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  1. Well yeah, it's a bit harder to call a ball a no ball when zoomed in pictures show part of the heel behind the line than it is to claim there's an edge when pictures show daylight between bat and ball.
  2. Stumped

    How was that not a no-ball??

    Not entirely sure what this means, but I'm gonna guess it's disagreement. To me the back of his heal is just overhanging behind the line.
  3. Stumped

    How was that not a no-ball??

    Struggling to see how they were in any way comparable, Bumrahs you could literally see a chunk of the line behind his heel.
  4. Stumped

    How was that not a no-ball??

    Zoom in, the back of the heel appears to just overhang behind the line.
  5. No, they came out and publicly stated those exact words to the media after the incident.
  6. Er no, that was direct quote from the gay men in question calling him a 'real hero'. The chances of him recieving any prison time at all are minimal.
  7. The only alleged incident of him targeting people for being gay so far has been claims he mocked a pair of gay men. The alleged incident was witnessed only by the bouncer he'd just previously insulted. The gay pair the bouncer claimed he mocked have come out since the incident and labelled Stokes a 'real hero".
  8. The 2 men he beat up aren't the gay ones and it was the ECB that withdrew him from the ashes not the CPS.
  9. Buttler has international captaincy experience whilst Bairstow doesn't even have experience at domestic level. It's pretty clear that Buttler's expected to take over from Morgan in limited overs in the future therefore he's the natural choice as Roots deputy in tests right now.
  10. We have 8 left handed batsmen in our lineup which makes that rough slightly less important. For the first time since our last game.
  11. A full list of who's missing that would currently be participating if they were at full strength : A Cook, Lawrence, Ten Doeschate, Bopara, Wheater, Harmer, Porter, Wagner, S Cook.
  12. A generous statement, there's 9 players from their current full strength team who haven't played a part in this match.
  13. At full strength a 5 to 8 of Stokes, Buttler, Moeen, Woakes is more than good enough in the batting department, especially with Plunkett, Rashid and Willey/Wood to follow. Might as well go with the security of an extra bowling option.
  14. For a right hander the boundary over cover/square leg (depending on the end) is probably one of the shortest in world cricket.
  15. Stumped

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Think Coad's going to have to up his pace a little bit to get an England cap.
  16. He was asked specifically about the Australian series and their preparation going into it. Yes this was an international game and it's also a significant part of the preparation going into the next series, just like any other consecutive series in the same format would be. "It was a fantastic game of cricket. Scotland played extremely well. They brought their best game and we didn't, we were far from it. Full credit to Scotland" - Ungracious and arrogant?
  17. He said a close competitive game was better preparation than just practicing (i.e having some nets) when asked about the Australia series specifically, don't see what's not true or arrogant about that. Would you prefer him saying England shouldn't play Scotland/Ireland prior to ODI series and should just have some nets instead?
  18. Stumped

    Australia refuse to host Bangladesh

    There's never been a game of international cricket played in England in April...?
  19. As far as I'm aware Lloyds only ever been critical of the television commercialisation of the IPL such as adverts taking place every single over and has actually always been pretty complimentary on the cricketing side of things? Seems fair enough to me?
  20. Stumped

    Kohli to play for Surrey in June

    Unfortunately for you he'll only play a single game at The Oval and that's a one dayer.
  21. Stumped

    Kohli to play for Surrey in June

    Not quite sure I'd go to that extreme but we really should look at some kind of reciprocal agreements on overseas players, especially on short term deals like this.
  22. The word at the moment is that the 50 over tournament will be played in parallel with the new tournament but there's also been murmurs of playing a few championship games instead. We lost 2 championship games per team from the schedule last season without any increase in games in other formats so there's already a bit more room for manoeuvring than there was previously.
  23. Shouldn't necessarily be the be-all end-all but it's clearly what's deservedly a major focus in English cricket right now. I guess the argument would be that by retaining the old tournaments the existing audience is still getting what they are now. We can debate whether broadcasters should have such a large influence but unfortunately that's just the way modern cricket is. They input a huge proportion of the money nowadays although I'd guess the money isn't the focus with appeasing the BBC but instead the draw factor of getting cricket back on free to air TV. The suggestion seems to be to start the games around 18.30 and finish them up within about 2 and a half hours so something else can be broadcast from 21.00. There was an article going around recently with the average time of a t20 innings by country and the English t20 already had the lowest at something like 85 minutes (and there's run penalties in place for slow over rates). Given that it's safe to assume it would be a major struggle to reduce that by any kind of notable amount.
  24. Bit confused with it to begin with but can see why they've gone down that route if their primary aim is to get people into cricket that have had very little interest in it previously. In the end that type of market is not going to be particularly bothered if it's T20 or this odd T16.4 (I assume there's a slightly more catchy name in the working featuring 100 in there somewhere). Because of that if the loss of overs was vital to getting the games on free to air TV as the papers are suggesting then I think it's a worthy trade-off. Sure there'll be more details/decisions released soon which should make it all a bit clearer. Not sure I agree with @YCCCs belief that there shouldn't be any effort made to get new people into the games and we should continue to rely on families simply passing an interest for the game onto their kids. Participation numbers have been decreasing for a while now and if absolutely nothing is done that's only going to continue, some kind of efforts got to be made to stop that
  25. Stumped

    Axar Patel to play County; Will join Durham for 6 fixtures

    An England central contract covers and replaces a players county contract.

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