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  1. prudent_kreeda

    MSK Prasad full interview (long)

    Yes . The other day i was whining about the same about commies . When Chairman of S committee himself omits batting part , what can we say . Its our Bad KARMA
  2. prudent_kreeda

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    Krunal was not and will never be in the picture for WC 19.
  3. prudent_kreeda

    The All-rounder Watch Thread

    But but he is an allrounder . He should be useless and should be hated
  4. prudent_kreeda

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    There are only 2 things which even commies have to say ...> Advice & Fast hands.... WHy ???? Looks like there's nothing else worth mentioning left now .
  5. prudent_kreeda

    Vijay Shankar at 4 can be a good option

    For me he looks a good bet to play from 11 to 40 overs in a 50 overs ODI. Plus points -> Sound technique , so if he has to play cautiously , has the basic defense -> Plays down the ground very well . Does not get hurried that much. -> Due to his height & reach , can reach the good lenth balls from spinners almost from his stance like Hardik. Thats always scary for spinner if he does not turn the ball much or does not have much mystery. -> The arc of his shot making is what interests me . He can go inside out over covers , over mid off even to good length balls , Can go over long off , Long on or wide mid on. Its the reach & height which helps him in this. Mind you between 11-40 overs you can have only 4 fielders outside the circle. Once he does start hitting in those areas , bowler has to either bowl short or very full. So just develop the back foot shots - pull ,the cut or ramp. 2 critical things need improvement :- 1. Develop batting smarts to manipulate the filed based on filed placing during those 11-40 overs and decide to hit where a vacant position exists in the arc from cover to wide mid wicket . Get Slog sweep also vs spinners . with only 4 filedmen , you can really frustrate them . 2. Get something in your bowling which enables you to bowl 3-4 overs atleast without too heavy a risk.
  6. prudent_kreeda

    Should India Field Young's team ?

    This series has shown us the nucleus of T20 team going forward. Shikar & MSD should be out stright away. - > For batmen ->look at KL (once back in form), Shaw , Iyer . -> Would keep DK till next WC as a finisher in the 15 . -> Make Shankar capable of bowling atleast 2 overs . Do everything so that his bowling improves ( For better result within short time may be bowl deliveries always almost hitting the batting whiteline , try the ball which deviates away .i.e. leg cutter) rather than going for slower ball nonsense. NO Length balls . -> Go with 4 pure bowlers with 2 spinners . -> Try krunal for some more time , may be let him bowl 2 overs or 3 overs & not 4 overs every match. If no improvement in bowling need to hunt for a replacement. -> Master the deliveries which almost lands one batting crease white line . They bowled that ball so well in 2nd game , i thought in WC india can always bring this game when defending . Just check Hardik's bowling towards the end part of NZ innings in 2nd game .Very very important Hardik & Shankar add this to thier bowling skills . Once you developed control over this , you can land the ball anywhere within 3 feet ( can bowl on stumps or you can go wide so that it is not in hitting zone ) -> Watch Chahal's bowling going forward , We may need a back up -> Consider Nagarkoti seriously for T20 as soon as he is up bowling fully fit. Well this team was without VK & Bhumra . SO yes lot more positive .
  7. You end up in a situation where all new bats had to go hard from ball one. Rohit too slow . Not once he made an attempt to clear the infield . Result huge pressure on new kids - shankar, Pant & Hardik . Yet they did pretty well . Turning point was when both Pant & Rohit got out one after another
  8. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Feel better ,looking at Test back ups. Just add in Mavi to get exposure ASAP. One dayers -> Not much one day bowling skill in reserves
  9. I agree fully with your assessment .
  10. prudent_kreeda

    Ind could play 3 ARs

    Thats why they are called all rounders . Using the word " Allrounder" and not "Great Allrounder " . Tthey are not great at batting else they would be called top order bats. They are not great bowlers , else they would be called quality bowlers. This tribe which is below the rung of top drawer has a place in shorter formats , may not be in Tests. Expecting them to be better than top draw batsmen or to be better than pure bowlers is just foolish.
  11. prudent_kreeda

    KL Rahul domestic/reserve performance watch !!!

    No he should look at all dismissals of past 4-5 months with his coach , iron out the wrong thngs that have crept in his game , practice 5-6 hours daily for a month atleast . Once you feel you have prepared well,mentally too will be more positive . But have a hunch he will be recalled in Aus one day series for 2-3 games. If he shows form , he is by default back up opener to WC .
  12. Good one ! . Thats the way the mob gets after anyone after 1 -2 matches
  13. prudent_kreeda

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    At 145 it will not swing like Anders does .
  14. prudent_kreeda

    Pandya's raw batting talent

    Velu Anna , Such bolo .. CSK ...
  15. prudent_kreeda

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    On rethink i think it is better to go with 3 best pacers + HP. Will mostly play 2 pacers +2 leggies + HP vs SENA countries . Against mostly SC countries play 3 pacers + 1 Leggie + HP. In case a pacer gets injured would go with a proven 2+2+HP attack rather than some rookie . And use that 4th pcaer slot in 15 for a middle order bat . Will go for Pant . The impact player.
  16. See it in a different way . India will be vUlnerable in atleast 3 areas 1. Opening collapse . 2. Middle over failure . 3. Hammering at death - most probably BK if HE carries current form. 4. A delibarate aggressive atatck on atleast one spinner in a crucial match . That preparation will be already going on by opposition teams and we will see it happening in WC as a surprie , the way we were surprised by Gooch tactic in 87 WC. If india has to win , these things should not happen . But you cannot guarantee that in any one of the KO matches . So if India looses its much better we loose with all these oldies , so that post WC cleaning will be swift as said by RKT somehere . IF you take rookies and loose , it may be a reason for all these leeches to hang on even post WC. In any case you can take 1-2 rookies at the most to a WC.
  17. prudent_kreeda

    South Africa vs Pakistan 2nd T20

    But he said it is the responsibility of set batsmen to finish in post Match presser
  18. They are different . Shaw is a boundary hitter . He may not make lot of of big hundreds but his strike rate will always be high. His hand eye co ordination to create shots is very good . Gill is more on a VK mold but not with his skills of rotating strike . As i have said couple of months back , in One dayers initially he will have more dot balls , he is yet to over come that. There is no delibarate attempt to play slowly and take a run , instead he will play it to the fielders. You do not see him using a dead bat defence much. Also in NZ he seems to play with hands streched away from body. This could be exploited even in SC conditions by making him play early with change of pace & get caught. But with some 10 one dayers ,these things will fall in place . In any case most of the great players have taken couple of years minimum to blossom be it Crowe,Root , kohli, babar Azam, . I expect him to be an international class player in the next 12-15 months if he gets continuous opportunities..
  19. prudent_kreeda

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    INnfact the performance of SL is so much similar to india's performances in oversear conditions in 90s & 2000s . One good pacer and no good support bowlers , Spinners bowl a lot with no effectiveness and other teams pile up big scores at rapid rate. 1 -2 batsmen from our side make some runs and thats about it .
  20. Wow ! That means we have Gabriel, Alzari , Roach & Oshane Thomas in nest match . Hope it is a fast pitch . If so worth watching WI bowl.
  21. No One is ready in next level for One day stuff. On flat pitch they just do not have enough skills to withstand when they are attacked. No one has the control to bowl 2 good yorkers in an over. (That applies to seniors too apart from Bhumra & to some extent BK) One may bowl may be 3 overs well with new ball but later on he is just a bali ka bakra . However we may dislike , only kaul has little bit of skill to bowl with old ball among them . But overall he is also not good enough .
  22. Anyone will do as he is not going to play . The idea is to have cover for injury. But i am pretty sure if that happens , India will go with 2 pacers + HP + 2 spinners rather then an uncertian 4th pacer. Thts is very sure to happen. In fact selectors should gamble here and go for 3 pacers + HP in 15 . Use that vacancy to have one middlle order impact player.
  23. prudent_kreeda

    Jadhav the 6th bowler can cost us big and Shankhar

    How a 6th bowler can cost you a match ? He is not even supposed to be bowling if you have 5 options . Also he may bowl 3-5 overs at the most . If he gets hit you my give him just 1-2 overs and stop at that point. So basically he is there for to cover injury . Most teams use 6th option so that you can then be flexible with other 5 bowlers . Imagine you have only 5 bowlers . Then you may have to keep 5 overs from 2 bowlers at the end . If some one start getting hammered then at that point have a no escape route. But if 3-4 overs are bowled by your 6th bowler , now you can keep more options to bring different bowlers at different stages . That is big adavnatge of 6th option running through some overs without a big damage .
  24. prudent_kreeda

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    You need a back up WK. So DK will get in. So middle order is also fixed. For back up opener , i may not be surprised if they go back to Hahane again with hamiltion in mind ( though in my opinion its just a perception, I do not recollect him doing anything of note on such matches earlier) . If he is selected for coming Aus series that confirms he will be in. But if KL regains form he will that back up opener. Selectors may also go for 4th pacer simply cos you cannot bring in some one from India without getting acclimitisation to play in WC match if some one breaks down. Also vs BAng, SL & even PAK we may have to go for 3 pacers+HP, if conditions are little helpful . In that sense we may see 4 pacers in the 15 .
  25. prudent_kreeda

    Whom will u drop from WC squad?.

    Selectors will go for one reserve opener.

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