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  1. Do not agree including someone in the X1 to give rest to other bowlers . 5 bowlers more than enough . No team will think of going with 6 bowling options. You cannot think of injury in every test and think of providing cover for that. Since wickets are expected to be flat , how Shankar's bowling is going to have impact ? Still feel stick with 4 pacers + 1 spinner +Vihari. Shankar is atleast one tier below to Vihari re: batting . The guy has proven it domestic year after year , proven it in whatever tests he played after Aus series . I do not think Vihari is not the same now as he was in Aus .
  2. Why you require a bowler to give rest to pacers ? 4 pacers will easily bowl 15 overs . Spinner will hold 1 end up . and even if some one needs rest , it will around 60+ overs . You already have Vihari for that. Again argument that in seaming conditions Shankar is kind of useful. Why quality pacers like Saini, Shami , Bhumra , Ishant not finish the job if its seaming. I would love to see NZ team surviving 100 overs consistently against these 4 , if its a bowler friendly wicket. I bet NZ will not prepare bowling friendly wickets .
  3. Not able to make out this all rounder fetish , that too to a player who has no history of taking even couple of wickets in first class games regularly. We are simply diluting the quality of test team by this ALL ROUNDER OBSESSION . Would be OK if Hardik was the guy with full fitness for this NZ series , but no way Shankar. Just go with 4 pacers and 1 spinner . Period ! Why we do not believe 4 quality pacers will knock out opposition. If they can't , do you believe Shankar can ?
  4. Can be easily done in short format too. Have 4 out & out attacking bowlers . Say Bhumra, Shami , Saini , Kuldeep and use them till 20-22 overs . That should create relentless pressure and more chances of getting wickets as batsmen will have to hit and since most of the time you have 138 -140+ pacy accurate stuff , chances of mistiming is more . A Hardik or Jaddu will make even 5th bowling option very decent one ,who can be brought in once wicket falls . People will say we need balance , so play a lesser bowler who can bat a bit . What that makes is that it releases pressure . What is the point having a lesser bowler who will release the pressure and allow opposition to make easy runs and then hope for those 10-15 runs from that bowler when he bats . For me its a bad strategy. Look at the history , Teams who have bowled out opposition have generally won tournaments . Just think who are your best 4 wicket taking bowlers and play them . Mark it , You will have much better results with that Combo. TM has to be bold enough . In fact India is blessed with a very good attack even in short format now and it is the best time to implement this strategy as pacers are not only quick but very accurate . Its the spin department i am not so sure we have the best .
  5. Current WI team in shorter format is no way a poor team . It will be one of the top teams in a year or so if their young guns maintain their consistency. Need one or 2 bowlers to step up.
  6. 2 years for players who have something extra/exceptional about them is too long. After a full season , they should be in A teams . Take the case of Padikkal , may be one issue with him is his game against pacy stuff and short stuff on body . Best way to get over it would be at international A level when you face international class pace bowling. One would be able to make out how well he can cope and what weaknesses need to be addressed ? That way the the development will be quick .
  7. Its never late for a batting all rounder who bowls spin . Its more relevant for a pace bowler .
  8. I think Jaddu will not have as bad a time as against WI hitters , who were lifting him from back foot with sheer power . and 6 bats should be Rohit, rahul, Kohli, Iyer , Pandey & Pant
  9. Guy is seriously in trouble . Think Gopal is a better option in T20s if you need a wristy
  10. Who is Shastri to decide ? Selectors should not select him . Period. Let Shastri play him in his Gully team . No one has any issues with that .
  11. He should . In fact i want to see Bhumra , Shami , Saini attack . That is the most anticipated aspect in the next series . Form me the AUS series could be the defining series , a decent show in these indian pitches and Saini will be regular and most probably Bhumra , Shami & Saini would be the preferred pace attack for important 50 overs matches going forward . He is much better option than Chahal . So only one pure spinner for me.
  12. He had a very good series vs Aus in India when he batted bit up the order. That was the time he should have been made to bat higher atleast 5or 6 for some more games . A very good captain would have done so ...
  13. For T20WC , could be Sundar a better option and should replace Chahal due to : 1. Only spinner who can bowl decently in PP . 2. Better bat than Chahal . 3. Decent in field when compared to Chahla, but i rate him below average in fielding.
  14. I suspect Aussies will be working their strategy against Saini already . One advantage they will have , is that they are by practice from childhood better players of short of length /short balls with horizontal shots . They would be waiting to keep out his yorkers and be ready for his stock ball (back of length) by going deep in crease . length balls in these pattas will be hit . Another area of concern is when he bowls 2nd when dew comes in. Since he bowls his Yorkers with a upright seam , will be difficult to execute with a wet ball and chance of going wrong are high as it happened vs WI. Want to see him develop some defensive bowling if he cannot control yorkers . I have lowered my expectations due to the above in next series . but would be happy if avoids getting hit when yorker is not working. But a great learning series for him in his development. If he does just decent against those monsters in the coming series , he will be up & away . Just pray ... one or 2 bad bowling spells and ICF does not start giving gaalis to Saini. He is rare specie and with some more refinement in defensive bowling may be a Slow cutter Bouncer , A fast Bouncer , wide full pitch balls as alternative deliveries if Yorker does not work - he will be a great addition .
  15. But i see he has made his debut for Bengal in all formats only this season. How others will notice bhaiyya manoj ji?
  16. But i see he has made his debut for Bengal in all formats only this season. How others will notice bhaiyya manoj ji?
  17. Due to extra Pace and Bounce . Just plonk the foot forward and try to hit does not work against such deliveries.
  18. I would like to see Manish in 50 overs now vs Aus in place of Kedar . Seems in fine form this season . Risk is no 6th bowling option , but worth taking the risk as we need batting deep against quality AUS attack. Treat Iyer as emergency option.
  19. aadmi ka dimag kharab hua hai . Want to back a 34 year old in T20s who is not a decent batsman.
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