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  1. Vk1

    Perfect test pace quartet of all time?

    Can any fast bowling list be possible without Steyn?
  2. In hostile conditions you need exceptional batsmen. Only they would score.. the likes of Dravid, Sachin, Steven Smith, Amla, Kohli etc.. Our current squad has only one possible batsman destined for greatness other than Kohli. Rahane had missed the bus, ChePu is thilan samaraweera 2.0 and Vijay had outdone his own expectations.
  3. Vk1

    play Kuldeep in the tests.

    Our batting is so brittle atm, it is unlikely to see Kuldeep bowling on 4th and 5th day pitches in England. Yasir shah succeeded only while bowling on the last days of the test.
  4. Vk1

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Remember Chak De? When the big players go against the coach, other small players fall on the line for fear of being bullied.
  5. Vk1

    England tours post 2008

    I have tried to analyse on the debacles and I guess the root cause of everything is ipl and scheduling. Before ipl our fab4 had the experience of County cricket and they could do well. And England of those days was a pretty average team baring 2005 ashes. Now with ipl going deep into May and English tour starting in June and with barely any real practise games being scheduled we are destined to struggle. More so when we carry aged players like Vijay and make ODI specialists open in England. ChePu had county experience this time but he and Rahane have deep psychological issues and with the captain and coach showing zero confidence on them they are bound to fail. And to this effect, selecting Karthik as wicket keeper was a joke. Common guys.. bring guys who are young and have no scars. This English side is not as strong as it looks especially in batting. Bring in Pant , Mayank, Vihari.. even if they fail it's a learning for them and not a rehash of scars like it is for current crop. PS: I expect the same team to do okay in Australia like they did in south Africa since the moment of the deck is not as pronounced as in England and theres no IPL hangover. They will struggle even more in new Zealand if NZC prepares juicy pitches.
  6. Vijay will be dropped, Rahul too unfortunately. It's pretty clear that Rahul isn't an opener with his changed technique and batting style. Rahul of 2015 or earlier could have been an opener. ChePu and Rahane seem to have mental issues and may need a psychoanalyst or motivator like we had in 2003 world cup. With this kind of fragility, you ought to have a strong number 6.
  7. Test of Virat Kohli's captaincy begins
  8. Rahane mofu didn't take the single there. Playing for his spot.
  9. This is similar to that Durban 66 all out innings in 96
  10. No problem..next test series is against windies. BCCI has this covered.
  11. This is a make or break test for India. Drawing this could give us a lifeline whole defeat will most likely shut the door for any chance of series victory
  12. Vk1

    Whom to blame?

    20 runs vs 10 runs is apt for tailenders, not openers
  13. When evenly matched teams meet..what kind of pitches do we encounter? Basically three types.. low, medium and high scoring ones. Virtually anyone can bat on highscoring flat beds and those who can bat with high strikerates like Dhawan can give us better chance of winning than the likes of Pujara. Most teams do not prepare such pitches these days other than Australia but they can afford that since they keep producing wolf pack kind of fast bowlers. Like always, medium pitches are the ones frequently encountered till some years ago but even they have been reduced. These pitches creates scores such as 350 to 420 all-out with low second innings scores. On these pitches you need batsmen who have hunger to do well and get 100s and not those who get satisfied with 50s or 60s. You can pick any batsmen here.. both Dhawan and Pujara.. one does well in first innings while other is reliable in second innings.. playing out the new ball is important. Low / semi low scoring ones.. you get these most as hifi teams are on revenge mode especially against India. You should pick batsmen with good defence, have patience to play out good spells, ability to score against weaker bowlers. Dhawan is an absolute no no as opener and I actually think he could be tried at 5 or 6 since the ball doesn't swing as much by then. Che Pu is a must here or we should pick guys from domestic level who did well on such pitches and not merely go by statistics. Batsmen who just rely on hand eye coordination will rarely do well here. Pick the donkeys who do all the hardwork and not flamboyant batsmen.
  14. Sending Ashwin first..what an absolute insult to karthik...
  15. If our overseas record has to improve that too when England is such a weak team, proteas in transition and Aussies preparing flat decks... We need batsmen who are special talents and can become future legends. That's how we did well in the past in overseas.. with great batsmen who play equally well overseas... Not these Vijay, dhawan kind of mediocres.. Pujara, Rahane kind of mental midget guys.

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