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  1. Its for the good actually. No way Dhoni is/was going to be dropped before the WC. So Indian fans better hope he finds some form.
  2. One thing that perplexes me the most is why the hell is this guy not called out by the fans and commentators. I mean in the past better bowlers like Nehra, Sreesanth and even Agarkar ( who averaged 27 goddamn) where blasted and endlessly made fun of for their poor performances. And now we have Bhuvi as our spearhead with an average of 38, in supposedly the golden era of our fast bowling. If Dhoni is the elephant in the room, this guy is a T-Rex.
  3. As a mentor to the young and upcoming players, Dravid is in the perfect position already. No need to waste him in politics. He isn't made for it. Ganguly will eventually become BCCI prez one day. He has a knack for politics. Tendulkar is a god. Don't think he will stoop down to perform earthly functions.
  4. No way khaleel and even Bhuvi should be playing ahead of Shami. Also, what's wrong with Dhawan? He was the MoT in Asia cup and the 2nd best batsman in the SA series. Not to forget that he has been our best player in big tournaments, much better than Kohli and Rohit.
  5. AuxiliA

    World's Largest Cricket Stadium to be built in Ahmedabad!

    Hope that they make a large out field. We have enough postage-stamp size grounds already.
  6. Add to that a lower order of, Jadeja Ashwin/Ishant Shami Bumrah This team would be virtually unbeatable in Asia and highly competitive oversees.
  7. Get rid of the dead weights and the team will be fine. We have 6-7 world class players but the rest are absolute trash.
  8. AuxiliA

    Don’t select Pandya for the 4th test in Sydney!

    We should pick the XI considering the worst case scenario i.e. what if we lose the toss and have to bowl on a day 1 flat pitch and also have to bat last. The only way we win in this scenario is by getting them out on a below par 1st inning score. Playing 2 full time spinners is not going to be effective on day 1. Also we need 6 proper batsmen to put up a fight in the 4th innings, so no place Pandya. Considering this here's my team, Mayank Vijay/Rahul (We have invested a lot in them. Should do it 1 more time) Pujara Kohli Rahane Vihari Pant Jadeja Shami Ishant Bumrah This team provides us with the best chance of winning if we lose the toss. And if we are fortunate enough to win the toss, then we are winning anyways LoL.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/AWSStats/status/1079203341387816960
  10. AuxiliA

    Playing 11 for Sydney Test

    Should play the same team unless there is an injury. In the last few years SCG hasn't been helpful to the spinners at all and the curators won't provide a pitch which spins to India. Also the 3 quick are bowling well together. So no need to change the bowling composition. Pandya should not be picked ahead of Rohit as he literally has no match practice nor is he a world beater anyway.
  11. Interesting fact here: India/Kohli hasn't lost a single test after winning the toss in the last 3 years. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;orderby=won;spanmax1=10+Dec+2018;spanmin1=10+Dec+2015;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;toss=1;type=team
  12. AuxiliA

    Isa Guha

    Think you have mistaken her for a certain other Guha.
  13. Now that we have won, Shastri should have asked the BCCI to convince CA to convert this into a 1 match series and cancel rest of the matches.
  14. Also, you shouldn't discount the fact that Ashwin bowled a lot of overs with an excellent economy. It provided our seamers with enough rest and kept the pressure on.
  15. No doubt, Lyon bowled well but, we gifted him few extra wickets because we chose to attack him instead of their seamers. Just like Hazelwood bowled better than Shami but ended up with fewer wickets. That's coz we tried to play him out and the Aussies singled out Shami to attack.

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