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  1. prudent_kreeda

    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    Which Coach B Arun or Bewda ?? Do not have any expectations of that happening dude from them ..
  2. prudent_kreeda

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    No Watch the videos if you can again.
  3. prudent_kreeda

    Krunal Pandya’s knock today is a breath of fresh air

    When i wrote about having him 50 overs match too as the 6th bowler soem time back , many here commented that he is not a SPINNER . We should not forget the value of a restrictive bowler also who is a good AR package in the eleven in a t20 or 50 overs match. These one day matches throw up situations so many times that a restricve spell of couple of overs makes a big impact in a tight game and then batsmen underr pressure make mistakes . The restrictive bowler may/may not take that wicket but will help in some one getting it . My punt is this pandya will also shine in 50 overs . Feels good we are very near to the T20 team we all wanted here at ICF.
  4. prudent_kreeda

    Anmolpreet Singh is a star

    Is he an opener . I think middle order ..?
  5. prudent_kreeda

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    OMG !!! Ye bandaa vapis ghus jayega team me
  6. prudent_kreeda

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    But still a pretty good bowler for his age . There is no shame in admitting talent even if he is a Pakistani .
  7. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Khaleel if does swing the ball both ways with control even at 135K is a far better option that khaleel with no swing even if he bowls 140k . But the moot point is will he reach that level quickly ? Mumbai was good but nothing much to note today though it was cloudy.
  8. prudent_kreeda

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Am still not convinced. Quality of opposition with so many 4 th grade teams is appalling in Ranji level. At international level , he will be really tested and his weak points will be magnified . Better to face that now and then work upon.
  9. prudent_kreeda

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    No we need to look at Short term of WC requirements. Khaleel is a serious contender for WC if he progresses a bit more . If he can swing and bend it back even a bit, along with away going ball he will be good . Last match very hearteniung . Let him do it consistently then he can increase the pace by atleast 5-6 K , that should be fine . Plan b type bowling he already has , hit the deck , slower ball , cutter . So he will become not so easy to predict if he can use both types of bowling. And playing in T20 now , should also tell him about his defensive bowling skills and where he shouls he improve to avoid thrashing at death. So he will another 3 months after Aus t20 to work on improvements . Yes After this year , he should a regular fixture in domestic.
  10. prudent_kreeda

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    Not sure what is happening . May be coach wants to him to bring the ball back to be more effective , may be TM must have made their expectations known to him. . Except for yesterday 1 st spell , i have not seen him bring it back much. Even in 2nd spell he did not do anything. His basic action his very hign arm which will get bounce . So he must be changing his action , release in trying to get swing. Zak was yesterday poiting out some flaws which have creeped up in his action esp. non-bowling arm. Problem is , he is in the middle of matches and some changes being done. He must be very nervous about getting smacked in this phase. Second issue could be some niggle.
  11. Some thing looks not OK in these stats . I can't remember more than 1 -2 innings if any substance since last 7-9-monrhs. How many innings helped to win and how many we lost ? What was the RRR when he came in and when he got out? One reason could be most of the time made 15 ball 20 , 10 ball 20 , 30 ball 40 but impact in winning the match just Zilch ... I think one should really go match by match to see the impact of his innings in the last 8-9-months. .
  12. prudent_kreeda

    Rayudu turned out to be a batting monster !!!

    Keep it in fridge and then take out before AUs series
  13. prudent_kreeda

    Double edged sword regarding Dhoni

    At current form it may take years and the torture will go ON !!!!
  14. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Looks like he may not go too far and one of the reasons would be me know all attitude .
  15. Give me one indian name who you think better than Hardik so that we can replace him right now. If you do not have , then you have to go by what you have .

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