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  1. The word at the moment is that the 50 over tournament will be played in parallel with the new tournament but there's also been murmurs of playing a few championship games instead. We lost 2 championship games per team from the schedule last season without any increase in games in other formats so there's already a bit more room for manoeuvring than there was previously.
  2. Shouldn't necessarily be the be-all end-all but it's clearly what's deservedly a major focus in English cricket right now. I guess the argument would be that by retaining the old tournaments the existing audience is still getting what they are now. We can debate whether broadcasters should have such a large influence but unfortunately that's just the way modern cricket is. They input a huge proportion of the money nowadays although I'd guess the money isn't the focus with appeasing the BBC but instead the draw factor of getting cricket back on free to air TV. The suggestion seems to be to start the games around 18.30 and finish them up within about 2 and a half hours so something else can be broadcast from 21.00. There was an article going around recently with the average time of a t20 innings by country and the English t20 already had the lowest at something like 85 minutes (and there's run penalties in place for slow over rates). Given that it's safe to assume it would be a major struggle to reduce that by any kind of notable amount.
  3. Bit confused with it to begin with but can see why they've gone down that route if their primary aim is to get people into cricket that have had very little interest in it previously. In the end that type of market is not going to be particularly bothered if it's T20 or this odd T16.4 (I assume there's a slightly more catchy name in the working featuring 100 in there somewhere). Because of that if the loss of overs was vital to getting the games on free to air TV as the papers are suggesting then I think it's a worthy trade-off. Sure there'll be more details/decisions released soon which should make it all a bit clearer. Not sure I agree with @YCCCs belief that there shouldn't be any effort made to get new people into the games and we should continue to rely on families simply passing an interest for the game onto their kids. Participation numbers have been decreasing for a while now and if absolutely nothing is done that's only going to continue, some kind of efforts got to be made to stop that
  4. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    An England central contract covers and replaces a players county contract.
  5. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    The BCCI pay compensation to the ECB in order to make the players available (and I'm under the impression they only pay compensation for players available the entire tournament?), the ECB in turn make them available by temporarily letting them off from their contractual duties and therefore don't pay them for the work they had them contracted for. That would stand up perfectly fine under a legal challenge. One of the benefits of a players association is the collective bargaining power so a single player doesn't have to expose themself in order to challenge something like that. Also I believe I'm correct in thinking the 20% isn't taken from the players salary but instead on top of it?
  6. Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    How dare the ECB claim back part of the salary of players who aren't playing in the competitions the ECB are paying them to play in...
  7. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    Sucking on a sweet/mint and then rubbing your saliva on the ball is not ball tampering, rubbing the sweet/mint on the ball is.
  8. Ball Tampering by Aus ?

    We have?
  9. Stokes's batting is only getting better. We're playing an extra bowler compared to usual this game because of his lack of bowling fitness.
  10. "Friday's meeting was attended by BCCI's acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary, who is understood to have supported the ICC's position."
  11. Pujara to play County cricket for Yorkshire

    That's my point, with Ballance at 4 and Bairstow shortly after Root at 3 seems more likely with Pujara at 5.
  12. Pujara to play County cricket for Yorkshire

    With Root, Ballance and Bairstow all with the team early season I reckon Root could quite possibly bat at 3. The chances of Ballance getting an England call up this year are extremely low.
  13. IPL auction biased in favour of Aussie players?

    Root has actually played 9 T20 innings in India. He's scored 375 runs at an average of 53.57 with a strike rate of 128.86.
  14. IPL auction biased in favour of Aussie players?

    If a mediocre batsman averages 39.10 at a strike rate of 128.76 in T20Is there can't be many good batsmen around.
  15. You realise the ECB actually have stricter qualification rules in place than every other nation? By the ICC regulations Jofra Archer was available for the Ashes.
  16. Elgar says Test should have been called off

    "South African opener Dean Elgar believes the third test with India should have been called off after he was hit on the head by Jaspirit Bumrah." Isn't that practically the opposite of what he says? "Asked whether he thought the match should have been called off before he was hit, Elgar said: "I do think so, yes...""
  17. They've both been all over the place. Their dad is Zimbabwean player Kevin Curran but he wasn't playing internationals by the time either of them were born. Played county cricket for Northants (where he met his English wife) up until 2000 therefore during their early years they spent the summers in England, but he played for Boland in the English winters (hence Tom being born there). A while after he retired he became Zimbabwe coach so they moved back there . When their dad died pretty young they both moved over here to finish their education.
  18. Was on the initial auction list but didn't get requested.
  19. His brother's a promising all-round left arm bowler as well, in the squad for the t20 tri-series. Could probably do with upping his pace a little bit but he's only 19 so he's got time for that.
  20. If they were so key they'd probably be selected.
  21. The immense cost of reading a label on a bottle and comparing it to a readily available list online?
  22. England's 0-8

  23. English players playing more domestic cricket around the world is something I'd like to see, the problem is county cricket is the only first class system that's really open for foreign players to come over fairly easily. Perhaps it's something we should tighten up on and come to agreements with other countries over, players under 30/a certain amount of experience can only come over here as overseas players if they're on some kind of exchange where an equivalent young English player will go play in their FC domestic tournament when it begins or something like that.
  24. Isn't the point that experience in foreign conditions (as county cricket would be) should aid a player in playing in those conditions when they come up against them at international level? Indian batsman have typically been stronger against spin whilst English batsmen have typically been stronger against the swing because that's what they've played the majority of their domestic cricket against. Make more of their domestic cricket against the opposite and chances are they'll hone their skills better against the opposite discipline.
  25. If true then it would be one heck of a coincidence for supporters at multiple grounds across India to only mock the only player of a black background in the Aussie team with monkey actions and if it happened for a player to then use the word monkey as an insult against the same player.

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