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  1. The right lessons to take from this series

    Sort out our batsman. Have a gameplan and key batsmen must take more responsibility -- Kohli Rahul Che Pu. And for God's sake find a match winning bowler. All our victories overseas have mostly come with one bowler becoming a match winner. Agarkar at Adelaide, Sreesanth at Durban, Ishant at lords etc.. I can't see us winning with bowlers contributing equally. By then the score will go beyond our reachable target.
  2. What sort of a pathetic stat is this. obviously non Asians teams find it easier to win in non Asian countries. Reverse the filter and the rankings will reverse.
  3. And that ladies and gentlemen is the curtains on KL Rahul's career. Shastri Gavaskar would ensure that.
  4. I have seen bishop being mostly critical of fast bowlers. Like you said getting praise from him is like gold.
  5. Does Karthik still keep for TN in Ranjis? Looks like somebody has given negative feedback on Pant. Can't imagine why he's not event the third choice atleast.
  6. Ishant should never play for india again

    I was thinking that he became better but one thing is clear he can never win a match on his own. When did he last get a 5 wicket haul
  7. Sehwag is not a good man manager. His knowledge of the game seems to be limited to batting alone.
  8. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    Rahul tewatia seems to be a good hitter too. I would back him for the leg spinners slot in A teams for List A games.
  9. Yes but seen that more in India. Handling new ball against Phil n Morkel is quite good.
  10. Ishant surviving this new ball is admirable. He does seem to have turned the page around.
  11. They should have sent Ishant here. He normally hangs around and doesn't fish outside off stump. Kohli could have built a 25 - 30 run partnership
  12. I think very soon the yardstick will change from 140 to145. Those who bowl 140s will be relegated to second tier. Golden days for indian cricket.

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