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  1. Billings has replaced Vince as the go to replacement if any of the regular top 3 batsmen can't play nowadays. Most people say he's practically a Buttler replica.
  2. David Wiese signs for Sussex, Marchant De Lange apparently approaching a deal with Glamorgan.
  3. Ah go on, let's have some fun. England to win the ODI series 3-0. England to win the t20i series 2-1.
  4. Nope, 2020. Was suggested that there could be one in 2018 but given the lack of an announcement by now it presumably means nothings been arranged and it's probably too late to do so now.
  5. Online sources seem to suggest that the highest paid South African international in AB De Villiers will be getting around £100,000 from their national contract whilst it's been reported that Abbotts final deal is £500,000 for a 4 year contract. From what I've heard though the rand has apparently been quickly declining in recent years and is likely to continue doing so.
  6. One of the opportunties involves regularly being away from home and away from family for up to over half the year with unknown job security and not knowing whether your contract and livelihood are going to be cut at any point. The other offers you the ability to work just round the corner from where your family will now live for nearly the entire year (assume he's got a wife/girlfriend, possibly even young kids?) with a guaranteed income for years to come with the choice to go and earn some cash in other countries (more or less payed family holiday in Australia anyone?) whenever you so wish to do so. Depends what his priorities are I guess.
  7. The kolpak deal was apparently agreed on 6 months ago whilst we was in England playing county cricket as an overseas player. His contract with Hampshire will now prevent him playing IPL and CPL but he'll presumably be available for any other leagues during the English off season.
  8. 7 years qualification so never realistically going to happen.
  9. Arteta never became eligible because he didnt have a British passport whilst he was in Spain. It was even reported he was talking to Fabio Capello (England manager at the time) about playing for England prior to realising he was ineligible.
  10. If Rankin or Morgan didn't want to play for England all they had to do was say no and they still had a solid income coming in from Warwickshire and Middlesex respectively. If there's so many quotes available it should be easy enough for you to pull up a few examples.
  11. For one If you could actually link to anything quoting someone from the ECB saying what you say they're saying I'd be interested. Secondly as I've already said, the ECB have done as much as they legally can to prevent it from happening. How does having Kyle Abbott in as a kolpak player advantage the ECB anymore than it does having him as an overseas player when he's not playing for SA?
  12. Not oppose a racially discriminate quota system in every level of professional of cricket that takes opportunities away from deserving players. And let's not get it wrong, these players are choosing to come to England, not being forced. So 10 year old Keaton Jennings should've just packed his bag, walked out the door and bought himself a plane ticket to England? Discriminating based on past employment is also illegal by the way.
  13. The counties want the best players they can get, if that includes recruiting from overseas and the gain they'll get from the players ability outweighs the financial incentive they'll get from the ECB for not signing him then they'll take the player. If you think discriminating against picking someone based on where they were born is not illegal then I'm afraid I can't help you.
  14. Has kind of gone off topic a bit to be honest given we've gone on to international cricket when Abbott clearly isn't moving to play international cricket.
  15. Because that's where he was originally based and born. Interestingly enough though I've just found scorecards of him playing for Northamptonshire Academy (a county) before he'd even played for Gauteng U19 let alone South Africa U19.
  16. And when the ECB tell their selection panel "Oh, and don't pick or look at anyone who's born in another country, we don't want them", none of the selectors who are all prominent ex-county cricketers (who probably played and made friends with a number of foreign born players) are going to turn around and think "hang on a second, fairly sure we can't legally do that and it doesn't sound right". Why would they increase the amount of foreign players allowed when they've quite clearly signified that they want to prevent kolpak players from coming.
  17. Pietersen didn't come here as a kolpak, he came here originally as a teenager with his British passport through his English mother. I think you're getting the wrong end of the stick, I'm saying to put a blanket ban on anyone foreign born playing for England would be illegal.
  18. Doubt it was a coincidence that Jennings ended up playing for the county a couple of miles from where his mother grew up and has family based, he presumably had been playing club cricket there before/whilst playing for South Africa U19. Jennings also avoided the new 7 year regulation by a matter of weeks.
  19. Good luck persuading a court that not employing someone who's best suited for a job because of their past place of employment and place of birth is perfectly fine. It's also worth noting that Abbott is not coming here to play international cricket and neither are any of the other kolpaks. They're coming here for domestic cricket.
  20. Except they've actively made it tougher by extending qualification periods, offering financial incentives for counties not to sign them and as the article states trying to verbally persuade players and counties not to sign via the kolpak route and go via the foreign player route instead. Andrew Symonds was born in Birmingham with neither of his 2 biological parents being from Australia, not exactly the best example is he. He'd played 2 Sheffield shield games when Gloucestershire signed him. He had a British passport with 2 British adoptive parents and performed well in his first couple of seasons in county cricket where he played 77% (some precision for you) of his professional games before being asked if he wanted to play for the England Lions. Not exactly unreasonable is it.
  21. 8 weeks including knockouts this upcoming season, the usual 18 county teams. What teams will you be cutting then/how will you decide which to cut?
  22. You quite clearly suggested the reasons weaker teams play at the start of the season is to satisfy broadcasting partners (presumably because they don't want it clashing with the IPL?) despite it being done for years before they'd have even had to have considered that. Clearly not true. I assume you'll be the one representing the ECB then going up infront of the United Nations, European Union council and numerous other world bodies and organisations telling them how the England and Wales Cricket Board should be allowed to be excused from following the Bill of Human Rights and multiple other international laws because you're not happy that a couple of people are playing cricket for a country that they weren't born in?
  23. Poaching is the wrong word for it. History is littered with countries having their own issues/people having their own family links causing players to legitimately to move overseas to play who then happen to be good enough to play for England and make their own choice to do so.
  24. Not picking a person who's perfectly qualified and considered the best person for a job (a job that they want) because of their place of birth is called discrimination and it's illegal.

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