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  1. Vk1

    Squads announced for Aus series

    TM insisted on RP it seems.
  2. Watching Yuvis crisp timing in Nairobi.. had seen his knocks in U19s in early 2000 but to watch this innings against McGrath and co was amazing. Gen X under Ganguly was born on that day...
  3. Vk1

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Brilliant.. but not sure Rahane has such intelligence.
  4. Decent on paper. Their Appetite most suited for T20s.... Don't have the game and patience for 50 overs.. barring hope nobody averages more than 38.. other teams have players where most of them average in high 40s and 50s
  5. Vk1

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    And to add to that declares when Vihari is on 180s and scoring at a great speed.
  6. This time there doesn't seem to be any dark horses as the gap between top and bottom teams is too wide.. South Africans are probably the closest to being the dark horses since they are probably least expected to win out of India, England, NZ, Pak, Aus
  7. Holder should not bowl at death and bat in top 5.. don't rely too much on those bits and pieces ARs on flat pitches.. imho if they can be in top 6 after group stages.. it's a win for them.. expecting Bangladesh and Afghanistan to do better.. Srilanka and Windies will probably fight for the second last place..
  8. Dhoni is clearly being shielded here.. coming in so late when the team is in some sort of crisis .
  9. Enough evidence to say that he's more of a death bowler these days and mostly picks those cheap wickets at death with huge support from Bumrah at the other end in the sense that batsman instead of relying on their release shot ends up smacking mindlessly at Bhuvi once Bumrah's over ends.
  10. Vk1

    What's killing Windies cricket

    My stand somewhat vindicated
  11. Surprising to see people seeing Siddesh Lad's selection as quota..
  12. We should have got the hint when chahal went for MRF bat... He seems to have improved a lot
  13. Good to see chahal and Kuldeep hanging in..
  14. I do hope that Kohli and TM have some preferences about the squat that they get. Point is that special talent needs faster grooming..
  15. Did you ever hear anyone call Vihari as special.. didn't we hear how imran used to select specials from mohallahs in Pak and they turn out to be greats.. our TM should atleast watch highlights and throw their hat..

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