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  1. And I presume India, who of the tournament's played and allocated so far this century have more than anyone else and the most profitable combination, will be donating their world events to other counties. @chewywhat was wrong with the world cup?
  2. No refund given the amount of overs that were played.
  3. Its raining on Sunday

    Common sense dictates that a country isn't going to want to host an identical tournament 4 years immediately after they've described it as a 'financial burden'. India may fill up for their home games as hosts but they'll still struggle for the neutral games. TV revenue all goes to the ICC and not the hosting board. As I've pointed out before whilst we go around in circles, the only reason the ECB are hosting it this year is because the BCCI pushed their stakeholders view to replace the test championship with yet another champions trophy, not in the interest of the ECB.
  4. Its raining on Sunday

    The BCCI described the champions trophy as a 'financial burden' and were having stadiums turn down the offer of hosting games because of the losses they would generate last time they held it, of course they wouldn't want 2 in a row even if it was pushed on them as a less financially lucrative alternative to a tournament they already had the rights to like it has for England. And if India view it as a financial burden what would smaller nations view it as nowadays?
  5. Its raining on Sunday

    Shifting goalposts would be actively criticing the ECB for hosting the tournament due to those conditions when the board you're trying to defend will be doing the exact same thing in 4 years time, no? The fact of the matter is the ECB were originally going to host the world test championship which for them would've been more financially attractive than the champions trophy it's been converted to because of the ICC and BCCI stakeholders.
  6. Its raining on Sunday

    All the test cricket fund is is a small amount of extra funding per year for the 'small 7' with the word test cricket chucked in as a buzz word to make it look good and like a proactive effort. It's being removed but there'll still be a net increase in funding to all the boards that received it making it redundant. I don't see anything that's been exposed and neither have I been trying to defend anything here. In this case I was just pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of the BCCI and it's fans in whining about boards voting for the proposal that gives them a financial incentive when that's exactly what the BCCI have been pushing the likes of Sri Lanka to do for years.
  7. Its raining on Sunday

    Where's the suggestion to remove that fraction come from? After all all the boards will be getting far more than the tiny test fund they've been allocated under the new proposals. Funny how the tables turn when the BCCI suddenly can't get away with bribing teams such as Sri Lanka, West Indies etc. with tours for votes as they have done over the years.
  8. Its raining on Sunday

    Cutting everyones funding then giving a fraction of it back in the form of a fund with the buzz word 'test cricket' in it isn't exactly doing much...
  9. Its raining on Sunday

    Lost a bit of form, he'll be back with a big innings soon .
  10. They're playing less games per wicket this year to prevent the wickets breaking up or becoming overly dry like they did in the 2013 edition.
  11. Its raining on Sunday

    No, and neither would the ECB if the BCCI hadn't pushed through their broadcasters desire to have an ODI tournament rather than a test tournament with the ICC due to the increased Indian market for the shorter format.
  12. Its raining on Sunday

    Because the tournament was directly replaced with it. The same way India will be hosting the 2021 champions trophy (or if you prefer so their team can get some practise for the 2023 world cup they're hosting ).
  13. Its raining on Sunday

    It was meant to be the inaugural world test championship. Believe at what would've been the cut off it would've been India, Australia, Pakistan and England in semi finals at The Oval and Edgbaston with the winners facing off in the final at Lords.
  14. Its raining on Sunday

    They can't risk ruining the pitches so early on in the tournament, Edgbaston appear to have 3 pitches prepped for their 5 games.
  15. Having been around the edgbaston practise ground before I was a bit doubtful about this and Google maps distance measurer backs it's up. From one side of the strip you'd have 40+ yards for a runup (the article claims they need 30 yards) and from the other side you'd have roughly 30 yards depending on which strips they've been allocated.
  16. Morgan was highly supportive of him in the pre-match press conferences.
  17. Its raining on Sunday

    The guys selling tickets are most of the time just using the event to make some handy extra cash so will probably also offer to buy your ticket off you. Not a clue what price they'll offer you though.
  18. Its raining on Sunday

    Where are you seeing 90%? Met office now has it down to 30% from 1pm.
  19. Its raining on Sunday

    If you walk around the outside of the ground before the game you'll find people selling tickets for fairly high prices, but you won't be able to get in without one.
  20. Its raining on Sunday

    Full refund if less than 15 overs are bowled, there's a half refund limit as well but I'm not sure what it is. I expect a fair few people would've bought tickets through unofficial 3rd parties though which would make actually getting the refund yourself a struggle.
  21. Its raining on Sunday

    The met office currently only have a 40% chance of rain between 1 and 4, 30% between 4 and 7 and 10% the rest of the day.
  22. 79* at tea, slight chance than Surrey could declare during the interval.
  23. 62* but Surrey are 7 down.
  24. Currently 25* in the 6th innings. Unfortunately he'd probably have to bat pretty quickly to get a 100 before Surrey would want to declare to give themselves an outside chance of winning the game.
  25. GREAT NEWS- Nottinghamshire SIGNS UP PUJARA

    Only from international cricket, he's retiring from county cricket at the end of the season.

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