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  1. Rinku & Garg playing QF for UP. How they can be in BP X1. ? Only those not playing QF were to be selected for BP
  2. prudent_kreeda

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Was there speed guns. I think he is also the fastest consistently in domestic circuit now.
  3. prudent_kreeda

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    I would like to try out Mayank also in middle order . Plays spin well , plays shots over the in field well to exploit gaps in 11-40over period . Should be better than some of the guys tried .
  4. prudent_kreeda

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    Lat 4 yraRS IT SAYS , so from 2015
  5. prudent_kreeda

    Shubman Gill keen to make every post a winner

    Would dearly like to see the highlights if any. Kid was scoring more than 70% of team total till he got out. Mind you , at the other end was another very good prospect playing - Anmol and still more than 70% of the runs. Eden Pitch too must have had something as Bengal was skittled out early and not a Patta it seems .
  6. prudent_kreeda

    Should ICF arm chair pundits say sorry to Shastri?

    Is it a typo .. ? Did you mean Rum ..rum...rum
  7. prudent_kreeda

    Pakistan's Skipper complain about lack of pace in their attack

    Who knows PM may jump in ... and start bowling ...!
  8. prudent_kreeda

    Should ICF arm chair pundits say sorry to Shastri?

    Whoever becomes the Coach & Capatin of india from now on , will have lot to celebrate in next 3-4 years . Its immeterial who are they . Thats because the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place . The pace attack should maintain their current level or may go up a bit as better pacers than Umesh , even Ishant will come in. Current spin department is good enough for another 3-4 years. Will have an impact WK batsman who is matured . Should be having a better opening pair than the one we saw for last 1 year or so. Middle order too will be better than the current with Gill holding an important position.
  9. prudent_kreeda

    kuldeep yadav

    Need ro see how Mayank Markhande & Rahul Chahar come up. These 2 look to be liklely Leggies for future.
  10. prudent_kreeda

    NZ will thrash us in ODI series next month

    Looking at the patta pitches dished out in one dayers in NZ and rest for haz, starc, cummins in Aus side , i think even Raydu, Kedar may become tigers and hang on in the team for WC ... Am worried .
  11. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Thats when he came round the wicket . May be a bit of rough he is using ?
  12. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    He has not bowled long spells in FIrst class . Not sure will he cope up in situations where he has to bowl say 40 odd overs in second innings. Once tired will he able to maintain control over line & length as usually tired wrist spinners start dragging the ball shorter. We will have to see how he does in second innings if he has to bowl more than 25 overs .
  13. Tailenders ka mast class le rahe hai Saffers
  14. prudent_kreeda

    Pant is another Adam Gilchrist: Ponting !!!

    Ponting is his IPL coach . So there could be 2 sides to his opinion :- 1. As his coach , may be exaggerating a bit . 2. As he has seen Pant from very close quarters , he might be privy to his talent more than us mortals.
  15. prudent_kreeda

    Pant is another Adam Gilchrist: Ponting !!!

    Ahh... There comes the winning mentality ....

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