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  1. Would be great if the match is rained off today. We need those 4 overs of Bumrah and Bhuvi. No way they are scoring above 245. Also, the forecast is much better tomorrow.
  2. Can't fault him for that, it was just bad luck. We are playing just 2 front line pacers. Couldn't have risked Pandya at the death.
  3. If there's no play today (seems likely), will NZ get to complete there innings tomorrow? If so, that will be better for India as a DLS adjusted target will be favourable for New Zealand.
  4. AuxiliA

    XI for Finals

    Guptill Nicholls Williamson Talyor Neesham Latham Grandhomme Santner Ferguson Henry Boult
  5. Not surprising. The Asian countries generally do better at U19 level than at senior level. Raw talent is what counts at this level. Also there is a lot of craze among the youth regarding cricket. In few cases they benefit from age fudging too. The challenge is to translate the talent to performance at senior level. This is were countries like Aus and NZ excel at. Even with limited supply of talent at youth level their system produces a highly competitive national team.
  6. AuxiliA

    Manchester weather and tactics

    Considering his performance against NZ in the bilateral series, Shami is a must. Also we need him now more than ever, as KulCha aren't taking wickets anymore.
  7. BCCI needs to outbid ECB and buy those damn referees.
  8. How can Jadeja, a bowling allrounder, replace Jhadav as a batsman. We have already got an awful tail.
  9. It's not just the flat pitch. Small boundaries at Edgbaston are a bigger concern. We, most likely will be playing Eng again at this ground in the SF. KulCha haven't been that effective in this WC to be a sure starter. I would drop Chahal for Bhuvi in the SF if the pitch is flat. This will also strengthen our tail, which would be essential for winning a batting shootout with England.
  10. Wow, so much overreaction! The ironic thing is that Australia too played for NRR when they were chasing 350 against us. Warner 56 off 84.
  11. AuxiliA

    How to win the cup from heron

    Most probably we will be playing England again in the SF at the same venue. The pitch is likely going to be flat and boundaries short. Hence, it makes sense to drop one of the spinners (preferably Chahal) for Bhuvi. It's not set in stone that we should always be playing 2 spinners. Moreover, Bhuvi we strengthen the tail. The rest of the team is fine.
  12. AuxiliA

    Bhuvi fit for West Indies match.

    Maybe we should rest Bumrah for a game or two before semis. We will potentially play 6 games in 18 days. Don't want him losing gas in the knockouts.
  13. Nope. Thaila's wisdom is omnipresent.
  14. AuxiliA

    World cup Tweets

    Parthiv Patel lol
  15. Nope. Any match which doesn't feature Majid Khan, has no right to be called great.

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