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    I tweet about Bangladesh Cricket: www.twitter.com/bangla13c

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  1. Congratulations Tigers. To beat India 6 time champion. Great achievement.
  2. Good luck to Afghanistan. I hope India makes standard sub continent wickets that helps spinners... would like to see how Indian batsman do against Rashid and Mujeeb.
  3. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    Thank you. Very nice of you.
  4. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    You have to Fizz out all those #Sandpapergate dramas. The focus will soon turn to IPL.
  5. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    I will be posting updates on my twitter account about Mustafizurs IPL performance: https://twitter.com/Bangla13c Do give it a follow.
  6. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    The Fizz in Nidahas Trophy clicked 145 Kph couple of times, slowly getting back to form/fitness. Still think his not fully ready. IPL will be a good challenge to find out if his really 100% fit from injury.
  7. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    Yeah. Needs to look after his body well. IPL is hectic. I hope Rohit Sharma takes good care of him. Don't want another serious injury.
  8. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    Injury set him back. Prior injury he was bowling around 140+ kph consistently. His go to deliveries has always been the cutters and slower deliveries, hence we don't see him bowl 140+ often. Bowled an excellent over against India in the Nidahas Final. If there's any genuine World Class bowler from BD its Mustafiz. The other pacers are just about ok.
  9. Shamim.Miah

    ***Mustafizur Rahman***

    Since Mustafizur Rahman underwent a shoulder surgery in 2016, he has looked a different bowler. Doesn't seem to have the same venom in his bowling, tends to lose control of his line and length. It's very worrying. Wonderful young bowler, with immense talent. Yet a injury changes everything. I hope he can fully recover and start to show improvement. This thread is to follow Mustafizur. Lets hope he can make a strong comeback. I tweet about Bangladesh Cricket: www.twitter.com/bangla13c (Do follow if you are interested).
  10. Life after marriage hasn’t started well for Virat Kohli.
  11. Shamim.Miah

    Virat Kohli Captaincy thread

    Being an outsider, I feel like Virat Kohli lacks leadership qualities. He is India best batsman, no doubt. I have seen him speak on couple of press conferences, and felt like the difference between him and Dhoni is big. His reasoning seem to be flawed (not sure if this is the right word to use), I find it lacks proper logic or reasoning. What do you guys think about his leadership quality?
  12. This game was copied from: http://www.banglacricket.com/alochona/showthread.php?t=49083&page=7 the idea was taken from their. It would have been nice if the thread opener at least acknowledged that. i came out with this game concept in BanglaCricket. My user in BanglaCricket is SportingBD
  13. Shamim.Miah

    India have played most of their games at home : Philander

    Makes sense now. Some tough times ahead of India coming. Those tours not going to be so easy. We will get to find out how strong India truly are. Batting might be heavily tested, I think Indian bowling has improved a lot.
  14. Shamim.Miah

    India have played most of their games at home : Philander

    Playing away from home against the likes of Sri Lanka and thrashing them don’t give a clear picture. The 40% of the matches India played away from home includes mostly matches against Sri Lanka.
  15. Shamim.Miah

    India have played most of their games at home : Philander

    Yes. That’s when you will find out how strong India really is. But 80% that’s not a good balance. I think ICC look into a more balanced home and away ratio for teams, so we can get a clear idea of how good the teams are.

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