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  1. @Wapas @WapasStop posting unrelated stuff
  2. Definitely Krunal n Hardik would have definitely had a crack at the target.
  3. Atleast he is showing better technique than Suar Jadeja
  4. He should be forthrightly called Suar Jadeja from now on
  5. Jadeja should be immediately dropped. Bloody selfish loser
  6. Can we trust Pandya+Jadhav with 10 overs?

    @bleaf27 You must see that the ability of the Pakistan batting line up is not the same as SA/SL/BD. So Pandya alongwith Jadhav would do the job quite fine. Also, Shami is a must in place of Ashwin as he would more suit the conditions than Ashwin and is the best strike bowler India has at the moment.

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