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  1. That's why it's probably a good idea to read the article you're commenting on .
  2. They didn't issue a warning to anyone so unfortunately no opportunity for you to pull the racial victim card here.
  3. 12.5% of his wickets have come in Asia where he has played 12.1% of his games. 63.7% of his wickets have come in England where he has played 57.3% of his games. Not sure batting first here was the best choice by South Africa.
  4. Surely under this system a player who's already racked up 3 points (the equivalent of 3 occasions of 'verbal abuse') should be careful not to go overboard?
  5. They were there fining him, the same way Rabada would've been punished if he hadn't previously 'come into unnecessary physical contact with another player'.
  6. Why would they need to release a tape when it was fully audible on live TV.
  7. He'd have received the exact same fine and demerit points as he has on 2 occasions recently.
  8. Warwickshire received quite a bit of backlash from their supporters when they changed to Birmingham in t20 cricket. Saturday evening isn't exactly the best time for a t20 match in England because it'll clash with all the club cricket games. You'll notice most counties will avoid the Saturday evening slot most of the time unless it's a sky game. On a separate note let's hope Luke Fletcher is ok, that blow was horrific.
  9. Third umpire appears to need a trip to the opticians after deciding that wasn't a no ball.
  10. Yep, definitely nothing to do with Hameed being a walking wicket all season.
  11. A team and pundits thinking about the future and series other than the one taking place? Shocking behaviour...
  12. Dawsons being picked more to do the role Ashley Giles did for England to be honest and just hold up his end without releasing any of the pressure the pacers are putting on like someone like Rashid would. Did that job in his debut test match in the India series whilst Rashid was going around the park. Future prospects like Crane aren't quite ready yet.
  13. On another look you're right. From the outdated kits it appears the photoshoot was done during the KSL last year as it was where the greatest concentration of women's cricketers would be for a pre-tournament photoshoot. All 5 of the cricketers in that photo would have been present but there wouldn't have been any representative from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka in the tournament to join it.
  14. Don't the teams featured just happen to be the ones that gained automatic qualification?
  15. Not sure I agree with this, it's going to result in a lot more reviews wasting a lot more time. If you're not going to just remove umpires call overall then I'd have just left it as it is. Teams know what region the ball has to be to keep their review and should make a judgement based on that, all this is doing is expanding that area.