time. Incorrect use of a priori. I provided data not dogma. You provided your opinion, ie dogma, nothing of any value. You didn't provide data. Your argument is worthless and your own bias is exposed without the requisite data. Tu quoque: you tried to hide that your entire thread is an a priori argument by trying and failing to turn it back around on me. You haven't provided data or sources that back up your OP. You decided on a conclusion and now are trying to show it to be true, without the help of any objective data. I repeat : your entire thread, starting from the first post is an a priori argument. Your entire thread is an A Priori Argument : A corrupt argument from logos, starting with a given, pre-set belief, dogma, doctrine, scripture verse, "fact" or conclusion and then searching for any reasonable or reasonable-sounding argument to rationalize, defend or justify it. Certain ideologues and religious fundamentalists are proud to use this fallacy as their primary method of "reasoning" and some are even honest enough to say so. Provide the data. Provide the data Provide the data Provide the data if it's so easily available Oh wait, you can't 1) provide evidence for your original statement in the OP of the thread: If you don't this entire thread is worthless propaganda on your end. (Not unexpected). Don't waste my time with pseudo-intellectual nonsense. If you are so sure, and everything you claim is so easily available, you should be able to provide it. Especially since you came to the conclusion before even seeing any data. Your claim: So first you conflate atheist for left as seen above. Then you conflate religious with right. Then you claim that in the west that atheists are outnumbered 10:1 by religous people in prisons. When my source shows Atheists are outnumbered 3:1 at best in the UK and your source says Which is at best 5 to 1. Your own source proved the 10 to 1 was more nonsense. Then you decide to spin what your "source" says with vague language: These numbers don't closely correspond(+5% and +2.2 percent isn't "close"), if you don't have a statistical test to say that they closely correspond. Let's see some p values or some z-scores to back that up. Your source didn't claim what you claim. Then you once again conflate atheist with left and religious with right. Then you try to say that the US data shows atheists are underrepresented, when the "source" you provided was based on this: So pew decided to ask random chaplains around the US for an estimate, how scientific. The same source says: 15-35%, what a range of possible values. With all of that, none of the sources mention liberal as equivalent to atheist or right as equivalent to religious. Quite an assumption, one that's not backed up by anything you provided. Even still, there is nothing you provided that shows any trend in the "West," as two of the countries, UK and Canada show over-representation of Atheism. Then, you want to used unclear data from the West to make a statement regarding the rest of the world. To support this: All that and there still isn't any data pertaining to your OP, so this thread is an a priori argument in its entirety. If there is so much data that supports your claims and they are so readily available, then let's see it.
  17. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    Hope your having a good Gudi Padwa thus far Bhai.
  18. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    The redefinition/no true Scotsman/no true Christian fallacy is a way of reinterpreting evidence in order to prevent the refutation of one's position. Proposed counter-examples to a theory are dismissed as irrelevant solely because they are counter-examples.Types: Attempting to make an appeal to purity (ie "a true Christian wouldn't steal") and redefinition (changing the definition of a term in order to inoculate it from counterexamples ). Attempting to make an appeal to purity and redefining arbitrarily what is left. You don't get to define what is left and what isn't. The paper clearly says what it means by the terms liberal, which is left. The Straw Man: The straw man fallacy involves misrepresenting an opponent’s position to make it easier to refute. Straw man arguments often oversimplify opposing views or disregard inconvenient points in favor of points that are easy to argue against. There was no mention of liberal = communist. The paper uses the word liberal as left. Begging the Question or Circular Argument: This is basically repeating the claim and never providing support for the premises, or, in other words, repeating the same argument over and over again. Often, dogmatic thinkers don’t even realize this is a fallacy. Provide the data. Argument from repetition : a proposition is repeatedly restated regardless of contradiction (argumentum ad nauseam). Provide the data. The A Priori Argument : A corrupt argument from logos, starting with a given, pre-set belief, dogma, doctrine, scripture verse, "fact" or conclusion and then searching for any reasonable or reasonable-sounding argument to rationalize, defend or justify it. Certain ideologues and religious fundamentalists are proud to use this fallacy as their primary method of "reasoning" and some are even honest enough to say so. Provide the data. Proof by assertion: a proposition is repeatedly restated regardless of contradiction; sometimes confused with argument from repetition (argumentum ad infinitum, argumentum ad nauseam). Provide the data. Cherry picking: when used figuratively, refers to selective extraction of points in an argument in order to refute or affirm them while ignoring others which will not support the point(s) being made. It derives from the obvious reluctance to harvest unripe, or overripe, fruit and to select only those which will make profit (or pie). Often, cherry-picked factoids or references will be over-extrapolated and oversold to give the impression that they are representative, when they are not. If there was any data or sources to back up this sentence, it would be a cherry-picked example. Atheists over-represented in prison by >5% in UK 2011. Atheist != left. Provide the data.
  19. Tibarn

    Home Season Fielding Statistics

    I have an earlier thread, where I explain, but I think you weren't on this forum during the England series? Here is a table from that thread Match Innings Bowler Dropped /Missed Stumping By Player Batting On Cost Rajkot 2016 1st Innings Shami Rahane Cook 0(3) 21 Umesh Kohli Cook 1(6) 20 Umesh Vijay Hameed 13(12) 18 Umesh Saha Stokes 28(34) 100 Umesh Saha Stokes 29(36) 99 Mishra Rahane Broad 1(11) 5* Rajkot 2016 2nd Innings None Vizag 2016 1st Innings Ashwin Saha(stumping) Stokes 21(60) 49 Vizag 2016 2nd Innings Ashwin Kohli Root 9(33) 16 Mohali 2016 1st Innings Shami Jadeja Cook 3(8) 24 Shami Ashwin Cook 23(33) 4 Ashwin Parthiv(stumping) Bairstow 54(81) 35 Umesh Kohli-Nair Butler 7(25) 36 Jayant Parthiv Bairstow 89(176) 0 Mohali 2016 2nd Innings Ashwin Parthiv! Hameed 6(38) 53 Mumbai 2016 1st Innings Umesh Nair Jennings 0(10) 112 Jadeja Parthiv(stumping) Root 20(38) 1 Umesh Kohli! Ali 9(48) 41 Ashwin ? Rashid 4(11) 0 Jadeja Kohli Ball 0(4) 31 Mumbai 2016 2nd Innings Ashwin Kohli Bairstow 14(36) 37 Chennai 2016 1st Innings Jadeja Rahul Ali 0(8) 146 Jadeja Parthiv(Stumping)! Bairstow 38(58) 11 Chennai 2016 2nd Innings Ashwin Parthiv Cook 4(22) 45 This is a really good point. A great/athletic fielder can create more chances and thus has more opportunities to drop catches that less capable fielders wouldn't be able to. For example: The catch that Umesh dropped this series was off of Ashwin's bowling was a very tough chance, and, if I remember correctly, he had to run a far distance to even attempt to complete the catch. If the fielder was one of our less athletic players like Shami, there likely wouldn't have been a chance at all. So, I suppose that all drops aren't necessarily bad. I have a feeling this is why Jinks has so many drops. When I watch him, it seems like he is one of the best, if not the single best, slip fielders in the world. I would wager that Ajinkya creates many more difficult chances while fielding, and thus has an inflated drop count. It would be interesting to see how much our bowlers performances changed before Ajinkya was a regular in the team and after.
  20. Tibarn

    About time SC banned Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and RSS

    Table 1 Political violence has overall been in decline since 1966-1970. Overall, over the same time period, viewing incidents of political violence and number of deaths from those incidents, comparing 5 states, the proverbial "Hindutva laboratory" or "RSS playground" in Gujarat, has lesser incidents and casualties than RSS-free zones such as WB or even TN. What is noteworthy is that the other four states chosen, until the most recent Assam election, have never had a BJP government. The BJP topped out as a junior partner under the JDU in Bihar. Visualizing the data for the 3 major "national" parties, the BJP, the RSS political wing, has less incidents and less casualties than the other two national parties. The INC had the largest number of incidents, and the Communists had significantly greater body count. Temporal distribution of deaths from political violence shows that it has been in decline in India since the 1966-1970 band, in general, for all three national parties. The statistical analysis shows that the violence that occurs under the INC or BJP-RSS is independent of political power; putting it another way, whether the INC or the BJP-RSS is in power, their levels of political violence and the deaths caused are not significantly effected. On the other hand, the Communists have a significant statistical correlation between power and violence. When the communists are in power, their levels of violence and the number of deaths increase. Going to overall terrorism data: 0.5% of all incidents considered terrorism in India, were related to Hindus or Hinduism as an ideology, over the time period of 1972-2014. (Note: Northeast violence includes Christian). Using the last 15 years as a more recent time-frame of data, a similar trend is found, with 0.7% of fatalities being "saffron." Using riot data from 2012, based on 2012 CMs. Rank State Riots Rate (per 100,000 population) 2012 1 Kerala 31.4 INC 2 Assam 16.3 INC 3 Lakshadweep 13.0 4 Karnataka 12.5 BJP 5 Jammu and Kashmir 11.8 NC 6 Bihar 10.9 JDU 7 Puducherry 8.6 8 Maharashtra 7.7 INC 9 West Bengal 7.3 TMC 10 Jharkhand 7.3 BJP 11 Himachal Pradesh 7.2 BJP 12 Goa 6.7 BJP ** All India Average 6.2 13 Haryana 5.5 INC 14 Odisha 5.3 BJD 15 Tamil Nadu 4.6 AIADMK 16 Chhattisgarh 3.7 BJP 17 Uttarakhand 3.6 INC 18 Tripura 3.5 CPM 19 Sikkim 3.5 SDF 20 Daman and Diu 3.2 21 Chandigarh 3.2 22 Manipur 2.9 INC 23 Gujarat 2.9 BJP 24 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 2.9 25 Uttar Pradesh 2.8 SP 26 Madhya Pradesh 2.6 BJP 27 Andhra Pradesh 2.2 INC 28 Arunachal Pradesh 2.2 INC 29 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1.6 30 Rajasthan 0.8 INC 31 Delhi 0.4 INC 32 Mizoram 0.1 INC 33 Nagaland 0.1 NPF 34 Punjab 0.0 SAD 35 Meghalaya 0.0 INC There doesn't seem to be a particular trend. On a global scale over the previous decade (2001-2010): The idea that "Saffron Terror" is any significant threat, is not borne out by the evidence. Secular organizations are far more dangerous. Carrying on with a global scale: Research was done by Criminologists on political ideology and crime in the research journal: Personality and Individual Differences (2016). Based on the colloquial English use of the terms "conservative" as a proxy of "right" and "liberal" as "left": self identified right wing people are significantly less likely to commit crime in general. This relationship was found to be both significant and linear: the further right someone identifies, the less likely they are to commit any crime, and the further left someone is, the more likely they are to commit a crime. The crimes that were measured in this research were: The association was true within subgroups as well, with demographic controls used. This means that, for example, among "White" women, the more left one considered herself, the more likely she was to have committed a crime. In terms of Moral Science Research: This appears to be because those identified as "left" focus only on two of five moral systems (fairness and caring), while those identified as "right" use five of five (fairness, caring, loyalty, respect, sanctity). Further research also shows: Those that self-identify as "right" are more likely to value order and authority which likely insulate them from criminal behavior. The data and trends are pretty clear: terrorism and crime, whether in India or Globally, is not derived from and does not stem from "right-wing" Hindu groups at any major level. Before an objective person can argue that "right-wing" Hindu groups are to be banned, one must first ban Left-Wing, Islamic, Christian, Khalistani, Tribal, Ethnic, Secular-Political etc groups, whether in India or globally. If one were to target the RSS, thereby effectively targeting BJP, one would have to first target Communists and the INC, and other parties who claim to be of similar ideology to those two National parties, before targeting the BJP-RSS combine. That is, if the goal was to prevent, terrorism, improve law and order, etc. Enjoy @Malcolm Merlyn
  21. https://www.csis.org/analysis/reducing-trade-trust-deficit
  22. Tibarn

    2017 Elections Thread

  23. Tibarn

    Home Season Fielding Statistics

    Indian Test Matches more or less, Test Cricket is such that one can also multitask while watching, one can even have it running in the background while working. I do run through the commentary on cricinfo as well to double check afterwards.
  24. Tibarn

    Home Season Fielding Statistics

    When I watch cricket, I have the commentary running on a separate screen on my laptop, so I note down drops.

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