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  1. Eh, what Indian bowlers regularly bowl in the low-mid 90s...?
  2. Stumped

    England All-rounders

    As a batting option his Lancashire team mate Liam Livingstone may be someone to keep an eye on for the very near future. Averages 46.56 in division 1 county cricket and is currently 204*.
  3. Stumped

    England All-rounders

    My personal view is we shouldn't be messing with the middle-lower order which is a massive strength of ours to try and patch up our top order issues. Hameed hasn't had much of a chance to correct his slump because of not much FC cricket recently. Didn't get any runs for Lancashire yesterday though. I don't think we're really looking at Buttler right now. Could possibly be overlooked for Foakes as the backup keeping option for the Ashes, particularly if Buttler goes for a BBL contract.
  4. Don't suppose you could say something similar again...? Preferably when Hopes on strike.
  5. Stumped

    Bishoo no-ball discussion

    Problem with checking the no ball after it's been called is the batsman can claim he only went for that shot because the umpire called no ball.
  6. I'm not defending the inconsistency, I'm just pointing out an inconsistency that an English player was on the wrong end of to keep quiet all those who will happily harp on about it being because of skin colour. What's next, are you going to tell me Virat Kohlis never said a swear word (in any language) on a cricket field? On the Jadeja issue we've already been over that Root raising his hand as an attempted apology to the batsman unlike Jadeja was probably the tiny difference that caused the punishment.
  7. Why would the umpires be writing a public report? Stokes and Holder received their sanctions at the end of the days play as a simple ICC statement.
  8. You're seriously still pulling the the victim card after Stokes got the same punishment for swearing at himself as Rabada did for giving him a verbally abusive send off?
  9. I quite clearly recall at least 2 dropped catches, both in the first innings of the series if I'm correct, and a missed stumping. You seem to be misunderstanding me, I'm not trying to claim Saha is a poor keeper or worse than Bairstow. I'm simply suggesting that the poster in question saying Bairstow kept poorly when he actually outdid Saha in those 2 tests is pretty unfair. Like I acknowledged in my original post, I realise that outkeeping Parthiv Patel isn't much of an achievement.
  10. My biggest confusion with Archer is how he wasn't getting a shot in the Barbados team before he left for England given how quickly he's taken to all formats.
  11. Pretty sure in the 2 tests Saha played he missed almost as many opportunities as Bairstow did in the entire 5 match series... Similarly I can't remember many errors at all in Bangladesh although I can't remember that series as well. Would be happy to look through for you later.
  12. Saying Bairstow was poor in Asia is pretty harsh. Can't remember the Bangladesh series but head to head in the India series he out-kept Saha and Parthiv (alright, outdoing Parthiv isn't particularly hard...) on his first trip to Asia with the gloves. Started of mediocre with the gloves but has come on massively in the last 1-2 years. Very similar path to Matt Prior really.
  13. Would a game starting at 6.30pm in India instead of 3.30pm really make that much difference? The day may not potentially end until 2.30am the next morning for a D/N game compared to 11.30pm for a day game.
  14. Stumped

    Ashwin to play County Cricket

    Wouldn't be too sure over that report. Ishant Sharma apparently with Warwickshire but they already have Jeetan Patel. Edit : Didn't realise it was Cricinfo, if they're reporting it then I assume it must be true.
  15. Stumped

    India Under 19 team's tour of England

    To be honest I'm not overly clued up on this u19 side. The one day series has almost been a reset in the squad as I believe they want everyone who's playing this series to be available for the next world cup. I did however see a video of Jack Plom taking 6 wickets against India u19 in a tour game and he looked to have some serious height and pace for a 17 year old.
  16. Stumped

    India Under 19 team's tour of England

    Game on Wednesday is televised on sky sports for those interested.
  17. Stumped

    Jadeja suspended for Pallekele Test

    Rabadas abusive send off had nothing to do with Stokes personally, it was just the frustration of being behind in the game and he happened to be the batsman he dismissed. Pretty sure both the players have stated there's nothing between them in particular and there's not been any notable incidents involving them before or after Rabadas ban.
  18. Stumped

    Jadeja suspended for Pallekele Test

    You missed the regulation below that though : 2.1.3 Public criticism of, or inappropriate comment in relation to an incident occurring in an International Match or any Player, Player Support Personnel, Match official or team participating in any International Match, irrespective of when such criticism or inappropriate comment is made. Which Kohli was in violation of when suggesting repeated systematic cheating in the post match press conference with no evidence. I thought it looked pretty clear that both boards agreed not to pursue punishments against each other as each captain recieving punishments during the series wouldn't benefit anyone.
  19. Stumped

    Ball tracking in Ind vs SL seres

    Well the batsman has got well forward out of his crease
  20. Stumped

    jofra archer

    The pace he gets with such a relaxed run-up and action is absolutely crazy.
  21. Stumped

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    And why the need to shorten it when it's working just fine as it is? Tennis is one of the only notable sports that is reduced for the female version of the game.
  22. Stumped

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    As proved by the very entertaining 50 over world cup that just finished?
  23. Stumped

    At what men's level is women's cricket?

    From an English perspective I think if you picked a womens world xi it would probably beat a local club ECB premier league team (the highest level of club cricket in England, so the level below county, county 2nd xi and minor county cricket). Start going far above that and I think it would start to become a bit of a mismatch.
  24. Stumped

    Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    Didn't even need that, if she didn't slow down and ran her bat in at full length she'd have made it.

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