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  1. vivek04

    Funny selection policies

    All teams giving chances to new players for selecting the best for WC like for eg carey for australia, but Indian team filled with player with connections nd politics. Are they even try to win the WC. There are at least 5 players who dont deserve to be in the team.
  2. vivek04

    ODIS: Bhuvi vs Kohli

    His non selection was the reason we won the aus. test series. God knows what setting he had done to get selected over and over again despite being mediocre.
  3. not Cleaning up tail is the reason we had lost many matches in the past. Still not elite tier bowling who would eat the tail.
  4. This team deserves to loose because of freeloaders like thakur, rayudu, kaarthik, boobi etc.. Also, it would be beneficial for team so that we will not see in future.
  5. vivek04

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar is Overrated in ODIs?

    There is no reason to kept in the team. The stats don't lie. He is not a ODI bowler. Further, nor in test except conditions suited for him. His pace will get cratered in England World cup. But selectors are morons who don't learn from mistakes. Better don't waste time to watch these army of trundlers and bogey batsmen in asia cup.
  6. You yourself gave the answer. They are used to be called tainted bowlers along with great bowlers which questions their credibility.
  7. Given the Cheating history (& present) of Australia, no wonder they could indulged in ball tampering in the past to get reverse swing etc. Also, Anderson is a overcast green track bully.
  8. vivek04

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Virat kohli will give the biggest Bhenchooooo. to all the mates.
  9. I guess i am losing interest from cricket because of inexcusable selections in this Indian team. The squad for Asia cup is truly a example. More than 7-8 members of the team are passengers and included because of some connections.
  10. This Pandya is worthless.Neither bat nor bowl well. Got a fluke 5 fer in previous match because of pitch.
  11. Itna style marta hai aur attitude hai par gobar khel. Hatao sale ko
  12. I am not going to watch these tried and tested proven failures axar, pandey, thakur, rayadu, bhubneshwar kumar, jadhav., karthik.
  13. Indian bowlers have habit of making supestars of out nothing. Remember santner.
  14. They gave 2nd warning to ishant for just footing on danger and anderson was consistently footed on the area and get way with it.
  15. This could be the last match i think of ashwin for this series.

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