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  1. motomaverick

    Worst Bollywood lyrics

    Telephone dhun mei hasne waali... Melbourne machli machalne waali...
  2. Unfortunately they have successfully peddled a lot of lies. Just look at this: https://tribune.com.pk/story/667511/the-solution-to-kashmir-lies-in-beijing/
  3. These Pak rectums are just something else. They will point out the UN resolution to us for proving Kashmir is not Indian territory. But when the same UN declares their brethren terrorists, they will hail them as freedom fighters. Bloody hypocrites.
  4. motomaverick

    Special medical treatment for PAKs

    Why do these bhikaris need to come when it suits them to what they call a "dushman mulk which is hatching up saazishes against them 24/7" (as if we have nothing else to do lmao). Why don't they go to their chaddi friends Cheen?
  5. motomaverick

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Watched October. Avoid at all costs. Epitome of bakwasness.
  6. motomaverick

    Chinese men thrash policeman in Pakistan

    LMAO what the heck? So the Chinese control power supply to Pakistani police stations too?
  7. Unbelievable and sick. And the fact that it happened inside a temple makes it even more disgusting. Poor little girl. Hope the rapists are caught soon and hanged.
  8. Turns out even China is unhappy compared to Pakistan
  9. motomaverick

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    That is unfair, I am doing well there.
  10. motomaverick

    HILARIOUS- Modi trolls Renuka Choudhary

    IIRC, this Renuka woman played the role of Shoorpanakha in Ramanand Sagar's epic back in the days.
  11. motomaverick

    Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    Lol I just watched the video I posted above again. The genius asks why does IPL never clash with India's international schedule. Why the hell would one of India's domestic tournaments clash with an India bilateral series? Kounsa sasta nasha karta hai yeh?
  12. motomaverick

    Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    Apparently he has written a book where he has "nothing good to say about the BCCI".
  13. motomaverick

    Does KL Rahul smoke?

    Yeah me too please, I live in Whitefield.
  14. motomaverick

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Good start. Finished second.
  15. Grassy pitch, pick 5 pacers, play a batsman short, win the toss and bat first. Kohli and his bravado LOL.
  16. motomaverick

    The right lessons to take from this series

    1. You don't drop the guy who has faced the most balls as well as taken 6 wickets in the first test. 2. You don't drop your best overseas batsman. 3. You don't gift wickets to the opposition via stupid run outs. 4. You are expected to know the meaning of the terms "application" and "temperament" when you are playing test cricket.
  17. Lol. Can we have a laugh at our cricket team thread like we have the laugh at the parosis thread?
  18. motomaverick

    Smart phone on this black friday

    iPhones have better battery than most phones? Wow, we learn something new everyday.
  19. Gary Sobers was an allrounder, and a pretty good one.
  20. motomaverick

    Unientionally funny movie clips !!!

    Isn't she Goutami, Kamal Haasan's wife?
  21. Wonder when will UK wake up to their benefit fraud.
  22. They claim Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Based on what? Breeding like Jackrabbits? LOL. And we taxpayers pay for their Haj subsidy and what not. Why is there no Amaranth Yatra subsidy for Hindus? Really grinds my gears.
  23. This is absolutely a new low. Pathetic. And this so called sexually frustrated guy is a 14 year old kid I hear. This is what happens when your religion says even playing chess is haraam.
  24. motomaverick

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Let's all laugh at the padosis :)

    Whitewashed at home by this Lanka team! LOooOooLLL..
  25. Congress owns HT. Taking them seriously is like taking Altaf Hussain's statements seriously.

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