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  1. If you taking longer time scales:- for point (2) above - Consider Kamalesh Nagarkoti & Shivam mavi For (3) - W Sundar
  2. Seems like below is almost what selectors & Team management have zeroed in for WC 2019 : I think openers slot is sealed till WC 2019 - Dhawan, Rohit & Jinks( even though not liked by ICFERS including me) . No 3 - VK . No.4 - Pandey, KL & Hardik No.5 - Dhone & ( ?) No.6 - Kedar & ( ?) No. 7 - Jadeja & Axar & (?) No.8 - Kuldeep & Chahal & (?) No.9 - Bhuvi No.10 - Bumhra No.11 - Shami & Shardul Selectors should also try before WC19 - No. 5 - second keeper between Pant & DK to finalise 1 of them . No. 6 - Try out Shresyas Iyer . His batting position can be interchanged . No. 7 - Try out Krunal . No. 8 - Check out karn Sharma - is he better than Chahal ? ( Guy bats a bit ). I think he has improved . Looked good in this year's IPL and now doing well. I think most of the rotation will happen among these only, till WC 19. AND MSD & HAHANE will be in WC 2019 squad . KITNA BHI RONA DHONA KARNA HAI , KAR LE . NO USE
  3. That is as of now when he is just 17. He is a big lad and powerful. Just watch his recent games . Plays down the ground very well . Big hits . That means core of batting is there i.e good defence, power game to hit the down the ground. But not seen pull / cut much . not that much attacking against pace as against spin as of now. But thats where i am assuming he will improve his batting in next 15-18 months a will be good addition at no.6/7 in 2 years time
  4. I do not think being 32 is the reason . He has not bowled much at all in his career , has a very very unusual action which won't carry him long in bowling and does not classify in any way as a spinner . Its some darters at a very low trajectory. His whole idea is to keep the ball as low as possible in the air so that it does not bounce much . 5 footia aur bhi ghutna jhukake bowing dalta hai to achieve it and its working in indian pitches. . I think one must be careful about his success in india - This may not work in overseas pitches . Then he may not be your 6th option.
  5. Oh You are judging after 1 T20 match. Poor fellow was made to carry drinks for whole 2 weeks . Whatever momentum he had would have gone by then.
  6. Haar gaye tho , rest /rotaion ka phat gayi !
  7. In a way OK. Let him play in T20s which i think he will. Then practice and sort out his initial hick up vs spinners before the NZ series starts . If team management/Kohli serious about KL @4 , they should give him chance in all 3 games vs NZ , rather now giving 1 match when he is not in good frame . I think we should give him 6-8 straight games without break and then finally judge .
  8. Thats what i was implying .. If we see How Jason gets those boundaries . He can hit the balls on the stumps to onside boundaries with ease . Kind of gives direction to the ball with a short jab with power . In addition plays freely on the offside if ball is out side the off. India should also try to find one of the opener playing in that mould.
  9. Any Left Arm Spin expert here .. What you think of the 16 year old kid Shubhang Hegde who played in KPL ? Does he have the tools to make it big as a Left arm spinner ?
  10. Results apart .. What i was implying was a strategy wherein some of the weak points can be get rid of. Does it help if MSD tuks -tuks for almost 20 deliveries ? Does not try to play aggressive shots against spinners initially ? Does Rahane helps team cause if he cannot get boundaries after 15 odd overs ? Will it not help team india if Rohit reduces the dot ball % ? Why the glory boys of top order batters play more deliveries and allow the run rate to creep up ? hat s what strategy should be . Some one else may come up with some totally news suggestions. I am all for it so long as some of the existing ills are cured .
  11. If we analyse the recent match scores, 4 man field restriction outside the circle between 10-40 overs , and evolving mindset of aggression from the word GO by some of innovative thinking teams like ENG , AUS - one thing is sure - We are at least 4-5 years behind in our batting strategy. We are still thinking of starting slow , and then build on it . While this strategy has some merits while chasing but it is ill equipped when batting 1st . Nowadays one should aim to score minimum 300 when batting first and ready to be chasing 300+ while batting second. Reputation , indespensibilty perception of a player , fixed preferred batting order for a batter irrespective of match situation etc . should be thrown out of the window and management should lay down certain do & don'ts for batters. As we see now , almost all international ODIs are played on batting beauties and par score is 300+ most of the time . Hence new strategy should revolve around getting 300+ whether you bat first or second. What can be some parameters to achieve this ? 1. There should be more aggressive batting in the first 10 overs . Does not mean going Blaast every ball. But an intention to hit . This may make the bowler to err in line & length and hence a poor ball. Assuming there is not much swing on offer which is the case on most occasions. If its swinging , may be we can have an exception. If our openers bat the same way - need to change the personnel. Have atleast 1 guy who is dasher . Better to have left -right combo if we have good guys at the top. Try to select a batter who is good in playing attacking shot to balls on the stumps - esp. someone who can place it on the onside for runs and also good at playing back of the length balls for runs both on the off and on side. Someone who can play shots to balls on the stumsps and good at picking the gaps should be the opener having maximum chance of success. 2. ULTIMATUM to each batter till No.7: a.He should be able to score at least 1 boundary every over. b.He should be able to score at least 4 single every 6 balls . c. Target to score 1 boundary and atleast 3 singles every over by the batters on crease. d. if this target is missed in 1 over , cover the target in next over . Idea is ideally one should have score of 50*4 +50*3 = which should be 350 score. But practically you may only achieve 85% success . So one should be able to get 170+130 = 300 most of times . Anyone who cannot meet these parameters consistently should be out of the team. With this , players will start to adapt themselves to reach this target and be better at their game . Problem is India has some demi gods and they want to play their own way . So a MSD will do tuk-tuk for 25 balls , putting all the pressure on others in the mean time to up the run rate. Pandey wants to play at No.4 only and wants 10-12 balls to get going . Rohit won't take singles and rahane - same issue at the beginning and later on cannot get boundaries . If MSD wants to do tuk -tuk for first 25 balls - not acceptable, If Pandey wants atleast 10-12 balls to start - cannot do that . What 1 boundary per over will also do is - it will not make batters to go all out attack and get out . This may even temper them down and help them to be more consistent. Also since you are getting about 6-7 runs per over , there is no pressure on lower batsman to hit each & every ball. This will take some time but surely it will lead to finding right guys into the team and also an improvement in the present members batting. Once this becomes the focus point for batters , India will be striving to reach 300 on more occasions and with the current set of bowling of Bhuvi , Bumrah, 2 wrist spinners - we will have more chances of becoming a very very good ODI side . This will mean change of personnel / improvement among current team members: 1. MSD , RAHANE - will find it very difficult to retain places. 2. Rohit - will have to change a bit and try to get more singles. 3. May need to look at KL or PANT at opening slot if required. 4. RE LOOK AT NO.7 - Axar / Jaddu/ASh may not fit the bill. 5. Invest in Youngsters who have the aggressive game and give chances - so that their game improves and they become more consistent .
  12. One thing to notice ... When PAK plays against India in a SF , Final ,, some PAK bowlers suddenly start bowling 140-145+ .. Kuch phhonk ke aaate hai kya ?
  13. King SIR ! EK Baar aap Pant ka DOB dhyaan se dekiye naa . He is 20 . But there are 2 more to watch out - Kamlesh Nagarkoti all of 17. Hope he does not pick up injury & Rahul Chahar
  14. I do not think there is any need to go to KL . Why people think Pant cannot come good . He has exceptional ability but might fail initially as right now his cricket is not built on smarts. Too much all out aggression. His ability is endorsed none other than his coach Dravid. But invest in him . Play him regularly as WK in T20s for some 8-10 matches and then bring him to 50 over ODI. Let him play for 4-5 months. I am sure he will succeed. You will have a ready made replacement for MSD in 3-4 months! Problem is MSD. Due to him , Pant is not getting any chance - Atleast in T20 - Dhoni should not be selected and Pant should be selected.
  15. Expressji , tweaking it a bit 6. Pant . 7. Krunal / W Sundar - Do not count out this Kid . But i have lowered my expectation . This will happen post WC 19
  16. And i am one of the voteries for KL in that 29.17%
  17. When i visualize the future scenario these are some of the things that will happen : 1. Every team will have atleast 1 wrist spinner in their attack. 2. Most teams will have 2 spinners in their attack ( Atleast 15 overs would be bowled spinners). 3. Most teams will try to avoid spinners against Pandya unless the spinner is quite good & they will bring in their pace bowlers when he is in. Now Pandya should be one of the guys who will come at 4 or 5 . When 2nd wicket falls , majority of spin quota is yet to be used , Pandya should be in , in other cases Pandya should come in at 5. Since its a given that when Pandya is in , Opposition will bring pacemen , the other batter should be one who has the ability to play well against pacers and can hit boundaries. THIS MUST BE THE CONSIDERATION OF THINK TANK when selecting your no.4 . As we have seen Pandya is not able to hit boundaries in the way he hits spinners hence very crucial , the other batter is one who can take boundaries of pacers. With that in mind i can think only 3 guys as of now - KL , Pandey , Iyer in that order of preference. KL should be the first choice due to: - Plays pacers very well since he is an opener. Equally good against spinners . Cannot be tied down easily as he can use both paddle sweep as well reverse sweep + Big hits down the ground and over the infield. Pandya - looks better than Kedar against pace and also less risky . Can play spin too. Jadhav - Age, Fielding , more risky approach, suspect against good pace attack - so may not be a good option for long term. But can be good against spin. Iyer - Hammers spinners , may not be very good against pacers as of now but should be on the radar. I think we should invest on him. If we analyse the chances of improvement is very high for KL & Iyer while Kedar and Pandey might have reached their peak in terms of improvement . Problem of selecting KL, IYER & Pandey is that none of these 3 bowl. That really upsets team balance . If any of these 3 can bowl 3-4 overs that could be terrific. I am not considering Pant at this position. I am thinking of opening slot or no.6 for him.
  18. He & Nagarkot should become members of our one day side. It will happen post WC19
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