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  1. Series played- 152 Won- 58 Drawn- 32 Lost- 62 W/L- 0.94 pre 2000- 0.56 post 2000- 2.00
  2. Predict the Day 4 - India vs England 3rd test

    England 204/10 India 73/2 India Wins Ashwin MOM
  3. Gambhir Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane Saha Ashwin Jayant \ Mishra Jadeja Umesh Shami Don't think it's an good idea to debut Pandya right now. Rajkot in all likely-hood will be a slow turner, where there won't be any high scores and most wickets will be taken by spinners. There's place for just 2 seamers, who have to economical and capable of generating reverse-swing. Pandya's tendancy of leaking runs would be detrimental in low scoring games.

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