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  1. Yes. Actually well bowled by Sami. Nabi backed out to leg and Shami followed him. Hence Nabi could not get the space and power behind the stoke. See again , the ball was in between his 2 legs when he excuted that shot .
  2. prudent_kreeda

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

  3. prudent_kreeda

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Does not look like a washout by any means. https://www.bbc.com/weather/2643123
  4. prudent_kreeda

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    Which site you checked weather is clearing up by Fri evening. Sunday couple of short showers possible in 2nd half.
  5. prudent_kreeda

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    While most of us here want Shami in place of Kuldip , do not be surprised if they go with 2 spinners. For me their batting backbone is top 4 ,out of which apart from Hafeez, top 3 seem to have prepared more to play pace than spin. If we check their performance Vs spin ,it may not be better than pace. Secondly even in yesterday,s green pitch there was not much swing. Downside is that Hafeez &Shoib play spin well. But if Pak scores 300+ it only if top 3 performs big.I am getting a feeling they will go Shankar + 2 wristys
  6. Just like England, India too need to change thoer approach and be more agrresive in batting . Hope india gets a new coach with that mindset . England changed their approach post 2015 WC and it took almost 2-3 years to get success . With new set of players , india can be more agressive . Players like Shaw, Pant , Shreyas play agressively. There will be failures and may take some time before consistency comes . Advantahe india has is indian bowling has atleast 3 attacking bowlers.
  7. prudent_kreeda

    Your team for next match..,

    Had Rohit got out early yesterday , people would have been on his throat . That was not an easy pitch . Initially high class pace attack from SA .
  8. prudent_kreeda

    The most overused & abused cricketing lexicons

    It cannot get bigger than this
  9. prudent_kreeda

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now ( Fastest of 152.9 kph )

    This could be his peak . It will be a loss if india does not give a chance after wc atleast in tests and he should be one of the resrves in 50 overs as he always bowls wicket to wicket.
  10. prudent_kreeda

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    Also take into account the change that was made to his bowling to be able to get more swing , not sure who advised that . Now slowly he is going back to his original bowling style. thats why speed is also above 135-136 most of the time .
  11. prudent_kreeda

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    If we win thats the risk. Atleast T20 WC tak gaadi keechega
  12. prudent_kreeda

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Isko baghhane ke liye WC haarenge bhi sahi. But this hsould end
  13. prudent_kreeda

    Match Ka Mujrim tracker

    One does not need 7+ years to realise that. . Cannot understand some selections
  14. prudent_kreeda

    Match Ka Mujrim tracker

    I hope Umesh experiment in shorter format ends today.
  15. prudent_kreeda

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    Yes big scores. But do not go over boeard . Some of the teams are ..... we all know due to so mushrooming of so may teams now.

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