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  1. I must say I agree with you now,they needed to buttress the batting down the order instead of going for best batsman at 1 2 3 .The batting order you mentioned looks good now
  2. Hope to see a meaningful knock from Warner.Very ordinary performances this year.
  3. As I thought,Krunal's batting was missed.This was a bad loss for MI,should have won it,Pollard had to show more brains in that Tahir over,but he went for glory. RPS building up a nice momentum,lets see how long it is.Today I thought they were 15 runs short with some ordinary batting from Dhoni,Stokes in later overs but Tiwary again took them to the eventual winning score.Looks to have bowling pattern sorted out now after inclusion of W.Sundar but their bowling will always be a bugbear.
  4. Yep,looks like you can predict things,millipede has a competition.
  5. Its pathetic how Pune have benched Lockie just after one game.
  6. Krunal big loss for MI ,one batsman less for sure today.
  7. So Aditya Tare can open but strictly no for Pant.And who is taking all these smart alecky decisions of dropping Billings or for another fast bowler,is it Zak or Rahul .Looks the team management gets orgasms at the sight of bowlers in the team,even at the cost of batsmen.I think if they are serious about winning anything they should go back to the team they picked for first few matches.Its still bizzare with a young inconsistent lineup they didn't feel the need of replacing Dekock with a capable batsman.Its a given that this batting lineup will keep getting exposed time to time.Anyways my lineup for next game: Pant Samson Iyer Billings Corey Morris Anyone to fill this slot Rabada/Cummins Mishra Nadeem Zak
  8. Lets see if Bumrah can pick a wkt or two here.
  9. Awesome,water is for fishes
  10. lol looks like you have not followed his career.He was one of Paks best drama queens.Still remember how he forced himself into the world cup squad of 2015.
  11. http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan/content/story/1093875.html WTF does this even mean
  12. Fizz wont be available after this week I think.Its time to unfortunately drop Williamson,get in Jordan.Hood should be made the regular 3,they should try to extract more from him.And Warner needs to get a move on,he has been Dhawanesque this year. Warner Dhawan Hooda Yuvi Moises Ojha Bipul Rashid Jordan Bhuvi Nehra/Siraj
  13. Millipede tastes success finally but I get a feeling will be pwned after the second result.
  14. Superb effort simple because he very timely thrashed best bowler of the tournament so far.