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  1. This guy plays spin very well If opener spot not vacant, should be tried @4 or 5
  2. Important for Selectors &TM to consider is his bowling useful in WC23 in Indian conditions or in flat wickets? If not then he cannot be our no.4 for WC23 as a pure batter. We will much better options than him. Hope they do not make the mistake of considering for 2-3 years & then deciding his bowling not good enough in SC conditions.
  3. If these pacers get hit when debut again Rona Dhona. MC BC starts in ICF. Let's just be realistic in our expectations.
  4. Never said do not select but do not go overboard like out of this world .. like stuff based on this opposition. Both will have to learn quite a bit before we say ... Out of this world. We also need to check how quality players work against same short rising ball like aus. Eng players before going overboard. Also need to check what options they have if batters attack their this stock ball the short rising ball ?
  5. We need to lower our expectation. They will get hammered in death overs along the way. Let's just take it in our chin and hope they will tighten up their death bowling further. Real test is against better power hitters.
  6. Guys we can watch here -2nd match . India A batting https://www.windiescricket.com/news/click-here-watch-live-now-west-indies-v-india-2nd-odi/
  7. Yes keeping was pretty poor . Not expected that.
  8. In any case what are we loosing if we play them in WI. These fellows need exposure on foreign conditions . In india they may make runs . Again what is that you do not know about Dhawan's batting, When needed use him. But we do not know much about these guys , will they make ir or not ? Gill is playing as an opener . But is ot the right place for him? Boy has been little inconsistent at international level though not a failure .Could he be a better fit in MO than opening. These are the things we will have to assess quickly.
  9. Before the start of WC , these were the expectations . 1. Initially ball will swing in England and all 3 openes are sitting ducks vs movement . Hence reaching SF was almost impossible. But there was not a lot of swing. 2. No experienced top batsman in MO who was in good form , hence not much support if Openers fail. Same as expected 3. Expected one of Chahal or Kuldip will be murgered by ENG , WI OR AUS. Almost Same as expected . No great shakes by the 2 . 3. Expected MSD to do tuk- tukai and land us in trouble in chases . Same as expected 4. Expected great WC for Kohli Middling sucecss 5. Expected not too great WC for Rohit & Dhawan. Played above expectations . Majorly above expected play by Rohit & Dhawan helped us to win 3 initial matches and we could go to SF. Else there was no surprise.
  10. Agree . But what has happened with MSD , same thing may repeat . Difficult to dislodge as they will their power centres.
  11. For that you need to play them for 12-15 matches and if you persist with Rahul they cannot come in. Then only we will know .
  12. Thats why i said catch -22 .. Both are too big a player to be ignored . Dhawan may even surprise us as he is more fitter than Rohith . But earmarking them for WC2023 is very scary ... both around 38.. and what will be indian fileding then .
  13. 1. Again 5 bowlers . You cannot go to T20 with only 5 options. Need a 6th option. Shankar /Hooda may sneak in. 2. Gill - not the right option in MO for t20 as of now . Should try Iyer /Samson or above 2 guys. 3. Rahul Chahar should be one of 2 wrist spinners . 4. Add Khaleel in the mix as a back up for Bhuvi. 5. Kohli has to come in at #3 in T20s else its a waste. Others fine.
  14. No need for detailed discussion. There could have been only one possible result with the highest probability and you also know it .
  15. Keep aside all these avarages . How much confidence he gives you as opener right now if bowling is a notch above . Not saying never consider him . Ideal time is when he gets into peak form thtoigh domestics , make it to Test team , play the way he was paying in 2016 . Then you consider him for opening position. He is getting chances rather too easily as of now . Let him earn it .
  16. Frankly India will be in a catch -22 situation re: opening bats unless either of Dhawan /Rohit lose form soon. At present both will not be dropped , yet India needs to develop 2 openers for WC 2023. If they do not do , we will be caught napping in 2023 . Interesting times !. Selectors' role would be critical here . They should have a clear time line for the transition. > Identify 2 best bets as new openers . > Select only one of Rohit/Dhawan for all matches where opposition is not ENG, AUD , NZ > Play one new opener alternatively in every future series while other opener should be rotated between Rohit /Dhawan till both of these performing. Once Dhawan/Rohit starts failing include both new openers .Both openers should play once series is won in bi-laterls . Post WT20 , could be time where one of mostly Dhawan could be ignored for selection. But for that selectors need to have Guts . Shaw looks more suited for opening than Gill . Plus Gill at #4 could be a better bet than Shaw at #4. Should give a try at opening with Mayank.
  17. At present form and the confidence with which he is playing , he cannot be our opener.
  18. Good one . Only change i would like Hardik at #5 and Pant at #6.
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