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  1. Who on earth goes to a match against Kohli and ABD in bengaluru with Harshal Patel , shabaaz nadeem, tewatia and Morris ?? Gambhir had too many luxuries at KKR. Now struggling with this club level attack.
  2. Trigger moment Position.. the bat swing and it's arc.. is so beautiful from ABD.
  3. Get this feeling that ABD is particularly severe on below average bowlers like Nadeem in ipl and international cricket. I might be wrong.
  4. So they have Munro and still not giving him a long rope? Gautis inability of playing anywhere other than opening is making them to pick only one of Roy n Munro. I would say pick Munro and play either him or Roy at 3. Maxwell at 5. Iyer is likely to top their charts. Don't write him off so soon.
  5. Big hitting ability of Indian all rounders

    Yes krunal seems to be quite matured and has some planning.. picks his balls to hit.
  6. Have seen him hit mohammed Asif into the covers / extra cover region for sixes in his prime..2006 I think. Those days he could do anything. Mohit was lucky I suppose.
  7. Big hitting ability of Indian all rounders

    Hardik has regressed quite a lot. Scary to see him bat these days. Hope he returns with a bang.
  8. Big hitting ability of Indian all rounders

    Jaddu actually has very few his zones. Poor in hitting straight or on off side. Mostly prefers cow corner. Infact can't be termed a hitter by current standards.
  9. The last ball was like my gift to you for all your favors.
  10. That's the most surprising thing of all. You know that the back of length ball on to his ribs is his weaklink now along with wide full length or yorkers. I guess Punjab didn't try that sincr they don't have anyone to bowl those back of length at good speed. But still bowling juicy half volleys and full length in the arc to Dhoni is a huge crime. Pressure or no pressure.
  11. Yeah and again this match has shown the huge gulf between ipl and international cricket. Except for west indies, Mohit wouldn't get into top 25 of any team.
  12. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    This was probably the crappiest bowling lineup that Dhoni would get in ipl other than Vinay Kumar / mumbai Indians. He almost made full use of it.
  13. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Buzz and Cricinfo is infested with the samabar land guys. They just suck up to Dhoni at every moment.

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