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  1. SS select commies have pressed the panic button. Looks like their jobs are on the line if India bow out of this tourney early.
  2. I really wonder if it even bothers them. Fans no longer blast their homes. Imagine the 90s and 2000s.. the likes of Ganguly biting nails, a nervous looking Dravid, an angry pair of Kumble and Srinath. Only Jadeja or Yuvi looked a bit relaxed then. Now a days everyone is uber cool and relaxed. You get hammered by Pak in CT and you are still relaxed. You get pounded in tests and it doesn't bother you. Looks like everyone is busy minting money by truckloads during ipl. Players past their sell time like Dhoni keep playing while someone like Raina just has to give hints of form to get selected again. How does Rohit clear yo yo with that tummy. Less talked about Bhuvi the better. I'm really pissed with this nonchalant uber cool attitude that barely wins us any trophies or important matches. That win in south Africa with their side in transition seems a distinct aberration.
  3. Lovely diving effort by the young quick khaleel. That's what you love to see.
  4. It's time to accept that the talent pool for middle order batting isn't great. All the run scorers in Domestic games are either top order batsmen or TTF batsmen like Pandey , Karthik etc at international level.
  5. Metro kids and boys are totally into EPL etc.. it's kind of cheap to even know someone like Kedar Jadav or Rayudu for them.
  6. If our main requirement is to provide rest to fast bowlers Shankar should be seriously considered since he seems to be a far better batsman than Pandya
  7. England don't have a tail.Their Tactic is to play as many all-rounders as possible.By dropping catches it did not help.Also their was lack of planning Somebody like curran is good at offside but we kept bowling Outside offstump. True but the likes of Jos butler, Curran are not proven performers before the start of the series. By the end of it, they have cemented their places. The same lower order was helpless in ashes and usually poor in subcontinent. We struggled against Keshav maharaj as well. Even our lower order is too strong when we play at home. So we must plan for bowlers in SENA who are capable of knocking the lower order down. Mystery spin, hostile pace could be two options worth trying. Even going to the extent of resting the super fast bowler till the lower order comes to bat.
  8. This series was lost coz of England's lower order batting. Instead of focusing on no 6 or AR, I would rather try to develop strategies on how to get rid of the tail quickly. Play a mystery spinner or a wrist spinner with googlies? Have a fast bowler who specialises in getting the tail out quickly ?
  9. Honestly we should stop picking the so called swashbuckling or stroke makers for tests. Shaw is an exception since he could be special. Have seen enough of such players and however harsh I may sound I'm even sceptical about Mayank now for the same reason. You simply cannot be an attacking player and score runs overseas. Pick genuine Ranji long format players like Vihari, Siddhesh lad etc..
  10. We should make a note of these strategic errors that our team makes in every series. These days, tests are either going really close or going completely lopsided. When matches to close, it becomes a game of percentages... Let's think of the errors we have been noticing this series.. I would say playing Pandya at 6, playing Shami at 9 instead of Ishant - losing crucial 10 or 20 run partnerships. Not bowling around the wicket against tailenders like @express bowling bro pointed out ? Playing pant at lords comes under blunder though.
  11. Moeen is actually turning it even when not landing on footholes.
  12. This is perhaps the best fast bowling performance by an Indian in history.
  13. Vk1

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    This is simply the main reason for his downfall. Being adaptable in all three formats is near impossible and only special players can manage it like Kohli.
  14. In all probability we might see India getting all-out for 150 the moment Kohli gets out. Moeen would pick lower order , tail
  15. I remember Yasir shah winning tests on these pitches. Infact Graeme Swann too has done well. We have got to concede that Ashwin in turning overseas pitches cannot meet the demands and move on.
  16. Not keeping Bhuvaneshwar fit for this series is like unimaginable. He was supposed to be our bowling trump card and someone who is accustomed to picking 5 wicket hauls. He should have been fit enough atleast for two tests. Big blunder.
  17. You hedge your bets on something and go on a overdrive not minding stop-loss. Kohli did with Ashwin.
  18. True but he does magic when no one expects..we should give up on Ashwin considering his form and fitness.
  19. Bhajji and Kumble won us tests in SENA despite having weak fast bowling support. Ashwin may just retire without a single win to his credit. Lol
  20. When they showed Ashwin's action in the first test vs this innings it's clear that he is either not fully fit or out of form. How then did we pick him though we have Jadeja, who is as good as Ashwin is at home or abroad. This to me could turn out to be another series defining epic blunder after that Kuldeep fiasco.
  21. Vk1

    What can we Chase ?

    This game is still in the balance. Remember English batting is weak. Hope we don't allow their lower order to score again.
  22. These two probably have the best defensive technique in the playing 11.
  23. RCB should pick good bowlers and ensure that they are fit for whole season. Pick two decent indian batsmen apart from Kohli. And make sure their home pitch is suitable to their needs.

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