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  1. Any idea which match or tournament ?. Desperate to hear positive news about him.
  2. If youngsters are going to get only 5 games which idiot will dare to start hittting from ball 1 ? He will try to remain not out !
  3. Yes that's the problem . Its not easy to succeed straight away at top level at such young age without a decent domestic experience especially in overseas tours. . Not sure how many of ICFERS have a realistic assessment of that . Few low scores and MC, BC , rona dhona will start making fun . At a level below , they look good but then few chinks will get exposed at top level ruthlessly. Then they need to go back again and rectify it and come back again. Fact that he has made it to test team is due to his exceptional talent and all in Indian set up believe in that. Am sure he will do decently in SC countries but i would be happy if he shows ability to stay in overseas conditions where he will be tested with bit of seam movement , bounce , pace and relentless accurate pace attack. Even if does not score a lot but looks decent and is able to stick it out in his first 8-10 tests , he would serve very well for next 10 years . If i am not wrong , even Babar Azam had a similar journey. Was piling up mountain of runs at U19 level. Could not make it big at top level for 3 + years. But then he worked on his weaknesses and has become the player that he is now.
  4. Leaving apart this series as Rohit is already confirmed as opener, better if Selectors for future series 1) first look at Mayank & Shaw - who were supposed to be first choice openers post Aus series 2) Second in the list should be Eashwaran who has 4 +years of Domestic game experience and a proper opener. 3) Then could be Gill . Have some long term thinking and then earmark the best possible guys for each spot . These selectors somehow seem to pick players without that strain of thought . Even when they make a good selection they do not stick to it.
  5. Agree 110%. In T20 a power hitter in the middle order is more crucial than pure batsman . Would pick Dubey ahead of Pandey, Gill in MO as most of the time you need to go bang bang from ball 1 which those 2 cannot .. Also remember , Bangladesh will have mostly spinners & spinning all rounders in their team. My 11 would be :- Rohit, KL, VK, Iyer , Hardik,Dubey, Pant , Krunal, Jaddu/ Rahul Chahar, Bhuvi Saini
  6. Sehwag was a hand eye co ordination player . Never moved much vs pace . But had the uncanny ability to hit boundaries to stock balls which others would defend. If its good length/ back of the length ball on off stump , he would force it off through cover even if it was on middle /off stump. If its short of length , he would cut it fiercely through point . If it is aimed at body , he would use upper cuts . He did not play attacking shots vs bouncer but had a game to survive bouncers . Either he will duck or if its at rib cage he would tickle it for a single . Against spin was a beast.
  7. We should be conservative in our expectations . I have a fear he may not be that consistent at the top in tests if i see his A scores . Either gets big score or goes early. . Game against seam/swing movement & patience ,ability to stay put against relentless accurate stuff at pace on or around off stump - not known much And if initially scores do not come , he may suffer from low confidence . And if Shaw who already played as opener comes back , will Gill get opener slot? There are 2 ways he should be eased into Tests before making him an opener in Overseas tests :- 1. Play in the middle order -(may not happen quickly as both Rahane & Vihari have scored. ) 2. Play as opener in India before overseas tour. If Test place does not open up , should be given some game time at least in 50 overs as opener as both Dhawan & Rohit need not play every game in meaningless bi laterals. Am sure he can do well in 50 overs . Confidence of that can help in getting ready for Test opening slot. Kid needs to be in the scheme of things and should get some international exposure at top level. Some weakness will come to the fore early in career which will help in making him a better batter when those are rectified . Me thinks his performance will be 50 Overs opener > Test MO > 50 Over M O (mainly due to much less balls faced and match situation dictating boom boom or bust play) > Test opener ( esp. overseas matches) at least in first 12-18 months .
  8. Is he not playing as Opener in all recent IND A games and making lots of runs ? Even MSK is saying GIll will be considered for both opening & middle order ...
  9. But why not Mayank & Gill as openers? Also this experimentation would have been good from long term point of view . Rather than Rohit failing in 2 tests abroad and then you give chance to these youngsters directly in overseas conditions , why not introduce them in a home series and help them settle .
  10. Better to be in A team ,he would not have played in 11. Can improve further by playing in A team and be ready for overseas tour in place of Umesh.
  11. Righto !. This final stage guy Always screwed India Bigtime
  12. Point was about both Hardik & Dube playing in indian pitches with 2 proper pacers + 2 spinners and possibility of going with such a combination for WC 23 which will be in India . In the combination you have mentioned above they always used 6th part timer who is spinner. Yuvi, Raina , Kedar and not a military medium guy. I do not see both Hardik & Dubey in the 11 as :- 1. Do not think we will be better off with #6 & #7 both are not your best pacers . In fact cannot expect Dubey to bowl even 3 overs in indian conditions. 2. India always went with 6th bowler who bowled few overs of spin. The condition of the pitch , after being used for the season will always favour a spinner rather than MM bowler. 3. If Dubey cannot be sure of bowling then is he going to be considered only for his batting? I think india has far better batsmen than him likes of Gill , Iyer , KL ahead of him. I am 110% sure our 6th part time bowler will be a spinner in SC rather than a pacer , hence selectors will try Rana, Axar, Jaddu , Vihari (??) , Hooda for that spot . Rather than going with hardik & Dubey , it would be better to take a gamble and go with 2 pacers + 2 spinners + hardik (5 bowlers only) in some critical matches with one additional pure batsman hoping everyone will bowl 10 overs . But that cannot be the team most of the time unless Iyer somehow learns to bowl 3 overs of half decent spin. .
  13. Agree. Based on his exploits in WI tour , he should be top contender for #4. There is no doubt about his game vs spin. Little doubt is only about his game in SENA conditions vs quality pace . Hope he has tightened up that part of his game . Also love to see him able to bowl 3-4 decent overs as a buffer if India goes with just 5 bowlers. Such a combo would make a strong team.
  14. So on those slow , low used pitches in WC ,selectors & TM will go for 2 pacers and 2 medium pacers !! Lets just keep a tab , In how many 50 over matches in India from this date till Dec 2022 , India will go with 2 pacers + 2 medium pacers . Bet you , not even one .
  15. That shows that he is still in scheme of things of Selectors and that is what matters .
  16. Who are those 2 medium pacers of India you think will make that grade in the next 2 years ?
  17. We need to analyse what ails Indian 50 Overs team . 1) As of now bowling does not seem to be a big problem with atleast 4 really good bowlers . If India scores above 275 , they always have a chance in the match due to bowlers. 2) Top Order is not a problem as of now ( could be a problem for next WC ) with Dhawan , Rohit & Virat scoring big. Only minor issue is , they always play the same way for too long , not aggressive enough initially. 3) Issue is middle overs - Inconsistency of new players tried and totally defensive strokeless play by senior player tried. To fix this issue , A) we need to make middle order consistent . Hence no#4 should be a guy who 1) consistent and not a dasher . 2) good in picking 1 & 2 and rotate strike . 3) good defense to stay and carry the innings when needed. 4) no apparent weakness vs Pace or Spin. Ability to play big shots of course a big bonus. Hence picking a batsman who has the the first 4 attributes as mentioned above should be the objective . Big hitting game is good but alternatively a guy who improvises and innovative and is able to play as per field placements and finds gaps is equally good . Ultimately what matters is scoring runs at required rate without easily giving away wickets . This is even more important to find such a batsman at #4 for India , as going forward Indian team from #5 to # 7 will be big hitting Dashers , so you need someone in the middle order to carry the innings . Once you find such a #4, we will have 2 very good bats at 3 & 4 , who can take care of overs 10-35 in most of the matches and ensure we are always in the game batting first or chasing. b) we need to make middle order more aggressive . For that select players who are power hitters at #5 to 7 and who can get going from the start. . To build a good team around this strategy , TM should 1) Tweak batting strategy of openers . Aim for aggressive batting in first PP overs by at least 1 opener in each match. If it means , bringing a new opener who can use PP overs better , so be it. 2) Be flexible with #4 as per match situation- If Top 3 has played till 35 overs , then promote # 5 to 7 ahead of regular #4. If Selectors & TM have this clear vision then , they should be always trying for 1) A consistent No.4 2) Aggressive power hitters at 5 & 6 - I think we already have sorted these positions . 3) A Good bowler who can be bowl 10 overs most of the time effectively but also bat aggressively. In fact Selectors & TM task is just about zeroing on a good # 4 and #7 .
  18. That's why said need backing . Does not mean he should be considered for national team now. But give him a fixed batting # in A team in short formats and play him without break at least 3-4 series. Selectors have not done that recently . Same with Warrier too. Atleast of late he is being recognized . There are other factors too which contributed in inconsistency - injuries, temperament of the guy with controversies etc.
  19. No TM will go with 2 Spinners + 4 pace/medium pace for WC in India . NO Way. In fact a good TM will try to figure out who is their no.6 ( Better bat who can bowl some overs of decent spin) to replace Kedar . The next 2-3 years will be testing phase for such guys . For t20s & SENA matches def. Dubey /Shankar should be on the radar.
  20. Even to check if he is good , he needs to be in the eleven. And he has a chance to be in eleven in matches played in SENA rather than in SC going by his bowling style. As far AS WC 23 considered , India will go for someone who a spinner rather than the military mediums like Dube, Shankar.
  21. Well ... Very Very Lofty standards . 5 of them were once in a generation talents in all forms of the game while another was so in shorter format. If we had such a world beating talent , he would be the permanent member of India team along with RAT irrespective of age, experience . We have to make peace with lesser level who are available now in India for #4.
  22. Its not just one fluke innings . Had done that several times at different levels . Potential and talent very obvious . But no consistency . One need to back such cases and not some domestic FT bully .
  23. How about Dube at no.7 in SENA and hardik moves to No. 6 ?
  24. That's why long term vision is required . Have a vision what should be your team for Next WC and who are the best bets ? Selectors job is to make a judgement as to who are potentially best picks for no.4 based on their game both vs Pace and Spin and who has more ceiling for improvement. They should not think Ok, we have not given many chances to Pandey , now lets give him chances . Would not be wrong if most here think Gill is better fit at # 4 than Pandey. Hence your top 2 picks for #4, should be Gill & Iyer and not Pandey & Iyer. You need to bring him into team 15 first without delay. -> Openers are 34 now. What is the point in playing both of them in every match . What is that something new one need to find out about them ? Only one of them should be selected in a series. Rahul needs a big break . Should go back to Domestic . No harm in giving few outings at opener slot . Could be very good investment for WC 23 if both Dhawan /Rohit regress by that time . In fact he opens for Ind A . -> Kohli should skip a few series or rest after a series win - > play Gill in his place . -> If its a 5 match series , Play iyer for 3 matches , Play Gill for rest. If you follow this , you would have given a decent 8-12 matches in the next 6-7 months. That would also show if any weakness which he needs to work on , rather than giving him chance after 1.5 years and then finding these things out. BTW if he plays exceptionally better than Iyer , he will make no.4 his own over time. I have no doubt in my mind , he would be best bet at # 4 above Iyer or Pandey once he gets a decent continuous exposure For me No.# 4 1) should have a good defense & Technique , so that he stays and consistent and does not throw away his wicket . This is far more important for India as 5 to 7 -all will be dashers . 2) should rotate strike well and good runner . 3) Should be better player of Pace . 4) Should be good vs spin. 5) Need not be power hitter but should be able to change gears . Looks a better player of pace and short stuff than Iyer , Pandey. Better technique and less riskier player than them.
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