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  1. You'll find it in the playing conditions here: https://www.icc-cricket.com/about/cricket/rules-and-regulations/playing-conditions.
  2. Captains can claim a 15 minute extension of a session if the umpires believe an innings can end given the extension. It's the same case for the 30 minutes at the end of a day if it will bring about a result.
  3. Stumped

    Glenn Maxwell, Aaron Finch opt out of IPL auction

    Quite possibly a clause in his county contract.
  4. Stumped

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    It's 17 in South Australia.
  5. Unrelated in that I don't see what it's got to do with this specific conversation. I think we've got to the point where you've got to back up this claim : and this implication between Sussex and Archer : rather than skirting around putting any kind of factual base to your statements.
  6. I'm the one digging a hole? You've made claims you can't back up and tried to claim they're backed up with a quote that's completely unrelated to this individual situation and now you're digging an even deeper hole with even more claims (in bold) that you yet again won't be able to back up. For what it's worth on an unrelated note Sussex are in the habit of assisting many 19 year olds through injuries and covering many of their expenses.
  7. Yeah, perhaps you need to read it again as I see nowhere where it backs up this: or contradicts any of this : For starters only the first 9 words of the quote are even specific to Archers case.
  8. Not entirely sure what you're on about, nowhere in that statement has he said anything that backs up your statements or contradict mines.
  9. 21. 19 (where he was bowling off-spin for those interested). Except we've just established that your post is fake news, neither Sussex or the ECB offered Archer any kind of scholarship as a teenager.
  10. No thanks, think I'll wait for you to post a source to back up your statements first (which we both know will never happen).
  11. As opposed to a mindset of discriminating against British citizens based on their place of birth? You got a source on that?
  12. Stumped

    Mzansi Super League

    Do South Africa not have any kind of employment laws that would make this illegal?
  13. Stumped

    Where in UK is this test being shown?

    BT have the rights to games in Australia.
  14. Yes. Hence why I stated "returning" to a 2 year cycle. Given it already culminates with the World Cup and the lack of sense a knockout tournament makes from a financial/organisational point of view I'd happily take you up on that.
  15. No it's not, the ICC have made clear their intent of returning the tournament to a 2 year cycle instead of continuing with the Champions Trophy.

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