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  1. Bairstow is in instead of Roy.
  2. He was rested for the 2nd game as many were in that series to give other fringe players like Billings a chance. Morgan even rested himself for the final game of that series.
  3. Hales was never dropped, he's in top form. Roy was dropped from the team for Bairstow but seems to be back in form so it'll be interesting to see who they opt for.
  4. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    I don't think much can be read into a few dropped slip catches this series, everyone was dropping catches left right and centre and Cook's been a solid (not nessecarily anything special) slipper for years now. Bit harsh to take his stats since a selective dates and look at his series stats without his biggest innings but despite that he's clearly he's not quite as good as he was some years back. He's has his issues against quality pace bowling so this winter will be an interesting challenge for him. If he gets through it successfully he's got the fitness standards to go on for a long time more if he wants and probably will as he won't face much tougher. I don't think much more can be said right now. On the topic of Hameed I think the risk of chucking him in against the West Indies during a shockingly poor county season and doing more harm than good was way too high. Especially for someone so young.
  5. KPH would make a bit more sense, but he clearly stated miles.
  6. Wasn't suggesting he was, but @rightarmfast was suggesting an Indian bowler would have to drop 10mph to match Anderson in pace. Anderson was never a 90+mph bowler, started out as being regularly in the mid-late 80s but then dropped a few probably around the same time he became a test regular.
  7. Eh, what Indian bowlers regularly bowl in the low-mid 90s...?
  8. Quality spell from Stokes here.
  9. England All-rounders

    As a batting option his Lancashire team mate Liam Livingstone may be someone to keep an eye on for the very near future. Averages 46.56 in division 1 county cricket and is currently 204*.
  10. England All-rounders

    My personal view is we shouldn't be messing with the middle-lower order which is a massive strength of ours to try and patch up our top order issues. Hameed hasn't had much of a chance to correct his slump because of not much FC cricket recently. Didn't get any runs for Lancashire yesterday though. I don't think we're really looking at Buttler right now. Could possibly be overlooked for Foakes as the backup keeping option for the Ashes, particularly if Buttler goes for a BBL contract.
  11. Don't suppose you could say something similar again...? Preferably when Hopes on strike.
  12. Bishoo no-ball discussion

    Problem with checking the no ball after it's been called is the batsman can claim he only went for that shot because the umpire called no ball.
  13. I'm not defending the inconsistency, I'm just pointing out an inconsistency that an English player was on the wrong end of to keep quiet all those who will happily harp on about it being because of skin colour. What's next, are you going to tell me Virat Kohlis never said a swear word (in any language) on a cricket field? On the Jadeja issue we've already been over that Root raising his hand as an attempted apology to the batsman unlike Jadeja was probably the tiny difference that caused the punishment.
  14. Why would the umpires be writing a public report? Stokes and Holder received their sanctions at the end of the days play as a simple ICC statement.
  15. You're seriously still pulling the the victim card after Stokes got the same punishment for swearing at himself as Rabada did for giving him a verbally abusive send off?

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