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  1. 1. Rat & Bhumra are rested . 2. Kuldip should be given break to work his way up or else he will lose everything if he is bashed by WI power hitters . 3. Nagarkoti has not bowled even 1 single ball in almost 1..5 yrs
  2. Very true , Most astonishing thing is , he was the chosen one to drop anchor and guide to safety. Then why he did not come out at 5 for 2 or 5 for 3 ? Why , Why ???
  3. Groom him as VC for couple of years . Going foeward post 2 yrs, make him captain in one day in matches he playes . In the last 6 months before WC , he will be captain unless he decides not to play some matches.
  4. Okay agreed. But will he maintain top form till 2023 , very doubtful . Hence we need to groom someone . Only guy they have groomed at A level is Iyer , who does not give confidence that he will be certianity with the kind of batting .
  5. Plus should be a certainity in the eleven all times . Right now his name would be the first one in the eleven . I think it would be a good bet to try him in one dayers.
  6. I am doubtful he can even be in the eleven by next year as you will find better fileding & batting leggies .
  7. Think about it . The game became a bit close due to only one man - Jadeja. He is not even your main batsman , a bowling all rounder while at the other end you had a main batsman , " alleged" great finisher of all time . But look at the contribution in their partnership . In 100+ partnership , Jadeja makes 77 ( almost 75%) while your main batsman makes 25% . That means putting so much pressure on Jadeja to maintain high run rate . Thus one guy was made to take high risk while other just did tuk- tukiya.
  8. They may not . But issue is they will not discaeded right away unless Form dips alarmingly. I doubt Rohit will maintain fitness till 2023. Once he starts going downhill it will be very quick downfall may be just like Veeru.
  9. First need to identify BIG probelm points and address them on war footing . Its not that difficult to find what is the BIG ISSUE . Just check the strategy of Opposition teams to defeat India " Get 2-3 wickets inside 10 overs and expose brittle Middle Order" So BIG Issue is opening & Middle Order. From where they get this confidence of knocking 2-3 wickets early. They cannot get that many wickets by Pace or short stuff or Spin. Only way is by using whatever swing available . All 3 openers SD, RS & KL are bunnies vs swing. So solution is simple , 1.both RS & SD should remove this weakness as much as possible , try to survive if ball is swinging , be prepared by trainig hard for certain type of deliveries like incoming deliveries(KL & RS esp.) . If you do not see any improvement , phase them out . 2. When you are selecting next set of openers , give chances to those openers who are better at playing swing and not a set of absolute bunnies vs swing who cannot survive even 10 balls . Middle Order :- This is the problem created by TM & Selectors due to favoritism . 1.Wasted time on Raina , Dhoni , Yuvi since 2015-16 , when it was very clear all have past their expiry date by then. 2. Not clear what type of players selectors wanted in the middle order . Hence went on experimenting without giving any one a real consistent run. 3. Too much emphasis on experience - No way Raydu , DK , Dhoni could have been considered . Only justification given was experience . Experience - Three hoots for experience ! Solution : 1. Get rid of all middle order oldies (MSD, DK, KJ, ) . 2. Select new set of players with decent defensive technique , placers of the ball good at rotating strike. Good vs spin and can handle short stuff.If they are also hitters who can change gears nothing like it. even if we have 2 clowns who are even 60% of Kohli's on consistenmcy, India should do well going forward. 3. MO bats cannot be hit or miss batsmen. Their place should be at 6 to 8 . 4. Make Hardik One the main batsmen in the first 6 who can give you atleast 6 overs each match. Just try this out for 15 matches on trot and assess. Hope we get a good set of selectors who have clear vision & objective as to what type players should be selected for specific places , are good at talent spotting and most of all not swayed by few players' diktats.
  10. Blame the batsmen ... and batsmen only for this defeat. There was only 1 thing to be taken care of ... that was see off first 10 overs .. may be loose 1 wicket . Idiots just did not do that.
  11. It Should be the other way round. We can atleast watch some young ones progress going forward rather than wasting our time on over the hill oldies with no future .
  12. I think he will do well in MO too. Reason - seems to be a guy who finds gaps. Plays spin well by using the crease, plays over the infield shots,being an opener has decent defense. Not much known about swing & high pace play . In MO you may not get too much of that. Also we need replacements at opener position. Should be tried there too
  13. Am very pleased that R. Gaikwad got a chance to showcase his talent . Here's one batsman who is quite different from other young talents except may be Prithvi Shaw . Plays with timing and in gaps without using brute power while most of the other younger ones seem to just bludgeon the ball , resulting in losing balance . Also most of them hit too much in the air . Love the way he plays spin especially back foot play. Uses the depth of the crease very well and plays half drive , half pull even to good length balls by using space of the crease , In some of those shots his right leg finishes at stump crease level. Also not afraid to move to leg and hit balls on the sumps .This is again much different from the notmal way indians play spin by covering stumps and then flicking for a single. This is very good as most of the darters are able to tie down indian batsmen. Would say his game vs spin looks better than Gill's from one day perspective . A very good fileder to boot . Here is a man who can be very good at the top as well as no.4 , 5 . The number of fours he hits is testimony to the fact that he is adept at hittitng balls in gaps to boundaries and also stays long Check the scores and no.of fours he hit in recent A matches vs Srilanka. A series. Seem to have shots both against Pace and spin. Only area need to watch is his play vs high Pace and short stuff. Not much idea there. Watch out guys , he can be a very good one day player in the making ! Dravid seem to have very good opinion about him.
  14. Ground dimesions will be normal for SF. They can't have 59 meters again.
  15. Should watch Dugout . The best of the lot was Lord Lara with his insights about players weaknesses , field placements required , etc . as the match was evolving each day. His analysis on :- - Shikar's weakness and getting LBW and solution for that. - Decock's false slog sweep techinque vs quality spinners and his downfall by that shot . - How to restrict Kohli with changes in field placements . Those were of top order stuff. Next one tactically very good is Mike Hesson. But i try to switch from Dugout when too many indians are in at the same time esp. Papau patel is on. Irfan OK .. but just repeats what someone like Lara says .. Lara trolled him Royally when he just repeated what Lara told re: Kohli. Among english commentary , only Michael clarke seems good .
  16. Looked more of Raina type vs Short stuff .
  17. The bangla team would be a very good team in coming days especially in SC pitches. Their young batsmen look really good and bat agressively , play short ball and back of the length balls very well now . Their game vs spin is good . FIzz back to old self. Couple of good pace bowlers and they will be a TOP side . On a slow & Low pitch they can strangle teams .
  18. Have not included KL anywhere . Would consider him only if makes lot of runs in Tests . He should earn his one day spot now . No freebies .
  19. Good thoughts Expressji. Even i run this in my mind many times but can't find any guy right now to fit that role . My take .. - Gopal will never be that big hitting bowler . - Chahar - will become as good as a pure bowler, so his batting is a bonus for India, will be mighty pleased if that happens . - Sundar - Should become a good hitter vs spinners , Lad is strong , has age in his side. Does not seem to have agrressive game vs Pace. - Hooda - This is one guy who can bowl 4-5 over every match and has aggressive intent too. Game vs spin and medioum pace is fine . Against Pace not convinced. But he can make it . - Abhishek Sharma - This lad seems have gift of timing whatever little i have seen , even vs Pace . Do not know current level of progress as he is not in contention anywhere . May be hasn't made rapid strides else Dravid would have included him in some matches . But i would pin my hopes in this guy to make it as i feel a spinning allrounder would be better than our existing medium pace allrounders. - Shivam Dubey - Give him exposure , Guy can make it . - Riyan Parag - Guy looked impressive in last IPL. One to look out for . I am thinking India TM should adopt a workaround solution till we find such a guy. Include Hanuma Vihari/ Vijay Shankar who will share 5th bowling . They may not be big hitters but proper batsmen. One need not be big six hitter but play intelligently and still have a strike rate 130 -140% on most occasions . Just consider - how one should play FIZZ in death overs ? He will bowl mostly slow cutters which goes with the angle with height . If a batsman prepares for those balls and try to place over the infield on the off side on back foot or move little over to off side and play him on onside keeping the ball down , you will get more runs without getting out than blindly attacking. People get out to him trying to hit straight down or pulling trying for six as the ball always makes more height than they think. This is where i think these proper batsmen will be good over Hit & Miss no.7s See the batting strength with that strategy:- Rohit, Dhawan, VK, Pant, Iyer/Gill, Hardik, VS/HV, ( 2 spinners + 2 pacers) . 7 Solid batsmen , 6 bowling options , This will also free up openers to bat more agressively with such depth.
  20. Rahul Chaher will beat him hands down in the race .
  21. bat 50 overs but lose the match .. whats the point ?
  22. Team was selected much before Gaikwad's heroics . That is the nreason he is missing.
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