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  1. Was alluding to that fact that his test batsmanshiop quality has gone down by the habits from T20 , ODT games as he playes all 3 formats .
  2. Dude , whole thing was written about batemen .. batsmen and batsmen by me ..
  3. Getting an intuition , Pak will come out on top of us. A good thing . Expecting atleast 2-3 no gooders will have permanent bye- bye from india team .
  4. Some one who can score in overseas conditions will invariably score in SC conditions too , unless he is a very very very poor player of decent spin. What is the point in selecting FTB in sc conditions whom you cannot play in tough conditions . SO a mayank , Gill , Shaw, Vihari will not play in SC conditions , and you also know Rohit , Dhawan , Vijay , Pujara cannot succeed in overseas tour , so cannot pick them in future tours ? How how you resolve this . How you know who should be your future players . Are we going towards .. Malai khaane ke liye FTB to le lo . Jab fatne ki baat aati to Naye ladkon ko Bakra bana do !
  5. Makes a lot more sense . I too am of the same opinion , your goal should be finding batsmen who have the temperament and technique to succeed in overseas conditions and such batsmen should be preferred both in SC conditions and overseas tours. No point after all the failures in overseas tours again you pick dhawan , Vijay for SC matches . Identify your 2 nd alternative for Pujara & Rahane and include them in 15 man team . If they fail in another overseas tour , time to replace both Pujara & Rahane. Bowling more or less is Ok. Just include Siraj now . Later on look at Saini & rajpoot .
  6. prudent_kreeda

    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Too much yaar. Have you gone through a forceful twisted ankle at any time . I have gone thtough that .
  7. prudent_kreeda

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    What is happening is these multi format players bring bad habits of t20 into Tets matches . Hence quality of test batsmanship is going down . Every cannot adjust kike VK.
  8. Forget it. The writings are not based on any cricketing knowledge but gossipy kind .. Another dimesnsion .
  9. I think enough Pant bashing was done for almost 1 month and even deservedly to an extent. After 1st test innings looked totally confused . But its time to give some credit . What is shown that boy has something special in stroke making. Defence not there yet . Keeping better than expected but long way to go. Some one you should persisit with and see the results after 1 year.
  10. Why no pressure ? This match was a goner . England can still win as new ball is due . Andeson is bowling even now at 70+ overs with old ball. Its not that some dollies being thrown at.
  11. prudent_kreeda

    India A vs Aus A - 4 day test series

    His craft is quite different to have shivalkar like accuracy . Even Chandra used to bowl quite a few loose balls even at his peak.
  12. They will identity players n who they think will fight it out and back them. That needs a clear thinking by captain & Coach. Look at AUS history and how Border & Simpson built thier team with new players who showed geat grit later on
  13. prudent_kreeda

    India A vs Aus A - 4 day test series

    Warne, Murali, Chandrasekhar ... . Simple spinners have never taken buckets of wickets in tests . Its only those who could not be read easily have been phenomenal and who had lot of guile.
  14. Getting knocked out at knock out stage in WC19 , would be the biggest benefit for our one day team too.
  15. let the card read 4-1. We need to weed out atleast 3-4 players from this line up. Need a better coaching team , the present need to go ASAP. Only when you are exposed big time , something will happen.
  16. why its a must that you must have an offie only. For SENA , consider a Wrist spinner and show confidence in him.
  17. Am i the only one seeing an agenda to sabe Koach ...? What is the hard work that was very visible to him from Koach ... Bullshit ..
  18. That part worries me . Unless you improvise and add something new , players will find ways to negate you. Some IQ very essential to plan a dismissal , to quickly assess weakness of a batsmen and then exploit it.
  19. prudent_kreeda

    Indian bowling in Odis for Worldcup - Weak?

    There are too many gaps to fill . 1. 6th Bowling option :- As the top 4 batsmen do not bowl at all , this is a big headache .Its not that if 5 bowlers cannot do the job , this 6th guy will do. Its more to do with having a back up plan if any of the 5 bowlers get injured during play. How you cover that up ? 2. No good fit so far for 6th position :- To have some cushion in batting ,management wants to try a pure batsmrn who bowls a few . Only guy who seems to have done some bowling is Kedar. But he is poor in fielding, suspect against quality pace , poor runner and bowling too crappy type. Other options - not tested enough and do not seem to have any ready option as such. 3. Fevicol MSD:- Has looked way past his best. Can't score against genuine quicks , Do not have shots to hit big if wide yorkers are delivered off the off stump.Poor against Left arm spin. He knows he will get out if he goes for attacking play. So to look decent he will play very % cricket and go on getting singles and odd 2s. This always leads to pulling down RR and puts pressure on others to hit out. Its so unfortunate such an astute mind cannot make out how he is damaging india one day team composition. Atleast he can be in 15 , play odd 1-2 matches in World cup and be a brain sitting on bench and passing on his wisdom every over . 4. No settled middle order: - Even after 3 years of experimentation we do not know who are our middle order batsmen. There is a facination to go for older players again & again. Selecting Ambati at this stage was really bad move. You are adding another slow mover and passenger to the team. Nothing to show against quality pace . 5. New comers not grabbing chances :- Even when some newcomers were included they did not grab the opportunity. KL , Iyer, Pant . None played one great innings from middle order. Current showing in test matches also by them is disappointing. KL looks to be better option but not getting a good run at one place . I would still say if both Bhuvi & Bhumra are fit , bowling looks decent . Batting is horrible from no.4 onwards . Based on current showing if top 3 fail, india cannot win even 2 matches out 10 if a decent amount of runs needed to be scored .
  20. I too am very confident he will be picked. Also want team to select him in 3-4 matches in X1 in Aus
  21. prudent_kreeda

    Duleep trophy 2018

    Is the opinion still stands ?. In his first A Team selection,has 2 40+,1 60+ not out in final & failure. Is it not too harsh a judgement?
  22. prudent_kreeda

    Manish Pandey should be given a proper run in ODIs at #4

    Yes big big releif . Lets hope he piles on big amount of runs this domestic seasion. I know he wont get a chance till WC19. But right after WC 19 , he should aget a permanent spot in 50 overs opening the batting and a series contender in test team too.
  23. prudent_kreeda

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    Right. After end of Ranji he was little under performed. Seems to be picking up now. It happens. Could be some niggle.

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