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  1. Thank you England !!

    Boyd Rankin
  2. Fairly sure there was a 7 day break after the 3rd test during the 2014 England tour? Taking into travel time between grounds in the countries it's not exactly that different from the current break between tests is it.
  3. Thank you England !!

    Well given he never actually sung the Irish anthem when he was playing for them what can you make of that? A large amount of the England team don't sing the anthem (and not just those who you'd refer to as a 'non-native'), just take a look before the test starts tomorrow. Probably doesn't help that England itself doesn't have an official anthem. There's a reason Jerusalem is played at the start of international matches in England (and sung by the Barmy Army at overseas games) rather than God Save the Queen.
  4. Thank you England !!

    That's odd, everytime I've seen him he's been standing for it...
  5. Unable to play first class cricket due to a chronic spinal injury. We'll nearly definitely see him in at least the squad for the T20Is.
  6. Dry and cracked I heard. Edit : Picture of the pitch from 2 days ago :
  7. The BCCI won't withdraw. They'll whine and chuck their toys out the pram for a while and maybe continue to release fake info like they did with the apparent champions trophy budget to attempt to make it look more justified for them to consider pulling out but in the end their apparent 'values' will get chucked out the window as soon as there's a sniff of losing some potential income.
  8. DRS is utter nonsense.

    Don't seen to remmeber you coming and posting the same thing when Kohli was given not out on an umpires call...?
  9. DRS is utter nonsense.

    No it doesn't, if anything it proves that India are poor at using DRS.

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