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  1. Every infiltration attempt should be followed by heavy firing from our side.
  2. Tibarn

    Kabbadi World Cup

    Super tackle Korea Game over though
  3. Sony actually sells more than Microsoft iirc. Nintendo had a very bad time with Wii U after the Wii succeeded better than the other two companies. Nintendo however relies on the Japanese market more. The Japanese market, according to some people, is shifting more and more to handhelds, so this new console is really interesting. There is a rumor that they are remaking the first Pokemon games: Red and Blue, in full 3D for this new console.
  4. Tibarn

    Kabbadi World Cup

    Iran is showing bad sportsmanship in this match
  5. Tibarn

    Kabbadi World Cup

    Iran leads
  6. Tibarn

    Kabbadi World Cup

    Epic super tackle by Korea taken away
  7. Tibarn

    Kabbadi World Cup

  8. Tibarn

    Kabbadi World Cup

    SF vs Thailand today.
  9. I need one of these. I wonder if it is backwards compatible.
  10. Tibarn

    Indian media watch thread

    On my end, some people on my twitter timeline are usually complaining about these people so I just post it on here. On the other hand, they are the English language media, so whatever they do is magnified, as they are the conduits through which the rest of the world see Indian news/politics. Otherwise I don't think many people would care. I mean someone like Barkha who has such little viewership gets invited to a premier university like Brown, or Saggy/Boxer goes to Georgetown. A Hindi/regional language anchor, even though they have more viewership, don't have influence outside of India/the subcontinent, so it's understandable that people are bothered by them.
  11. I guess move Rahul to opener, as he is talented at 6 hitting and move Dhawan to 4? Rohit is really good as an opener and wasn't great in the middle.
  12. Good fight by Pandya and Yadav.
  13. One boundary could win it for us...
  14. Tibarn

    Indian media watch thread

    Saggy and Boxer at Georgetown University.
  15. Tibarn

    Favorite Political Party

    Yes, it is "Right" only of Congress and the regional Congress clones like NCP, TMC, RJD etc. It shows how far left India is.
  16. I'm not really impressed with this organization to be honest, but I didn't think much of SAARC either.
  17. Tibarn

    2016 election debates

    Politics is such a sad game, two good friends in Trump and Hillary now hate each other.
  18. Tibarn

    Favorite Political Party

    Out of the two you listed, BJP is better, I suppose. India needs a real "Right" wing party though.
  19. http://indianexpress.com/article/business/economy/gst-council-decides-on-compensation-for-states-four-slabs-for-rates/
  20. Sure, but I am talking more about how he is asked to play. He is always supposed to slog/be aggressive as soon as he gets in to bat. He would usually come in after Dhoni, and the two would start playing shots. Even in the IPL, he isn't some great boundary hitter. I just think that they should ask him to play an actual batting innings instead of going for quick runs. Promote him up the order once or twice, like Ashwin got promoted, before we give up on his batting ability. I'm not saying he will be good, but I just want to see.
  21. Rahul injured, Raina injured, only 7 ODIs before the CT. Looks like we will have to hope Pandey and/or Pandya cement their place(s).
  22. I still want to see Jadeja be given some responsibility in the batting order before I would say he can't bat. I feel like we only send him in for quick runs and don't really see if he can bat in difficult situations. He may not be good, but I am not sure yet. His triple hundreds say that he at least has some temperament to play a longish innings. We should send some of our weaker batsmen up the order in small chases to see if they are capable.
  23. Tibarn

    The myth of Hindu terror

    Yep, and 56 inch doesn't say a word. That guy Outy appears once a week, abuses a few people, makes a few incoherent posts, and takes a break the rest of the week. Just wait, he'll be back for the weekend.

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