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  1. Tibarn

    Worst Bollywood lyrics

    This whole song
  2. Tibarn

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    BK looks like a decent test bowling-allrounder, at least at times. Shami and Umesh are sloggers. Ishant is a blocker. Bumrah is a proper tail-ender. The only one who looks timid ever is Bumrah, but he has only just started his test career, so he will get better. A real timid Indian bowler with the bat was Zak. Sometimes it seemed he would just throw his wicket away by mindless slogging, just so he wouldn't have to be on the pitch any longer.
  3. IMO the protestant work ethic is overblown. Only some countries in Europe are even Protestant(England, Netherlands ), while many are Catholic (France, Spain, Portugal) and something like Germany is balanced between the two. However, all of Europe seems to have developed simultaneously, whether Protestant or Catholic, which implies to me neither was the basis of the development over the other. The first 4 on the list I definitely agree with though.
  4. The problem is captains seem to like to play in the slips, so they don't have to run all the way in whenever they want to make a tactical change. Kohli is going to force himself in the slips even though he is such a bad fielder
  5. I think Kohli will easily lead in drops, he is notoriously bad with catching. I realized after I voted that I should have selected Ishant instead of Umesh. Ishant has the most chances of playing in the most tests in this series I think. Bumrah and BK are both injured, Shami is injury prone, and Umesh is overall lower on the pecking order than both Ishant, Bumrah, and Shami it seems, so he will likely get benched if all are healthy. Ishant is a workhorse who I think has the best chance of playing all 5 tests, so he may have the most chances to have his catches dropped.
  6. This kind of stuff can end the career of older athletes like Saha.
  7. Pujara: We are backing you, don't give up on yourself. Hang in there on the pitch and the runs will come. Pandya: Don't get caught up in the fame of being a cricketer just yet, worry about your performances and the fame will follow. Umesh: When you get a chance, bowl fast; ignore the Indian bowling "experts" who think reducing pace will help in control and tell you to stick to line and length.
  8. It's always fun to read a social science article The linked article itself says 1) Create a bombastic title to grab eyeballs, then walks back instead of making any conclusion Also 2) Basically Capitalism(greater individual economic freedom) = greater economic development. What a ground-breaking discovery. Like anyone who understands basic economics doesn't already know that. I guess some in India should learn this since we have so many socialists/communists in our midst, but even the Euros/Americans are starting to have them as well (it's no wonder the relative power of Euros/Americans are on the decline, socialism = cancer). 3) The "research" implies that, for example, greater tolerance of homosexuality will lead to economic growth, via respecting the rights of individuals, yet doesn't show how exactly if tomorrow major groups in some poor countries stopped persecuting homosexuals they would get richer. Does anyone with a brain really think that say Afghanistan will suddenly start skyrocketing in growth rate if they abandon their typical bigotry vs homosexuals. Only a social science article can produce such drivel. Now from the research paper itself comes: 4) They themselves admit to using data since the 1990s only, not even 3 decades The EVS and WVS only have data since the 1980s http://www.europeanvaluesstudy.eu/page/surveys.html http://www.worldvaluessurvey.org/WVSDocumentationWVL.jsp So basically, in the last 3-4 decades economic growth has been associated with Secular countries, essentially Europe and North America, ie the countries that top the list on all measures of capitalism, while other countries like India, where geniuses like Nehruji promoted socialism have traditionally had a minuscule rate of growth despite the abundance of secularism we have. In reality The Middle East/North Africa, and the West are two of the highest income regions in the world, despite their governments being less secular than Latin American or Asian countries. The reality is that good economic policies, quality natural resources, and technological innovation are the key to economic growth. Anyone that actually knows history knows how rubbish this article is. Europe, and later the entire West, has been consistently the wealthiest part of the world (per capita) since at least around the 1700s. This is the exact period where these same Euros were committing genocide on non-believers and converting infidels across the globe (along with colonizing the vast swathes of land on the planet). Why did they get rich? "They" invented the key technologies of the last several centuries such as: the printing press, steam engine, assembly line. etc
  9. Sure, rotating 6 players over 20 games is a bad idea, but just giving a single player all 20 matches is also risky, especially if they don't end up paying dividends. They need to pick 2, at max 3 players and give them all a fair shake...
  10. England should send Butler to open here. See if he can knock Thakur and BK out of the attack.
  11. There are 20 scheduled ODIs left for us after today's is over. Sanjay Bangar on a Cricinfo article stated that we will try out a number of options in the middle order: Raina, Rahul, DK, Pandey, Rahane, and Rayudu. Add to that Jadhav, when he returns from injury, is also an option in the middle order. Does anyone really expect Rahul to get all 20 matches to solidify his spot, when team management has a minimum of 6 other players they have in mind competing for limited spaces? While I agree Rahul is the best option to invest in for our middle order and should get all 20 matches, he hasn't exactly set the world on fire in the chances he has gotten... Career averages Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s overall 2016-2018 12 11 3 257 100* 32.12 327 78.59 1 1 1 20 4 Profile Innings by innings list Runs Mins BF 4s 6s SR Pos Dismissal Inns Opposition Ground Start Date 100* 176 115 7 1 86.95 1 not out 2 v Zimbabwe Harare 11 Jun 2016 ODI # 3742 33 66 50 4 0 66.00 1 bowled 2 v Zimbabwe Harare 13 Jun 2016 ODI # 3744 63* 99 70 4 2 90.00 1 not out 2 v Zimbabwe Harare 15 Jun 2016 ODI # 3746 8 28 18 1 0 44.44 1 bowled 2 v England Pune 15 Jan 2017 ODI # 3819 5 11 5 1 0 100.00 1 caught 1 v England Cuttack 19 Jan 2017 ODI # 3821 11 28 11 1 1 100.00 2 caught 2 v England Kolkata 22 Jan 2017 ODI # 3824 DNB - - - - - - - 2 v Sri Lanka Dambulla 20 Aug 2017 ODI # 3905 4 - 6 0 0 66.66 3 bowled 2 v Sri Lanka Pallekele 24 Aug 2017 ODI # 3906 17 - 24 2 0 70.83 4 caught 2 v Sri Lanka Pallekele 27 Aug 2017 ODI # 3907 7 - 8 0 0 87.50 5 caught 1 v Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 31 Aug 2017 ODI # 3908 9* - 18 0 0 50.00 4 not out 2 v England Nottingham 12 Jul 2018 ODI # 4014 0 - 2 0 0 0.00 4 caught 2 v England Lord's 14 Jul 2018 ODI # 4016 196 of his 257 runs came in his first series against Zimbabwe; after that he hasn't crossed 20. When you have such limited spots, like in our middle order, you have to grab the bull by the horns and make yourself un-droppable.
  12. Tibarn

    Why is London everyone's favourite city?

    I meant that they wouldn't deliver to the hotel I was staying in. I got in to the hotel from LaGuardia at ~9 PM and no pizza place was willing to deliver or most said they were too far away, not even the usual Pizza Hut/Domino's/Papa John's said this hotel was in their delivery range.
  13. Tibarn

    Why is London everyone's favourite city?

    Which is good, some cities are too big. There was a part of Manhattan where I couldn't even get a simple pizza delivered San Diego was big enough for 2 professional sports teams to play there.
  14. It's nothing sinister... it's just the same story from this thread: based off this article by Aakash Chopra: http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/19852213/aakash-chopra-why-dhoni-lost-one-day-mojo? The fact is that Dhoni is older now, so one can't expect him to play like he used to. The onus is on the team management to either: change his batting position pushing him up the order or drop him. He cannot play as a lower order batsman anymore.
  15. Tibarn

    Kohli 39 of 50

    He will have to win 2 WCs to be compared to the Aussie teams of the mid 2000s
  16. Tibarn

    No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists

    Right This came out a few days ago https://www.cell.com/trends/ecology-evolution/fulltext/S0169-5347(18)30117-4
  17. Tibarn

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    They are definitely the most dangerous side this time around. We are more limited on the other hand, unless we play Jadhav(and his performances thus far weren't flukes) or maybe Krunal. Rohit/Dhawan/Kohli/Rahul/Bumrah/Kuldeep/Chahal guaranteed playing BK(need his death bowling) or Shami/Umesh for their wicket taking ability Dhoni sandwiched by Hardik and either Jadhav or Krunal If we think BK counts as an allrounder, and include Hardik along with either Jadhav/Krunal, we still have 3 bunnies in Bumrah, Chahal, Kuldeep
  18. Tibarn

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    Yeah, which is why it may behoove them to give him a bit of a longer run now. If he fails, they have Wiley, Ball, and Wood to go back to.
  19. Tibarn

    No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists

    I don't know really; it always seemed fishy to me that OOA alternatively has a couple of different names including theory or hypothesis depending on the version. I am just guessing, but it seems like OOA Theory is just a colloquial name. It doesn't seem to be supported enough to be a theory.
  20. Tibarn

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    From the stats, the English should build their bowling attack around Woakes, Plunkett, and Rashid. Ali and Root give two extra bowling options though spin. They need to just identify another pacer: I guess Topley would be a good choice to explore as his strike rate is nice thus far. Since the English have such a good batting side, they can focus on strike bowlers to take wickets in their bowling unit.
  21. Tibarn

    Why is London everyone's favourite city?

    London is lame; it's too cold. LA and Miami are much better to visit. San Diego is underrated.
  22. I doubt there will be room for 2 spinners. Ashwin will be tough to beat out, especially as he is pretty good with the bat as well.
  23. Tibarn

    Our seam bowling reserves

    Shami is a reserve; that is as good a reserve as any, at least for this WC. Umesh is the 2nd reserve.
  24. Tibarn

    No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists

    Multiregionalism within Africa seems like an interesting hypothesis on the origin of Humans.

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