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  1. Bystander

    Should BCCI send the Indian team to CT or No?

    BCCI should make a stance on this issue. What last few months the ICC and other boards were doing when BCCI was at internal tussle is the real arrogance and back-stabbing to push India to a corner. 1) The actual revenue cut will not impact much in the long run given India can always get them with few more IPL matches 2) The biggest problem is the administrative change that is the problem here. Why should the ICC tell BCCI which country to play and sign a contract? Why are they poking noses inside the off season other than ICC events. The ICC can easily make India play Pakies or if we pull-out, we have to compensate the terrorists. What is the need of increase in votes to 15 ?Agreed if all 15 are member countries but the catch here is independent administrator and women director? Why this change was necessary now? It has been incorporated not for development of cricket but for politics and vested interest of ECB and CA. 3.) The writing is in the wall here, .now every member know they can play around with India , the ICC can decide and make contracts for all the other members with series against India that for sure India has to fullfill or compensate them. How in the world is this fair from all other members? This is exact reason why WI,ZIM,BD and SL have voted against India starting here. The biggest losers cloud be the smaller boards who will become lap dogs of some countries now. Agree or not stonger India is necessary for the growth of game. 4) Bloody ICC if it was fair, why the umpteen meetings were held before coming to changes without any BCCI representative? This has been sleezy and planned back-stabbing from ECB and CA with the shameless bastard Manohar, who at every given oppurtunity runs away when faced with Heat. BCCI biggest mistake was bringing bringing back this idiot. Dare say even sharad powar could have been a better choice than this traitor 5.) I would want BCCI form parallel body similar body to ICC and develop cricket with AFG , Scotland, Ireland, Namibia,Nepal for time being. Im Sure fans will watch India playing new countries anyway the international matches already is very monotonous. If this happens im sure in a jiffy BD, SA, SL, WI, NZ, CSA will join this parallel body. BCCI and other members are rest assured of revenue much better than this model. Hate to say,what BCCI needs at this point is Lalit Modi and Srini to fight this out. To hell with arrogance
  2. Bystander

    Congrats India!

    Kudos to Aussies for making this series really competitive. Well played and respect was earned. Hope India could fight like this next year in Aussie Land.
  3. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    * India started tentatively today first with runs coming hard by. India Scored 11 of first 8 overs. And India had luck with DRS today. * Smith took New ball straighaway and Starc and Hzwd produced fine spell of fast bowling and blow away India in morning session. Starc was unplayable today with serious pace *Aus started with attacking intent and lost Warner and Rensaw early. Smith looked positive until he got a grubber *Ash came to the party and wickets fell regularly.Rest is history
  4. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Yes. The intensity and fight shown by Team on Day 2 was excellent even though Jaddu was underbowled. Aussies scored only 200 old I guess.
  5. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Great Come back by Team India.... Congrats fellas.. Thank you Aussies for providing us a good fight. Looking forward for rest of the series
  6. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Cmon Ash..get one more..goo
  7. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Cmon guys,,one more in this over..go Jaddu
  8. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Two RHB here..should bring in Jaddu from Yadav end.
  9. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Great..cmon guys one more in next 2 overs.. go India
  10. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Yep. Agree. Should not give the Aussie boys with any pace to work. They will feel the heat now. Dry up the runs they will get out. It's not like first innings where dead batting worked. Here somehow one unplayable delivery will be there every 10 balls. So they will go for their shots
  11. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    But in such pitches wickets fall in cluster too..lets wish..maybe billion prayers will bring luck for our team.
  12. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Exciting match..this is best match in India in a long time. Just 4 more wickets..Keep Jaddu at one end and use Ash and Yadav alternatively
  13. Bystander

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Cmon guys one more before tea.. Ash where is the carrom ball.. Use it
  14. Bystander

    Day 4 predictions

    India to end up with 373 with Lead of 286. And Oz to end up with 80 for 3
  15. Bystander

    Losing respect for Virat Kohli, says Ian Healy on sledging

    As if Kohli is waiting for Mr.Healy respect. Just laugh off. First he should see his back before opening mouth on sledging

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