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  1. Ajju

    Advice by Dhoni

    Dhoni adviced little boy to question then he became Arnab goswami
  2. Ajju

    Worst selection for CWC2019

    How come Phelukwakadayaooo comes into this he is lot better than most AMLA MARKARAM MALIK
  3. Wahab reaction as if he won the game single handed same expression in eng match
  4. Ajju

    What a boring World Cup

    Better than 2007 2011 2015 for me
  5. Even Pant do the same like Hermeyer not realiable
  6. Ajju

    India not favourites to win

    Now chennai people should send chepuk mitti
  7. Ajju

    Bhumrah & Shami

    Dont forget dhonis advice and camera angle when everything s done
  8. At this rate we may loose to BAN as they can easily milk kulcha and middle order better than us if not Rohit kohli magic
  9. Bangla middle order is exciting than indians even Hafeez bat better to watch
  10. But good thing he is gone now kohli should gone and test VJ and kedar
  11. Rohit seems not intrested to play this match
  12. Ajju

    Irony is....

    No Stokes you cant do this you cannot do this mann remember

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