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  1. Rahul is an opener and that's where he should play.
  2. Turbanator

    Where do you think Will Cricket Stand in 2050?

    Pujara has a daughter though.
  3. Turbanator

    1st Test vs ENG-Choose your Batting Order

    Dhawan at number 3?
  4. Turbanator

    Which was our most successful tour to SENA countries?

    Hi Junaids.
  5. A pyjama league is more important than international cricket?
  6. Turbanator

    Q De Kock : How bad is he in Tests?

    The guy is 25 for crying out loud
  7. http://www.ibtimes.co.in/kl-rahul-calls-virat-kohli-show-off-front-aamir-khan-744301 This one?
  8. Why are you arguing with a well known troll?
  9. Turbanator

    Indian Test openers for ENG tour ?

    Give Rahul some time. He is destined for greatness. He will come good this year.
  10. Sure about that? http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?batting_positionmax2=4;batting_positionval2=batting_position;class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=2;host=1;orderby=batting_average;orderbyad=reverse;qualmin1=6;qualval1=innings;template=results;type=batting;view=series
  11. I have a higher chance of marrying Emma Watson than dhawan scoring 30 in South Africa.
  12. If Rahul and Rahane don't play i am going to riot.
  13. Turbanator

    Only 3 batsmen in Indian cricket team

    I can't believe a guy who averages 70 in SA has to sit out for a guy who averages like 12 in the same conditions.

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