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  1. Stumped

    CT | Eng Vs Aus, | Edgebaston | June 10th. 2017

    20 matches home, 14 away since the 2015 world cup. Averages 49.26 at home, 41.58 away.
  2. Stumped

    CT | Eng Vs Aus, | Edgebaston | June 10th. 2017

    Doesn't matter unless they are in contact with him when they touch the ground the other side of the rope.
  3. Can't get the daily data from the met office table that I got the above data from so I'll grab the next best thing I can get off the met office website. Average rainfall days (>=1mm of rain) in England and Wales 1981-2010 : May : 10.2 June : 9.8 July : 9.8 August : 10.3
  4. It is, it's the reason why England are now guaranteed top spot of the table even if Australia beat them.
  5. Stumped

    England Vs New Zealand

    First team through the semis and as table toppers.
  6. Currently it's still all in NZs hands, they beat both England and Bangladesh they're through (or they beat only Bangladesh and England beat Australia). Only issue will come up if tomorrows England v New Zealand game gets rained off.
  7. 10 year average rainfall data for London (which considering the size of the UK will give a fairly good representation of the country) : May 47.3mm June 50.9mm July 56.6mm August 60.4mm Statistically May has been the most dry but I suspect a certain other board would object to a world event pushing into that month as half of the 1999 world cup was with its singular rain affected game.
  8. The tournament is being hosted in the summer...?
  9. Stumped

    Edgbaston - What Security?

    Went to one of the recent England v South Africa ODIs and had my entire bag searched (deliberately brought a small one as I expected them to be hot on it) and had to empty my pockets for a metal detector scan.
  10. Building a large enough stadium with a roof would practically bankrupt any cricket board in the world, most of them multiple times over.
  11. Complain about the weather all you want, but complaining about the size of the crowds when yesterday was a sell out and today was 90% sold out by the start of play for a neutral game is a bit ridiculous.
  12. Fair enough, completely blanked that 2004 champions trophy. Think it's safe to say there won't be a 2018 t20 world cup now, far too late for it to be organised.
  13. Stumped

    Joe Root

    England's batting stats since this team was put together after the 2015 world cup : http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=2;spanmin1=30+Mar+2015;spanval1=span;team=1;template=results;type=batting You'd have a hard time justifying that let alone justifying that his place in the XI is questionable.
  14. Stumped

    Joe Root

    Scored 2 50s in the 2 games he played before getting injured for the last but I could pull up a series for any of the players you're suggesting he's in competition with where they've suffered a similar series fate with similar results. Yes he's the golden boy but he's the golden boy and undroppable for a reason, because he's the best batsman in the team.
  15. The joys of posting opposing viewpoints to someone here, if you do you're Pakistani... Think I've already passed that test a few times.
  16. Stumped

    Joe Root

    I'm not sure there's much at all between Smith, Root and Williamson in ODI cricket right now. Don't think I'd personally put Faf in the same tier as them. You also keep going on about Root's conversion rate but he's still got more ODI 100s than all 3 of them in less games.
  17. What do you want to do instead? Just wait til the century is up when we're both in our graves and then look over what will probably be irrelevant event allocations from 80 years ago?
  18. Stumped

    Joe Root

  19. Stumped

    Joe Root

    Haha, I know or we have our arguments but let's not sink to trolling levels... There's absolutely no argument at all for Billings or Bairstow to slot in for the most solid batsman in the team who's averaging nearly 50 in ODI cricket and racking up runs for fun across all formats. Yes if there's 10 overs left and a wicket falls it may be more preferable for someone like Buttler to come in, but that's true for the majority of top quality middle order ODI batsmen in the world. Cook was not suited to modern cricket, Root clearly is and is thriving right now.
  20. No because as I quite clearly stated in my post I was listing all tournaments played or allocated so far this century.
  21. Was referring to the following India this century (completed or allocated) : 2006 champion trophy 2011 world cup 2016 t20 world cup 2021 champions trophy 2023 world cup More events than any other nation.
  22. Stumped

    Joe Root

    Will get back to you on this one when he finishes as the tournaments leading run scorer . Will try and get back to you again once he has a blistering test summer but I may have forgotten about this thread by then.
  23. And I presume India, who of the tournament's played and allocated so far this century have more than anyone else and the most profitable combination, will be donating their world events to other counties. @chewywhat was wrong with the world cup?
  24. No refund given the amount of overs that were played.
  25. Stumped

    Its raining on Sunday

    Common sense dictates that a country isn't going to want to host an identical tournament 4 years immediately after they've described it as a 'financial burden'. India may fill up for their home games as hosts but they'll still struggle for the neutral games. TV revenue all goes to the ICC and not the hosting board. As I've pointed out before whilst we go around in circles, the only reason the ECB are hosting it this year is because the BCCI pushed their stakeholders view to replace the test championship with yet another champions trophy, not in the interest of the ECB.

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