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  1. It will get easier to bat on this I guess. Bounce and deviation will die down. Only cracks can trouble on 4th 5th day. Worry for India.
  2. Yadav was aggressive selection considering pace in the pitch but for some reason he is bowling pies without putting an effort. Could have gone with bhuvi but wouldnt have mattered much though. I dont expect 1 odd wicket from bhuvi/jaddu on this pitch. If fact 2 wkts from vuhari was bonus. Ash will go wicketless if he plays here.
  3. Neglect the extremes to measure consistency. Ignore those anomalies to claculate mean, compare with sachin's
  4. Is any one of them super quick?? like ferguson/oshane level
  5. Go for lbw or bowled or bat pad first up. The sure shot dismissals. Going for caught behinds/bouncers wastes a lot of deliveries. Need to dislogde them within 10 balls when they are extremely vulnerable otherwise their defense gets better.
  6. Edulji should have be made coach when CoA gets disbanded. I would like to see her walking the talk.
  7. SUMO

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    I will go by late Richie benaud who said Sachin is best ever after bradman, others are up there but miss by a whisker. He was the only active active guy who had seen bradman live.
  8. SUMO

    India A Tour of NZ

    reasons are legitimate but krunal was assumed to be fit for ODIs based on his IPL exploits, which is a huge jump. Has done nil in first class or A tours.
  9. SUMO

    Let's talk Perth

    vijay KL puji Vk (c) jinx hanuma (can bowl 15 tight overs in a day from one end) pant (wk) bhuvi Ishant shami bumrah
  10. SUMO

    What a classy test match pitch

    I like 400 first innings pitch which yeilds result. There should be scope of a double century if someone is on ATG mode on the day.
  11. SUMO

    Test Career predictions - Kohli

    lesser or better? At age 30 : Punter matches 83/134 6377runs @54.04 20/25 Kohli matches 73/124 6331runs @54.47 24/19 (slightly better at this stage) punter had insane peak till 107 test avg reached almost 60. But averaged below 40 in his last 61 test!! No 100 for almost 2 years. I really hope kohli surpass his 13378 even by 1 run, to become no.2 after sachin In ODIs and T20s there is no comparison at all.
  12. SUMO

    Sachin vs Kohli

    To become sachin you need to run a marathan at sprinting speed. Mr. Kohli is running like bolt but its only halfway.
  13. SUMO

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    But monty completely outshone ojha in terms of quality. With stronger punjabi shoulders he was getting rip and bounce at good pace 85+ kmph. Lyon has done well everywhere except UAE in limited opportunities.
  14. SUMO

    India A Tour of NZ

    I am happy that slowly ICFers getting rid of Krunal obsession.

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