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  1. Tibarn

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    https://www.thequint.com/currency-ban/2016/11/28/new-500-note-printing-halted-will-shift-to-rbi-mysore-press-urjit-patel-governor-narendra-modi-1000-demonetisation The source is supposedly a former deputy RBI governor. If true, pathetic from the government and RBI.
  2. Tibarn

    Who da daddy!

    Rank Team Matches Points Rating 1 India 35 4210 120 2 Australia 44 4598 105 3 Pakistan 36 3693 103 4 South Africa 29 2944 102 5 England 50 5070 101 6 New Zealand 38 3666 96 7 Sri Lanka 35 3370 96 8 West Indies 30 2077 69 9 Bangladesh 15 978 65 10 Zimbabwe 10 48 5 Yep, we would have a 15 point lead over Australia and England would drop to 5. What's funny is Australia will tour us soon so our lead can get even larger.
  3. Tibarn

    Site Feedback

    That just keeps me from seeing their content correct? I meant more along the lines of preventing another user from seeing my content.
  4. Padosi generals don't mind as long as Pakjab is safe.
  5. Tibarn

    Ram Gopal Verma- How do you rate him

    He made some good movies, so I like him well enough. Company, Bhoot, Satya,Rann and Sarkar were all good in my opinion.
  6. Tibarn

    Site Feedback

    There should be a block from following option in addition to the ignore option. That one wannabe Scientist is annoying me with his personal attacks.
  7. I posted this in the match thread, but Jadeja as a batsman is averaging >40 in 2016, he is a legit allrounder in Asia. If he can maintain a 25-30 batting average overseas, it would be great, although Ashwin is probably our sole spinner overseas.
  8. If his pace is that high, he should have been on the tour to India, their bowling attack lacked the punch a fast bowler would provide, at least for variety.
  9. The one Pommie commentator thinks that Kohli was telling them to accelerate, bizarre if true
  10. Time for Umesh to stick around with Jayant
  11. Damn, good effort by Jadeja
  12. Jadeja averaging over 40 in 2016; He's a legit allrounder in Asia at least
  13. Saw Spotlight yesterday, really good movie.
  14. Tibarn

    Predict the Day 3 - India vs England 3rd test

    Jadeja triple century, India 600 all out.
  15. Tibarn

    Curious case of Mohali: selection conundrum?

    Get Pintu in, as captain if necessary. HE MUST PLAY
  16. CPI India 2016 5.71 % CPI India 2015 5.88 % CPI India 2014 6.37 % CPI India 2013 10.92 % CPI India 2012 9.30 % CPI India 2011 8.87 % CPI India 2010 12.11 % CPI India 2009 10.83 % CPI India 2008 8.32 % CPI India 2007 6.39 % CPI India 2006 5.79 % CPI India 2005 4.25 % CPI India 2004 3.77 % CPI India 2003 3.81 % CPI India 2002 4.31 % CPI India 2001 3.77 % CPI India 2000 4.02 % CPI India 1999 4.84 % CPI India 1998 13.17 % CPI India 1997 7.25 % CPI India 1996 8.98 % CPI India 1995 10.22 % CPI India 1994 10.24 % CPI India 1993 6.31 % CPI India 1992 11.88 % CPI India 1991 13.88 % CPI India 1990 8.92 % CPI India 1989 7.11 % CPI India 1988 9.39 % CPI India 1987 8.79 % CPI India 1986 8.72 % CPI India 1985 5.55 % CPI India 1984 8.43 % CPI India 1983 11.83 % CPI India 1982 7.93 % CPI India 1981 13.11 % CPI India 1980 11.38 % CPI India 1979 6.23 % CPI India 1978 2.54 % CPI India 1977 8.31 % CPI India 1976 -7.57 % CPI India 1975 6.62 % CPI India 1974 28.52 % CPI India 1973 16.79 % CPI India 1972 6.43 % CPI India 1971 3.07 % CPI India 1970 5.09 % CPI India 1969 -0.56 % CPI India 1968 3.36 % CPI India 1967 13.13 % CPI India 1966 10.77 % CPI India 1965 9.65 % CPI India 1964 13.27 % CPI India 1963 2.94 % CPI India 1962 3.63 % CPI India 1961 1.69 % CPI India 1960 1.83 % CPI India 1959 4.61 % CPI India 1958 4.74 % Oil prices by year 1970's 3.18 3.39 3.39 3.89 6.87 7.67 8.19 8.57 9.00 12.64 1980's 21.59 31.77 28.52 26.19 25.88 24.09 12.51 15.40 12.58 15.86 1990's 20.03 16.54 15.99 14.25 13.19 14.62 18.46 17.23 10.87 15.56 2000's 26.72 21.84 22.51 27.56 36.77 50.28 59.69 66.52 94.04 56.35 2010's 74.71 95.73 94.52 95.99 87.39 44.39 Bolded are years when the ex-PM was: Chief Economic Adviser (1972–76) Reserve Bank governor (1982–85) Planning Commission head (1985–87) Finance Minister (91-96, 08-09) PM (04-14) The inflation rates are there for all to see along with the oil prices. There may have been high oil prices during his PM-ship but that doesn't explain his entire career of high inflation, especially as RBI governor. Also, no one claimed that oil prices aren't a contributor to inflation, but for someone touted as a great economist, he couldn't even minimize damage to something like 6% inflation. Look at 2009 when oil prices fell and yet there was still 10+% inflation. So the great economist murdered economic growth and allowed rampant inflation.
  17. Tibarn

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Agree, but it will be a while before India can become a completely digital economy. I like the idea that Lord Meghnad Desai had that the government should do this again on unpredictable intervals to continuously put pressure on black money hoarders until India can make a full transition to digital.
  18. Tibarn

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Conducting an imaginary poll doesn't constitute the ideal basis of economic decisions, let alone economic fact. Even if the poll did exist it is irrelevant. If 99% of people thought climate change is a non-issue, then 99% of people are idiots. Even on ICF, I had to deal with a retard who didn't know that carbon emissions were a form of pollution. An imaginary number to go with your imaginary poll Don't confuse yourself with 90% of people. By the way, what does your imaginary poll refer to India or the world? IF you think 90% of Indians are ch**tiyas, that's your problem, I don't agree. North America, Northern and Western Europe, East Asia, Oceania, some of the Gulf States and increasingly SE Asia have/are adopted/adopting capitalism wholeheartedly; so much for that 90% nonsense in terms of the world. You are conflating Socialism and Welfare/Benefits. Socialism is an economic system defined by state control of the means of production, the distribution of goods, and the exchange behavior of economic participants. All three things you listed are more accurately called Welfare(in the case of government providing it) or Benefits(in the case of a private company providing it), measures that are provided to improve living standards. The working hours and off-days are regularly given by companies, particularly MNCs in copious amounts to workers throughout the capitalist world, under no pressure from the government. Even minimum wage finds large, even majority, acceptance among Keynesian, Chicago-schoolers, and even some Austrians discuss a UBI. Nice try though Please tell me what is Modi's economic policy, I want to see what you think it is. I also want to see what you think I like about it and what you don't. Don't presume to know me. The only party I have any connection to is the Guj Congress, where my Grandfather had a MLA ticket a long time ago. Also, don't project yourself onto me; you may be a sycophant for some party or leader, but I actually base what I think on facts/theories, not on worshiping cult leaders like Nehru or Kejriwal who lead their merry bands of retards from stupid idea to stupid idea. I also certainly don't rely on anecdotal evidence of random deaths of people waiting in line to bolster a weak argument. If you think attacking Modi bothers me, you are wrong, carry on to your heart's content. I care about issues. And what about this economist? What about him? You think I care about an appeal to authority? Do you think he is some great economist that I should care about what he thinks about a move targeting black money? It's funny coming from him, someone who presided over multiple instances of the greatest cases of "organized loot" in Indian history? The Center has far superior economists working for it at Niti Aayog. The clown you are shooting off the shoulders of may hold weight in your eyes, but he doesn't in mine. Any idiot who promotes private sector reservation is not someone worth listening to.
  19. I still remember Cook's 294 with Ishant bowling short and wide on an injured ankle. I totally agree it was depressing.
  20. Always loved Test Cricket since I started watching, even when we were getting whitewashed, although during the whitewashing days, I would turn off the TV when we were bowling and only watch the batting
  21. Tibarn

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    Exactly, all these Socialist ch**tiya parties suddenly are giving economic lectures.
  22. Looks like the clown former PM decided to squeak in parliament and all his moronic sycophants are swarming the internet, shooting off his weak shoulders, to attack demonetization I can't wait to hear how he is a "great Economist".
  23. Pull out of the Champion Trophy immediately, no need to threaten. Who does that idiot think he is?
  24. Tibarn

    Evergreen Bollywood Movies - 20th Century

    There are so many gems from that film. www.mensxp.com/special-features/today/23036-25-dialogues-from-gunda-that-are-so-bad-that-theyre-actually-good.html
  25. Tibarn

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    A large part is that the PM is so popular. The feeling from the different surveys over the last few weeks is that the people trust the PM and see it as a punch in the mouth of black money holders. However they rightly were concerned with implementation of the project and are saying they are inconvenienced. I'm not sure if it was a generic PM the people would necessarily have supported the move. Now that it is done, the center needs to work overtime to iron out the bumps before December. This approval of the move can't sustain on PM's popularity alone. There are rumors on twitter that there was fear of a leak and thus the PM moved up the announcement earlier than intended, supposedly Dec 1st. I'm not convinced that's true, but it could be why it's not as efficient as it should be. Some people think that the PM will give a major SOP to the rural poor after the move is done to stamp out any residual resentment.

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