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  1. India vs England 5th Test - India 1st ODI - India 2ND ODI - England 3rd ODI. - India 1st T20. - England 2nd T20. - India 3rd T20 - India Australia vs Pakistan 1ST TEST - Australia 2ND TEST - Australia 3rd TEST - Australia 1st ODI. - Australia 2ND ODI. - Pakisthan 3RD ODI. - Australia 4TH ODI - Australia 5TH ODI. - Australia South Africa vs Sri Lanka 1ST TEST - South Africa 2ND TEST- South Africa 3rd TEST - South Africa 1st T20- Sri lanka 2nd T20- South Africa 3rd T20- Sri lanka 1st ODI- South Africa 2ND ODI- Sri lanka 3RD ODI- South Africa 4TH ODI- Sri lanka 5TH ODI- South Africa New Zealand vs Bangladesh 1st ODI - New Zealand 2ND ODI - New Zealand 3rd ODI - New Zealand 1st T20 - New Zealand 2nd T20 - Bangladesh 3rd T20 - New Zealand 1ST TEST - New Zealand 2ND TEST - New Zealand

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