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  1. Do not go by pre - concieved notion. Look at his record in identifying and inducting good talents very earlty when he was selector.
  2. Why go to Nass. Just leave it to Vengsarkar , kiran More like guys but with a free hand . They will build a good team.
  3. Aur ek Bali ka bakra mila . Why only assistant coach ? Why not head coach & Kaptaan . SF loss was more about bad team selection and even more bad batting position allocated and bad execution . Only 1 issue they had to execute well , that was survive 10 overs once they saw the movement . I do not think Bangar was the culprit for these.
  4. I can understand if he thinks that way post 2014 when he was clueless in England. But being one of the best player around and after conquering english conditions in 2018 , if you cannot stand up in 2019 , who else can ?
  5. Eng & WI are miles ahead of others in T20. We should not be having any false hopes .
  6. Idiots do not have the balls to call out loud the biggest cancer for our middle order mess . Why Dhingi should continue when he is neaely 40 ? What you are going to get for next WC by doing that ?
  7. This moron is saying same things since SA tour defeat . He has nothing to show in results and then he resorts to this. He should be asked what about the result.
  8. It was not planning error. Both VK & MSD did not want to play in that scenario. So 2 bakras were identified.
  9. This fellow is just ranting about Yuvi and seems he wanted Yuvi also in the WC . Stupid analysis . He raised voice against Kohli and his kabza of indian cricket , which others avoid . thats about it , nothing more insightful analysis.
  10. And which Bali ka bakra was to play at #3 ? To hide Dhongi , they made Pant & Pandya bakras, guys who do not have the game or experience to play at 5 for 3 situation and ball is moving !
  11. Bhai , you want him to continue even after WC ? What you are gaining by that . Is he going to play WC 23 also . Will he do better than this in WC23?
  12. Actually no.4 -5 is there for Iyer's taking now . But he lagging due to 3 issues - 1. Inconsistency - Goes for risky funky stokes which is not expected from no. 4 esp. vs Pace . So many times got out trying to hit with angled bat towards point region and mostly nicked or caught to balls around or even on the stumps. In fact he is a much better hitter if spin bowling , yet gets out playing silly shots. 2. If he can bowl 3-4 overs when required decently would be great. But alas that may not happen by the looks of it. 3. Not a blue eyed boy in Kohli's books , so not easy to get in when Kohli rules . The guy is a bit of his own man, has some attitude . One can imagine how Rat will treat such guys .
  13. In a careeer of 15 years of T20 you could find 1 innings of 36 ???? Itna to jaddu bhi kiya hai !
  14. Aur aakhir me mila Babaji ka Tullu for this great team since 2017.
  15. India can pool together Pant, Mayank,Shaw,HARDIK,KL ,Iyer,Samson and ask them to be aggressive. Could be at least 3- 4 of them may do well. But will they be provided that opportunity ?
  16. The big issue would be , if new comers adopt aggressive approach but fail , will the TM ,Selectors & public will give a long rope to these young batsmen? Will Selectors give them assurance that they will play at least 15 matches ? Answer is BIG NO. India is afraid of loosing even one bi- lateral series. Couple of failures& the youngster will be dropped. Everyone wants his place and hence caution. There is a reason why Dhawan &Rohit play slowly initially in every match. There is a reason why MSD never takes risk but will remain not out. Only 2 guys currently play freely. But even couple of failures,everyone is after them including most of the ICFERS Too. Remember Bairstow,Roy,Butter did not become monsters overnight. It took almost 4-5 years,Just check how poor they were Vs Spin earlier. Are we going to give same opportunity to our youngsters? I cannot even think about that.
  17. Easy solution , banish top 3 and bring in 3 new rookies .. Automatically Middle order will become stronger than top 3 ..
  18. Getting a creepy feeling that nothing much going to change by the looks of PR bombardment since yesterday. Reasons :- 1. Not one retirement from indian team so far even though we have official 38+ , but really well above 40+. 2. Why MSD did not come at 4, 5, or 6 but at #7 ?. why he was protected ? I think these guys are just waiting till Oct BCCI elections and then Srini Mama gtoup will sort out everything for them .
  19. Arrarra , No Dhongi in your team . How can you even suggest this ? All eleven players play only due to the presence & guidance given by greatest of all . DHONGI BABA !!!!
  20. Well even that is not available now. No scores anywhere - BCCI site, Cricinfo , Cricbuzz Hmmm
  21. Somehow I do not like watching same guys play except for VK. RS,HARDIK,BHUMRA . I want to watch talented youngsters playing with intent with a fight. Okay even when they lose.
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