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  1. Pandya for all his flaws is still vital for the ODI team. Shankar or Jadhav aren't good enough as the 5th bowler and Jadeja is not a no7 batsman. Plus without Pandya the lower order lacks fire power.
  2. AuxiliA

    PCB takes 'strong notice' of India's army caps

    PCB missing a trick here. They should let their players wear suicide vests as a tribute to the terrorists.
  3. AuxiliA

    Things we have learned ahead of the WC.

    The thing is if pitches are flat then what advantage does Chahal provide over Bhuvi? And in England regardless of the pitch the new ball always swings. That works in Bhuvi's favour.
  4. AuxiliA

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

    Also why has Kohli become so poor? Scored just 7 runs today.
  5. AuxiliA

    Things we have learned ahead of the WC.

    Agree on Chahal being the better ODI bowler. But the question is can Chahal be more effective than Bhuvi in flat English conditions? Not to mention Bhuvi's batting at no8. I feel Bhuvi can useful with the new ball and should bowl an extended first spell. Bumrah and Shami can bowl in the death overs.
  6. AuxiliA

    Things we have learned ahead of the WC.

    I don't think Rayudu will get picked for the WC now (unless he plays the 5th ODI and does something spectacular). Of the squad I have listed in the OP, everyone except Shankar and Khaleel was a lock. Competition was between Rayudu and Shankar and the later has come out on top.
  7. Now that our ODI cycle before the WC is almost over, few things are pretty clear imo. 1. Bumrah, Kuldeep and Shami are our best bowlers by far and should play in all the important matches. 2. The 4th bowler's spot is a tossup between Chahal and Bhuvi. Although I believe Chahal is the better ODI bowler but Bhuvi has edge because of his superior batting/feilding and suitability to the conditions. 3. Pandya and Dhoni aren't exactly world beaters in their departments but they still are vital for the team. Shankar is a more dependable batsman than Pandya, but I don't trust his bowling. Also Pandya is an excellent feilder and a good hitter. Pant sure can bat faster, but he can't match Dhoni's glove work (which btw is his primary job). Also Dhoni's tactical insights are needed especially when we have a hothead as a captain. 4. Rayudu is absolutely useless and adds no value whatsoever to the team. Can easily be replaced by Shankar/Rahul/Pant. Shankar gets the nod for me because of his bowling and can bat in the death overs. So finally here's my playing 11 and squad for the WC, Sharma Dhawan Kohli Jhadav ( his style is more suited at 4 than 6) Dhoni (wk) Shankar Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Shami Bumrah Chahal Pant (backup wk/MO bat) Rahul (backup opener) Khaleel ( we need a lefty in the nets)
  8. AuxiliA

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    The myth about Bhuvi being a great death bowlers needs to die. I trust Shami a lot more than him.
  9. AuxiliA

    India has a top order problem

    Yeah our openers could have scored more quickly. But there is absolutely no excuse not defending 321 against an inexperienced lineup, especially after having them at 11-1 after 5 overs. I remember that match quite well and no one thought SL had a chance in the chase.
  10. AuxiliA

    India has a top order problem

    India lost that game because of their toothless bowling. And our bowling has improved by leaps and bounds since then. Bumrah, Shami, Kuldeep and Chahal are all wicket takers. Don't see anyone, including England chasing 320+ against them. The question is, can our batsmen score that much?
  11. AuxiliA

    Poll: SFs at the ODI WC19

    India, England, Australia, New Zealand
  12. AuxiliA

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    Do people really notice the colour of IPL jerseys? All I see are the sponsor stickers.
  13. That's why top heavy batting doesn't work on flat pitches. Our openers can't go full throttle because the MO isn't trustworthy.
  14. He needs to improve his batting. Will be great for both the team and himself. Not asking him to become an all-rounder, but at least get to Bhuvi or Cummins level.
  15. They certainly are wicket ka bhukha. They always needed some kulcha.

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