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  1. WC Qualifiers

    UAE brings their A game to help their brethren. Asansols.
  2. Even Adam Gilchrist in his prime can't replace Dhoni. That's how the mafia works.
  3. Lankans taunting Shakib like anything.
  4. Man to man he replaces Dhoni perfectly..
  5. Dhoni the greatest finisher from Pluto in the game has hardly won us half a game of this kind. Take a bow DK.
  6. DK washing all his sins of 10 years in one over. What a guy
  7. Manish Pandey is not poor man's Dhoni. He's a begger man's version of Dhoni.
  8. Lankans seem to have really taken it on their ego. Perhaps they should aspire better than competing with Bangladesh.
  9. What a shot that it is. Rooted to the crease. Guess only Gayle could have hit that well.
  10. It's becoming a joke now. Raina against better teams will look worse than Yuvraj. Csk lobby still seems to have their roots in BCCI. Can't think of any other reason why he is playing.
  11. It's like most of them are inzis lol.
  12. Vijay Shankar is perhaps not ready to bowl full quota and certainly not after 16th. He seems to be a brilliant fielder though.
  13. You compare them to Gavaskar and they sound like Lata Mangeshkar. Basically the old cunt is like a sarkari unfit clerk who got his job by sifarish. Add his over the top praises sometimes to the lobby group players and it feels nauseating.

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