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  1. Can India withdraw from the Champions trophy?

    KP wasn't labelled a traitor for wanting to play in the IPL, he was labelled a traitor for wanting to play in the IPL over test cricket for England. The first tour of the summer has typically always been the weaker team so it's not been an issue. The kiwis had the first tour just a couple of summer's back.
  2. Can India withdraw from the Champions trophy?

    Not really true though is it. The start of the English international summer has always infringed of the latter end of the IPL and will continue to do so next year. The only difference this year is that the champions trophy is being held in England so it makes no sense playing a test series in May just before it.
  3. Can India withdraw from the Champions trophy?

    The point I was trying to make is that an India tour is financially of far less significance to the ECB and CA than it is to the other 7 boards.
  4. Can India withdraw from the Champions trophy?

    Given the BCCI term this as a 'Foreign board release fee' surely this only gets paid if a player is under contract to a board?
  5. Can India withdraw from the Champions trophy?

    The ICC were barely affected by the 2007 world cup, it was the Indian broadcaster in Star that were the ones that took the major hit. Tours from India make up a very small part of the ECB and CAs income, it's the smaller boards that are more reliant on tours from the big 3 to finance themselves.
  6. The discussion wasn't about their market, but whether the Indian government could block payments which they obviously can't do directly if the company isn't based in India.
  7. There will be 15 board members at the table requiring a different amount of votes to pass/reject a proposal and voting will also be anonymous reducing the BCCIs ability to pay off other boards to vote in their favour.
  8. So now you want a government to blackmail massive international companies based in other countries on behalf of what is essentially another private company? Think that's a bit more than dodgy.
  9. Even if they decided to go down what is quite a legally dodgy route (a government blocking payments from private companies to act in the interest of another private company), a quick look at the 11 major ICC sponsors for the 2016 T20 world cup and 2015 world cup and only 3 of them are actually headquartered in India. Reliance MRF Castrol India LG Pepsi Emirates MoneyGram Nissan Hyundai Oppo Reebok
  10. I think you've misunderstood, the boards don't pay anything to the ICC directly. The pool that the ICC money is distributed from is the ICC's income from sponsorships, media rights etc.
  11. There's no England warm up matches to televise for the champions trophy this year, no world t20 warm up matches were televised last year, and both of England and India's warm up matches for the 2015 world cup were televised. You've given a pretty poor and factually incorrect example of it.
  12. Well it would be a bit tough to televise warm-up matches that don't exist in terms of the champions trophy this year. Also as far as I can see sky aren't televising any of the warm-up matches themselves anyway.
  13. Because the ICC need an office to house their employees for the LOC just like any other ICC tournament in the recent past, and they've decided the most cost effective way to cover that is to build a small extension.
  14. No, but it starts to make your conspiracy theory sound even more far fetched than it already did.
  15. Except it's the MCC and not the ECB paying for the demolition/construction so that would make even less sense...
  16. The discussion isn't about the ICC head office as a whole, but an office that would be used by a small group of employees (the Local Organising Committee).
  17. No, but it demonstrates how there's next to no benefit to the ECB in having the ICC build an extension to their offices that will shortly after be demolished.
  18. The current ECB building is where the new East Gate building is at 4B on the diagram. https://www.lords.org/news/2013/may/mcc-announces-a-new-lords-masterplan/
  19. Might as well add in here that the extension to the ECB offices (and the rest of the building) will then be demolished a couple of years after as part of Lords redevelopment. Not exactly beneficial to the ECB is it.
  20. They're based in the UAE because of the tax laws I believe (and neutrality I guess).
  21. Can't find anything exact on that, but the fact that the head of the 2015 world cup LOC was appointed in November 2011 suggests to me that they start working on their organising fairly early. Remember that there's also the 2 other ICC events 2 years prior to the 2019 world cup in England. Would quite probably be more cost effective to rent an office for the entire time than pay the premiums of multiple short leases.
  22. What, you don't believe that building a quick pre-fabricated office extension on land the ECB already own would be cheaper for the ICC than renting an office in London for 4 years?
  23. I believe this was covered in the first half of post #36, the LOC office is being built as a pre-fabricated extension to the ECB offices because it's actually cheaper than renting the office space in London for that period to cover the 3 tournaments.
  24. No, there's always been a LOC for the ICC tournaments. Infact the following ICC source states that the LOC for the 2015 world cup had 2 offices, one in either host country :

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