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  1. Bowls well in shorter format even at death. Check this year's IPL Games.
  2. Shankar should our option @6th position for long-term and not Kedar
  3. With Dravid you should expect this. This how he has done in each series. Gives chance to all. This is good too. You actually judge players given to you Vs same opposition and assess them.
  4. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    If they dish out green tops , so be it . GO with Shammi , Bhuvi , Bhumra & Hardik
  5. Are we not aware of the importance of batting strike-rates in T20Is ?

    1. It's easy to say that Iyer and pant will not break the momentum but the reality might be very different. IPL and T20Is are different scenarios. Both have been inconsistent in the IPL itself. Change in the team doesn't always mean that the new players will perform. Dhawan is an established opener. You need to have strong reason to replace him. Iyer and pant both haven't performed extraordinarily or anything in the A-series or BP11 matches. IF they are super consistent at 19-22 , why they should be playing all these A , Ranji games ?. They would,have been in senior team by now. What is needed is players - who are attacking and have big shots . That would be mean 1or 2 guys will come up with real blazing knocks even though short ones. Thats how T20 games are won. Also note some of the success of last IPL was these young guns and not established players. Change in the team doesn't always mean that the new players will perform One of main objective of selectors is to find replacements , hence they need to test some of the new guys for future replacements and T20s are really the place where you need to do this. ENG is doing it really well. What would be the age of Shikhar by next TW20 - 34-35? Rohit - 33 ? Kedar - 35-36? MSD - 40+ . Pandey - 32-33 , Nehraji - 41+ , Gosh ... I go mad when i go about thinking about them . 2. There is no proper keeper in your team. Pant/Rahul are half&half keepers. What Pant is doing ? What Ishan K is doing ? 3. Krunal isn't ready yet for International games. I would say Axar is a better pick currently as we more of their bowling than batting given the top 6 we have. What was the basis for this judgement without giving even a single game ? Currently team is doing well both in 50 overs and T20 due to bowlers . Take out BK & Bhumra and then see how team performs . VK & Rohit would have to bail out 9 out 10 times . All these pretenders (MSD, Kedar , Axar will be naked against good pace attack) . Hence you need to groom players to take their position ASAP . That means try out 2-3 guys and zero in one those who show promise .
  6. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Oh .. Chahar is 18 & half and Kamlesh nearing 18. Thought Chahar was 17
  7. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Chahar average speed with rip around 53-55 miles. Good for a 17 year old
  8. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    8th over of the innings is the best of him
  9. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    Does his features look bit above 17 years old ? Or my eyes failing?
  10. Is this selection committee best India had?

    Rahul Chahar in BP X1. Another pretty good selection.
  11. BP 11 squad for warm up game against NZ

    Its confirmd now , Rahul chahar has been selected and not deepak chahar . Wow this is a good selection again
  12. Is this selection committee best India had?

    I would say post WI tour , 1) they have been very good in selection for Tests . 2) exceedingly good in selection of A teams . Where they have been iffy iffy is in 50 ODI and i do not think they have a free hand here . They are under pressure to agree on couple of players of captain/Coach's choice . Can't blame them completely . They are minnows in front of KING ! 3) Where i was disappointed is the selection of T20 squad Vs AUS . We do not have any WT20 in the near future . So they could have really experimented with youth in T20 . T20 going forward should be used to give exposure to fringe players and prepare them for future 50 ODI. Guys doing well there should be claimants for 50ODI places If they do rectify this in NZ & SL T20 matches i will rate this selection team as the best . One more little hitch was not selecting any good pacers in BP X1. But i do not attach too much importance to that insignificant match.
  13. Young Batsman Making Debut ODI - Kohli Captaincy Watch

    I mean he is not in team. You may to see others' pant
  14. Young Batsman Making Debut ODI - Kohli Captaincy Watch

    Whose pant.
  15. Talent watch

    No way with his height and the way he bowls he can aspire for that . He needs that Loop and dip to beat in addition to turn both ways . These faster deliveries are just to do a bit of containing in between his stock stuff esp. in one dayers. If he tries to 98-100 he has to a darter , which we have enough .
  16. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    No one is talking about who is best 3 format player in this thread .Its about reaction to team selection for AUD T20 and hence the suggestion perhaps IYER & Pant could have been considered for this . That's it.
  17. Rangana Herath joins 400 wickets club

    Rise & Repeat mystery stuff ... Mendis .. Sandakan .. Akila ...
  18. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    Who is talking about tests? This thread is about T20 selections
  19. Wah Wah re Padosis ... CHampion Phhast bowling powerhouse .......... factory ... LOL
  20. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    If 1 match is the judging criteria , then VK should not have been further chance when he looked hopeless in his first match in Srilanka. Why was he groomed for nearly year ?
  21. Talent watch

    I too sold on him. Though he got a hat trick in Calcutta , i thought his 6-7 overs yesterday were far better . Guy has very very good control even though he is a LA leggie . What i implied was he should not be that is easy to hit the way Maxwell did . Do not allow them to line you up and then use your guile . Loop for is very imp as he on the shorter side .
  22. Talent watch

    Will be fun to watch when his flipper at 85- 89 kph shatters the stumps to the bewilderment of the batter . Thanks you McCricket. Very good thread to follow . Hope 2 of the GURUS Expressji & RKT jump in here often
  23. Talent watch

    A good example is Tahir , the moment batters go after him , he will start bowling fastish googlies and then dish out normal turning deliveries to get them out . Now he is a very improved bowler , earlier he was tonked around regularly.
  24. Talent watch

    Oh yes. So different from all the ones who i have watched from Sivaramakrishnan, Hirwani, Piyush , Bahutule (both poor), Misraji .All of them were very slow in air and in today's ODI games they will hammered atleast 1-2 big hits per over. Thats where i think even Kuldeep needs to improve . Have some faster deliveries in between just to reduce hittable balls which will make batsmen even more frustrated and give way their wickets .

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