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  1. The Raamu kaakas of Indian cricket..the diehard fans aged 50+ or more would get happy tears seeing this list. Having seen Harvinder singh, Joginder Sharma etc
  2. Caption - For Ashwin's reaction

    Hahaha ..what's most impressive there is the square cut going to slip due to Umesh Yadav's extra pace.
  3. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Almost all the batting hopefuls / talents had a good day today baring Iyer. But there's no one aged enough to hang up his boots in the test squad. Pujara , Kohli and Rahane are sure picks almost for next 3 years. Openers slot would rotate amongst themselves. 5 bowler strategy by Kohli means 6th batsman would be Rohit, Nair for some more time. Tough times for slotting in similar to fab5 times.
  4. Watching starsports now.. Rohit Sharma bowling medium pace dibbly dobblys in the nets. Discussing with bowling coach on seam position,grip etc... Is he going to be our part time seamer overseas?
  5. Shocked dumbstruck and flabbergasted...add other jargons. How the frock can you drop the most consistent opener across conditions in the world.
  6. Some bowlers seem to be capable of doing both.. swinging and hitting the deck depending on the conditions or at times doing it seemingly simultaneously.. like Johnson rabada. Steyn too gives me that impression.
  7. strikerate is shocking for someone who had hit 6 six sixers in an over. Also pretty below average records in both formats. Guess there were no better replacements in those days.
  8. Your favorite SRT's innings

    That back breaking century amidst heart breaking defeat in Chennai 99... Pak had Saqlain wasim waqar?
  9. Shocked to read this if it's true. Series victory against south Africa on line and msd blasts Sreesanth just to keep up his uber cool image.
  10. @Gollum brilliant spells all. Also what's it about Dhoni and Sreesanth in 2010. Did he cut short his spell and never let him bowl in that test? Dhoni seems to have special liking for Shree. Supposedly the uber cool guy once said entire team played well except for Sreesanth or stg on those lines. Guess against Bangla in 2011 wc opener.
  11. I think we should cut some slack for the neighbours. Our talent outside cricket heads Microsoft Google Oracle while a fellow Pakistani aspires to head ISIS one day. It's okay.. I concede you are better in cricket.
  12. I would rate the Mitch Johnson spell against pommies in Ashes 2011 at Perth. They were falling like 9 pins and what mitch did on that day was pure super fast bowling magic. Another one that comes to mind is Stuart broad decimating Aussies in Ashes 2015 with that 8 for. It was a surreal spell of swing bowling.
  13. 80s and 90s they won with illegal tampering and umpiring. 2010 onwards they won with blatant chucker Ajmal.
  14. Who has been best pacer for India in ODIs?

    Zaheer, played mostly on flattest of pitches, against some of the greats and in T20 era
  15. Those times we didn't appreciate fast bowling / culture etc.. to retain his place, avoid injuries and to be consistent he dropped his place.

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