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  1. Wood's right up there on pace right now and the tournaments 5th leading wicket taker so far.
  2. Stumped

    What a boring World Cup

    No I don't mean that. The local organising committee committee wouldn't have had anything to do with the number of teams, that'll be an ICC board matter (that would require a majority of the full member boards to vote in favour of it).
  3. Stumped

    What a boring World Cup

    I'm sure you'll have a source for that...
  4. Stumped

    What a boring World Cup

    The ICC have their own 100+ member local organising team for a reason.
  5. I'm not sure whether I wish I was as pessimistic as you or not. I guess the one upside is you can never be disappointed.
  6. It's the used track from the India v Pakistan game. Added to that we played the WI on arguably the flattest ground in the country (right up there with Trent Bridge).
  7. Stumped


    Ashes venue cities (all of which are also World Cup venues) average rainfall in June/July (when the World Cup is on) and August/September (when the Ashes is on). Rainfall days are in brackets. London June: 43mm (13) London July: 41mm (14) London August: 48mm (13) London September 49mm (15) Birmingham June: 60mm (17) Birmingham July: 50mm (18) Birmingham August: 50mm (18) Birmingham September: 60mm (18) Leeds June: 40mm (13) Leeds July: 41mm (12) Leeds August: 41mm (14) Leeds September: 45mm (13) Manchester June: 80mm (20) Manchester July: 60mm (20) Manchester August: 80mm (21) Manchester September: 70mm (20) Don't let the facts get in the way of a good rant though.
  8. Stumped


  9. Stumped


    Unfortunately broadcasters hold the largest sway in many areas of sports scheduling nowadays.
  10. Stumped


    The 2014/15 Ashes was shifted at the ECBs request. Without it the ICC FTP had England down as touring for 6 months straight during the winter with no breaks between tours or the world cup. The 2015 world cup didn't clash with the typical Australian Ashes dates. There is no ODIs against Australia this summer (we played them last summer). There is barely any notable difference between the average rainfall in June/July (when the World Cup is being played) and August/September (when the Ashes is being played). Extending the World Cup any longer than the current 46 days would be a bit ridiculous.
  11. http://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1185568/what-goes-into-the-making-of-a-world-cup "Based at Lord's within the ECB headquarters, a floor of 110 organising committee staff are doing their bit to make the 2019 edition of the tournament the best one yet."
  12. Except that "bit" turned out to be the facts. The articles from September 2016 and still refers to the office as proposed. Evidently it hasn't been occupied for 4 years.
  13. Any reason you missed out this bit: Funnily enough in the same article it's revealed that the 'BCCI official' was pretty much making up the speculative budget for the Champions Trophy.
  14. I'd take a guess that the ICC LOC will be based out of the BCCI offices in Mumbai again just like they're based out of the ECB offices at Lords despite your continuous attempts to spread false information. The majority of the rest of your post is blaming the ECB for decisions made by the ICCs local organising committee on their own responsibilities.

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