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  1. Has to be Majid Khan, followed by Umar Akmal.
  2. Is his book written by a 12 year old? Edit: Oh! I see. It's an autobiography.
  3. So Saha made 115 off 55 balls not being in control half of the time. Must have had a hell of a luck that day.
  4. Lol... That's the first thing which came to mind after reading this.
  5. What's not to like about it. A team banned for fixing, makes a player banned for tampering it's captain. It's a match made in heaven. Also we have cheaters and fixers becoming PM and MPs. So what's the fuss here?
  6. AuxiliA

    RCN replaces NCN with Steyn

    Very apt signing. It's not about winning, rather to keep up the popularity. Everyone one knows the team will do ****, but we are still going to watch them coz of the big names.
  7. AuxiliA

    Goras now captaining Rajasthan Royals

    So what's issue here? Warner and Smith were the former captains of their sides. Warner has done more for SRH than anyone else and commands respect of the team. Smith, while not a great T20 player, was the captain of Australia and has similar stature as Kohli. On the other side we have an international nobody like Iyer captaining Boult and Rabada. And Rahane and Bhuvi are just introverts personality wise. Does not mean they are meek. Unless you associate being overly expressive ( like Kohli's antics) as a sign of mental toughness.
  8. Lol... Is this guy that stupid or does he think he is playing at his village with no cameras around. Here's another gem from him. https://youtu.be/-51uEh-spe8
  9. Jaadu ki pap....<ahem ahem>.... Jhappi
  10. Have nothing against CSK, but if this is the kind of pitch they prepare, I hope the final gets shifted elsewhere. Such a mood killer.
  11. Rahane has to be up there. From performing on 3 of the toughest tours for an Asian batsman and being touted as the best Indian test bat of his generation, he has fallen a long way. It's even more frustrating to think that had he improved like his contemporaries (Kohli, Pujara) or even maintained his 2014 level at a time which was supposed to be his prime, we may have won a series in SA and England.
  12. Yeah, especially in a hot country like India. That's why Bcci should have Incentivized fast bowlers long ago by providing better contracts, helpful pitches, etc. But we have batting & spinning fatsos hogging all the glory.
  13. I agree on Jadeja being overrated in LoIs and should not be batting higher than 8, but come on, he's still a better bat than Bhuvi (& fielder too). That being said I think we should play Bhuvi and give him an extended opening spell. That way he would be more effective and we would have 3 genuine wicket-takers (Bum, Kul, Shami) in the middle and death. Also our tail will be somewhat strengthened.

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