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  1. Sony lost those many views due to their preference for their app. Normal cricket watching public don't have the patience to go to app to see highlights if it's already there on YT
  2. Jayant Yadav is being regularly picked these days.. not sure why
  3. One thing I haven't liked is seeing Shami open the bowling. If he's our backup third seamer since Pandya would be third/fourth seamer, whats the point in making Shami open the bowling. They should have let him get used to bowling after powerplay.
  4. This Aussie team was like a proper A team.. missing top batsmen and bowlers. Any good performance against them is expected and taken for granted. The next challenge would be interesting.. to see how Kuldeep, chahal would bowl on those small grounds and flat pitches... Dhoni too will have to face quality bowlers like Boult, speedsters like Ferguson, bracewel , Henry etc.. and not some scrap like stoinis, Siddle etc... I can imagine Ferguson, Henry hitting the back of the length into Dhoni's upper body ala Rabada... need to see how he responds
  5. This is where srilankan captains falter. They give final overs to Thisara and he gets tonked like anything.
  6. Aussies 6 down in 35th over. Kohli goes to Jadeja. Though MSD won us some trophies he has forever ruined our teams mindset. They still confuse with formats, think that lower order might bail them out.. don't have the confidence to see and realise the actual gap between both sides and go for the jugular... Bowl Bhuvi man now.. or chahal.. not Jadeja ffs.
  7. Vk1

    Rinku Singh

    True... He's doing the difficult things early in his career.. interesting how he would do once he gets promoted up the order in these greenish pitches...
  8. Vk1

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    We are seeing lot of talented batsman emerge this season.. last few years were pretty dry by our standards..
  9. Checked Ranji scores yesterday and could see Mavi doing decently as lower order bat. Never knew he is such a decent bat. Now it's up for him to pick wickets and grab the spot in tests/odis.
  10. Bumrah, Shami and in form Bhuvi makes our pace attack as potent as any other team.. add Kuldeep and Chahal/Jadeja/Pandya with Jadhav's golden arm.. looks like all the bases are covered.
  11. Vk1

    Resurgence of MSD?

    One good thing for him was that Kohli took the mantle.. we have to see these situations again.. target of 320.. India 140/3.. Kohli, Rohit, Dhawan gone.. what can MSD do..
  12. Kaif ahead of Gibbs.. really ? I wouldn't put Kaif even in our top 3
  13. Kumble's throw from the deep... Used to come floating like a kid's plastic ball..
  14. You have brought up a forgotten mode of dismissal from 90s and 2000s... Very true.. used to get pissed whenever Sachin , Dravid got out caught there. Catches by Jonty, Gibbs , Ponting, Yuvi from that position were memorable. These days teams seem to be keeping the weakest of fielders there during middle or last few overs.
  15. Vk1

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    That's right. But not much to choose between aussies and SA.. similar teams with similar strength and weakness.
  16. Vk1

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    Yep... At the same time, South Africans neither have a good team nor do they do well during knockouts.. rule them out and the chances of Aussies doing well improve.
  17. Got to love this Aussie TM attitude. Not the strongest of teams but still very positive. Lost openers cheaply and still they have targeted the third seamer , trying to score as many as possible. We just went into shell in the last game even when we were chasing.
  18. Yes.. he doesn't seem mentally strong for LOI formats.. seen it already in T20s
  19. TMs across the world seem to have professionalized the position of third seamer. To be a third seamer needs certain different skillset than opening bowlers?? It's only us who keep trying one guy after another. Shami is third seamer one day , opens on another day. Siraj is being tried as third seamer while he is the prime opening bowler for Hyd.
  20. Vk1

    Rayudu reported for suspect action

    If he was indeed going to be caught.. it would have been better to go full throttle like chukmal.. pick few wickets and win the match. Instead he bowled poorly and yet got caught.. lmao
  21. Vk1

    1000th international victory for Australia

    Pakistan so high on the list courtesy reverse swing
  22. Must have been lot easier for Columbian Govt to catch Pablo Escobar compared to BCCI to muster the courage to remove Dhoni.
  23. Robin Uthappa sees sydney sunset and calls it sensational.. it's spectacular or beautiful you asansol

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