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  1. If most of the current set of selectors remain, no doubt they will run after Unadcutter again in short format ,showcasing wickets he has taken in Ranji
  2. A loss esp a whitewash will be a good thing since 50 overs team need a rehaul with youngsters tried. to address 1. positive play in PP. Choose at least one new opener who can do this in PP 2. Alternatives for Opening. 3. Ideal guys for 4 & 5. 4. possible replacement for Shami & Bhuvi 5. replacement for Chahal to start with .. India always benefited when such things have happened earlier and major changes were done . CT2013, post CT2017 changes
  3. I see something unusual here. A shoulder Injury went away in 4-5 days .......? initial action not to pick must have been more due to off field happenings going on with him . And this 1 game vs Aus must have made them to re think again . Am worried how far he has fallen off if one looks at him now. A 20 year old guy with so much bulge . What was he doing ? Would be shame if such a talent fades away. Hope he understands that all he got /will get ,only if he shines on cricket field.
  4. Iyer has pluses to be good no.4 , He can hit any current spinner when needed , which is absolutely required at 4 since you are bound to face 20 overs of spin in 15-40 overs phase most of the time . Against India, most opposition spinners bowl run denying lines and try to then get them out . Hence need an enforcer. He has good skill rotating the strike too. However not convinced about his game against Pace and the most disappointing part is , this was evident even 2 years back too but cannot see any improvement even now. - Still plays unconvincingly the hooks without ever keeping it down . If you cannot play hook , then at least ensure you do not get out , make a plan to get a single on that ball . - Not seen much of pull shots . - Pokes at deliveries around off stump - This a wicket taking ball against him most of the time , that s why he is not in contention in tests. When he gets good accurate pace stuff around off stump , the predictable shot attempted is the square drive . There is much to learn from Virat , Kane Williams how they play such deliveries in ODIs. Play it towards thirdman for a single and rotate strike . It is up to him and batting coach , how they address this . If he can't overcome this , soon we will see every team bringing their pacers back as soon as he comes to crease and his big PLUS of his game against Spin is nullified . He should learn to ride out these pacers spell and then play his normal game as spinners will have to come back . If there is no improvement vs pace , then may be better to invest in Mayank & Gill at 4 , Both seem to have a better game against pace and better defence. Mayank has proven it in Tests and also has shots .
  5. The way Warner is batting , it is a 3-0 bashing on its way .
  6. At least we will get the Best fielding side award in WC 23 ...................
  7. In the rest 2 matches , 1. they need to show more attacking instinct after initial 2-3 overs . To succeed Rohit's stay in first 15 overs is must. 2. Dhawan & KL cannot play the way they played in this match . Should be given a target to go at run a ball. 3. Take a hard look at the dot balls in today's match , provide data to batsmen who played how many dots . Can you imagine 150 dot Balls !!!!. How the hell you can compete with Aus with that . 4. Poor running - No one seem to address this . Its not even talked about . Only kohli seem to do that . How many 2s indians take . Do they ever try 3 in first 35 overs ? Needs a major major change here. 5. Since you cannot attack Starc and Cummins much at the death , compensate by attacking spinners . You cannot allow 10 overs of spin to be completed by both at 5-6 RR per over . Try to take at least 1 guy down. If you again get defeated , No worries , but at least go down by paying back by the same medicine.
  8. This persisted earlier too. Check the data of part time spinners figures vs India . A Hafeez, Dilshan , Clarke , Moin , Root , all have decent strike rates.If you see past records most of time indians played spinners by taking singles . Only a few guys like Sidhu , Sachin , Kapil used to attack in phases. Hit a boundary , play 3 dot balls and 1 single or take 4-5 singles in an over was the way they played . Actually it is the youngsters who are more aggressive against spinners - Iyer , pant but have not mastered calculated attack where the gaps are exploited, inside out shots are played rather than trying to hit every attacking shot for Six. Of course - Rohit , Virat are exceptions - They have a very good all round game .
  9. Yes . This is the most puzzling part . Since child hood these players have played spin more than pace , but they do not attack opposition spinners , other teams thrashing our spinners . You never see an effort to take a spinner out of the attack. If they cannot attack in PP , and do not attack spinners in middle phase , what they expect to score at the death against Starc ? 15 runs per over ?
  10. With the current form & confidence of Aussies , every bowler will go for runs on these roads . Lets not over react. Surprise was total domination. Hope next 2 matches are much closer even if we loose. For me Loosing would be good for the future . Should result in change in playing strategy , change in personnel in 50 overs team with an eye to build a new team with only 2-3 players above 30 .
  11. Whoever plays it won't be easy to defeat them easily unless you strike early . Just accept Aussies have a very good in form team with full of confidence and we are playing on absolute pattas and their batting firepower is much much better .
  12. No one should lose sleep if pant is dropped for the time being . He is there most probably till NZ tour .If he is total failure , let him be dropped . Let him go back and put in work. Try next alternative . What should happen is , by the looks of it Pant & Samson are identified as future Short Format WK. If so you should test them for a good 15-20 matches . No point again going back to DK etc. It should be youngsters only and you should not try 4-5 options with 4-5 matches to each. That where assessment of potential by selectors & TM is crucial.
  13. This will be a good series for India . Will throw up quite a few things to ponder over , esp. since WC is 3 years away. 1. The team with best known members got beaten badly - So why not play youngsters and get beaten. At least new members will get exposure . 2. How successful teams play in First PP and how India is playing ? 3. Will Dhawan & Rohit look like maintaining top form till WC23 or do we need to develop alternatives ? Should Kohli paly at 4 ? 4. Should KL if considered in the team to play as opener or elsewhere ? 5. What Iyer should rectify to be good no.4 player . Should they also be looking at a player who is better vs both spin and pace and less risky in approach ? Can Mayank also fit in at 4 ? 6. Who are your NO.5 & no. 6 . 7. What are the issues with Pant - What needs to be done to get the best out of him. Who should be your alternative WK contender for WC 23 ? 8. Who can replace shami in future . 9. Should we look at some other spinners ? 10. Who should be your 2 preferred Death bowlers apart from Bhumra . In the next 2 years , keep focus on building a new team with mostly only 2 -3 veterans in 15 in WC 23 and try to address these issues . There should specific instructions as to what are the shortcomings in each players, what are the areas to be addressed , and provide special sessions with expert minds in those fields to overcome them . A 10-15 day session at NCA for all young bats like Shaw , Gill , Pant , KL, Mayank, Iyer , Rururaj with say Sachin / Dravid at NCA could be something thought of may be every 6 months Then putting hardwork is left to players . Whoever improves should be considered . If Shaw wants to go his own way , let him be , loss is his . Similarly for bowlers -If saini is not good at death ,Let him practice death bowling skills 5 hours a day for couple of months . Effort should be made by them .
  14. What is the fuss if he is dropped . If he is not scoring , does not look right , please drop . You need to test an alternative too. Let him go back and work out things for next 3-4 months . Always selection should be based on :- 1) someone selectors think fit a role 2) Is in form . no harm if he missed few games . But he should always be in contention and should again be considered once some work has been done to rectify the issues .
  15. You should watch his strokeplay closely . Pl do . Seriously looks good . A very good guy at 6 .
  16. Biased . Waise aadmi shaana hai. Will come prepared and say very nice things for public consumption but do the opposite . Only couple of days ago , was singing praises and saying will give chances to youngsters .
  17. Na Sir !. We will be called muppets if we say so .. Even legends like Ganguly, Simon Doull , Ian Bishop are muppets . current lot is the best ...
  18. If auctions were to be held before WC , who is to say they would not have . Scouts will keep an eye on exceptional talents . By July English tour , there a real buzz about the quality of Gill , Shaw , Kamlesh etc. In any case these kids were picked before WC ended , they did not even won the cup by that time . You yourself admit a WC may give 1-2 exceptional players . from 2018 batch we have 2 who have donned india colours and 5 have played A level within less than 2 years . But for injuries 4 would have been in india colours by now . That was the quality of that side and thats why i rate them much higher than this side . I would not not mind an emphatic "WRONG" if you can substantiate your opinion. Again asking "Are Garg, Jurel , Rawat, Tilak , Siddesh , Jaiswal " better than Gill & Shaw ?
  19. Firstly this a 50 overs game and there are no big stakes as such even if india looses the series . Why this desperation i do not know to play Dhawan , Kedar etc in these matches . All these 50 over bi laterals should be used to build your team for WC 2023 because you will need to test each alternatives with 30 odd matches minimum . For eg: No.4 - > Iyer need to be tested first ,then you need to find another one who can fit No.4 - That means almost 60 matches . Do not think its 3 years way , Just think of it , T20 may be 6 months away , but apart from top 3 , most others will not get even 4 games where they can get a decent hit. Same is the case for WC23 . Any sane captain on his own would have said post WC 19 , that these are my preferred choices for opening , no.4 No. 5 etc for Next WC and want to give them a continuous run say 15 matches . He does not do it on his own , When selectors designate and provide him those options , he is trying his best not to give them opportunities . Clearly selectors have given KL as opener , Iyer as No. 4 , Pant as keeper . but they are not given a free run. No one denies Dhawan's contribution in 50 overs , but you also need to think alternatives as he, rohit , kedar all will be 37-38 by WC. Not advocating ditch Dhawan straight away. You should select your team in these matches in such a way, each of these 3 guys will play in the slot designated for them without break . The change should happen among the seniors. While KL is one opener , the other one should be rotated between Rohit & Dhawan. Reason is -there is nothing you want to gain by playing Seniors . Their pedigree is known , there cannot be any higher ceiling than what they have done already, they do not need experience any more . Let Iyer play at 4 t & Pant at 5 till they succeed or fail for at least 15 games Kohli can come at 4 , and give chance to Iyer at 3 wherever overs remaining is less in a match . You cannot blame selectors this time , except for Kedar, its the idiot TM which screwing up all and they have not learnt anything from last 4 years' fiasco. India could have won 2-3 World title from 2014 till 2019 but what we have is big ZERO. Not because lack of talent , but because wrong selections made just to accommodate favored ones . The story is still going on even in 2020 . SURELY we need a non-nonsense selection group who will only provide team members who are considered as WC 23 probables and also the roles for which they are picked atleast for next 2 years . Captain has to stick to that or else get lost . If Pant is picked as WK , you cannot bench him and play KL as WK . Its just not done !
  20. Sahee me majaa aa gaya. Bhaad me gaya India team. Kuch bhi hone do , jo bhi MSD aur Buddy ke raste me aayega,unko mita doonga . Hail the King
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