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  1. Afghans played a good youngster in their debut test, he had a nice inswinger. Wonder where he is now
  2. All good things have a limited shelf life. When do you think that these Rashid khans, mujeebs, chahars etc start struggling? I guess they might enjoy for an year or two more and should be found out by the year 2020.. on the flip side, odi & T20 cricket will become even more batting centric then...
  3. Vk1

    Too much hate for few bowlers?

    I would guess that the debutant age is greater than 32
  4. Vk1

    Too much hate for few bowlers?

    People here hate the current selectors more than these players. We know that it's not the fault of Kaul and chahar for getting selected. We have a Indian railways kind of system where a player has to go through waiting list , RAC and bribe the TTE for berth. We need a tatkal system for fast tracking the meritorious ones.
  5. Well, I would like Pandya or the fast bowling all-rounder to always bowl line and length and as miserly you can.. don't try to be the 10-0-65-2 kind of bowler. Instead try to become the 10-0-46-0 kind of bowler. There are two capable wrist spinners who can pick wickets at the other end while you bowl. Batting... Give the strike to set batsman initially, become a better hitter against pace and know how to score of knuckle balls and slower ones coz you will get those in plenty when you come to bat.
  6. Superb win. Keep it up for the all important final. I hope Bangla boys dont reach the final, it would be too easy for us on current form.
  7. Sohail tanveer reminds me of a pocket thief to me.. hereditary rickshawallah puller has to be Riaz.
  8. Vk1

    Why not Raina ?

    Raina has been in such a bad shape mentally that he might even duck against fast wrist spinners like Rashid Khan or Shadab.. imagine what could happen when he has to face Starc, rabada, Ferguson, Shaheen Afridi etc.
  9. What happened to that khaandaani rickshawallah look alike fast leftie.. is he retired now is he ?
  10. Saala bus conductor banaa cricketer.. is what those at the receiving end might think of Sarfaraz.
  11. Really surprised with Hasan Ali and Aamir. Pak was supposed to be one of the strong contenders for the world cup but at this rate they will do well for a top 5 finish.
  12. Vk1

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    Saw a thread where it was clear that Bhuvi only does well against Sri Lanka and minnows. His record against probable world cup semis contenders is pukeworthy..
  13. I guess it's more due to the pressure of defeats that they do these things. Happy with short term results, ignoring long term goals, vision, planning etc.. my gut feel is that the current leadership group is more than happy with a semifinal exit at world cup. They will call it a success. Ravi will stretch and compare with our 1999 super six exit or 2007 group stage debalce and will call it a resounding success.
  14. Youngest to debut, fifty, hundred, 5 wickets, piss, poo etc... All these records will be safe till Kohli is at the helm.

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