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  1. Just put forth the fact that , he is not in contention based on selection we are seeing for tests. Was here ever even in 15 member test squad any time recently . In tests bowlers have the chance to subject such players to relentless barrage till they throw in the towel . Finding it tough playing 4-5 overs in 50 overs shows lot .. lot needs to get right to get into test side that too with the competition around..
  2. Good thing is he is not a contender in tests . In one dayers you can survive . The thing is you need to develop some scoring shots without getting out . Also they cannot bowl lot many bouncers in an over . Since he is not good at pull/hook , he should continue what he did yesterday . Play shots on the off side . Whether its the shortish deliveries or yorkers , you can play shots on off side .with the stance he is taking now.
  3. Playing vs Aus top side and doing well against them is a big learning curve for the youngsters . Just take the case of Iyer , fellow was subjected to heavy bombardment by 3 quality fast bowlers and that must have showed him where he is at international level. We also saw first glimpses of a plan to counter this weakness by him which he did not address for the last 2-3 years . He must have thought that the game he had was enough to succeed at highest level. Now it is very clear if he does not come up with a plan to score against this short stuff his career will be over as every good team will use the same strategy.
  4. For that need a good selectors who include players based on potential with long term outlook. No favourites of TM.
  5. This TM does not bahave like other teams' . Alex Carry on both the matches got out with bad shots & in a way gifted the match,yet Aussies will not drop him. Infact is THE keeper for short formats for them. When the same happens with Pant ..... . ???? Another case is Hetmeyer. How many times he threw away his wicket . Yet WI includes him in matches. They just drop him for a match or 2 but he is alwys persisted.
  6. Think WI & AUS series were positive . There seems to be some answers found for our issues . 1. What is the best combination for India -? I think these series have shown that 3 out & out pacers with very good skills at death bowling is the go to option. 2. Looks like we have found a right 3rd pacer who can bowl at any stage of the match in Navdeep Saini. THIS IS the BIGGEST PLUS for me . His performance in first 3 50 overs against a side like AUS was very good , needs some more work re: control 3. With KL keeping wickets and with PANT , its almost certain we need not endure the torture of MSD any more . ANOTHER BIG PLUS . 4. One of the slots in the lower middle seem to have been filled up - KL at 5 if Dhawan maintains his form throughout till 2023. But personally i want a change . 5. We have a very good opening pair in Rohit & KL if needed . So one of the opener slot is filled in when needed by KL . 6. No.4 - Though Iyer not cemented his place ,there were positive signals esp. the way he approached last ODI with a counter strategy against Short stuff. What we need now is- 1. Identify second opener - Selectors should bring in Shaw . 2. Alternative #4 for 50 overs - Test Gill esp if KL moves to opening slot , so that Iyer can move to 5. Also if Iyer fails at 4 gill comes in. 3. Help Pant to get to the groove by giving him some matches in atleast one of the shorter version till he finds back his confidence with better shot selection & execution. 4. Develop 2nd seam all rounder - Test Dubey 5. Find an alternative for Chahal - 6. Drop - Kedar & Shardul . 7. Drop Dhawan from T20 and play Shaw at the top .
  7. 2 such high octane matches with only 1 day rest . They are human , Just see the face of Cummins today that too in a cooler B'lore and that too bowling in the evening . If it was us guys , we would not even walk i think.
  8. I dearly hope new seletion commitee takes a punt on Shaw and includes him in T20 WC 15 side Hope he replaces injured Dhawan for NZ T20.
  9. I would not take today's performance as pitch was griping and there was turn . His problem is SENA where power hitters just line up and hammer him as most of balls dot do anything , no dry pitches and he has to dart. . Foe such conditions he needs to find some good defensive options . One could be a yorker kind of delivery which just dips & lands on batting crease something Santner does and one Irish guy does it well -Dockrell i think.
  10. He does not have control while playing hook , hardly plays pull. Hence he had no attacking shots in the on side vs Shot balls. Today , i thought it was a good change of plan by him . By staying a bit on leg side , he opened up the off side where he could play shots with more control like the ramp. lofted shots over the in field over covers rather than his onside shots . It gives good advantage for him since :- 1. By moving a bit to leg, if bowlers try to follow his body , the ball very well become wide if they go more towards leg. 2. If they stay around off , he can ramp, or slash . 3. You cannot bowl all 6 short balls , hence next delivery tried by bowlers would be yorkers . That stance of little towards leg also enables to give full face of the bat for such shots . Going forward this is what bowlers will try against him with this stance - When he moves towards leg side , bowl wide full deliveries outside of the offside with change in pace . Want to see what counter strategy he will come up with . Overall liked today's approach.
  11. In the entire topic in this thread , none has used the word ego . Yet to see any sound bites from him , where he sounded arrogant so far. last interview he has said about his preferred position as all along he has been an opener. Guy has done 1 down, 3 down , 4 down , 5 down , W Keeping , whatever was asked that's been done. Even in field one cannot see those traits . His issues are on field - insecurity and off filed - looks to live his life like Yuvi used to be. That should not be an issue as long as he delivers on the filed . Would be good if you can point to any sources , links as this is not seemed to have been noticed by most followers .
  12. Yes thats a concern and we do not have solution right now. I believe play 6 proper Bats + 4 attacking bowlers whatever kind + 1 all rounder . AND make someone among top six to develop bowling atleast 2-5 overs .
  13. Selectors should - 1. Drop Dhawan from T20 . 2. Play Shaw as opener in T20. 3. Only 1 out Rohit & Virat should play in a T20 bilateral match . 4. Play Padikkal in a T20 in MO . 5. Play Gill at 4 in 50 Overs . Ideally looks like - 4- Gill , 5 - KL & 6- Pant in one dayers
  14. Please think why Quality pacers go for astronomical bids in every auction around the world . they and quality all rounders are the rare species . You cannot produce real quality pacers by the Dozen. There is nothing more exciting than seeing an extremely express bowler terrorizing batsmen in a cricket ground . While watching them you as a spectator will get a chill down your spine !
  15. Looking at current crop who could be the ideal guys for each of these spots at 4 & 5 in 50 overs match for India .? Currently looking at Iyer , Pandey , KL, Mayank, Gill, Padikkal , Ruturaj Gaikwad. Form may be up & down over a period , but what is considered is the game each has against pace , against spin , rotating the strike , Power hitting , Hitting ability against Pace for evaluation. Also it is assumed top 3 remain in good form and hence those are not changed . It is also assumed that Virat will take the mantle of attacking if needed when batting with No. 4 . It is also assumed KL Rahul will be part of the core group and will always be in the eleven either playing at 4 or 5 if not playing at the top. . The ideal #4 should have these essential skills : > who will play as an anchor at one end (i.e. will not get out easily ) so that will carry the last 15-20 overs along with lower order hitters. Hence good defense is required . > They should not have apparent weakness against Pace or spin or Short stuff. > Can rotate strike > Should have ability to play shots against pacers . > Either hits sixes of spinners easily or good in hitting in gaps , so that can get boundaries often in middle overs . Other good to have skills -- > Good fielder . > Can bowl a few overs . 1. Players currently playing in MO . Iyer :- Pluses - Good against Spin , rotates the strike ,Can hit Sixes of spinners . OK level skills - Can play anchor role , ability to play shots vs average pace Minus - weakness against quality pace , unconvincing game against short stuff and below average attacking shots vs short bowling. Pandey :- Pluses - rotates the strike . Top fielder OK level skills - Can play anchor role , ability to play shots against pace & spin There is not one exceptional ability which we can identify with Pandey based on his performance till last season , required for good No.4 . (We may have to re look if there is any improvement this season ) . KL Rahul :- Pluses - Good against Pace , One of the best in playing attacking shots against Pace .Power hitter . No apparent weakness apart from play vs mystery spinners , quality spin at the start of innings . Minus - weakness against quality spin. From players currently playing , KL Rahul would no. 1 contender if opposition team attack has more pacers and less quality spinners including mystery type.. 2. Players yet to play in Middle overs :- Mayank - Can anchor , Decent against Pace & spin , rotates the strike . Unknown - consistency and ability to play in MO., Power hitting Gill - No apparent weakness , may be the best to play anchor role at 4 , has ability to play shots against pace and a good player of short stuff. good against spin too. Minus - Power hitting Unknown - ability to rotate strike easily against quality pace as of now . Ruturaj - Plays spin well , good at finding gaps against spinners . Unknown - ability to Play pace . ability to play anchor role . ability to play attacking shots against pace . Padikkal - Power hitter against spin , a left hander . Seem to have the ability to play as per situation . Unknown - ability to Play short stuff . Thus as of now if opposition has more pace attack - will play KL Rahul at 4 . Among others - Will play Iyer at 4 against Aus, NZ & England and if does not show improvement in his game against Pace , will try Mayank & Gill . My hunch is its Gill & Kl Rahul ultimately and you will get the best out of both - by playing Gill at 4 to bring more stability and to hold one end up , - by playing KL at 5 , so that he plays more Pace bowling towards end of innings due to his ability to play attacking shots against pace . Eventually Rahul will move to opener position , hence need to prepare other alternatives - 1. an improved iyer with better game against pace . 2. Padikkal 3. Ruturaj. We should try Padikkal in MO in T20s first and if he plays Pace well then should be drafted in into 50 overs for No. 5 spot . Next in line should be Rurutraj to see if he can be a back up for No. 4 . Samson, Pant should be contenders for WK position.
  16. Whatever may be the statistics , at this stage he does not look comfortable against pace and this was noticeable earlier too and the problem is not addressed .
  17. Apart from Last over of Shami , This the best indian death bowling i have seen . No dew was good for them If these 3 can keep these going , makes great to watch , i would not mind even when india looses in a match where death bowling is of this order. Brilliant today .
  18. when a youngster who is earmarked as one for the future , is not able to produce consistent results after getting reasonable games , it means there are areas which require corrective measures . It could be lack of talent to match top level , technique , mindset & temperament issues . If its lack of talent , its a gone case , no further persistence is called for. In Pant's case it does not seem to be lack of talent - he would not have survived in tests one bit , there is no apparent big weakness either to pace or spin. He is not the one who regularly poked around off stump and got out or could not face quality pace or could not handle short stuff. . The issues seem to be mind set & temperament greatly and a bit of technique . When issue is due to technique & temperament then its the job of self , Coaches , support staff to 1) first identify exact causes for non-performance. 2) Detailed plan of action to rectify each of these issues . Here lot of Self introspection plays a major role . A Sachin or Kohli will analyse how and why they got out in a match and will work out a way to avoid that mistake in the next match. Others may not , so needs guidance . By the looks of it , Pant does not seem to use the brains much it seems , else we should not be seeing repeat of the same mistakes often. If he simply stick to the mantra" I WILL NOT REPEAT THE LAST MISTAKE " , it will make him think of other ways of playing & getting runs . It always good to release a struggling talent from playing eleven , and make him follow the corrective actions intensively away from the team , may be in domestics, performance centers etc. and the progress then must be assessed at frequent intervals . When they remain within the team they hardly get enough time to work on things . In fact most of the time they are travelling, do short duration throw downs and playing the match . In Pant's case its even more tough as he has to WK drills as well as batting drills in the limited time. This will aggravate their problem further with complete loss of confidence . Best thing for Pant would be - TM should allow him to play till end of NZ tour , see the performance and if no progress , release him from team , handover the development plan to work out . Million dollar ,q is did anybody hear from Coach , TM what exact issues to be addressed by Pant. Most of the time we were told by Coach & TM - " he should play his natural game but should be consistent " . That's the depth of analysis and problem solving skills of current indian coaching staff.
  19. Besides average , there is the factor called potential and the scope for greater development as a long term plan. Hence current age also matters . If only average matters , why only Pant, Kishan & Samson are in scheme of things , Goswami should be the front runner .
  20. Pl give him that 1 T20 match and finish the chapter ASAP. Do not drag .
  21. Am sure will get a look in soon in 50 overs . In fact Gill, Shaw , Mayank are must in 15 member side .
  22. Do not take that into your lungs .. Need some laugh during tough times ...
  23. Kya bacche logon ka jaan loge kya ? 5-0 ka Kambhal Kutai bardaash nahi kar sakte
  24. If most of the current set of selectors remain, no doubt they will run after Unadcutter again in short format ,showcasing wickets he has taken in Ranji
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