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  1. 79* at tea, slight chance than Surrey could declare during the interval.
  2. 62* but Surrey are 7 down.
  3. Currently 25* in the 6th innings. Unfortunately he'd probably have to bat pretty quickly to get a 100 before Surrey would want to declare to give themselves an outside chance of winning the game.
  4. Only from international cricket, he's retiring from county cricket at the end of the season.
  5. Not if you keep the same bend (roughly) throughout your bowling action.
  6. Players are that kind of level wouldn't be qualified enough to play as overseas players in places such as South Africa or England. Does the BPL run at the same time as the Indian domestic season?
  7. As an England supporter I'll have to put them top, feeling as confident as I have for a major tournament in years. After that I'd I was doing up a list it would go : England Australia India - South Africa New Zealand Pakistan Bangladesh - Sri Lanka
  8. There's no crowd segregation in cricket in England.
  9. Wasn't the greatest of ways to get out today, edged to 3rd slip trying to block one outside off stump. Can get highlights on the ECB website if anyone's interested.
  10. "No, it's not the ICCs revenue, it's the ICCs revenue". Alright then.
  11. Pretty sure you've quoted the IPL revenue there and not the profit. Also do you have sources for the other values?
  12. And it's not as if they do that very often... .
  13. ODI is the navy blue one Heather Knight is wearing. T20 is the red with blue hoops that Morgan is wearing.
  14. Bit of an exaggeration, the test one hasn't changed since the start of 2014, the ODI one since the 2015 world cup and the t20 one since the 2014 wt20. Quite like the ODI one and it's good to see the traditional sweater back with the test kit. Not entirely sure over that t20 shirt though.
  15. The 2nd point was a reply in relation to India getting knocked out of a world cup early where the major blow would've been to the broadcaster, and not about leaving the ICC. There's still room to be dubious over the 70% figure, after all it was a value put out by the BCCI, ECB and CA when the size of that value would only help justify the notable increase in revenue the 3 got. Would be far more credible if it was directly from the ICC or even better an independent auditor given there's quite clearly a large conflict of interest in where the value came from.