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  1. Tour is fine. Would have been great ifRrat,Rohit,jaddu,Dhawan backed out to be with family. So many guys are waiting to play since years.
  2. 1) Yes. That's because Padikkal had some thing in him which he developed and today looks to have little streaks of Yuvi , Gail in his stroke play and has even outclassed KL in stroke making when they played . Shows he has something that is above the ordinary . Hence i consider him exceptional . I did throw up a query to Expresse ji on this forum almost a year ago , what he thinks about him , since even at that time i saw something elegant about his batting. If the 6 named by you are as good as Padikkal , they need to show ASAP as the age difference between Padikkal and them hardly few months in most cases . 2) I am more interested about young talent and who are ready to jump to A level straight away and be a potential contender for national call in a year or year & half . Those are the guys am interested in . Does not matter if he played in 2016, or 18 or 20. That is what i am looking for in this team , anyone of that caliber? I consider only Gill , Shaw , Pant ,Padikkal as exceptional in the recent past and that why i took their name and asked are there any of that level ? I may have formed an opinion , but see that opinion is supported with other developments . 1) If they are exceptional they cannot miss IPL talent scouts - Did any IPL team picked them , we may see their play ,may be few shots , balls etc. But these talent scouts would ask them go through practice sessions , look how plays spin , pace , short stuff, running , shots he has etc. before picking him Not sure if Jurel, Siddesh , Tilak , Rawat got picked by any IPL Team , did they ? That why i am betting only on Jaiswal , Garg. Further needs to see them in WC. last time Jaiswal was bounced out by SA quick. Lets see in WC . If they come up good , will be very happy . Anyway will stick this up these names - " Jaiswal, Garg, Jurel, tilak, Rawat, Siddhesh " and see the results 1 year from now , how many are potential contenders for national team . Am sure some will accompany Lomror - The next big thing in Indian Cricket ............. Think someone wrote this sentence in this Forum !!!!
  3. Could you please let me know - 1) Do you rate the 6 you named at par or above with Shaw & Gill ? 2) Do you have any one at par or above in this team who match Mavi & Kamlesh . If yes please let me on what basis this assessment is done . If no - conclusion is very clear . People like Ganguly , Simon Doull, Ian Bishop who are legends of the game are not blind , esp. opinion from neutral like Bishop & Doull. Opinion by people like me and you ... Ok lets forget it.. Each for his own..
  4. This is a good news. Let's see new selectors show some vision and pick some young batsmen in 50 overs or bloody old way of kedar etc. Even Dhwan should make way as we need to try someone as alternative.
  5. any names to watch out for ??? So far , Tyagi, Garg , Akash & Jaiswal from India . Haider Ali , Rohail Nazir from Pak Bird from SA Kimani Melius - WI - Very keen on this Lad ..
  6. Rumor is that MSP tried his boldness one last time before the end his tenure and refused to include his buddy in the ODI & T20 squad . Kaptaan did junglee kutai on him . So announcement on HOLD.
  7. i have watched few of the matches , may be good but not exceptional. Cannot see something exceptional like that you see when Shaw , Gill , Padikkal, Pant bat at that age . I can only bet on Garg & Jaiswal as of now among batters .
  8. 2 Observations so far. 1) INDIA- No comparison with 2018 batch - see only couple of good batters and 1 pacer this time. 2) Pak will be much better than last time - 2 Good batters, good in spin. Pacers need to see .
  9. Pet ka sawwal hai bhai . Do you want him to be banned from com box again by RAT? Already was done by MSD
  10. What matters is current form and current skill set for current selection. Even if you are looking at past records look at impact , contribution in wins & not average Lets take some cases: 1. Based on past records Dhoni should be playing till he can walk . But on present form ?? 2. Ishant : Should not be nowhere near indian team . But Ishant 2.o with improvements ?? 3. Bhuvi of couple of years back to Bhuvi as of now - Not his fault though , Injuries have played havoc. 4. Shami - Prior to 2017-18 and shami now First list out your best 3-4 bowlers and decide will they fit a particular version or not : 1. Is Shami among the top 4 bowlers in India currently - YES . 2. Does he have something extra and is proving it consistently - Yes . among Top pace bowlers in the world currently. 3. Has he control and accurate - YES 4. Can he bowl upfront & take wicket - YES . 5. Can he bowl in the middle - YES . 6. Can he bowl at the death - May not be the best . 7. How many pacers tick all the above and are better than him in India at present - May be one . What this shows is only a fit Bhuvi can replace Shami in T20s & 50 overs . It also shows how he needs to be used . Most of his overs should be bowled before the last PP. this is the only MINUS point for him .
  11. With 4 pacers and 1 spinner and vihari what is the need of this new phenomenon of "Rest bowler" .
  12. Thats where the mistake is done. You need to have identified alternative . In pace department they have now got that . But not in spin department esp. for 50 overs . When your spinner is out of form , found out , he needs to be taken out from playing X1 and ask him to work out the issues and try out someone else . Both the spinners are not at their best as of now . One is experimenting to increase his speed of deliveries and other cannot produce his best deliveries. Time we rest Chahal and try out Chahar/Gopal in 20s and try Gowtham in 50 overs and see how it turns out ? Need atleast 2 ready options besides Kulcha& Jaddu .
  13. There is dip in his form . Chahal is at his best when ball starts drifting in the air towards middle & Leg and then either spins across or goes straight through. + he also starts bowling googlies regularly -He is good. These 2 things are not at the same level as earlier . Now most of the time , option used by him is tossing it up out side of the off stump when attacked . That's why there is case for checking some one else till Chahal gets his MoJo back.
  14. Only intention in this by Kohli is to accommodate buddy at the top , move KL from opening and kick out Pant . All birds killed in one Stone !
  15. Do not agree including someone in the X1 to give rest to other bowlers . 5 bowlers more than enough . No team will think of going with 6 bowling options. You cannot think of injury in every test and think of providing cover for that. Since wickets are expected to be flat , how Shankar's bowling is going to have impact ? Still feel stick with 4 pacers + 1 spinner +Vihari. Shankar is atleast one tier below to Vihari re: batting . The guy has proven it domestic year after year , proven it in whatever tests he played after Aus series . I do not think Vihari is not the same now as he was in Aus .
  16. Why you require a bowler to give rest to pacers ? 4 pacers will easily bowl 15 overs . Spinner will hold 1 end up . and even if some one needs rest , it will around 60+ overs . You already have Vihari for that. Again argument that in seaming conditions Shankar is kind of useful. Why quality pacers like Saini, Shami , Bhumra , Ishant not finish the job if its seaming. I would love to see NZ team surviving 100 overs consistently against these 4 , if its a bowler friendly wicket. I bet NZ will not prepare bowling friendly wickets .
  17. Not able to make out this all rounder fetish , that too to a player who has no history of taking even couple of wickets in first class games regularly. We are simply diluting the quality of test team by this ALL ROUNDER OBSESSION . Would be OK if Hardik was the guy with full fitness for this NZ series , but no way Shankar. Just go with 4 pacers and 1 spinner . Period ! Why we do not believe 4 quality pacers will knock out opposition. If they can't , do you believe Shankar can ?
  18. Can be easily done in short format too. Have 4 out & out attacking bowlers . Say Bhumra, Shami , Saini , Kuldeep and use them till 20-22 overs . That should create relentless pressure and more chances of getting wickets as batsmen will have to hit and since most of the time you have 138 -140+ pacy accurate stuff , chances of mistiming is more . A Hardik or Jaddu will make even 5th bowling option very decent one ,who can be brought in once wicket falls . People will say we need balance , so play a lesser bowler who can bat a bit . What that makes is that it releases pressure . What is the point having a lesser bowler who will release the pressure and allow opposition to make easy runs and then hope for those 10-15 runs from that bowler when he bats . For me its a bad strategy. Look at the history , Teams who have bowled out opposition have generally won tournaments . Just think who are your best 4 wicket taking bowlers and play them . Mark it , You will have much better results with that Combo. TM has to be bold enough . In fact India is blessed with a very good attack even in short format now and it is the best time to implement this strategy as pacers are not only quick but very accurate . Its the spin department i am not so sure we have the best .
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