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  1. The test was before the PSL...
  2. His fingertips were in line with the stumps as the ball passed them which technically should have made it a no ball, but like I said it made no difference in the long run. My makeshift keeper comment was that was what I assumed he was but having now seen him it evidently doesn't seem to be the case.
  3. Looks a good prospect in the shorter form in particular, would be interested to see him against some good bowlers in the longer form as well to see how he copes. When is India's next A series? Keeping he has looked surprisingly tidy, wasn't expecting it to be honest, thought he may be one of those makeshift batsman who can wear the gloves. Think he got a bit lucky that stumping wasn't called a no ball today however, not that it really mattered!
  4. Average pace in each innings of the test series (mph) : Umesh : 87.0/86.8/87.3/88.0/86.3/85.4/87.1/86.2 Ishant : 86.2/84.7/85.6/86.5/86.5/86.0/-/- Bhuveneshwar : -/-/-/-/-/-/85.6/83.6 Starc : 90.4/90.0/89.2/90.2/-/-/-/- Hazlewood : 85.7/84.9/86.4/86.2/83.6/-/85.0/85.3 Cummins : -/-/-/-/85.8/-/87.9/87.1
  5. Anyone else notice the absolutely massive flex in Harbhajans arm during that last wicket?
  6. Anyone else notice that Warner and Dhawan switched ends at the end of the 6th over?
  7. Another poor decision against Buttler.
  8. I assume in India the timeouts always have ads in them for television viewers? Can't play ads if there's a review ongoing.
  9. Well given no one except Australia do it's not exactly the easiest of criteria. What we do have is a good selection of bowlers of a higher quality than Yadav though which I've got to admit is slightly more satisfying than having one in test matches who is quicker.
  10. Surely gotta bring Mills back against these 2, especially early in their innings?
  11. I'll really simplify it for you given you appear to have still now scrolled up and re-read the conversation you're referring to : Me classifying Yadav as fast-medium borderline fast : Me classifying Faulkner and de Grandhomme as medium-fast :
  12. Yet as I said, they both match and beat him for pace and are English bowlers, exactly your criteria. Then why did you quote the post where I answer a question about the pace of Faulkner and de Grandhomme labeling them both as medium-fast? Alternatively why didn't you quote the post where I labelled Umesh as fast-medium borderline fast...? Now I do wonder if the ignorant one is here is possibly the person who tried to jump into a conversation spanning multiple posts after reading half a post and then labeling someone 'ignorant and clueless' even though they couldn't even read that half a post correctly...
  13. I'm ignorant and clueless because I'd classify James Faulkner and Colin de Grandhomme as medium fast? Not sure I'm the ignorant or clueless one here. In terms of players in the England setup right now Mills is obviously quicker than him albeit only playing one format, Mark Wood (who is more or less back to full fitness if anyone was wondering) matches him for pace whilst someone like Woakes (who has really upped his pace in the last couple of years) is obviously a bit slower coming in a couple of kmph behind on average.
  14. In both cases I'd personally class them both as medium-fast.