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  1. This is a major issue.. you cant have bowlers in Odis who are absolute duds..atleast not at 9 & 10.. Shardul Thakur should focus more on his batting and try to become a Coulter nile / Ben cutting kind of bowler who can hit big consistently
  2. Vk1

    Bumrah will win us the series.

    From what I understand, bounce will not help you much in England and on the contrary you will get hit for boundaries. You definitely need to swing preferably outswing to pick wickets. How effectively can Bumrah do this needs to be seen.
  3. Ok.. but to see Siraj picking far more wickets than Saini was unexpected.. Siraj being a hit the deck seamer in English pitches. Good for him. Hope Saini gets back to wicket taking form soon.
  4. @express bowling bro, any idea why Sainis is not doing well on recent A tours ?
  5. w.r.t catches, it's important that we catch everything in the first test.. if that happens we should be fine.. else it is so demoralising and not actually part of the core disciple of the slip fielders and so cannot improve overnight. Can also affect their core...mostly batting
  6. Jayant Yadav is getting lot of opportunities...instead we could have tried Shreyas Gopal or K Gautham.. bowlers who can bat..
  7. Happy for Siraj..cant understand Navdeep Sainis meagre results.. his bowling during Ranji knockouts was Waqar Younis like (barring Yorkers) ...
  8. Vk1

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    You have nailed it bro.. just couple of things....need to find alternative for Bhuvi and keep rotating chahal and kuldeep
  9. Ravi Shastri was boasting about his so called yo yo test.. all for this kind of fielding?
  10. In mid and late 90s till 2007 or so.. i only used to read cricket part of the newspaper and clearly remember so many occassions when legends were criticized for a lot lesser things. Former cricketers used to bring down legends to their knees through articles or press comments. But ever since that pension system has come and bccis transformation into a money minting machine, all former cricketers have become mute spectators. Manjrekar once had the guts to call Sachins bad patch as a elephant in the room. That too when Sachin was still around 32. MSD is 37 now.
  11. Imagine Pandya playing defensively in that CT final.. we may have got all out for 80 or 90.. against that mercurial Pak attack.. compare it with this English attack and one has to wonder if Dhoni had forgotten his balls in sreeni mamas home.
  12. Let's look at our batting order... 1,2 and 3: they are usually gun players in most bilateral series and hardly fail... But their job is made easier because most teams play majority of their matches at home and Indians have this luxury of perennially playing in their second home srilanka.. and when we do tour Australia or south Africa , their selectors/players prioritise tests and ODIs kind of lose relevance. How well does our top 3 perform against fully fit top teams in overseas conditions in crunch games is still a question mark! Otherwise, they are perhaps the best top 3 in the world. 4 & 5 : The most important spots in the crunch games or the knockouts in the world cups especially since 2 out of top 3 are likely to fail going by their history... Do we have permanent players in these positions ? Absolute no. We have wasted it with Pandey, Yuvi , Rahane for a long time. Rahul is a must and should play all the matches irrespective of the results. Kedar too can be given a long rope coz of our penchant for 6th bowler. Actual problem is that they rarely get to bat for long more so while chasing and when they do get the chance they dont grab it... How do we ensure they get more chances... especially while chasing? One option would be to go the English way of aggressive batting by openers.. thereby getting out and giving chances to middle order.. last match was a blessing in this sense... Replacements: Iyer, Karthik, Rayudu.. scratching my brain.. Nitish Rana since he can bowl part-time ? 6 & 7 Pant slots in here smoothly at 6 but BCCI ecosystem and politics don't let that happen. So we have to deal with Dhoni... These two slots are hopeless at the moment. Frankly hard to expect Pandya to win us games while Dhoni being dhoni would rather let us lose than changing his style. Replacements: Pant or Karthik for Dhoni. Krunal / Krishnappa in place of Pandya?
  13. Just compared our 2015 WC squad with today's top 6, just have Rahul in place of Rahane. Virtually carrying the same batsmen to 2019.
  14. Scary to imagine some of them getting injured after ipl. Why couldn't they move ipl schedule.
  15. I was actually referring to Dhoni.

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