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  1. I have this sinking feeling that in the upcoming leg of overseas tours we're either going to do really well and impress or do the complete opposite and implode. Don't think there will be much in-between so fingers crossed they make history.
  2. Masquerade

    Mysterious triple centuries of Ravi Jadeja

    The only explanation is that those innings were actually part of Jadeja's dream. When he became an IPL millionaire, he bought a machine that could bring dreams into everyone else's reality and so, his triple centuries are now part of the records. We can question this as much as we like but let's be honest, it's the only explanation.
  3. It's actually disgusting. How the hell can a professional web designer actually think the new layout is even half decent? I got used to the one they had before this after a while so hopefully the same happens with this one...
  4. Masquerade

    Ravi Shastri new India head coach

    Tbh Bharat Arun wasn't that bad when we had him. Lots of our bowlers seemed to improve under him. It's better than having no bowling coach like we currently do anyway.
  5. To be fair, they're Pakistanis. They, better than anyone else, can 'spot' fixing when it occurs. see what I did? Hehe
  6. No idea man :p I don't live in India so I only watch the team when they play international matches. I get all my domestic info from the likes of you guys
  7. Thakur being ignored? He was in our test squad recently. for IPL/Ranji watchers is Kaul actually decent? Selectors seem to adore him.
  8. Masquerade

    India vs Sri Lanka | 8th June ,2017 | Oval | Match thread

    103 runs in the last 10 overs. Pretty good effort (y)
  9. Masquerade

    India players reportedly 'intimidated' by coach Kumble

    Cricinfo generally only publishes these sort of articles if they genuinely believe it's true, so that's concerning.
  10. Masquerade

    Pakistan collapse to 81, Windies Win 2nd test

    But but but Pakistan are the No.1 test team. It's all a big conspiracy that the rankings don't show this. How could this have happened?
  11. Channel 9 are just posturing because they want the BBL rights from Channel Ten (a rival broadcaster) for free. There's no way they're going to give up the rights to the cricket, it's easily one of the highest rating programs in Australian from December to Feb.
  12. Masquerade

    Kohli's form - Should we worry yet?

    He's scored runs but the issue is in almost every innings he's edged the ball to slip. Once he got lucky and the catch was dropped but it's worrying that he's starting to play away from his body again.
  13. Just get back that Bharat Arun guy. All our pacers improved under him
  14. Masquerade

    What next for India?

    That's funny actually. The Australian team in the Kabaddi World Cup actually had retired Afl players participating.
  15. Masquerade

    Dhoni reprimanded for breach of IPL Code of Conduct

    He gets reprimanded for that but I don't think anyone got fined (from both sides) during the whole India-Aus series

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