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  1. SUMO

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Good. I havent watched even 1 sec of stupid league ever. Dont think any indian is interested either
  2. boycott them totally. Dont go into calculating what hurts them what not. WC is a very very tiny thing infront of jawan's life and a sovereign country's self respect.
  3. But more kids are playing proper cricket (with cricket kits in academies)
  4. sunny + viv : Tighest compact technique with swagger Otherwise, just sachin tendulkar
  5. SUMO

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Slightly better than ashwin but not upto the mark.
  6. My strongest XI Rohit Dhawan Kohli Gill Dhoni Jadhav Hardik Shami Kuldeep Bumrah Chahal Rahul (over rayudu, manish) Kartik (atm inspires more confidence than pant in odis) Bhuvi Jadeja (over khaleel/umesh/kaul) More likely this will be the contingent to WC. From the current squad in NZ...shanker, siraj are just to make up numbers. Hope rayudu and khaleel dont spoil it. I will prefer shaw and umesh over them.
  7. This time WI has truly emerged from minnow category IMO... Bats : Brathwaite, hope, hetmyer A Gutsy batsman-keeper in dowrich. One of the best allrounder in holder and chase. Pace attack is heartening - gabriel, alzarri, roach, oshane. They can go past SL, pak for sure in test rankings.
  8. SUMO

    Lara-Tendulkar Trophy

    Absolutely. Add kapil-imran trophy, crowe-kumble trophy. Also dravid-kallis trophy instead of stupid gandhi mandela nomenclature.
  9. Test cricket needs bowling allrounders if not proper allrounder. Jaddu ashwin will have more signifiacnt contribution with bat than lets say vihari with the ball. In ODIs batting allrounders like yuvi sehwag saurav sachin worked like charm.
  10. Why rohit and kohli's rating point is stuck at 871 & 899. I think its not been updated yet after aus series. There is chance for kohli to reach 900 in both formats simultaneously.
  11. SUMO

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    As if we dont abuse among us while playing cricket on the streets they are professionals so they cant abuse ? I hate grandpa thala but this issue is nothing to talk about.
  12. SUMO

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    No he is not. Not yet. Neither indispensable nor irreplaceable by any means. We miss 3rd genuine seamer when he bowls and a reliable finisher when he bats. Him being in the teams automatically makes place of hack jadhav for his 6th bowling option cushion. Enhance your cricketing acumen.
  13. SUMO

    Rayudu reported for suspect action

    Clever TM was hoping to turn him into kedar jadhav....

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