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  1. Team was selected much before Gaikwad's heroics . That is the nreason he is missing.
  2. Hope we get a coach who just drills the point about the importance of getting 1-2s into their game and playing shots using gaps in the filed and not depend on Brute power in every shot. (Already see a huge improvement in Hardik's game now) Need to work on beow aspects :- 1. Consider Hardik & Pant as your top 5 bats post WC. 2. Strict instructions to play till 40-45 overs every match for Hardik. Even 40% success rate would be great for india. 3. These 2 guys should be made to play most of the time 11-45 overs whenever india is 2 down. 4. Batting position does not matter. move them between 4 & 5. If HP palys 2-3 matches at #4, use Pant in next 2-3matches . Just support them at 4 & 5 slot for atleast 20 ODIs without break and see the result and assess. 5. If both these players start exploiting the 4 fileders restriction outside the circle with placements , playing over the in fileds with control and not brute force , they will become very dangerous due to their improved consistency and high strike rate . 6. To boot, they can go big if they want , but that aspect has to be controlled . No point in hitting every ball in the air and trying to hit only sexes. 2 Major strategy changes to be brought in battting for the team :- 1. There should be atleast one opener who is given licence to play agrressively. Shed this logic of play very safe in first 10 overs. 2. major focus of getting runs should be not last 10 overs but 11-40 overs cos in that period q) some less than potent overs by 5th -6th bowlers. b) only 4 fielders outside the circle , exploit it by placements , controlled hitting over the infield. We need really focus very hard on these , choose the best possible (not more 3-4 ) guys for 4 & 5 slots and give them a good 20-25 matches . (my initial 4 guys would be Hardik, Pant, Gill & Shreyas) Thts the way we have to build our middle order in about 2 years , not by choosing 8-10 players and give them 2 games here , then drop them and again select and give another 2 games. Past mistakes should not be repeated.
  3. Only MO guy who looks in good touch cannot come at 7 . Should come at 4
  4. YES Thats exactly what will happen . Would be good for indian cricket in shorter format
  5. So if some one bowls slow , one cannot win ??? What is the batting practice they were doing all these Pre- WC years then ? IS slow balls a new invention which came to light today only?
  6. no where close to fizz cutters , Also depends how accurately and consistently bowled and how well it is mixed up for success rather than just having the skill.
  7. Yes even i think Selection committee straight away ,post WC should decide who would be best possible no.4 and try those guys till they get the right one . Feel a good No.4 guy should have the following traits:- 1. A good defensive technique to ensure stability . 2. Ability to manoeuvre the field in gaps and rotate strike with run a ball strike rate 3. Ability to play spin and short ball . If not able to play swing well , that would be fine. 4. Ability to play selectively over the infield as you have only 4 fielders outside the circle and have big gaps during 11-40 overs . I would first try 2 guys in this position hardik & Gill, 1. Hardik Pandya :- A good coach would be able to harness his batting ability to the fullest if he tempers down a bit and plays longer . He should asked to stay till 40-45 overs , if he does that runs will come on its own. Guy has decent defence, murderer of spin , plays pace well too , quick between wickets - right now he plays too agrresively every ball . He should be considered as a top 6 batter who can bowl 5-6 overs in every match. He should be a permanent fixture at 4 or 5 and should be eased to #5 once gill establishes at #4. Then we will have Gill at 4 who is stable , 5 & 6 good hitters in Hardik & Pant . That would be good combo , also a leftie among the 3 . 2. Gill :- Good technique , good vs short balls , plays spin well too. Right now he may not be able to rotate strike well . Do not think he does prefer playing over the infield . But lad has a very high ceiling and could be next big batting star for India. A great investment for india. 3. KL Rahul: Somehow get a feel Prithvi Shaw will be more suited at opening and will do better than Rahul at the top. In that scenario KL may be an option at no.4 . 4. Mayank : could be an outside contender if he maintains his form for 2-3 years .
  8. The line of thinking of TM is that as pitches get worn out , there will be more spin and in such scenario Kedar may become a better bowling option that Shankar . As days go by there is less chance of Kedar getting dropped than Shankat unless KJ is not fit. If fit he will paly most of the matches from now on.
  9. Darshan fine as a back up pacer . Right now i feel we need a very good bat who can bowl spin as we need 6 bowling options at all times and it is better to have 2 bowlers one a pacer (hardik) and the other a spinner . Since white ball hardly swings and a part time spinner may be a better option than medium pace as most one day matches have flattish pitches . Sadly can't see an obvious choice right now . Was hoping Iyyer ( need to show bowling skills) , Hanuma ( should bat agrresively & doubts about short stuff), Deepak Hooda( has not piled on runs, bit of a disapointment) , W. Sundar ( batting - no improvement ) but none have come up to that level yet. We may also have to see if some from younger lot leaps ahead likes of Riyan Parag or one of the current u-19 bats who bowl a bit .
  10. I think TM wanted him to add inswing to his bowling and be a wicket taker upfront . That was desparate attempt by TM as Shami was not in contention at that time . But to me with his action , he may not be able to achive much in swinging the ball a la Wasim. Now since he is not in WC , he is going back to his original style and pace may pick up soon. If practices hard at NCA i have no doubt , he will be 140+ bowler consistently. Speed seem to come to him naturally. I think he must improve cutters by copying a few tricks of Fizz . With his height his cutters should get lot more bounce from good length with varying pace and he will pick up more wickets when slog is on. Even Amir now has become wicket taker in last spell due to his well directed cutters. Worth investing in this Lad for short format.
  11. Yes. Actually well bowled by Sami. Nabi backed out to leg and Shami followed him. Hence Nabi could not get the space and power behind the stoke. See again , the ball was in between his 2 legs when he excuted that shot .
  12. https://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/manchester/m15-6/hourly-weather-forecast/329260?hour=57
  13. Does not look like a washout by any means. https://www.bbc.com/weather/2643123
  14. Which site you checked weather is clearing up by Fri evening. Sunday couple of short showers possible in 2nd half.
  15. While most of us here want Shami in place of Kuldip , do not be surprised if they go with 2 spinners. For me their batting backbone is top 4 ,out of which apart from Hafeez, top 3 seem to have prepared more to play pace than spin. If we check their performance Vs spin ,it may not be better than pace. Secondly even in yesterday,s green pitch there was not much swing. Downside is that Hafeez &Shoib play spin well. But if Pak scores 300+ it only if top 3 performs big.I am getting a feeling they will go Shankar + 2 wristys
  16. Just like England, India too need to change thoer approach and be more agrresive in batting . Hope india gets a new coach with that mindset . England changed their approach post 2015 WC and it took almost 2-3 years to get success . With new set of players , india can be more agressive . Players like Shaw, Pant , Shreyas play agressively. There will be failures and may take some time before consistency comes . Advantahe india has is indian bowling has atleast 3 attacking bowlers.
  17. Had Rohit got out early yesterday , people would have been on his throat . That was not an easy pitch . Initially high class pace attack from SA .
  18. This could be his peak . It will be a loss if india does not give a chance after wc atleast in tests and he should be one of the resrves in 50 overs as he always bowls wicket to wicket.
  19. Also take into account the change that was made to his bowling to be able to get more swing , not sure who advised that . Now slowly he is going back to his original bowling style. thats why speed is also above 135-136 most of the time .
  20. If we win thats the risk. Atleast T20 WC tak gaadi keechega
  21. Isko baghhane ke liye WC haarenge bhi sahi. But this hsould end
  22. One does not need 7+ years to realise that. . Cannot understand some selections
  23. I hope Umesh experiment in shorter format ends today.
  24. Yes big scores. But do not go over boeard . Some of the teams are ..... we all know due to so mushrooming of so may teams now.
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