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  1. Absolutely right . Form at the moment should be the first priority. Whats the point playing someone who is struggling unless he is some one in great category who may turn it on at any time like Lara .
  2. Sri Lanka Take on Board President's XI in Warm-up Game

    Ye Shoib Khan phaast bowler kaun hai bhai ?
  3. Meriwala's 5-for- Left arm fast bowler from Baroda

    RKT Ji Is in very generous mood for couple of days now . So unusual this is from RKT , one of the gems here . Meriwala -> I do not think we should term him as Fast bowler . NO way . Again 25-26 age group must be at the peak of his pace at that age. Porel - > Too early to hype as 150+ . Rather he should be considered as a hostile as he can get bounce from his height and can let go snorters at rib cage frequently if maintains speed.
  4. Whats the point . This fellow is done & dusted . Has not achived anything of note in his career. Lets talk about potential future
  5. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Mandeep link not working
  6. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    When you are ask for specific name , guys are clkean bowled . In another someone was harping Bhuvi is falyu and is not fit to be in the team . When asked who can match him in death overs and relacs him ... Well still waiting for response.
  7. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    He should not be in 50 overs team with this form. If he plays now & fails he may be sidelined for 2 years. May be considered for for few 20 Odis if his starts scoring little consistently.
  8. Really liked the way Bhuvi & Bhumra bowled . Cricketers who played at the highest level like steve samith , warner, Douul all non-indians are saying these 2 are very very good bowlers and here some of the idiotic icfers becoming even bigger experts than those and saying Bhvi is a faltu bowler . Shame some can't even recognise class and the terrific improvement he has done ! They will come with his stats which mostly of earlier years .
  9. Bumrah is smart !!!

    Hmmm .. not aso sure .. The throw he attempetd from that far was very high risk stuff... What if he missed . Also watch .. he never will be at the wicket to collect thgrows for possible run outs ..
  10. Well watch out ... It could well be they will select couple these youngsters in batting for SA & Aus one days series and show to the world that they are not good enough and then path is clear for all favored oldies to be in the 15 till WC 19 .. Lets see and observe team fopr SA ....
  11. Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    That exactly was i was alluding to. You should use the skill to the best advantage of the team . Just think about our death bowling till 2016 first half and now .. Did you have confidence that we could defend even 120 in last 10 overs against very good teams then ?
  12. Absolutely right .. Frustrating thing is there is no attempt done to address this issue by selectors . Going back to Geesa peeta accumulaters . There is only 1 place from 4 to 7 for an accumulater .
  13. Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    So whats the solution ? Whio will handle the death overs? Can you tell me one guy who can do it better than Bhuvi currently .
  14. Best death overs pair currently?

    Would be Starc - HZ and then BH-BU
  15. Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    I do not think any other indian pace pair today would have won this game for india . Think of it .. with dew .. he missed one yorker , which was hit for 6 and there was not even a single four till the last ball when match was already won in the last 4 overs . We here really cringe and weep too much ! . With so much dew that was fantastic death bowling. Its the team management which should really think and see how best that can use skills to best advantage of the team . If the pitch is flat and batters are going after you .. bhuvi should not be bowling 5 -6 years upfront. Use him moer in the 30-50 over phase with instrution to bowl more yorkers. Yes in intial overs he should have been off after 2 overs .

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