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  1. Stumped

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    No need to be deliberately facetious, it was a clear spelling mistake with of meant to be if. It's in the exact statement your above article is quoting, they've just selectively removed the parts they don't like : MCC: Some feel that Ashwin delayed his action to allow Buttler the chance to leave his ground and that Buttler was in his ground when he expected the ball to be released. If it was a deliberate delay, that would be unfair and against the Spirit of Cricket.
  2. Stumped

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    There is clear ambiguity in the laws as the MCC themselves have acknowledged in their statement. Added to that the statement above that the MCC have sided with Ashwin is false. They've stated its against the spirit if Ashwin deliberately slowed down in his action so Buttler would leave his crease (which only he knows for sure and clearly wouldn't admit to if he did) and irritatingly that the law is ambiguous. They've remained annoyingly neutral on the topic rather than cleaning up their own law.
  3. Stumped

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Because acknowledging you made a mistake and understanding where you went wrong is a good thing to do and if anything I'd have thought someone who had made a mistake such as that in the past would have a greater understanding for the judgment of similar debatable future issues. In regards to walking, every country has numerous players both past and present who have edged a ball and not walked. Are we going to suddenly rule out anyone discussing any matter of morality related to the game based on that? On a separate note though, my bigger issue isn't with the spirit side of things in this incident but the legal side of things. The laws are ambiguous on what the "expected point of release is" and the MCC statement does nothing to clear up that ambiguity which doesn't help. From the interpretation I had of the rules, I viewed it as not out presuming Buttler would likely have been in his crease when Ashwin released the ball during his standard action.
  4. Stumped

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Collingwood regularly speaks of his massive regret over that decision and acknowledges he was in the wrong.
  5. They've doubled the price for the IPL. Struggling to see how Star can expect to bring in more from this than Sky would pay for the rights personally.
  6. I don't know what to tell you mate, the ICC can't make up rules that make something that is illegal according to international law legal.
  7. They can't implement regulations that are going to cause violations of or directly contradict international employment laws.
  8. They're international employment laws, the ICC aren't going to have any luck in changing them.
  9. Stumped

    England are an extremely scary ODI side.

    Most of the grounds England play at will be either the 1st or 2nd game at the venue with a couple being the 3rd game. Chances are they'll mostly be fresh pitches with maybe 1 or 2 pitches that have been used once.
  10. Stumped

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    Feel free to back this up with factual information.
  11. Stumped

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    Surprisingly mate your conspiracy theory is not general knowledge.
  12. Stumped

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    I don't appear to be on not knowing about the boards 'decision' here. Zimbabwe pulled out through their own choice and there were serious discussions of moving the tournament if they didn't after it was declared the team would be unlikely to be able to get visas. Hardly 'throwing them out'.
  13. Stumped

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    Erm, when?
  14. You can however if he admits to it in his statement: "...the comment... which I assumed was inoffensive picong and sporting banter." Picong being a West Indian word meaning to taunt or ridicule.
  15. I'd argue that if you're attempting to use the suggestion that someone's gay as a way to insult or mock them that makes the comment homophobic.

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