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  1. Except it's the ICCs revenue they're feeding off and not the BCCIs isn't it.
  2. A literal threat to throw the toys out the pram if a democratic style voting system doesn't go their way/they can't buy enough votes.
  3. Just a side thought but does the fact the BCCI are having to make threats over the proposed revenue changes perhaps signify they're not as confident over the votes we believed they'd bought in their favour when the proposals go to voting soon as we recently thought?
  4. The final will be at lords. The article said one of the games would be an England group game (against Australia would be most logical) and the other an undecided but presumably high profile game.
  5. Good news for you today, the ECB have agreed a deal for the Olympic stadium for the 2019 world cup. 2 games will be hosted there, most likely England v Australia and India v Pakistan apparently. Capacity will be somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 for cricket I believe.
  6. The games (particularly India v Pakistan of course) were hugely oversubscribed and with only 25,000 tickets the law of averages dictates that most people you know who applied wouldn't get a ticket. I know a lot of people who also actually missed entering the ballot through a lack of organisation on their own part.
  7. You'd only end up with 5 overs less in the game than you would if a whole day of a 5 day test was rained off based on the overs per day Graves suggested initially.
  8. Biggest difference is the astronomically larger base salaries however and the amount of players on the top tier salaries.
  9. That'd be because Saqlain left the coaching staff shortly after the first test...
  10. Just genuinely interested here, has Dhutta ever been reported and tested for chucking?
  11. Bit generous on Nikhil Dutta to call him 'busy taking wickets' when he's bench warmed and been the specialist drinks runner for the vast majority of his time in the Caribbean playing 3 games across 2 seasons in the CPL...
  12. Sounds fine, haven't looked at the map but I assume it's right next to Kings Cross where you can get the underground direct to the oval in about 15 mins. You can get a SIM card from anywhere really, it's far less hassle than in India with having to register and activate it and stuff like that. Never actually bought one at an airport so don't know if they overcharge for them there to try and take advantage of tourists or not but if they do a local phone shop (Carphone warehouse, phones4u), network provider store (O2, Orange, EE, 3, vodafone etc.) or even a newsagent will sell them.
  13. Also Broad had nothing to do with the umpiring.
  14. The outfield was given a 'very good' rating. They may have mistaken that for the pitch rating.