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  1. Importance of captaincy not being understood by franchises.. how the hell can a finicky guy like DK, a rookie like Shreyas, unsuitable to format like Ashwin, dumpyard Rahane can captain their sides is beyond me
  2. Kolkata surely miss gambhirs captaincy... Nobody would play Gill so far down the order while batting first..
  3. Vk1

    This match needs to be investigated

    Some franchises have very poor coach,captain and analysts.. this was one example.. sunrisers or mumbai would never lose this badly
  4. We actually need someone who can keep his cool on the day when the going gets tough... Don't think any of our probables have the experience apart from Shami. Really worried about our other death bowler and our fourth bowler should be capable backup for Bhuvi if he's not doing the job.
  5. Vk1

    IPL 2019- potential no.4 for the WC tracker

    Rana hitting 7 sixers is impressive
  6. Vk1

    Where is C Varun - The Mystery Spinner?

    I hope he is not another hype creation by media.. let's see how he does in the coming matches..
  7. Vk1

    Pitches for ipl

    Delhi should either play on flat highway like pitches or play on those which bring Boult and Rabada into reckoning. Yesterday's pitch was a disgrace.. if FSK has been this way, they should have tried drop-in or laid a new one or done something by now.... And it's bizzare to see Delhi having such a pitch when they have Saini, khejroliya playing for them in ranjis.
  8. Vk1

    Pitches for ipl

    You have the most exciting young talent of India playing for Delhi.. and they get a pitch that suits exactly for csk spinners.. is this even a talking point ?
  9. Vk1

    Pitches for ipl

    How the hell are some batting heavy, fast bowling heavy teams are playing on slow low pitches suitable to the opposing team? WTF rationale is there in this. You invest crores of money as a franchise but you do nothing to make sure the home pitch suits your teams strength ? Or is there some dark secret in this.. played out by CSK ?
  10. Kohli is so so so bad at reading the pitches.. infact it has been clear for so long that the only strategy of CSK would be to play on slow pitches and attack with spinners. Yet Kohli plays 3 proper seamers plus grandehomme.. he's a proper * when it comes to reading the pitches..
  11. This was a special innings amongst sehwags best ones..
  12. Not to belittle ChePu.. but just wonder how many balls can he clear the fence if he gets throwdowns from a machine in the middle of the pitch. Ganguly's frustration is actually really bad news for us.. our worldcup chances are still totally on top 3
  13. Vk1

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Guess not having the secondary skill plus sudden rise of Rayudu somehow pegged him back.
  14. I think we can safely forget that mavi or Kamlesh ever existed.. unless they go through years of rehabilitation like pat Cummins went through
  15. Vk1

    What happened to Shreyas Iyer?

    Have said this multiple times.. this guy was the best candidate for the no 4 slot.. can accelerate, play long innings.. more importantly has the aggressive attitude

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