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  1. Rahane is a class player who is out of form but his indifferent attitude towards his form boggles me. As a player he brings stability and the aptitude to play long innings in tough conditions or when chips are down but lately he doesn't seem to add stability and his prowess to play spin has declined. In interview he seems to ignore that his technique and temperament has degraded and always says he is a couple of knocks away from hitting a good form. He is over confident which hurts the faith the team management has on him. Also he doesn't seem to value his wicket like a Kohli, Kedar or even a Hardik. He is useless and must return to domestics.
  2. BCCI saved Smith from the DRS case.... CA announces Starc is injured. crazy conspiracy theory. Or is it?
  3. Pant is gonna give the thundering start to the innings we all been waiting for
  4. Jadhav, Jayant, Hooda deserve to be in the squad..... Jayant injured but Kedar unlucky to miss out after a MoS in ODIs Pandey, KL form is worrying but we have no option now.... Pant should be accommodated in the playing XI at any cost
  5. _ramkumar

    Karun Nair becomes second Indian to score 300

    what??? How did you find that out?
  6. JP gone........ Herath gets a wickets
  7. _ramkumar

    How to drop a player who scored 300 in the last innings?

    Drop Rahane.... Kohli must follow what he preaches.
  8. _ramkumar

    Karun Nair becomes second Indian to score 300

    Karun 303* Wishing him that this doesn't remain his highest test score..
  9. kohli 15, Pujara 16, vijay 29 India 759/7d unbelievable A wicket here will tilt the game massively in our favour.
  10. Video link: Kohli on why Vijay was dropped in WI The interview was a pre-match press conference before the playing IX was announced. He said sorry Vijay you got injured, the guy who replaced you has performed well, so you won't be playing... (aaand i love dhawan's mooch so he cant be dropped) Now does this apply to Nair/Rahane/Rohit & Pappu/Saha? Nair plays short pitched balls better than Rahane and Rohit. If Kohli could replace well established Vijay with a out of form Dhawan he sure can replace out of form Rahane with a in form Nair.
  11. And Umesh doesn't spray the ball anymore, he is a much improved bowler...
  12. Dunno why Bhuvi was dropped, Lambu should get some wickets so that we don't have to play Umesh when Shami is back. Bhuvi couldn't win Cap's confidence hoping ishant does. Ishant > Umesh Uncle ji in for Jayant

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