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  1. Of course. Change brought in by Dravid.
  2. He was to make Mohit world class ,,, i heard some years back .?
  3. think he will take over Krunal's place in T20. Do not think he will be very successful in 50 overs in bowling as much in T20. In 50 overs we should have out & out crafty attacking spinners whatever type it could be righty , leftie , Leggie, Office whaterver , but best 2 wicket taking spinners . In 50 overs Kuldeep , Jaddu , Chahal ,R. Chahar would be front runners , by the looks of it.
  4. He was reaaly good in the initial couple of years , with his blazing square cuts vs pace and a tight defence.
  5. So true . Soemtimes he may not get loads of them but gets the best players. Vividly rememeber last series in SL , where he got SL best bat Sanga almost every time .
  6. The way he is playing and state of mind a failure in test a bigger possibility. That may push him out of side for a longer period. Also it's very certain Saha will be the keeper fom India tests vs Bangla. No. Point in keeping him on bench. He needs come out of that environment and play domestic matches. This will bef good for him.
  7. First thing should be to release him from test 15 so that he plays domestic SMA. Let him play all domestic matches possible till NZ tour start. Then assess based on his domestic performance.
  8. His form has gone bad . There is no timing , no confident powerful shots . Guy should play all the matches of SMA for Delhi as he is not going to be playing in tests . In fact TM should release him right away to play domestics to stop further loss of confidence.
  9. Thats because form has changed . You also need to play the batsmen who is in better nick. That does not mean you are discarding the other . He will also be in the loop.
  10. Is there any points being awarded for these bilateral matches to find the world T20 champion ??? Please re think should this be the strategy ? Are ENG , NZ are fools to rest their stars and play new guys ?
  11. That's where the Coach's role becomes important. Right now players are given chances as per captain's whims it seems . The very idea that Virat does not have no idea who are the potential best fits for middle Order is such a sorry state of affairs . Cannot make out how a world class batsman cannot figure out that when looks at potential players . A good coach would have finalized with captain what he is looking for players say for # 4 & 5 and if that moron has not enough idea , can drill the that point to him . Then take those requirements to selectors with their list of 3-4 players for 4 & 5 positions to selectors . That would have solved all this problem in those 4 years by persisting with those 3-4 players .
  12. But i would play Hardik at 6 & Jaddu at 7 . Hardik should play more deliveries .
  13. Good post . Almost the same i have in my mind. I would add Shaw among openers , and Mayank for MO options.
  14. Need a change in approach and team composition to start with T20s: 1. Our short format power play strategy should be changed . They should be playing aggressively in power play even if it means they may loose 1-2 wickets esp. in T20. Whats the point of having all the wickets till 9-10 overs but scoring at 6-7-runs per over ? 2. Current opening pair should be changed . Without that change , the batting approach will not change . Drop Shikhar and bring anyone who plays aggressively from the word go . You may have to try 2-3 guys and stick with the one who does better among them. Whats now happening is the first 3 play all the deliveries and leave nothing for others (only personal records get better , nothing else) . have you ever seen a player from # 4 to #7 ever came up the order recently either in T20 or 50 overs . Its always the same order. You cannot blame selectors for that , Its Virat who should be making these changes as per match situations . They never do it. In 50 overs esp. so may times team had the opportunity to do it but they never did it. You have young players like Iyer, pant ,KL in the eleven and you have to score say 100-120 to win with lots of overs left . Even in such match situations , you will see Virat coming out at 3 . How a youngster will get his confidence if does not play even 1 -2 innings in a 3 / 5 match series? 3. All T20 overs till March 2020 should be used to test out fringe players . Look what Eng & NZ doing - Eng rested Roy, Buttler, Stokes, Archer . And they find new guys like Malan , Vince , Banton. NZ too are getting Siefer , a better Nesham . India should also include only 1 out of top 3 in T20 . Another interesting fact is - India is willing to change their bowlers but not their top 3 . TM should be asked why that is the case . What they are trying to asses about Rohit , VK, Shikhar which they do not know already. 4. Why not try to solve 1 opening slot who plays better than Shikhar - try Mayank, KL , Samson , even Pant and see what they do. Let the new guys play at 3 - Among Samson, Mayank , Gill , Iyer . More game time for them means those who played well will be ready for #4 , 5 by WT20 . 5. Purpose of selecting Samson , Dubey is defeated if they do not play even 1 single proper innings . Why not Dubey be brought up the order a bit in some matches ? . he seems to be monster hitter when ball is in his arc but feel there is chink in his play when he plays short of length /short stuff. Now only if this gets exposure he will know where he needs to change for international level.
  15. What works for these proper sloggers is ball coming down without much movement swing or seam . Look at the performance of Rohit, Guptill , Bairstow , Finch in tests and compare this with short formats . Since red ball moves more than white ball , these sloggers become bunnies in tests. That's why a bowler who moves the ball with accuracy by swing or seam has a definite place in shorter format . That's my point . Again i said Chahar is the leader among the 2ND RUNG of India bowlers , did not say he is the best of India bowlers . Its not Chahar's fault if the 2ND RUNG quality is piss poor and we do not have even one bowler who is 60% of our first team in quality and within that poor quality he seems to be the leader. What selectors can do in that scenario, they will have to pick him till we find someone who really shows skills to play at international level. Would like to know who are those bowlers who will not be hit out of the park in SENA (excuding Bhumra, Shami, Bhuvi ) and who should replace Chahar ?
  16. ICF has too much fixation about speed numbers . No batsman is worried much by just pace nowadays . Also a bowler just having pace will never survive in shorter formats . Just observe yesterday's PAK vs AUS match . 2 20 something kids were bowling 140+ most of the times , but what was the result ? Have been observing lot of abuses in ICF when Deepak Chahar gets selected for shorter format . For me he is the best T20 bowler among the second rung of India bowlers. Not because he bowls 140+ but due to swing initially and thoughtful bowling at the end . He will too go for runs in some matches but that is part of the nature of T20 game . Mind you we have not seen him play in helpful conditions much. But he has the tools and can improve . For taking wickets we need these kind of bowlers and most matches are won when you take wickets early. Porel for me also has a better chance of succeeding - he seems to have a knack of picking up wickets though his speed has come down. There are some pluses he has ,compared to others - - Has height and hence bounce advantage . - Quite young yet pretty accurate & consistent . - Can use bouncer as a run denying ball . - Seem to change the pace of deliveries and batsmen seem to play early . Just watch his wickets in U-19 WC. He is a kid , Got back after severe injury . But he must be backed . Only thing he lacks right now is pace . If he can bowl 132 -135 range , he will be good and then will play for India . I think he will come to that range in 1-2 years time unless injury has played spoilsport. thedeliveries a, hs seams the vball - Poor
  17. Did not see anything great in his captaincy in IPL to form an opinion that he will be great . Of the younger lot , Rahane's Test captaincy was good .
  18. He is very good bet for LOI. Very good player of spin & even plays well vs medium pace stuff. Hope TM & Selectors give him #4 spot in 50 overs matches . Do not think fully ready for Tests . There is no need to hurry . Rahane is doing decently . Let him show his improvements in A games in overseas tours .
  19. Do not understand what this selectors doing ? Deodher trophy gave them a chance to select best 3 teams without ant restriction of state or zone. . They should have used this to select players who should be in contention for India. Instead they are selecting bowlers who played for India and have been rejected now due poor show. I.e Dhaval,Unadcutter, Kaul . Horrible bunch of selectors with no vision as to who they think are India probables.If their thinking is that the above are domestic performers ,then they can still play in Ranji . Since they cannot be India probables any more, when you select A,B,C teams of India these teams should include as many probables as possibles , not proven failures.
  20. He was a tremendous new ball swing bowler . Certainly very good in his first 4-5 years . Nowadays batsmen face up to pace much better than earlier , it is the swing which is the issue with almost all top batsmen of current era. Seems too much obsession with PACE in ICF . What matters is skill set to get wickets rather than just pace . Good pace with great control over swing /seam is the best combo for a very successful career. One can check records of all past masters who took record number of wickets . May be they were out & out pacers only for 3-4 years at the most
  21. Me too think so. Do not think a 16 year old would have developed that kind of muscles in his forearms and torso. Looks > 19 - 19+ for me .
  22. He had 2 types of game . One that will make you bored to death , Second had beautiful strokes with grace particularly his on drives from long on to square leg . Also his cover driving . But won;t say a very good player of extreme pace but a much better player against swing..
  23. Saini & Prasidh - Injury issues . One change i wish at this time is Mavi in place of Shardul ( again assuming Mavi 100% fit)
  24. Just the fact that from basically in dipping bowler , now his armory has lot more weapons well mastered . the quickness with which he makes changes in his game to overcome deficiencies just proves that.
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