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  1. We are effectively 5 down, our number 8 to 11 cannot hold a bat to save their lives.
  2. What a torture Vijay is. Even Cummins and Lyon are better with the bat than him. Really hope Prithvi Shaw is 100% before Melbourne.
  3. motomaverick

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    Our number 8 to 11 here are all specialist number 11s, none of them can hold a bat to save his life. You don't see any problem with that?
  4. I think we are done with the customary one away test win this series. Brace yourselves for epic phainties in the next three tests.
  5. Waah bhai waah.... https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/india-in-australia/to-hell-with-the-nets-boys-need-rest-ravi-shastri/articleshow/67022458.cms
  6. Waah. First Ashwin wastes 3 overs bowling over the wicket to the two left handers. Omce he moves around the wicket he immediately finds the inside edge of Shaun Marsh's bat but for some reason the short leg fielder who was there all this while is not there now. The silly point then moves to short leg the next ball. It doesn't look like they even want to win.
  7. That didn't look out. Should have reviewed it.
  8. Cannot agree more. With 275 lead by lunch, all we needed was another 75 runs or thereabouts by tea. That would have given Australia a 350 target and also less time to get it.
  9. motomaverick

    With Shaw unavailable, I think this will be the likely first 11

    This would be worth a try next test: Dhawan Parthiv Pujara Kohli Rohit Vihari Pant Kuldeep Shami Umesh Bumrah Just get rid of these so called test specialists (Vijay and Rahane) and the glorified T20 hack (Rahul).
  10. motomaverick

    With Shaw unavailable, I think this will be the likely first 11

    I am talking about both Parthiv and Pant playing, Parthiv as the opener.
  11. What nonsense is this now? https://www.timesnownews.com/videos/news/india/shocking-no-child-marriage-hindrance-if-i-win-says-bjp-candidate-shobha-chauhan/16723
  12. motomaverick

    With Shaw unavailable, I think this will be the likely first 11

    I think we have Parthiv Patel in the squad. Might as well try him as the opener. He is likely to do better than Dhawan and Rahul.
  13. motomaverick

    This series will mark the arrival of Shaw

    Vijay and Rahul will open in all probability now.
  14. BCCI To File Counter Case To Recover Legal Cost From PCB https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/bcci-to-file-counter-case-to-recover-legal-cost-from-pcb/320470
  15. motomaverick


    Lol, Bangladesh didn't even have their best players - Shakib and Tamim, yet greenbros choked to chase down 240

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