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  1. Pant kishan samson or even harvik koi to succeed hoga hi international level pe
  2. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    Heard his knees are flaring up...some injury issues
  3. Countdown to MSD’s 10000 Odi runs

    33 runs to go for retirement
  4. Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    50+ avg does ensure that he has some technique atleast and temperament to bat longer. If you take somebody just on ipl heroics but mediocre first class record he may excel in t20s but cant expect a stable middle order batsman cum slogger out of him for odis. Hooda has excellent list A and first class record coupled with some match winning knocks in the ipl. In all the 3 criteria which I mentioned he is frontrunner for no 5 spot ahead of nitish rana and krunal. Time to discard rahane jadhav dk manish. Vijay shanker is another very good option.
  5. Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    I m asking for hooda in the team from a long time... He is the only guy who fullfils my criteria.. 1.Good first class average (to filter out hacks) 2.Hard hitter 3.Part time bowling
  6. Pick 2 batsman and 2 bowlers from the regular team. So that we dont lose. Rest 11 guys in the squad can be rookies. My team : rahul, raina, chahal, kuldeep Pant hooda shanker Gill iyer krunal washington thampi nagarkoti khalil avesh.
  7. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    but they play 10 games in season isnt it? We can have 3 groups of 10 teams each. So 9 games for each. Can finish the tournament easily in 4 months. Oct to jan. Feb - SMA trophy March - vijay hazare Sept - duleep trophy to start the season In this way we will have fair no of games per season.
  8. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    I gave an example ... 6 is too less for the development of a domestic cricketer. Next year bihar will be added. Make it 3 groups of 10 each, so 9 games for all. Sheffield sheild teams play 10 arent they churning out 150 quicks.
  9. Why not Khalil Ahmed

    What FC yaar...ek to pata nhi kis chutiye ne 6 games per season reduce kar diya...english play 16 games in a county season... Moreover you dont know khalil will be picked over aniket pankaj chahar natthu nagarkoti or not... For 1-2 games a season you wanna waste 1 year of his.
  10. No sane coach or captain would have given jadhav and axar such a long free run.... these guys are degrade over raina and jaddu...whether you take batting bowling or fielding.
  11. Please try hooda or vijay shanker or even bring back raina... Need to kick that shorty jadhav out. At present dhawan rohit kohli rahane manish dk iyer pant rahul ... Nobody absolutely nobody gives an option to bowl even 1 over as 6th bowling option.
  12. Virat or A B D (ODI format)

    Rohit bats like an artist, a painter. ABD bludgeons. No need to make fun of post-2013 rohit his record/impact may be equal or better than ABD(2013-18)
  13. Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    I wonder why chahal's first class stats are not that good. He is such a class bowler got all the varieties of a traditional leg spinner and gets better zip of the surface than mishra ji.

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