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  1. Bat- Hendricks Bowl- Kuldeep/ Unadkat Field- dhawan
  2. Bat- Kohli Bowl- Bhuvi Field- Pandya
  3. Bat- Markram Bowl- Kuldeep Field- Kohli
  4. Bat- ABD Bowl- Rabada Field- Klassen
  5. Bat- Rahane Bowl- Bumrah Field- Pandya
  6. Bat- Dhawan Bowl- morkel Field- markram
  7. India retain ICC Test Championship mace

    After all it wasn't a dead rubber.
  8. For England: Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli Rahane Ashwin Saha Pandya Bhuvi Shammi Bumrah/jadeja
  9. Indian bowlers had a great game, both with bowl and bat. The BATSMEN LET INDIA DOWN. I wish Sachin, Dravid and Laxman had this attack.
  10. India kept attacking field with gazillion slips...compromised on run rate.....and the first catch coming to slips dropped...wtf!!!
  11. What if Rohit replaces Rahane in first test

    I highly doubt that. India will play with 6 batsmen at some point in this series.
  12. What if Rohit replaces Rahane in first test

    If indeed Boria is right, playing 5 bowlers is a must, so Pandya gets in. Rohit in place of Rahane, doesn't seem to be a terrible idea. It has more to do with Rahane's own failure than Rohit's success. Rahane has been in an atrocious form lately (averaged 3.4 in the last series, 29 since the NZ series). Granted he has a stellar record overseas, but it seems far fetched for a mentally 'feeble' guy like him to get to form right away in such a crucial match. Also the fact that Rohit has had a blockbuster year doesn't make it easier for Rahane to hold his place. All said, Rahane will get back in the side for the 2nd and 3rd tests, as the tracks will be greener and India will prefer 6 batsmen. P.S.- I can make peace with Rohit playing in the middle order, but no way should dhawan be allowed to open!

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