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  1. We should keep low expectation of new faces in champions trophy. I see a pattern of selectors' recent selection wherein champions trophy will have hardly any newcomer included. In fact if shami is not fit , even Nehra may sneak in. I am not saying this is good but this is what may happen unless some one does extremely well in IPL. But i do see real changes in the next one day series to WI. I think that team will be of youngsters and from then on we will see most of the new guys we talk about here being given chances . Hope there would not be a BIG RUDAALI in this forum when team is declared for CT if we keep our expectation low.
  2. OH ! Did we notice suddenly this year we have several quality lefties doing well . Now we have a choice of Aniket , Sangwan , Kulwant and may be Sran . I think its after almost 10 years we have this Luxury . The last set was of RP, Irfan , Nehra , Zak
  3. Do not understand why people are crying hype .. hype .. What is being discussed is the names of pacers ( a very rare specie in India ) who have shown spark . Mind you this being an Indian cricket related forum , naturally we will talk about such young pacers , no one saying these are names are among / would be top 6 in the world. If discussed , it does not mean they are world beaters. Within India these guys are showing spark and may play for India. Again only a few may make the cut , injury being a big issue in their development . If some one compared these rookies with say Starc, Broad, Akram , Shoib and toms toms that they are as good as these greats , then it can be termed not only as hype but absolute stupidity. Again , these guys are not finished products. Mostly here discussing about pace one of the basic and imp tool to be a success . You need to have seam movement, swing , cutters, yorkers , subtle change in pace apart from pace to be a real good one . and above all consistency while doing all this. None of them have all these ATM. We need to keep this in mind before do the cry ... Hype ... hype Some of them will get a real hiding from world stars when they make the grade. But sooner they develop the required skill and improve would make them stay afloat in international level. Hope once top 6 of the lot is identified by selectors , each of the 6 should be given at least 3-4 matches in the next 12-15 months in whatever international format / A team , so that each one will know where he stands and what additional skill need to possessed or perfected. Making them play another 2 seasons without any international exposure will ruin many a career.
  4. Bhai ICFERS tho hype kiya .. Lekin Kumble , Kohli , Dravid , Selectors sab Ulloo ban Gaye aur Aniket , Thampi ko net pe Bulaaya ! Maan gaye , Kya powwer hai hype Gang Ka
  5. For a serious cricket fan who has played at some level of cricket its very obvious the batting abilitiy of Shankar . Looking at some of the comments its clear some people just want to blurt out bu ** it without a good understanding of the game . May be thy have a look at averages and then have GO here in this forum !!!
  6. Is iyer's defense not good enough ? in that case he cannot succeed even in middle order . where you think he needs to improve to be in international class player. Is it he 1. Plays pre -meditated shots ? 2. Plays too many arial shots from the start? 3. Plays away from body too much in his offside play ?
  7. How you assess success of Sehwag as an opener ? technique ? hand eye coordination ?
  8. Yes both seem to get excited about hitting sixes ! Hitting in air as such is not bad in fact it is very productive and you can make opposing captain go mad with his filed placements . But those Arial shots have to be calculated ones keeping the filed placements in mind. Would like to see some of these improvements by them : 1. If bowler resorts to short pitched stuff with a deep sqaure leg and deep mid wicket , i would like to see these 2 young fellas to play the shots over point or ramp it up over the keeper. 2. A back off the length ball or shortish delivery can be carted over cover/cover point /point depending on where fielders are stationed K L Rahul does this quite well . 3. Maintaining the balance when you are hitting is very important. 4. Also what i have seen when bowlers bowl far too many slower balls in death overs, indian batters still do not seem to pick it. I would like these young guns to just expect most of the time a slower ball in such situations so that you have given yourself time to allow the ball to come and then play the shot. If bowler bowls the faster so be it , you defend and get 1-2 runs on such deliveries. There are bowlers who tghis a lot Mills , Faulkener , Mustafiz ... Yes this would require specific drills while practicing for each of these .
  9. Ahah! I was clean bowled
  10. Which nehra rkt ?
  11. You need to understand how the mind works .. A person confident in his abilities expects that he be to given recognition and position where he can show what he can do . This is very true even in other streams be it an IT co. or a research co . In any case , selectors would not have ordered Pant to be captain, he must have agreed when asked . If he has no problem, why we should have problem with this decision? Very strange why we should be arguing here .
  12. Also if some one is made captain say u-19 side , it does not mean that hi development is stalled .
  13. He is made captain only for 50 overs stuff. That should not be a great burden. even the matches delhi may paly would be only handful i presume .
  14. Who knows there must be a line of thinking by selectors or higher up in team management that he should not be just romeo of little cameos . If we seehis recent innings , he has tried to hit every ball . You won't succeed with that approach. You need to take 1 -2 chances to hit boundaries in an over and show intent to hit again. that would create a loos ball or 2 by bowlers . Also should be ready to take 1-2 for other good balls . this is what Kohli does . May be as captain he can't just hit few fours /sixes and throw his wicket . If he adopts he would more rounded and consistent in future . This move may shorten his time to reach that consistent level. Why not we give some benefit of doubt to selectors also.
  15. My point was who are the best 2 pacers who can handle death overs . I am presuming 5 bowlers out of which 3 are spinners in the 11. At present pandya cannot be one of those 2 pace bowlers who can handle death bowling . The other being Bhumra . Need to master yorkers .