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  1. Is sundar a power bitter? He is very tall and decently build.
  2. No ICC events scheduled in 2018?

    WC, CT, T20wC, test championship...every 4 year cycle will be great
  3. Rohit kohli and pandya...apart from these 3 we dont have even a decent T20 batsman
  4. Somedays pandey convince me he is a hack somedays jadhav looks a bigger hack. Truth is both are rubbish
  5. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    I think ICFers should forget about dhoni retirement before 2019 WC . Time to switch to other aspects
  6. Dhoni needs to follow Nehra

    I like those announce on field retirement and leaves with dignity
  7. Don't know why ICF people only talk about krunal, vijayshanker, pant, nitish rana etc. when it comes to odi middle order pick. I think we need a proper technical batsman with hitting ability who can bowl 5 overs too. Deepak hooda looks ideal to me. Don't know about his fielding and athleticism though. How is he?
  8. Shardul Thakur : Your thoughts after his first game?

    Was good but not impressive enough. I'm looking for someone who has raw talent ( combo of natural pace height bounce ). Swing can be learnt afterwards. Next hopes on siraj, Aniket, ankit, saini, kejroliya etc. etc.
  9. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    it will be disgraceful for us after quality no.6 bats like ajay jadeja, yuvi, dhoni, raina ( all these averaged 40-50 in first class)... now blind hitter like krunal will bat for us ?? India has a rich tradition of producing proper class batsman, krunal can at best fit in at 8 after his bro. Its like australia playing mitch marsh at no.4 and 5 in tests...lol
  10. no. 4 is a difficult position and it demands a dynamic batsman who can 1. survive adversity spin/swing playing percentage cricket 2. attack fiercely according to situation. I see only eoin morgan and ros taylor who have mastered that slot...and ABD is god in that position. Wish we could find morgan/taylor level player at that position. Potentially KLR and both can do part 1 but only KLR can do part 2. I think only one of them should play in XI that too at no. 4 No. 5 given to dhoni...6 or 7 is too low for him now. For no.6 position you need a dasher and utility 6th bowling option ( top 5 lacks that) I think only raina/jadhav/hooda is capable of that. nobody is bringing up hooda's name here I think he is ideal no.6 kind of player who fits in that role. don't think jadhav's uncanny style of bowling would work for long and he is a below fielder.
  11. Rahul at 4 : Discussion Thread

    rahul needs to start well with singles and twos...he gets restless if he doesn't get boundary early on, opener's mindset. All his innings were soft dismissals trying to manufacture shots in the air even though he can play on the ground and maintain good strike rate like kohli.
  12. and will have higher strike rate than everybody who got to 10000 runs before him barring sanath jayasuriya only.
  13. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    who came with this sick idea of 4 groups instead of 3. so players are now gonna get just 6 first class in A year? moreover they wanted to do away with duleep trophy as well ??? insanity look at england they play 16 4-day games per season. Their good domestic cricketers in age bracket of 25-28 year have already played 100+ first class games. our 30+ yr olds haven't played 100 games even after being regular for last 8-10 yrs. Its good to get your less talented guy experienced enough at young age to debue for the country. you wont unearth 11 world class talents at a time....
  14. India A team's tour of South Africa

    among all the 7 rookie pacers nurtured by bcci at NCA + shardul .... siraj is the one who has the hunger, looks ready and want to excel. Thats why his first class, list A and A tours record is better than the rest.

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