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  1. Not sure where you were looking but the team going into the world cup was largely viewed as a disaster waiting to happen, even in England. This teams considerably different with a very different mindset.
  2. Bairstows a much improved keeper in the last 6 months and should therefore be taking the gloves in my opinion, especially given he himself doesn't want to give them up. AS a result I don't think he can bat any higher than his current position of 5. Ali in the top 6/7 isn't ideal yes but it's makeshift for this tour just like him opening in the UAE was. He'll near definitely be back down to 8 come the summer.
  3. Not entirely sure what the 3 changes should be, the top 7 is basically what it should be for the next test. Unless Broad is fit (although I doubt he'll be risked given the series situation) then the only change I see is one of Woakes or Ball out for Dawson or Ballance.
  4. May be true (although tight) for limited overs, but nowhere near true for test matches.
  5. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Good thing that he doesn't then isn't it.
  6. Why Dhoni is not playing Ranji Trophy...

    Not sure he will be given he's not in the squad.
  7. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    171 wickets @ 33.46 away from home*
  8. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Not how I interpreted it but of interest when you call someone a 'very good player of spin' how can you be calling them a flat track bully in the same interview?
  9. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Refer back to my post ID #17 in this thread.
  10. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Cook has more or less never captained Essex, shows how much you know what you're talking about... really clutching at straws.
  11. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Talk about victims mentality. If it were true why didn't Kohli simply say no?
  12. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Wow, who writes this dross. The twisted headlines from some of these papers are unbelievable on the basis of that interview.
  13. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    Marcus Trescothick and Nick Knight for this test (with Ward doing the interviews in India as usual).
  14. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    The interview will probably be repeated on 'The Verdict' and people on YouTube seem to be consistently uploading that within a day or so if it airing, may be worth a look there in a while.
  15. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    I do because they're selective snippets from a far longer casual post-day interview with Anderson in which Anderson praised Kohli numerous times (which the author has conveniently left out of the article). The statement "I am not sure if he (Kohli) has changed." wasn't said with the intention or tone of a dig as the article suggests. It was said with a genuine unawareness as to whether the deficiencies Kohli showed in England would still be there when he faced the conditions again. I recommend going and finding the full interview and watching it with context.
  16. Anderson questions Kohli technique

    This article is the pinnacle of how an interview can be twisted by the media.
  17. England's Questionable Tactics this series

    Fairly sure given how both have started we'll see both of Jennings and Hameed in the first test of the summer. Bairstow seems to be handling batting at 5 and keeping fine at the moment but Stokes could always swap with him if he needs to come in a bit lower.
  18. England's Questionable Tactics this series

    Given Rashids a decent bat and come the summer there'll be the option of going in with 5 bowling options + Root I think it's quite possible Rashid could be preferred if required as Ali would probably be back at 8 anyway if not. Something like : Cook Jennings/Hameed Hameed/Jennings Root Bairstow Stokes Buttler Woakes Rashid Broad Anderson
  19. World Test and ODI and T20 XI right now

    Think all 5 can justify their places, like I said though some of them are conditions dependent. You say everybody knows who they'd rather have opening for their team but I funnily enough I don't actually know which of the 2 you are referring to. I would however call anyone who'd say they'd take Warner over Cook on a turning pitch in Asia in particular a lunatic.
  20. Didn't say anything about anyone being better than anyone, but if all we're looking for is the 'first man to average 50 in all 3 formats' then that was technically Babar Azam.
  21. Well he was technically wasn't he...
  22. World Test and ODI and T20 XI right now

    Test Warner/Cook (in Asia) Amla (makeshift I know but it gives me the extra batsman and he's good enough to do the job) Root Kohli Smith Stokes Bairstow Ashwin Starc Steyn Anderson/Yasir/Broad (conditions dependant) Really wanted to get AB in but in reality he's not ever going to keep in a test match ever again unless it's a last minute injury crisis so no room. ODI De Kock Guptill Kohli Root De Villiers Buttler Shakib Starc Rabada Boult Tahir
  23. The early season tour usually overlaps the IPL anyway, next year it will be the South Africans who miss miss the end of the IPL.
  24. Fairly sure India haven't had a 7 match ODI series in England for years now and even when it was it was a reduced test series. In reality England are never going to continue a tour of India over Christmas. It's asking too much of the players to spend 3 out of 4 Christmas's away from home.

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