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  1. It deserved at that time . He gave lollypops to Pollard in his last 2 overs . It was very clear he did not spin the ball today , No dip too. in a such a situation when you know what Pollard will do , he should have bowled defensively the last 2 overs.
  2. Bowling Yorkers after Yorkers with great precision is very rare, some days it won't come out for most guys . I hope he develops a plan B when yorkers do not come out well. Could be few slow bouncers & normal bouncers, wide full length deliveries beyond the arc of hitting Zone . One should also give credit to the quality of batsmanship today at the last phase of the innings .
  3. Well looking at you 2 best buddies going on with % of wins or losses when x is in and y is in. Is Kiriket win or loss depends on that 1 guy ? What logic ?
  4. I thought kiriket is not a one man game ....????
  5. You need to make a start somehow to have replacements. I would like to see a plan chalked out like this. 1. India will not play Dhawan & Rohit as openers in series vs SL, BD, AFG NZ in short Format & Virat will also skip SL BD AFG short format series 2. T20s against minnows - Openers should be KL & Shaw. Both Dhawan & Mayank are not the best option for T20 . Check what Shaw does in about 8-10 matches. I am sure he will be a success and will become a candidate for 50 overs also in due course. 3. 50 Overs Vs Minnows : - > Play KL & Mayank initially and then move onto KL & Shaw , unless Mayank is a great success which i am not sure. So ultimately it would be KL & Shaw even in 50 overs vs minnows . > Play Gill at #3 in SL, BD , AFG & NZ matches . You will have tested and kept ready a potential #3 or #4 . If TM really analysed at the failure of India in WC tournies it is the top 3 going bust . There should be a plan to avoid it . Hence it is very important , Virat takes control of the match at #4 going forward and guide the middle order. Hence we need a guy for #3. AGAINST Aus, Eng, WI T20s : Play Rohith & KL initially . If anyone fails , try Shaw. 50 Overs : >Try Shikhar & Rohith initially . As we move along , trend would be clear that one of them will start going down. Play KL .Even within a series play KL in atleast 1 match. > Consider Gill as a potential #4 in 50 overs . If Iyer fails , play Gill. > If Pant does not improve his WKeeping , consider KL for WK. If TM sticks to this plan , > We would have at least 2 ready openers with some good experience. > Would have Iyer , KL & Pant with more games and would know by then who should be backed for your WC23 team. > Would have created a back up #4 in case Iyer fails . > Would have a back up WK if Pant fails . > Would have an experienced #3 in Gill , so that Virat can come down at #4 in 1.5 - 2 years time . Am considering here only talented guys who can make it at international level and have a definite higher ceiling.
  6. If Pant is criticized so much for a played on , then Virat should also be . Today's shot of Pant wasn'ta blind shot. Bit unlucky . But his keeping to spinners was piss poor . Needs to much better , if keeping gets bad , not much room for him . May be work for 6 months and then come back better
  7. I too do not agree that he is in experienced . You can say that for 19-21 guys . Not for 26-27 years . With that logic by the time he is experienced he will be 31-32. Though i am not judging him with one game ., IN this match last 2 overs at the end by Kuldeep and Saini caused slip in match control. I would expect plan B when Saini found landing yorkers tough . In this match For Pollar , should have bowled full on his legs so that he is bit pushed to leg side and then bowl wide full balls on the off side . Again a short ball is a good option against Polladr . those 3 balls should have been tried at that stage.
  8. Give credit to the batsmen . Some of the shots by Pooran were incredible. For me Pooran looks awesome . A GEM star in the making if he can keep this going
  9. Yes. Last 2 games for the first time , i am pleased about the way he played . Hope he just carries on same path . The moment he starts looking to hit more boundaries rather than aiming sixes every ball , he will become consistent , more balanced as he will pack a punch at the last minute after deciding where to hit and also making out any change of pace. Further 1) Should stay deep in the crease esp. later part of the innings and prepare for the slower balls . Most bowlers now use change of pace to get him out bowling good length or little short of good length and balls going away from him and he is trying to hit them down the ground or long off in the air and holing out in off side trap. Counter this with strokes from the back foot -> slash towards point , deft cuts to fine third man , punch drive to cover /extra cover. Once he starts playing these shots bowlers will struggle as to how to bowl to him. 2) Next plan from bowlers would be again to make him hoick to leg and get caught . He should develop swat slog keeping the ball down in the arc between wide long on to mid wicket . I will be very happy even if he clones some of the shots Pooran plays . The shots he plays towards long on to mid wickets with powerful swats keeping the ball down are the one i would like him to copy . Once he remembers there is off side too and the boundaries also give 4 runs which is just 2 runs less than 6 , he will be alright , MIGHTY alright .
  10. The critical thing in that shot was the pause where he could make out the change of pace and kept the ball down. Again it shows no need to throw everything at the ball & loose all balance. Guy can punch enough force even if he delays his shot a bit.
  11. I hope he somehow develop the skill to bowl atleast 4 overs in EMERGENCY and manage to escape carnage. Sole idea is to go with 4 bowlers plus Hardik & 6 batsmen including Iyer,till we find good bat who can bowl 5overs regularly in imp matches. Would be happy to see a team of Shaw,Rohit,kl,vk,Iyer,pant,Hardik,2wrist spinners&2 pacers. Expectation is of just an over or 2 once in a while and will bowl more only when a bowler gets injured during play.
  12. Let him play this season and also work out his game against Pace during off season. there is quite a bit needs to be done against quick bowling . May be do serious practice for hours against 90+M bolts from a bowling machine , If with that improvement he again shows consistency next season , by first half of next season he should make it to A team.
  13. First BCCI should investigate real value of NCA rehab experts ! Something really messy thing is going on there it seems . Almost all young bowlers are injured . They go to NCA after injury , bowl 6 overs post rehab and then again get injured . What diagnosis of injury these people have done for players , has that been re checked with any specialists . People like Nagarkoti went there for foot injury .. Now its almost 2 years he is suffering from totally different injuries . Saha injury total mess up. I hope Ganguly takes this matter up . In fact injury diagnosis should be done by best experts in the world and based on their rehab programme , work should start. In this digital era , why they can't get services of best doctors for each case from around the world ?
  14. He can still have nearly run a ball strike rate even against pacers as he picks singles well . That's his big plus apart from power hitting against spinners. the more overs he gets to play , better he would be as he can anchor without too many dot balls . In between he will get chances against spinners in 20-40 overs period to make up his strike rate . Where he lacks a bit is when he needs to hit big against good pacers with few overs left. That was very evident even in yesterday's match. Took 31 runs off a spinner , but that over from Chase was absolute rubbish . But when pacers came back he could not bring out big shots and eventually got out.
  15. Another important thing to consider , WC in 2023 3.5 years away. Dhawan - already 34 , Kedar -35 and both injury prone , rohit nearing 33 looks not in good shape. They will be 36-38 range by WC . Do you think these will be at their peak in 2023 ?. Check any great player and his performance around this age . they will be loosing their edge by that time . Hence very critical you find at least 3 openers and give them 30+ matches before WC so that you have 3 openers ready . If rohit is in great form even in 23, please play him , but should have back ups ready. Why this simple fact is not getting noticed , fail to understand. Lets look at the scenario - You play these players for another 3 years , then you find out that they are not performing upto the mark , but you still play them hoping they will come back to heir best past form but its not happening . Its almost 6 -8 months to go for WC. What you do now ? Go for guys who have not even played 10-15 matches ? Also factor in fielding standards with these 36-38 years old.
  16. He is getting out as he tries to hit a six every time for such deliveries and he does not figure out change of pace by bowlers He should giving importance to boundaries on off side . 1) for wide of off stump - develop square cut or cover drive of back foot . 2) Play between mid off to point to get boundaries by waiting deep in the crease . this will help him to make out change of pace and since he is not hitting in the air every time , less chance of getting out. 3) There is no need to over hit . He has enough power . Just maintain balance while playing the shots , planting the front foot firmly . I think Pooran is great template for him to emulate re: shot making . Apart from above improvements on off side , he should try playing most of the shots from long on to straight mid wicket even on the on side rather than hoicks every time on the on side . The powerful pulls /swats of Pooran to mid wicket can be very good addition to Pant's game as he is not hitting up , yet he will get boundaries . For shortish balls on body he already has a good shot to fine leg , long leg .
  17. He is not a finished product . Plays spin very well . But most of the big shots are down the ground and from long on to Wide mid wicket . He just needs to use the off side areas vs spinners . Then he will become not predictable . For me he does not have the same shot making ability against Pace as compared to Shaw or Pant among youngsters . Hardly plays Pull or Hook . Needs more improvement vs Pace to be good package . But good in rotation of strike , good fielder , to be persisted with . Will improve .
  18. Raina had a big weakness against short stuff in his entire career , pant does not have it else he would have been exposed in test Cricket on foreign soil. So pant has a higher ceiling. Pant's problem is with shot selection and predictable hitting zone right now without maintaining balance . Give him a year or so
  19. His bowling has been sorted out big time by batsmen now and without his bowling he does not deserve the spot as a pure bat. and at 34 with dodgy fitness , what you are going to get by playing in the X1 ? Win some bi laterals . That would be really poor thinking and bad strategy ..
  20. I think we are seeing some improvement in selection of team , strategy of play of late by India in shorter format . What would be make this team even better in future . some ideas: 1. Bring Prithwi Shaw in shorter format in the opening slot . For me he and Pant are the 2 batsmen who have the game to play attacking shots vs pace among youngsters in india as of now . I think most "experts" think right - left combo need to be maintained . While it is true , for me even a short guy and a tallish guy combo could also create same advantage esp. if taller guy is powerful hitter down the ground and shorter guy is good square off the wicket both sides and plays ramp shot well. This is what Shaw at the top will bring in. Guy seem to have very good stroke making ability and his short stature will make bowlers to make adjustments with a tall guy at other end . Exposure to Shaw would also make a ready made replacement in case Dhawan & Rohit start failing. This would require seniors either Virat or Rohit coming down the order for the benefit of the team. Would be better if both Shaw -KL and Shaw - Rohit combo as openers tested and see which fits best. 2. Virat should move down the order to 4 as time passes . If Rohit maintains his form , Play Shaw -Rohit at the top , play KL at 3 & Virat at 4 . If Rohit also loses play Shaw -KL at the top , bring Gill at 3 and Virat at 4 . 3. Continue with Iyer at 5 & pant at 6 in both short formats without break. 4. Pandya should be slotted at 7 5. Bring in 2 Wrist spinners - Provide exposure to Rahul Chahar as a possible replacement to Chahal. Can consider Shreyas G too. 6. Identify 1 good offie and include in 15 who bowls well against Lefties - Think its time TM starts looking at K Gowtham . Keep Ashwin too in the loop if he performs well ( for 50 overs team) . May be a better option vs players like Hetmeyer , Pooran etc as we should have a bowler he can take them out , defensive bowling will never work against them . 7. Exclude Kedar from 15 . 8. Start playing -Saini & Siraj in 50 overs , so that you are building back ups for pace department. 9. Use Shami in Big tournaments without fail esp. 50 overs . 10. Pray Bhumra is always fit . 11. Specific drills for all new pacers to bowl yorkers , very full wide yorkers and cutters . 12. Any of No. 4, 5, 6 should be sent in if india loses 1st week after 18-10 overs to give them as much exposure as possible. 13. Rest either Rohit or Virat in bilaterals by rotation. 12 . Make Batting aggressively the main objective of the team going forward . If this team cam score 330+ on most occasions on a true pitch with Bhumra , Shami , 2 wrist spinners / 1 offie based on opposition , they will always have a chance . But there is still a hole in this grand plan and i have no solution with the current set of players . The 6th bowling option without weakening the batting.
  21. Its Money to be made in home season. All matches will be jam packed and Ad rates will be high as 2 top teams are playing.
  22. 3 very important things need to be done to build a team for WC event . 1) Plan out your strategy for winning WC. 2) Identify your best suited players for each position to carry that strategy. 3) give them enough chances so that they play anywhere 30-50 matches before WC and have enough experience to carry out the strategy. All of these require 3 -4 years of planning and execution in matches . Look at the teams who were WC winners . 2011 Indian team and the matches most of the members had before the WC. 2019 WC winners and the no. of matches most of the members played by WC. , the change in strategy they adopted after 2015 WC , the players selected to carry out that aggressive approach in batting. You do not start preparing for WC , when you are 1 -1.5 years away from WC.
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