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  1. SUMO

    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Rayudu dhoni spoiling the mood to watch the game
  2. As a non indian I would also want a guy avg 25@60 strikr rate in the batting line up.
  3. SUMO

    Was Sehwag a potential candidate for ATG?

    ATG in tests no doubt. Wasnt bad outside subcontinent during 1st half of his career. Should have better career in ODIs though.
  4. His high point was CB series. Tendulkar's twin great innings in the finals. Rohit's knock. Gambhir announced himself with a bang. India U-19 winning the world cup under kohli same day. What days....
  5. This years ranji will be interesting. Every team has got atleast one quality pacer who can bowl 140+. Hope to see some new speedstar from bihar uttarakhand.
  6. I wont take bhuvi to Aus. But bhuvi has role in test cricket on swinging wickets he is lethal.
  7. SUMO

    Khawaja doubtful for India tour

    Hope starc and cummins too gets injured. It will become like home series for India
  8. Had Kl rahul done well I would have taken mayank as 3rd opener. But now murali vijay should be 3rd opener because if the openers fails again we should have an experienced backup.
  9. Happy to see rahul chahar, gopal, markande, sundar - Promising spinners. (Hope they play in XI instead of nadeem, gowtham, ashwin) Batsmen picked are good overall abhishek sharma, deepak hooda, samson could have sneaked in. Rajpoot, avesh, mavi, khejro instead of chahar, kaul, unadkat, kulkarni.
  10. Sachin Sehwag Kohli Rohit Yuvi Dhoni (wk) & (c) Kapil Kumble Kuldeep Zaheer Srinath Saurav Dravid (wk) Jadeja Bumrah
  11. Imagine the reaction when shaw hits cummins/starc for couple of sixes after a heated exhange like he did to siraj.
  12. Kohli is like dancing monkey at the moment who got the stick from juggler.
  13. Yuvi was most elegant batsman. One 4 from his bat was more worthwatching that sachin/dravid/sehwag hundred

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