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  1. Another of those ABDs knocks against substandard teams.. still must be a awesome knock. Hope he rocks in the knockout phase of 2019
  2. Its not the board and it's greed. Its not the superstar players and their franchise fascjnation. Its not American TV culture and basketball or athletics. I actually think it's the pitches there, the biggest reason for their downfall. A player like evin Lewis or Fletcher would have scored plenty on flat pitches but they keep playing on slow low useless pitches. They should have understood this by now.
  3. I remember, Dale Steyn at some point played his 45th odi having played 45 tests. That's some conservation. Shami should be used like zaheer was used for 2011 WC and Srinath for 2003
  4. Like contesting for elections, min age for selection in team is 25.. Kuldeep is an aberration
  5. I would blame the Aussie pitches for Mitch marsh failure. Only genuine bowlers can pick wickets on those highways and that too during new ball periods.
  6. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    That was some special knock.. batted with tail. This guy would walkin into most other international teams. Pity we don't have place for him. Kusal Mendis like talent for us
  7. Reserve / Backup players available for Team India

    Can Washington Sundar claim a place in LOI squads? He bowled pretty tightly against international batsmen in ipl. If he continues to do this well,I wouldn't mind slotting him at 4.. a left hander to start with.. contributes with the ball, probably a decent fielder.
  8. If we were aspirational we would say we haven't won worldcup outside subcontinent since 35 years.. need for some urgent Brazilian soccer team mindset. That won't come as long as we have that old prick sunny and ilk on tv studios.
  9. There is no serious planning for world cup. Even west Indies and srilankan boards are getting serious. Something wrong with our mindset. It's almost as if it is okay to lose in a semis or final. Or they think they over achieved going by the rankings. Azharuddin times mindset.
  10. I still remember like yesterday..our batsman in Sharjah and elsewhere used to slog and it always used to fall in the hands of long on..or long off or deep midwicket. How far can Dhoni or Pandey or Jadhav hit in 2019 is questionable.
  11. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    Axcellent..lol..can recall Waqar saying that.
  12. Except for Rohit and Pandya we have almost 90s kind of six hitting ability.
  13. What's killing Windies cricket

    Bowlers win test matches. For windies to become a better test team, they should be playing 80% of their home games on old Barbados kinda pacy bouncer pitches. No other way to improve. Odis they can improve with some mindset change
  14. Is Shreyas Iyer ready for international bout

    Shreyas has been ready for international duties for an year now I suppose
  15. Is Murali Vijay's form a matter of concern?

    Vijay's contribution is slightly different. He bats the tough periods. Contributes when the going gets tough. He's a VIP
  16. Karn Sharma = chahal > kuldeep in my view... coz he's lot more experienced than other two. Kuldeep will develop as time goes. Karns batting is a bonus. He can hit sixes too I think. 28 sixes in 50 innings in list A. So idea nbr 7
  17. Talent watch

    We see Dhoni sleeping on floor in airports and people think he's so down to earth...lol...how does he justify playing T20s for India.. that too with such poor record..
  18. What's killing Windies cricket

    Stuart Law highlighted this in his recent interview with Cricinfo... Amazing that a teams downfall could be attributed to the nature of the conditions...similar to Indian hockey after astroturf. Can you talk about some of the challenges? As well as the cricketing challenges, one is getting our domestic tournament structure that is going to be sustainable over a long time to produce international-class players. The major hurdle we have in the Caribbean is the standard of facilities, the standard of pitches, which can be below average. I don't want to go out to domestic cricket, where you see a fast bowler bowl five overs from one end, another one bowl five overs from the other end, and the rest of the overs are spin. That is not West Indies cricket to me. West Indies cricket is bang, smash, bumpers, 90mph hair-raising cricket for six hours a day. We need to get back to that. Not many teams like facing 90mph. I know in the Caribbean we have got about five to seven fast bowlers who can clock early 90s. We have got to nurture those guys. That is a challenge.
  19. Oh come on BCCI *facepalm*

    Huge corruption involved. They were recently caught hiring cabs billed in lacs used by the spouses even when Lodha committee was monitoring. They built this stadium for 120 crores or so.. same time nagpur ground was built in 40 crores.
  20. Talent watch

    When you select a 38 year old bowler in a format suited for young guns and have no balls to drop a past his prime great former captain there's no hope of seeing anyone from this thread being given a run in the playing 11. They will give a odd chance on odd pitches unsuited to the players flair like playing pant on slow low pitches and then drop them. Ashwin and Jadeja were mediocre for long and begging to be dropped for a good two year period and they were never odi greats for such a long rope.
  21. Forget Siraj,Thampi even Iyer and pant won't get a chance in near future. No way. selectors and team management are fixated on continuity even if we fail. Luckily for us we are winning. We would have really been trashed by Aussies in odis if not for the top order and Pandya.
  22. We don't see them suitable as finishers even in odis, whole country has acknowledged the problem except the past cricketers on BCCI payroll..irony is that selectors keeping them for T20s when they are not even worthy for odis
  23. True...LOI format is all about winning the worldcups... Will take a world cup victory in exchange for humiliation in bilaterals any day. South Africa has been such a consistent team since 92..who would rank it in their dream teams
  24. Sanju Manju said Kohli imagines things and appeals referring to that appeal. What a joker.
  25. How the heck does Manish Pandey and Jadhav get selected ahead of Rana and pant.

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