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  1. BCCI

    Saha almost 2 100s in IPL-what about MSD???

    On topic it is not funny again as usual.
  2. BCCI

    Saha almost 2 100s in IPL-what about MSD???

    At the expectations :rofl: ,it may be hard for you to digest but Dhoni fans are right in this case he is one of the greatest captains in LOI.So what is outstanding ,win everything that you play,such perfection has not been seen in mankind yet.
  3. BCCI

    Millipede Prediction Corner

  4. BCCI

    The Tewatia thread

    Yep Ishant was also Veeru's pick.He compensated for all those good picks with Ishant.
  5. There was no harm in picking the likes of Pant and Kuldeep in the lineup,they are no noobs as well,both have made their debut for India in different formats.Cant wait to see our openers dawdle along in the powerplay while the likes of Roy,Warner and Dekock blaze away.
  6. Last CT,we had an absolutely new opening pair with Dhawan not very experienced,Karthik in the middle order,Bhuvi who made his debut earlier that year was our premier seamer. If selectors had your line of thinking,they would have gone with Veeru -Gauti at the top,Yuvi in the middle and Zak spearheading the attack.
  7. First half was still better but second half very mundane for cricket fans with known facts rehashed on screen.The movie in terms of surprises/revealing something new was as much a disappointment as Sachin's autobiography.
  8. I think it will be Gauti Lynn Uthappa And so on...
  9. I agree,whatever may be his shortcomings as a cricketer ,he is one of the most inspirational role models of our generation.Hard to believe his enormous growth in such a short time. His ability to constantly evolve over the years to match better & more talented cricketers of his time should be a lesson for every upcoming uber talented cricketer.
  10. Is Krunal dropped or injured? if it's the former doesn't make any sense.
  11. Gambhir alluded to the fact,that once set batsman like himself & Uthappa can close the games unlike Narine.So I think Narine experiment is done.
  12. Going by post match presentation,it is the end of Narine opening.
  13. lol sorry KKR fans this no jinx winx thread.Today Gauti displayed some idiotic captaincy ,bordering on overconfidence,introducing Kuldeep so late and not utilizing Ankit properly etc.

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