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  1. Vk1

    Selecting only alpha/charismatic players

    Karthik has been such a sore loser over the years.. yet one good match against cheap chinese bowlers like Taskin and Soumya Sarkar guaranteed him the world cup spot. We deserved this.
  2. Vk1

    Predict The Winner of IND-NZ

    True...if India can be 30 for 0 after 10. We should win
  3. Vk1

    3 changes in Pak world cup squad.

    The things that can help this team are the slowing pitches in July and the over head conditions initially... their problem is that they would choke way faster than the other team would.. can they defeat the kiwis, proteas, Windies and some decent challenge coming from defeating banglas, Lankans and afghans to get the fourth place? This round robin format can make their team pretty weak.
  4. Vk1

    Team India attitude

    I have a feeling that we are still stuck in the early 2000 kind of cricket. Looks like our selection panel, team management have come to a conclusion that it is better to be cautious than adventurous. It feels like that their thinking is that we can defend the kind of scores that Pakistan scored this week. Is this really possible against good sides? Isn't the overall process of worldcup not about winning those crucial games against big sides? Can we even imagine the scenario of playing a weak team in QF/ Semis like 2003/2015 ( Kenya & BD ) ? To top all this, Bangar says that he isn't obsessed with the number of boundaries that we score? what kind of a world is he living in ? Haven't we seen how England and like of West Indies benefitting from regularly hitting those big shots in the middle overs? Are they going by the CSK model of winning by spinners? What if the pitches don't become slow by July ?
  5. True.. in 90s you needed a tail that can hang in and try the target of 30 of 30 balls in chases or score a handy 8 of 9 balls while batting first.. cannot imagine both these scenarios now.. you need more of what Hassan Ali has done today.. strike rate should always be in excess of 160
  6. What has really gone in Dhoni's favour is the home pitches totally suited to their strong spin bowlers...
  7. Except that it was Watson batting.. Watson once scored some 180+ chasing 230 something against Bangladesh tonking some 15 sixes slop sweeping their left arm battery ..
  8. Not sure if he is so predictable or vulnerable against offies. He still gives that others can do it if I can't kind of feeling from time to time...
  9. Looks like he had a Casanova kind of life and now scared for his daughters.
  10. Vk1

    Performance of Indian spinners in IPL 2019

    The way bhajji got Rahul today.. Ajmal would have been proud. Guess ipl governing council wouldn't be serious on these chuckers as long as they play for csk.
  11. I thought Younis Khan was this perfect well mannered guy like our Dravid. Isn't he ?
  12. oh...but why is he even thought about..we have far far better batsman than him waiting
  13. Left armers have had great success over the years in world cups.. be it Wasim, geoff allot, zaheer, Vaas,Boult, Starc... Should have been groomed by now

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