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  1. Fab 4

    Looking at the ability(or lack of it) of our team in foreign conditions, u simply hv to b in awe of our batsmen of d previous generation..sehwag,sachin,dravid,laxman,ganguly sm1 put der hand up n scored those daddy hundreds..the sheer inability of this crop ag seam n movement is embarassing to say d least...
  2. Indian commentators!

    Cant they just keep quiet for a few secs? Harsha n company jus continuously go on n on n on..not even a sec do they stop..quantity of talk,no quality..
  3. Commentators are Blaming Pujara being too slow

    Rohit Sharma instead of Rahane now makes kohli luk lik an idiot coz d only pitch wer rahane luks gud is a fast one..
  4. Will we cross 150?

    Same old story of our FTBs..is it unfair to expect even 20s or 30s on bowling pitches?..even a 20-25 will go a long way if all contribute..
  5. 4 quicks or 3 +1(hardik)..

    SA hv a good batting line up, n in der home,dey wil b formidable..shud india go wid 4 genuine seamers n drop hardik? How useful will hardik's batting b in SA? Or do v go 4 a genuine bat instead seeing der bowling luks even better dan der batting? Kohli will of course play Ashwin as d spinner..
  6. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sanath jaysuriya did not play for pakistan
  7. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Sachin Tendulkar (Bat) Saeed Anwar (Bat) Virat Kohli (Bat) Yuvraj Singh (Bat+part time spin) M.S.Dhoni (Bat+WK+Captain) Shahid Afridi (All rounder) Abdul Razak (All rounder) Kapil Dev (All rounder) Imran Khan (All rounder) Wasim Akram (Bowl) Saqlain Mushtaq (Bowl) (4 Pacers, 3 spinners, batting till 10..)
  8. The Indian team has almost always had quality LHB like Ganguly,Gambhir,Yuvi,Raina,etc.. How gravely is d lack of dem affecting our batting against lefty quicks? How imp is it to hv 2-3 lefties in d top 7? I am only talking bout India..I dunno who added world in the title?
  9. India squad of 15 for Champions Trophy '17-Probables

    Yuvi+raina+jadhav to bowl 10 overs between them
  10. India squad of 15 for Champions Trophy '17-Probables

    Rohit Dhawan Kohli Yuvi Dhoni Raina Jadhav Jadeja Bhuvi Umesh Bumrah
  11. So now the playing 11 is...

    Hardik to fill in d role of d 3rd seamer..If he fails completely, replace him wid a seamer
  12. So now the playing 11 is...

    For tests v r pretty settled..But in case of loi's v hv a lot of confusion with respect to d playing 11.. For now I wud concentrate on d champions trophy..Post Ur squads n d playing 11 for CT.. My team: Rahul Rohit Virat Yuvi/Raina Dhoni Kedar Hardik Jadeja Ashwin Shami/BK Bumrah Reserves: Raina/yuvi, Shami/BK, Mishra, Umesh, Dhawan( considering 16 man squad)
  13. INDIA playing T20 in one day mode

    This strategy is fine against teams wid maybe 2-3 powerhitters..But ag England who play fearless limited overs cricket hv realised that they can outpower this Indian batting..

    The continuous blowing of horns by the crowd in d Pune ODI was really annoying.. Is it now the norm in all Indian matches???? Earlier,it was the Lankan fans usually who used a lot of horns while cheering.. Very, very tortuous.
  15. What would be your Indian test squad to face Australia?


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