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  2. India's Under 19 pace attack is frightening

    Bhai fast bowler ka kya karta hai Rahul . Give the credit to NCA mentors , Paras and some to Subroto & support staff at various level who have made their action , run up , fitness & skill top class.
  3. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Still mostly those were vs spinners and trundlers. I think he will have issues with pacy bowlers who will bowl rising balls around off stump. DOn't think has good off drives vs pacers .
  4. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Very ugly. Its there since 4-5 months now , cough can't be there for so long unless he has TB. I think kind of ritual before facing deliveries. Shaayad Delhi CM ka copy maar raha hai
  5. What is your first recollection of Cricket?

    Mine was the WI tour of India under Big CAT in 1974. Start of my cricket madness .
  6. Siraj - not impressed

    Not commenting that he was not impressive based on runs given or wickets column. THIS WAS A PITCH WHICH HAD BOUNCE , BOWLERS WERE SEAMING IT . But Seeraj just did not bowl enough balls which looked threatening. Had i seen atleast 10-12 good deliveries with bounce /seam movement beating the bat i would have been happy even if he went wicketless. Neither he attempted a single yorker when he was getting hammered . When you see an emerging talent , you will notice these sparks of talent even if the guys fails. Atleast in this pitch i was expecting to see . NZ pitch was patta , so i was ok that time .
  7. Iyer is making Dhawan look like Don Bradman

    some silly strokes attempted esp. those jabs to third man .. Lot more improvement needed . Seems no good pull or hook at his disposal . Atleast one should look not like getting out easily in these type of pitches and get singles / 2 s . Looked too risky ..
  8. Siraj - not impressed

    Yet i was not impressed at all . I did not see any seam movement nor much pace , no yorker . Just see how Chameera bowled who is also around 25 yrs and compare Seeraj. Not even 25% of chameera .. Disappointed ...
  9. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Jalebi , which part of mangalore youmare from ? Still in that city or moved out ?
  10. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    I too am in BIG TIME
  11. Iyer is making Dhawan look like Don Bradman

    To hell with great technique and no runs ! That too in 50 ODI & 20 ODIs . He looks much much better against spinners . Mind you , many of the current players did not play that well against Akila . But iyer i think did well . I think at that 4-5 position you will play quite a bit of spin . Thts what you need in a middle order bat . Quick runner , fine placer of ball . near 90-100% strike rate and fine fileder. Its his 3 rd ODI but does not look out of place in that league. But needs to strive for more consistency and play as per situation .
  12. India opt out of warm-up game ahead of SA Tests

    In a 2 day match , one side will bat for 1 day. And you will get only 1 day . In that also i feel only 2-3 hours may be competitive cricket per day . second half would be time pass bowling stuff. Frankly do not see any value add in these 2 day warm up on patta pitches
  13. Shreyas iyer- terrible technique

    Logically should be going .
  14. Shreyas iyer- terrible technique

    On a similar kind of pitch how much Virat, Rohit , Dhawan have scored in last 2 years . These are alleged to be word's best. Not saying Iyer is way better than them . Too rash and too many shots in air. Need to work on defence also. But on a averagly good pitch , which is what we get these days , he should do reasonably well. This is where exposure shows up chinks in thier game like in the case of Siraj . Thats good . They will work on it after this exposure and get better .

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