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  1. Per year that's just over 50% of the BCCIs average expenditure over the last 2 financial years. If anything I think that's pretty low for a board that oversees cricket in 100+ countries and will be running 11 world events across the globe in that period.
  2. Kohli in tournament finals

    The team has to be declared before the toss...
  3. Haha, I'll take a short break from the forum if you don't mind .
  4. No it wasn't, it was going over by a mile. Even if it was umpires call it still wouldn't have been given out because the onfield umpire didn't think it was out lbw if he didn't hit it.
  5. Incase it wasn't umpires call and the lbw decision was overturned.
  6. Would've been not out as the onfield umpire didn't think it was LBW if there was no bat/glove.
  7. Quick question regarding Eng team

    Neither of Billings or Bairstow were really opening batsmen at county level but Billings got played in that position because he'd done it in a small amount of games for Kent and in reality being an opener in one day cricket nowadays isn't much different from batting in the middle order. Billings didn't really make a big enough statement when he got his shot at opening and Bairstow has really made a statement nearly every time he's been drafted into the ODI side for the odd game here and there. He's also been opening for Yorkshire this year and smashed 170 odd last month.
  8. The Oval and Edgbaston are fine. Replacing Cardiff with somewhere like Old Trafford would've made more sense though.
  9. No the attendances at Cardiff haven't been great compared to the other grounds but they've only got 3 group games there and an England semi-final which you'd hope would be a sell out. Interested to see the crowd today.
  10. Have you actually watched the tournament? There's 2 games in the tournament not involving any of the teams you list, Australia v New Zealand and South Africa v Sri Lanka. Both of them were basically sell outs.
  11. To be fair (and I'm not accusing or suggesting anyone did anything here) I expect there'd naturally be more suspicion on runouts where 2 guys end up at the same end or decide to have a quick chat in the middle of the pitch whilst deciding whether they should return to their crease or not than regulation close call direct hits.
  12. Best 11 for CT 2017 based on Tournament

    Rohit/Tamim Dhawan Williamson Root Morgan Stokes Buttler Rashid Plunkett Wood Hazelwood Alright you got me, I'm English. Think I can justify them all though .
  13. CT | Eng Vs Aus, | Edgebaston | June 10th. 2017

    20 matches home, 14 away since the 2015 world cup. Averages 49.26 at home, 41.58 away.
  14. CT | Eng Vs Aus, | Edgebaston | June 10th. 2017

    Doesn't matter unless they are in contact with him when they touch the ground the other side of the rope.
  15. Can't get the daily data from the met office table that I got the above data from so I'll grab the next best thing I can get off the met office website. Average rainfall days (>=1mm of rain) in England and Wales 1981-2010 : May : 10.2 June : 9.8 July : 9.8 August : 10.3
  16. It is, it's the reason why England are now guaranteed top spot of the table even if Australia beat them.
  17. England Vs New Zealand

    First team through the semis and as table toppers.
  18. Currently it's still all in NZs hands, they beat both England and Bangladesh they're through (or they beat only Bangladesh and England beat Australia). Only issue will come up if tomorrows England v New Zealand game gets rained off.
  19. 10 year average rainfall data for London (which considering the size of the UK will give a fairly good representation of the country) : May 47.3mm June 50.9mm July 56.6mm August 60.4mm Statistically May has been the most dry but I suspect a certain other board would object to a world event pushing into that month as half of the 1999 world cup was with its singular rain affected game.
  20. The tournament is being hosted in the summer...?
  21. Edgbaston - What Security?

    Went to one of the recent England v South Africa ODIs and had my entire bag searched (deliberately brought a small one as I expected them to be hot on it) and had to empty my pockets for a metal detector scan.
  22. Building a large enough stadium with a roof would practically bankrupt any cricket board in the world, most of them multiple times over.
  23. Complain about the weather all you want, but complaining about the size of the crowds when yesterday was a sell out and today was 90% sold out by the start of play for a neutral game is a bit ridiculous.
  24. Fair enough, completely blanked that 2004 champions trophy. Think it's safe to say there won't be a 2018 t20 world cup now, far too late for it to be organised.

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