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  1. Stumped

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    Surprisingly mate your conspiracy theory is not general knowledge.
  2. Stumped

    ECB can throw ZCB out of t20 World Cup

    I don't appear to be on not knowing about the boards 'decision' here. Zimbabwe pulled out through their own choice and there were serious discussions of moving the tournament if they didn't after it was declared the team would be unlikely to be able to get visas. Hardly 'throwing them out'.
  3. You can however if he admits to it in his statement: "...the comment... which I assumed was inoffensive picong and sporting banter." Picong being a West Indian word meaning to taunt or ridicule.
  4. I'd argue that if you're attempting to use the suggestion that someone's gay as a way to insult or mock them that makes the comment homophobic.
  5. Stumped

    England's likely WC squad looks scary

    Woakes has been one of the top ODI pacers around in the last few years whilst Plunkett and Rashid have built up pretty respectable records in that period. Possibly add in Archer for a bit of 'x-factor'. Then you've got Moeen who's very economical in the middle overs and hope Stokes carries over his test bowling form to ODIs and it's a fairly solid attack.
  6. Only 2 of the 10 bowlers used weren't regular full time bowlers.
  7. The lack of a number 3 and openers has been a hole for quite a while. Denly is a number 3 who's returned to the opening spot that he's done in FC cricket previously because we seem to have been through half the openers in county cricket already, we don't even have a 2nd opener to push in at the moment so how we're meant to find another one to bat 3 is beyond me. I'm behind Bairstow at 3 because I think on the whole the team would be worse off chucking in a specialist #3 with a mediocre FC record just for the sake of it. I made my comments on Curran above :
  8. Yes but both had solid domestic records backing them up. We don't have a career number 3 available like that right now, they just simply don't exist. If we chuck in someone averaging 30 in FC cricket simply because they're a number 3 they're not going to suddenly become a good enough test batsman.
  9. All well and good saying that but there isn't any number 3 around right now good enough to justify dropping Buttler for. It's not a great situation with Bairstow at 3 but it's better than chucking in someone who clearly isn't good enough. I'm more than happy with Curran as the 3rd/4th seamer alongside Stokes personally. If Stone was around I'd have definitely considered putting him in but with Wood the only option to replace him I'd stick with Curran as they have done.
  10. Stumped

    Only England reamins to conquer...

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar did play one of the games and India still lost. Added to that England were missing Woakes and Curran all series.
  11. You'll find it in the playing conditions here: https://www.icc-cricket.com/about/cricket/rules-and-regulations/playing-conditions.
  12. Captains can claim a 15 minute extension of a session if the umpires believe an innings can end given the extension. It's the same case for the 30 minutes at the end of a day if it will bring about a result.
  13. Stumped

    Glenn Maxwell, Aaron Finch opt out of IPL auction

    Quite possibly a clause in his county contract.
  14. Stumped

    Mohammed Shami caught texting 16 year old girl

    It's 17 in South Australia.

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