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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Whitewashed at home by this Lanka team! LOooOooLLL..
  2. Congress owns HT. Taking them seriously is like taking Altaf Hussain's statements seriously.
  3. Is that Vijay Dahiya in that pic in the OP? The one on the Baba's right wearing the sleeveless yellow pullover?
  4. Yes please, mera autograph bhi le lo. The second most boring commentator after Sivaramakrishnan.
  5. Did anyone watch Mithali Raj getting run out? I was livid with that, epitome of laziness. How can you not ground your bat in and run like talking some stroll in a lawn? Also, Veda and Harman played rash shots when all that was needed was strike rotation. If you cannot chase 230 in this day and age, you don't deserve to even compete at this level.
  6. So now SL and WI will be fighting for one direct spot in the 2019 world cup.
  7. Am sick of this chewtiyapa already. Why does the team even need a coach? Back in the 92 world cup, I remember Zimbabwe had Dave Houghton as their captain plus coach. Might as well appoint Anshuman Gaekwad or Lalchand Rajput over this bewda.
  8. Yeah, and when the Ghazwa Hind backfires as always, it will be due to Yahoodi / Yindoo Saazish.
  9. Injury to Wahab Riaz
  10. Pakistan winning this CT.

    We need to strengthen our bowling a bit more. Asking Pandya to bowl ten overs and expecting him to not get hammered is foolish. Please drop Kedar and pick Umesh.
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    LOL. And parosis find an excuse to get riled up when Sehwag uses the term beta.
  12. Rashid Latif disgusting Rant against Sehwag !

    Harbhajan is humble? LOL.
  13. Rashid Latif disgusting Rant against Sehwag !

    Yup. Just deport all the Porks who are currently living here. And build a fence at the border. They are the ones who: 1. Want to play cricket with us. 2. Want to come here for medical treatments. 3. Their singers/actors/comedians want to come here and perform. Adnan Sami even took our citizenship. 4. Their authors/cricketers want to come here to launch their books. 5. Even their hockey team is peeved when they are not allowed here. 6. Their students come here to get into our universities. 7. They import even things like tea, ginger, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes from us. Why do we entertain these scums? Why not just put a blanket ban on all of the above when they keep dreaming of ghazwa e hind to somehow materialise by sending their pigs across the border?
  14. Rashid Latif disgusting Rant against Sehwag !

    What's even more funny is this pork Rashid was not even good enough to make that Pakistani team of 1999.

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