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  1. Who are the Potential fast/medium bowlers

    REASON I AM SAYING 20I FIRST FOR HIM IS THAT HE SEEMS TO HAVE TOOLS TO SUCCEED IN DEATH OVERS . GOOD 2-3 OVERS AT DEATH IF SUCCESSFUL WILL GIVE A BIG BOOST TO HIS CONFIDENCE. I AM NOT SURE RIGHT NOW HE CAN BOWL WELL UPFRONT . YOU CANT MAKE HIM BOWL 6-7 OVERS AT DEATH IN 50 OVERS, he should be able to bowl quite early in an innings also. His stock ball in first spell seems to be short rising ball , the moment his good length ball is attacked , he will bowl that rising short ball. it may work against domestic batters in India but in international matches he may be taken to cleaners . Whereas in death overs he bowls atleast 4 different deliveries one being a good yorker at pace and hence may succeed . Re: Siraj , i am very glad that he played those 2 games and his weakness was exposed . You can't just bowl a slower ball with no deception and hope to succeed . He now knows he needs to develop more skills esp. yorkers , and decptive change of pace to play at international . Without that experience , he would have gone on doing the same stuff thinking he is ready for international level.
  2. Who are the Potential fast/medium bowlers

    Saini for 50 overs match Khaleel for 20 over matches first . Need to graduate from there to 50 overs . Do not rush him to 50 overs right away. Needs some more experience & polishing
  3. Deepak Hooda, the finisher India needs.

    He is more of a basher of slow bowling & trundlers . Really doubt his ability vs quick pacers .
  4. Weeding out deadwoods. But How?

    For all tearing of our hair , no major changes will happen till WC 19. It seems only places which may have some uncertainity are -> no.4 & No.6 assuming MSD will play at no.5 . For no.4 -> though team management seem to favour Rahane , i would like to see Rohit at 4 . looking at his issues against moving ball . Rahane or KLR( if selected) should open with Dhawan based on who is in better form at that time . For no.6 -> He has to be a batsman who can give you 4-6 overs . At the moment only Jadhav fits the bill. But his form has been very iffy. Add to it very poor fielder. I am sure team management will be closely watching Raina's form in this year's IPL . If he hits form , i think they will go for him at no.6 . An in form Raina is a much better option than Jadhav . I think this is what is going to happen whteher we like it or not .
  5. Battle of young batsmen: Shaw vs Gill

    I still think Gill a better player of pace than Shaw. Shaw will be tested by shortish stuff soon. Gill terrific runner , shaw lags in this aspect.
  6. From what i see , he seems to be better player of pace .. better than shaw , Iyer , Pant . Handles short balls better. Takes minimal risk but his strike rate is always above 100%. Super fit for no.4 position where he will hold one end up with nearly 100% strike rate . Let all hitters do their hitting from other end. The current lot Jadhav , Pandey play too many risky shots .
  7. For 50 overs he the best bet at 4 . Just get him in at 4 . Period ! He should not be included in T20 looking at his present game. You do not need
  8. ICC U19 WORLD CUP IN NZ : Jan 13- Feb 3 , 2018

    Some how apart from Shaw & Gill, i do not get a feeling of solid line up which can put up a god enough total if both of them fail.
  9. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Do not under estimate D Chahar if fully fit
  10. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Any swing bowler should bowl that full ball but landing nearer good length mark than towadrs popping crease . You will have them bowled . LBW and also caught . Whatch the length of Botham / Alderman in some of the old videos
  11. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Haha Haha ! Nice one .. I too eat appams but can't even throw decently !!!
  12. 4 fast bowlers winning a test match for India -- my dream come true

    Oh! Thank you .. How did i miss ? Not having enough time recently .
  13. The domestic t20 post tournament round up

    Yes saw fine yorkers bowled in final match ( the only one match i saw of him recently).
  14. 4 fast bowlers winning a test match for India -- my dream come true

    Thnx a TON expressji .. What you make of Khaleel for T20. Perosnally really liked the big pluses he already has .. Hope he can quickly add some of the stuff other very successful lefties have done to become successful. There is lot of scope to add quite a few varieties and then he can be a great asset in one day & T20s .
  15. The domestic t20 post tournament round up

    I think Khaleel would be best for T20s among all . Still raw but some big positives aready are : 1. The fastest among the lot at 20. 2. A left arm fast bowler. 3. Bowls really good yorkers. 4. Changes speed well . If he can add some of the below to become a complete package , he can be very very good prospect . 1. Learn bowling wide of off stump at very full / yorker lenth to right hand batsmen with control. 2. Bowl cutters a la mustafizur. 3. Bowl in swinging deliveries ( will be a great asset to bowl opening spells ) . Have not seen him swinging /seaming much . Also stock ball seems to be short ball . But overseas batsmen may hit those by pulling & cutting and he may come under pressure . Should be given the task of third pace bowler and should bowl 5-6 overs after 30 overs . i.e. looks better as a death bowler . Not sure he is ready for 50 overs rigjht now . But if works hard for next 6 months and adds new skills as mentioned above , a great package in T20 and 50 Overs along with B & B .

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