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  1. He is our most economical ODI spinner on all pitches - darts it in and is difficult to hit out compared to others. Gun fielder and can hit the big shots against spinners and medium pacers. I think playing 2 attacking wristies is very risky not ODIs - especially in England where it is not going to turn so much. I would play Jadeja over Ashwin anyday in ODIS. Only one of chahal and Yadav should play ( mostly Yadav )
  2. Is cricket rivalry very racial ?

    I find South Africa, England and Australia a lot more serious and intense when playing each other- also winning within this group consistently seems to be a pinnacle in their own minds. I mean winning in India etc...is a desire and ambition - but heads don’t roll like they do when they lose a series in this group compared to losing in India. similarly with Indo- Pak rivalry ( I know we don’t play them anymore ... but historically ) i wonder if this sort of white man vs white man and brown man vs brown man is seen in any other sport. I know we have a ferocious rivalry with Australia BUT losing to even a very strong Pak team back in the days caused a bigger stir than losing to Aus.
  3. After this ODI win it will be 38 wins and 10 losses under Kohli, well almost 4:1. No team in the world has had such dominance barring the great Aussie ODI side between 2002-2007. We need to replicate this success ratio for 3 more years to achieve or surpass that greatness. Abuse Kohli all you want, HE IS A WINNER for INDIA. This is NOT even our best side, it’s an unsettled side. It is Kohlis attitude that is making half the difference. No Indian player I have seen in since following cricket in mid- late 90s has such ferocious desire to win. We may or may not win the WC 2019- at the knock out stage - luck plays a part. But India has come leaps and bounds and a W/L record that used to hover around 1.5/1 even at our very best under Dhoni js in a different league now.
  4. Difference between Tendulkar and Kohli 1) there is not a bowler who has dominated Kohli or forced Kohli to play meekly 2) McGrath OWNED Tendulkar. Apart from Warne, I struggle to think of a single great bowler that Tendulkar has dominated. Apart from an innings or two, Donald had his number too 3) Kohlis ruthless desire to win at all costs factor is 100 times greater than Tendulkar, who was undeniably obsessed with upkeeping his numbers.
  5. Would this be a fair order ? England India Australia Currently our batting order and even playing XI is in a mess. Rohit sharma cannot play the moving ball to save his life. He will be exposed by any damn decent seam and swing opening bowler in Eng conditions. He should be at No.6 if he is going to play. we need another opener in place of him. Kedar Jadhav May also not be our best lower order batter outside India. Any solid opening options ? england seems to be the strongest on paper batting wise.
  6. American and western countries can’t get over the market base in China and want to milk it. You never judge yuan for where it is because the govt has strict capital controls. Take out the capital controls and let yuan trade and market value and see where it lands. jnformed wealthy Chinese moved 1 trillion dollar worth assets out of China end of 2016 reducing Chinese reserves to that extent. China was forced to put a 15,000 per person annual cap after that. If they were so confident - why place such stringent controls and let yuan face the effects of gravity. They CANNOT save the yuan from falling by artificial control forevee https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-30/china-launches-new-capital-controls-puts-15000-annual-cap-overseas-atm-withdrawals
  7. exactly.. what does 30 % recap do to yuan value , when they have to print that much more yuan ? They will also have to write down 4 Trillion dollars worth debt. They will also dry down the credit trap significantly. They will also have find venues to engage all this construction labor now that they have built mountains worth of infrastructure ? what are those venues ?? What is the cumulative effect of all of the above ?
  8. @randomGuy you should watch this - these 2 guys Kyle Bass and Jim Chanos are the 2 most successful short sellers in America every point they mention is indisputable
  9. Surgical strikes documentary

    It’s not enough. we need to empty 100-200 multiple barrel rocket launcher unite ( 1500 rockets ) everyday for a month ruthless to bludgeon every piece of infrastructure including hospitals that are used to treat terrorists and their coward soldiers .. to the extent that theor sh+t bricks in trying to guard their borders but even Modi govt with a pathetic Defence budget has been it hard for us to be the force that we should be. to the idiots who decry military expenditure as wasteful - no investor will come to our country if it is not safe and secure from external threats - and we face 2 big ones.
  10. How to deal with sensitive teeth?

    I am not being sarcastic this works: https://www.patanjaliayurved.net/product/natural-personal-care/dental-care/tooth-powder-manjan/divya-dant-manjan/37
  11. @randomGuy I said sub 3 % when the correction storm goes away and things settle. But honestly the correction and it’s domino effect can have far worse consequences than we can imagine - because we just don’t know how much the Chinese are concealing. Picture this - chinese economy is 60 % of the US economy in nominal gdp terms. But the money supply in China is 75 % more than US - does this not say how much money the Chinese have been printing ridiculously ?? And yet reported chinese inflation is less than 2 % this is why even chinese govt insiders admit that there is a huge mess in the system that can blow up anytime and cause a lot of pain. Nobody knows how much and for how long. I am a portfolio manager, no economist. No economist can predict the quantum of the correction - because nobody knows the true figures. They have ave been cooking their numbers for a while https://www.google.com/amp/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1F60I1
  12. You missed govt expenditure as a part of GDP composition - that is HUGE in China. Provincial level govt expenditure taking easy debt facilitated by central govt to meet gdp numbers . That will come down crashing. After correction chinese economy maybe 4 times, maybe 3.5 times that of India. It is anybody’s guess. But it will cause atleast decade of stagnation and slow growth sub 3 % while India with nearly 7.5 % over next 15 years, inches closer
  13. The debt may be internal but the trillions of dollars of FDI into china are external, and foreign investors will start liquidating yuan based assets nor will new FDI come while yuan is on a freefall
  14. @randomGuy Quantum of Market reaction to debt write offs resulting in asset price free fall can only be guessed. The fact that China is such an interconnected part of the global economy, foreign investors will also flee and exit yuan based assets once the correction begins ... ..the moot point is how China’s economy would fare after a huge correction and asset bubble burst the passenger car statistic is not very relevant in my opinion. Millions of middle class in urban and rural who have daughters save up money to give many Lakhs of jewelry and gold to daughter upon marriage /bidai every year and spend lakhs on wedding too. They could easily buy a car or two. But consider it a luxury till daughter is wedded off. It is a cultural thing for us Indians. No such thing in China. Is it any surprise that Indian household Gold hoard is more than many of the wealthiest countries combined ? a staggering 800 billion USD https://www.google.com/amp/www.financialexpress.com/industry/indian-households-have-record-gold-hoard-of-rs-24000-tonnes-worth-800-bn/521155/lite/ Millions of such families still prefer relatively inexpensive 2 wheelers. but once savings and equity crashes as debt write off and deleveraging of China’s economy happens - all these high flying consumer based statistics from China would come to a halt.
  15. @randomGuy China’s GDP and wealth is real. But it’s model has run its course. It will continue building more debt infused “ wealth “ , till the easy debt flow comes to a grinding halt. Then will come then asset bubble crash I look at it as simplistically as below and then multiply it at a National economy level: Asset = Debt + Equity When debt goes bad ( down )as it will when annual shadow banking is 80 % of the GDP level at 9 Trillion. Asset has to come down to balance the equation. But this is at a book value level, the market value always moves in greater extremes to the book value. Therefore when the debt write down becomes severe as will become evident, assets will crash furiously and disproportionately as there will be a panic sell off. This is cause yuan to severely devalue and cause savings to reduce comsiderably. the result will be lower consumption, lower demand, greater unemployment - and classic case of economic stagnation as experienced by japan in the 90s for a decade

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