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  1. prudent_kreeda

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    I am really happy the way this A test team pace attack is selected . Looks like they are very clear who are good for longer version. Siraj , Rajpoot, Gurbani & Saini . Also all are playing in same match /atleat 3 of them .Gives a very clear idea who should be in test 15 next time. They need to do it for shorter format too . by the time SA A & AUS A triangular gets iver , we may have asnswer to that also as Deepak Chahar, Mohammed Siraj, Shivam Mavi, Khaleel Ahmed.Siddarth Kaul, Prasidh Krishna, Kulwant Khejroliya, Navdeep Saini will be in action. Would be happy if 5 of these shine : Siraj, Khaleel , Prasidh, Mavi & Chahar . But like it or not - Kaul will be one among the top 5 perfomers. Hope they do it for batters too . They need to
  2. prudent_kreeda

    The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    Selection seem to be based on certain guidelines set :- 1. Should have experience of domestic cricket and do well. 2. Get selected to A teams based on domestic performance. 3. Succeed in overseas A tours. As he has done well (infact looks like no.1 perfomer on all above recently), selectors have to move him to national team . After setting these goal posts , they cannot select someone else . That will be changing the goal posts again. Not sure will he be success overseas , but you now cannot deny him a chance to play at test level. You never know, at that level it is more of temperament and some descipline in shot selection. Looks like will come good on 50 overs atleast.
  3. prudent_kreeda

    Shubman Gill- time to step up, your country needs you

    Mate .. it won't happen that soon. 1. He will have to play coming full domestic season. 2. Then he will be in A test teams . 3. Will have to complete atleast 2 overseas tours and succeed . Only then he will be considered . This may mean only in 2020. This may be very near to reality based on present selection process followed . I think Nair, Vihari will get their chance first in middle order. and for openers Mayank , Shaw will be considered , one of them will come in by next series .
  4. prudent_kreeda

    England will come harder at us

    Let them come harder . We are No.1 , then you should face it ,perform & win. Esle No.1 tag does not carry much weight. Also if players do not perish , ket them get hammered . We know deadwoods in ODI team wont be removed tillWC19 ends , Let atleast Test team get cleaned up of deadwoods after the thrashing.
  5. prudent_kreeda

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    NP. Hotha hai. Was just pulling your legs ...
  6. prudent_kreeda

    India A vs SA A first unofficial test

    Whos wicket you took ? The 3rd one ?
  7. prudent_kreeda

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    Think he needs to look at 2 things to be even more ready :- 1. His play to balls on off and outside - > As he prefers a little backing away to leg side to enable him to drive through offside , gets beaten quite ofen when ball moves away on good length from offstump. > Also big indippers will trouble him due to this stance . > throws his hands at out side off deliveries . (Mind you.. can score a lot with that shot a la Veeru if ball is not doing much as he seems to have good hand -eye co-ord ..) 2. He will be targetted with pacy short stuff to his rib cage . This will be the case in Aus , SA for sure with a legside trap. How he copes with that will be interesting to watch . I think he must be working already on that . Being not so good a hooker , he needs to have an attacking option developed to counter this. He won't succeed if he does only defence against such bowling. - move a bit towards leg and hit over point, cover point - Sewhag was so good at it . - Play the Ramp if ball has height. - Develop pull shot front of square . - Play it down to leg to take a single. Based on the line of the ball and height at which he is meeting them , he can choose to execute any of these options . If leg side is packed , hit it on off . If offside is blocked , use pull or play down to leg side . he already is hitting any shortish balls around outside off stump over offiside field . Just practice hard for 2nd issue another 6 months and be ready with an attacking option . If he can fetch a four every over vs such attack ,bowlers will then have to really think. First set of issues more of descipline and shot selection which he can overcome once into test mode. The first s i am very interested how he prepares in another 6 months to face shortish stuff aimed at his rib cage . If he specificayy
  8. prudent_kreeda

    Team for test 2

    That article is almost 2 weeks old and Bhumra already doing cathing practice with soft ball couple of days back.
  9. prudent_kreeda

    Time to blood in Prithvi Shaw

    May be t20 as of now. Bowling is not there yet. W Sundar would be 1st choice i think even in T20
  10. prudent_kreeda

    "Shastri Hai Hai"

    But we are not expecting him to play now . As a coach do something like Gary ... Not just Bomabasting & Yes man job ! More than 3 years , ... slip catching so shoddy still ... seems no accountability for fielding coach. Serious batting ineptiude ... do not know why can't show grit to hang on.. when they had nearly 1.5 months to work it out. Atleast we should see real effort to hang in , get a brute , get out ...fine . No issues .. Bowlers even after 5 -6 years cannot get things right. Players , Team management both just carrying on.
  11. prudent_kreeda

    "Shastri Hai Hai"

  12. RT... expect a retort from Khota Now .
  13. In form & Conditions - Best 5 batsmen ... VK Then .... ....... ........ ........ Forget it , not able to reach even a count of 2 .
  14. prudent_kreeda

    Our batting in SENA

    Yes give them atleast 3 tests without break and then decide do you want them for next series or not ,rather giving 3-4 tests for hacks like dhavan . Still feel Vijay may be do reasonably if his reflexes are not gone . No point in crying now as you cannot replace 3-4 of them at one go in this tour. But this tour should be end point where selectors should decide permanently about Vijay, Dhawan, Pujara, DK . No more dilly - dallying , yaari dosti team selection.
  15. prudent_kreeda

    How many matches will Dhawan drop?

    Is it after watching Afg Test or Egbaston test?

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