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  1. prudent_kreeda

    Captain and Vice captain !!!

    After almost 2 years at captaincy , i would prefer RAT to make decisions on his own , only at times he should go to MSD. Tht's when we know he has picked up and evolving. But what we see is, MSD takes all over esp. when spinners start and Virat not to be seen .
  2. prudent_kreeda

    Ind A vs WI A, Taunton, day 4.live stream

    I am not surprised . With Dravid this rotation and chance to almost all members will be given by him if you see previous series patterns. In any case if you do not give a chance , how you can judge one is better than other ?
  3. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    I remember one spell at wankhede by Srinath i think vs WI , an evening spell . he looked very scary .. Might not have picked many wickets but looked very hostile
  4. prudent_kreeda

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    Yes . Process is fine . Only needs a little tweaking. Once you find a player exceptional , he should be fast tracked very quickly to A team and oversea tours . And if does well there , he should one of the contenders for National selection atleast in one format. Here it should not matter whether he has played in Domestic matches . This is where tweaking is required . Take the case of u-19 players . Everybody agrees Gill , Nagarkoti & Mavi are exceptional. They should have been in A tour . Not Just one dayers but 4 dayers . Selectors did not do it . Even Pant was drafted at the last minute . Selction team headed by say Vengsarkar , More would pick them in all formats in A team & overseas tours. Where selectorrs are failing is s going back to tried & tested and failed cases. A team performers should get a chance over raina , MSD , even Pandey . Based on what we have seen in A tour so far, will they consider Mayank , Gill , Shaw , Pant over Raina , Pandey ,MSD for the next series ? Thats the million dollar Q . Could be selectors are only to be half - blamed . The RAT -BEWDA -MSD combo has a lot of say in such matters !
  5. prudent_kreeda

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    But in this instance it was a bowler who was fast tracked
  6. i would say drop Raina and bring in Krunal . Cardiff is a slow pitch but short straight boundaries . You can choke them with spinners rather than pacers. Krunal Advantage - 3 spinners which is England's achilles heel and Krunal can also bowl an over or so in PP if pacers get murdered in PP
  7. Very true. As RD himself says these matches are for testing bench strength , then testing would be have to be more about upcoming pacers . We almost already know what Nadeem or Jayant offer as spin bowlers . My only hunch is , looking at the hot weather , he must have thought 2 spinners are must in this match . But i believe in him , gives chance to all . Can't find any bias . We will see changes in 2nd match.
  8. Nice reply and with real facts . Just because you did not win WC , does not make you a bad team . Its like a highest scorer in JEE / NEET is not the only brilliant guy . Other s equally brilliant or better may get lesser score . A whole tournament like WC cannot be won by one guy in Cricket .
  9. I find this Hesson guy tactically very good on match situations . A good strategist kind of guy. Among all the foreign teams that toured India last year NZ looked much better , though could not put it across .
  10. prudent_kreeda

    Bowling combo in England

    But if you bet on any indian pacer with sustained pace throughout then Umesh will be the man to do it if fully fit.
  11. And if Dada was the captain now , i can bet we will see Mavi , Gill & Kamlesh in indian colours in one form or the other within next 6 months .. going by his views on them and their raw talent .
  12. Ganguly was better in spotting talent and then he would back them. I would not think others would have brought R P Singh so early , after so few appearances . or for that matter ZAK , UV , Bhajji, Sehwag . Its imp that a captain also gives a decent run once he is convinced of talent .
  13. Loved it! Fun to read .
  14. prudent_kreeda

    Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    Thats because when there is no help in pitch , batters will simply play through the line and thrash even good / back of length balls . Due to this bowlers have to go for variations and most of young ones do not have that control for such variations . Also if you noticed today , there was no attempt for variations . Just classic Test match bowling with pace and with some movement it looked very good . Can't expect same level of bowling on dead pitches .
  15. prudent_kreeda

    Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    BTW , how good it would be to see pitches like these in most of the IPL matches instead massacre of bowling everyday ?

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