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  1. Or it's simply being done because adding multiple new countries to full membership (as is part of the proposal) with full voting privileges and the ability to play test matches would be silly without adding a clause for removal if they show financial or cricketing based incompetence.
  2. The ability to remove a team from full status is clearly being put in place so they have grounds to demote Ireland/Afghanistan if either of them flop hugely and carry on declining for years after getting test status (which they will do in the next year).
  3. Billings, Morgan and Roy will have to be back in the UK by the first of May. Stokes, Woakes and Buttler will have to be back by the 14th May. Mills will be available for the entire thing whilst Jordan will depend on if all of Englands other bowlers are fit, most probably the entire thing though.
  4. Billings will leave around the same time as the South African players.
  5. They'll be missing De Villiers for the end of the tournament as well, going to be interesting to see how they deal with it.
  6. BCCI-ICC Saga

    Surely too late to be announced now, talk of it seems to have died since it was suggested at a meeting early last year.
  7. If you go on google maps zoom in on London and then click on one of the symbols at a underground station (like this : then it'll display all the different lines overlayed over the map. Gives you a better idea of how you can get around than trying to look at a street map and underground map at the same time.
  8. BCCI-ICC Saga

    There is no T20 WC in 2018.
  9. Will try and pull up more detailed information on it when I'm not on mobile tomorrow, but if you search back over Ireland's more recent home games you'll find they've made their own broadcasting deal with setanta (now eir) sports. The ECB deal ended around the time Ireland stopped entering a team in England's domestic one day tournament.
  10. The ECB haven't had control of the broadcasting rights in Ireland for years now, if the BCCI thought it was financially sensible/possible they could easily have hosted IPL exhibition games there since.
  11. How are the ECB spoiling the BCCI hosting a mini IPL in Ireland out of interest? Doubt it could draw crowds in Ireland anyway however.
  12. Worth noting that private franchises making profit is very different from a league itself making profit.
  13. In terms of area I wouldn't worry too much as you probably don't want to be staying quite literally nextdoor to the London Eye due to the crazy costs! Easy enough to just hop on the underground from anywhere and get to the center or to the stadium. Just a tip for the underground, if you've got a contactless card it can save you a lot of time and money. Double check with your bank if there's any extra charges for foreign transactions but if not rather than having to buy a ticket for every journey you just have to swipe your card at the ticket barrier when you enter and leave a station then it'll automatically charge you a fare (which is cheaper than if you bought a ticket). It also caps you at a certain spending limit every day so it won't charge you a ridiculous amount for making loads of journeys.
  14. Would be far cheaper than accommodation in London!
  15. As I've mentioned before, I don't think we batted that badly in the series, but the lack of a quality spinner is what seriously cost us.