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  1. motomaverick

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    Bakis of all people calling others war mongers, what has this world come to?
  2. ^^ Wholeheartedly agree. Instead of us pulling out, why not kick them Al Bakis out of the cup? Tell the ICC that we won't participate if Pakistan participates. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the padosi meltdown.
  3. motomaverick

    PCB appoints new live production partner for HBLPSL 2019

    Can we please ban these annoying mofos from this site? Look at Cricbuzz for inspiration. They just don't add value to any discussion and keep creating these chest thumping threads. Nobody in India cares about PSL. Go to your green ghetto and celebrate.
  4. It's just the religion of "peace and humanity" at work.
  5. motomaverick

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Why do Indians visit that green ghetto is beyond me. Is there any point debating with jaahils?
  6. This is one rare area where nobody can doubt their kabliyat
  7. motomaverick

    Pakistani Terror Conundrum. What is answer

    Oppo sponsors our cricket team. Vivo sponsors IPL.
  8. Oh God. Please no more deaths of our jawans, I just cannot take this anymore.
  9. motomaverick

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Not only cricket, we should do this in a much larger scale. Ask the likes of KFC and MCD for example to shut their shops in Pakiland if they want to do business in India. Chinese goods have a huge market in India. Their mobile phone companies like Xiaomi and Huawei are doing massive business here. Ask them to make a choice as well.
  10. motomaverick

    Cricbuzz/Crictracker bans PSL coverage post Pulwama attack

    So these mofos are now pissed about an Indian site not covering PSL? Cricinfo should also stop the coverage.
  11. Kay Kay Menon's thought process in this scene makes so much sense here. Brilliant actor, I am a huge fan. It's high time Hindus across the nation start thinking on these lines when it comes to Kashmiri muslims and Pakistanis. If sickulars and liberandus want to call me a hate monger so be it.
  12. Kashmir is disputed land but Balochistan is not - this is what a goat shagger wearing green goggles will tell you.
  13. Better late than never. I also hear we have increased custom duty on Pak goods to 200%. What exactly do our citizens buy from them anyhow? These beggars even import potatoes and tomatoes from us. Stop selling even a pin to them. Stop their water. And for heaven's sake stop issuing visas to these pigs for their medical needs.
  14. Such is the mindset of even educated and influential Pakistani chewts.

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