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  1. Board Presidents XI vs Australians | Chennai 12th Sept

    Till WI tour post CT , i was tearing my hair in frustration and gave too many gaalis to RAT too for shoddy selection ! . But since in almost all selections , selectors have done quite a good job and i am quite OK the way RAT also gave chances in SL to new guys. I think we are not not giving enough credit to Selectors for their excellent selection post WI Tour. Just compare the selections done by Srikknath's and Sandeep patil's selection committee and this Selection committee post WI . Not just Test & One day team , but all other lower level and A teams selected. Express ji, what your Honest opinion ?
  2. I think he really improved his one day bowling after 2016 IPL and areas of improvement were : 1. Bowling at the death . He can bowl most of the time accurate yorkers. 2. Bit unpredictability at death overs can bowl yorkers, wide yorkers/ full pitch deliveries. 3. Good bouncers . 4. Added pace But in his opening spell , he is not getting much wickets - thts the negative part. Can you please list out his figures post June 2016 to till date ? Also if we can find a really good death bowler he is easily replacable . but right now i do not think we have any ready made package for death bowling .
  3. Azhar & Eden Gardens

    Sometimes we do not understand how the Mafia uses your vulnerabilities /reputation and blackmails you , even if you are not willing to do unethical things. Yes sometimes for 1 mistake in life you will be made to pay by these Mafia.
  4. Akila Dananjeya

    Lets be fair to the CUTTER! he is not the same after his injury . Yet to fully recover even now it seems
  5. 1st ODI Sri Lanka vs India | Dambulla 20th Aug , 2:30 PM IST

    You do not judge only from averages and runs scored . That was the time when there were some of the best fast bowlers of our time . Also it was the tuk -tuk time .. getting 200+ was very respectable . He was a breath of fresh air . Totally unorthodox and popularized hitting over the top in the powerplay. Its the impact and joy he gave which should also be considered. Had decimated even Imran in some of the ODI . BTW .. Just because Pras had some 150 wickets and Ash has 300 wickets , Ash does not become the better one in their craft .
  6. Yes. We may not see these as ready right now. But selectors need to zero in on 2-3 of these guys and make them iron out their flaws and tighten up their technique and temperament. Dravid should be of help here. i think we should invest in Iyer , Nair , Pandey as of now. Lot of youngsters' game is influenced by ODI and hence we see bit of loose technique & patience . I hope they can improve their game against seam and short pitched bowling and then they are almost ready esp. Iyer .
  7. Golden Age of Allrounders?

    From this year onwards i will be looking keenly at 2 u-19 boys of India . Nagarkoti & Washington Sundar . These should do very well and be in india ODI side in 2 years time if they progress well.
  8. TNPL tournament thread | July 22nd - 20th August

    I was having a little deeper look at the scorecard of this TNPL . Never knew much about his batting. This Boy comes at the top and has fantastic strike rates in every match. And bowling is a big asset , that was evident even in IPL. Good number of sixes to boot !. Mind you .. we have 2 seasons before WC 19 where he can hone his skills further and i see he would be one of the front runners for the no.6 spot in indian ODI ( which presently done by Kedar with his dibbly dobblys) beating the likes of axar, jadeja , krunal . I say no.6 as we need out of 6 batsman , 1 must be able to bowl some overs .
  9. How unprofessional CAC? (srt sg vvs)

    Why it won;t work ? Dravid's role is to help in batting issues of the team members and overall batting strategy in foreign soil. Zak to sort bowling issues of bowlers .
  10. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    Ok Bring back Jaddu .?
  11. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    Now i want ASH also early into the attack. Have not seen many sixes
  12. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    May be going back to his Glory old days ?
  13. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    That I agree . Just watch Mandhana ... Fantastic leftie ..
  14. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    Match dekho bhai . Aise sab keeda kyo karte ho

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