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  1. The immense cost of reading a label on a bottle and comparing it to a readily available list online?
  2. England's 0-8

  3. English players playing more domestic cricket around the world is something I'd like to see, the problem is county cricket is the only first class system that's really open for foreign players to come over fairly easily. Perhaps it's something we should tighten up on and come to agreements with other countries over, players under 30/a certain amount of experience can only come over here as overseas players if they're on some kind of exchange where an equivalent young English player will go play in their FC domestic tournament when it begins or something like that.
  4. Isn't the point that experience in foreign conditions (as county cricket would be) should aid a player in playing in those conditions when they come up against them at international level? Indian batsman have typically been stronger against spin whilst English batsmen have typically been stronger against the swing because that's what they've played the majority of their domestic cricket against. Make more of their domestic cricket against the opposite and chances are they'll hone their skills better against the opposite discipline.
  5. If true then it would be one heck of a coincidence for supporters at multiple grounds across India to only mock the only player of a black background in the Aussie team with monkey actions and if it happened for a player to then use the word monkey as an insult against the same player.
  6. Big Bash League 2016/2017

    Not exactly true, Barbados were giving him absolutely no shot at the their FC team despite good performances and he was apparently actually keen to be part of the Barbados FC squad for the 2016/17 season (after his breakthrough county season with Sussex) but they preferred the already established likes of Roach, Cummins etc. that they had instead. Also worth noting that his Dad is English so he does infact have family in England.
  7. IPL now has window in ICC Future Tours Programme

    Out of interest @sandeep how would you go about structuring a t20 league in England? With the more spread population densities than Australia and the lack of as big a cricketing fanbase as India it's not exactly that easy to make sensible changes from the current T20 blast.
  8. IPL now has window in ICC Future Tours Programme

    So you believe only the BCCI should be permitted to manipulate and bribe others to vote in their interests and anyone else who does it should face sanctions?
  9. IPL now has window in ICC Future Tours Programme

    Out of interest what would be the reasoning behind your deliberately antagonistic proposal?
  10. Will he be doing the Big Bash this year? BT have snapped up all 3 of Ponting, Gilchrist and Fleming for the Ashes so it will be interesting to see what happens when they start to clash. Can't be that many Australia commentators left after that?
  11. Doesn't this set a dangerous precedent if relations are still the same come 2023?
  12. The Ashes 2017/18 | 23rd Nov onwards.

    BT are putting a free highlights package online/on their app at the end of each day instead of the usual terrestrial highlights. BT sports in general is also free for BT TV customers on the most basic package or free mobile streaming if you've got broadband with them.
  13. Curious over this statement, care to elaborate? Could be a discussion for another thread.
  14. For those that don't know the whereabouts procedure only requires sports players to designate their location for 1 hour of the day and not the entire day as the above posts suggest.
  15. Man City were fined earlier this year for breaking the FAs whereabouts clause so there's got to be something there.

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