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  1. When I'm looking for middle order players, I always hope that they are scoring slowly and not those who can score at 65+ strike rate. Shorey seems to be from David's school. Siddhesh lad can also be tried. This guy bails out Mumbai from difficult situations, knows how to play with the tail. Fits well for our number 5 slot.
  2. Vk1

    Sam Curran what an all rounder

    Also the psychological toll it creates in bowlers mind. Seeing a lower order guy scoring so many. Well, I am not sure if bowlers bowl to lower order with the same plans that they have for a top/middle order.. tend to lose their patience, look for that magical ball more often, try to intimidate unnecessarily and lose their confidence.
  3. I guess Lockie Ferguson owns this title now.
  4. Vk1

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    Dale Steyn _/\_ what a comeback from injury that too at 35+ years age. G.O.A.T
  5. Absolutely...this BS from carribean players of bringing food on table.. wonder what happens on those press conferences.. current west indies superstars must be 1000 times richer than the local Jamaican or Trinidad public..
  6. Exactly... Pitches are tough these days especially when evenly matched teams are playing in tests...
  7. Vk1

    Aus vs SA 2nd ODI

    You can never discount Aussies..certainly not in world cups.
  8. VK already has that cult in youngsters.. we might be too old to recognise that.
  9. Or the other way round.. that teams are playing at higher level..
  10. This world cup will be really interesting to see.. so many teams that are equally matched....any team can beat anyone on their day... so unlike the earlirr cups.. last cup that I can think of being so close is 1992 I guess.. India,England,kiwis, Pakistan, Australia (come the worldcup time) , south Africa in those conditions.. even Afghans and Bangladesh to compete... Windies if they get back their core and gel as a team.. Lankans for the odd surprise.. super stuff..
  11. Vk1

    Two declarations in 20 minutes

    I still remember that fateful day.... Came home from tuition, couldn't believe my eyes.. surreal to see what was happening.. all the commies were praising Cronje to the moon.. and then to know that it was all fixed.. lol
  12. I have been watching the analysis of zaheer and Ajay Jadeja.. trust me it's pretty close to what we discuss here... Both zaheer and Ajay seem to have the actual "analyst brains" that is usually missing in our commentary panel.
  13. Hardik atm is a far more useful cricketer in ODIs than in tests..some of us might be mixing up his performances across formats.. end of the day any captain would want him in his side. Infact purely by the all-round weight that he brings.. his name should be second/third after Kohli along with bumrah..on the team sheet...

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