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  1. Parijat

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    They're also doing timepass
  2. Parijat

    Does India Need a Caste-based Quota in Cricket?

    No need for these, leave Indian cricket away from this quota system, which has been the bane of the nation.
  3. Rahane has been dropped from ODIs and Rahul and Rayudu are there, also Rohit is dropped from Tests. I hope Pant gets selected soon, if not as a keeper then just a batsman who can hit from ball one, like Dhoni from 2004-06.
  4. Parijat

    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Add Yuvraj and Short, remove Archer he was gold standard with the ball
  5. That's why your team just scraped past Ireland :) Fancy playing Afghanistan in a Test match
  6. Why is Rinku Singh playing ? What is his forte ? Just don't understand his selection. The worst dud player with no good domestic stats and no skills to regularly play in the XI
  7. Parijat

    England jump ahead of India in ODI rankings

    CT 17 champions are on 6th spot. Hope Scotland and Ireland help them come back to the top.
  8. Your job is not to think. Your job is to beg for series with India so that your players don't fix due to lack of money. Leave the thinking to the others.
  9. Parijat

    Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    Maybe that's why Babar cannot adapt to play Test matches
  10. Just because football is the go to sport in Bengal, and both the urban and rural populace are hooked to it. You go to any part of Bengal and you'll see two goalposts and an open field alongwith a big pond. That's also the reason you see a major no.of non Bengalis playing for Bengal in domestic cricket.
  11. @Wapas @WapasStop posting unrelated stuff

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