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  1. Pujara ko IPL audition dene ki khujli session ke last over mei hee honi thi
  2. Lol what a brainfart. They should have dropped Rashid instead and gone all pace. If it's not a two spinner pitch, you might as well play five fast bowlers. Moreover, Curran is a left armer and hence adds variety. Plus he can bat.
  3. motomaverick

    Rohit Sharma says he is ready to open in Tests if asked

    Actually not a bad option. He certainly cannot do worse than Vijay.
  4. Meanwhile, they have caught another Kulbhushan apparently. https://mobile.twitter.com/ZaidZamanHamid/status/1029700906177187842
  5. Welcome to Imran Khan's "Naya Pakistan". Indian man denied medical aid at Lahore airport https://m.timesofindia.com/city/jaipur/man-denied-medical-aid-by-pakistani-airport-officials/articleshow/65409813.cms God only knows when will Sushma Swaraj stop issuing medical visas to these mofos.
  6. I actually prefer us losing tosses because Kohli seems to have no clue about what to do when he wins one. The CT final comes to mind immediately.
  7. These were Kohli's words after the Lords test: "We deserved to lose. For the first time in the last five test matches, we were outplayed". Tells you everything about his attitude. This is someone who doesn't even acknowledge that we were outplayed in South Africa. If one refuses to even see the problem, you cannot hope him to fix it. It's time to give up on Indian cricket. My suggestion is to quit as early as you can, so that next year's world cup smashing to Pakistan becomes a little easy to come to terms with.
  8. motomaverick

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Well this squad was announced for the first three tests. So once we lose the series next game, we can bring some U-19 dudes in hopefully and give them some practice and experience.
  9. motomaverick

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    There is no hope folks, 0-5 is inevitable. Vijay and Rahane are finished. Dhawan, Rahul and DK are IPL hacks. Pandya is bits and pieces. Bhuvneshwar and Bumrah are injured, and now Kohli has a back injury too. Maybe ask the fab four to come out of retirement, they cannot do any worse.
  10. When **** happens multiple times then you start getting used to it. The same **** happened in SA when we landed there four days before the first test. So currently at least I am not giving much fig.
  11. Fret not guys, there will be at least two home series before the Aussie tour, the likes of Vijay, Dhawan and Rahul will again flex their averages and all will be well again.
  12. Bevda will say that it was a win the toss win the match lottery type pitch. If we had won the toss then Teeli Sharma and Budhau Shami would have run through them too.
  13. Kohli the coward hiding down the order.
  14. They played 2 four day games in Ireland before the one off test there, and then played 2 four day games in England as well before the first test at Lords. This is how you prepare for an away tour but bevda is happy earning free crores so who cares?
  15. What has Manju ever done outside Asia in his entire career? And now he hopes Teeli Sharma to score runs? LOL

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