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  1. The one thing you can do even on the flattest of pitches is to bowl in good areas and restrict run-flow. Your strike rate may go up but you can still come back with a good average. To me, Ishant managed to do that today. Going at 2 rpo per over for 16 overs creates pressure and make the difference between 260/6 or 300/6. Struggling is when you can neither take wickets nor create pressure by restricting runflow. Bumrah was a little inconsistent but will learn with time. Shami did struggle today but I think he is playing with an injury. Again, the only point I am debating is your saying that Bhuvi struggled in 2nd innings of 1st test. 2 Wickets for 33 runs is NOT a 'struggle'.
  2. When did I say Ishant struggled today? was the pick of the pacers. Second day of 1st test - all 3 Indian pacers struggled (best conditions for batting). Overall second innings, I would not say Bhuvi struggled. So yes, I do not agree with your statement that 'Bhuvi struggled in 2nd innings'. Stop making up things to prove your point.
  3. Not sure how 11 overs, 5 maidens, 2 wickets for 33 runs is "struggling"? He bowled tight lines.
  4. What's Up With Shami.

    A fit Shami would have made such a difference. Imagine Shami at his peak when South Africa were 12/3. This is not the Shami we know, he is definitely playing with an injury.
  5. Benefit of hindsight. No one had predicted this even after a good look at the pitch.
  6. Just thinking - Is there anything that anybody at all can do if Kohli keeps playing Dhawan? Is there any one who can talk sense into him (or even dare talk to him)? http://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/sourav-ganguly-warns-virat-kohli-says-don-t-go-by-home-form-in-south-africa/story-PQKP76C7lqXXx95SSb65iL.html “Virat (Kohli) has shown a lot of trust in Rohit and Shikhar. It seems highly unlikely that they will not be given a second chance"
  7. You underestimate the stoploss kohli has put on him.
  8. Really? Ishant has been giving false hopes for the past decade! You can't fault people for wanting to move on. Below are his averages. Just when it seemed he was getting back in business, had an awful year in 2017. Story of his life. 2012: 75.6 2013: 48.2 2014: 31.4 2015: 31.5 2016: 28.7 2017: 37.7 He is still the 4th choice pacer but I don't think he can replace any of Bhuvi, Shami, Bumrah after the way they bowled on 4th day.
  9. Batsmen should have matched SA's first innings score. Except Pujara and Rohit (who got tough deliveries), all others played bad shots. Blame the pitch or pace quartet of SA all you want, shot selection was a major issue with all Indian Batsmen. Vijay, Kohli, Ashwin all went searching for balls tentatively outside of off. Dhawan could not pull and Saha made a blunder shouldering arms. It was not a 70/7 pitch on day 2. So, yes, batsmen are to be blamed.
  10. After 1st test against SA: Bhuvi jumps from 30th to 22nd. 600 rating points for the first time. Shami is on 19th position with 649 points. by the end of South Africa series, hopefully, at least one of them should in the top 10.
  11. ICF 22 Yards - Ind v SA 1st test Post Match Discussion

    Thanks, very nice discussion and some very valid points. Some sound issues like echo etc. which I am sure you guys will sort out next time round. (Hopefully you will be discussing a famous Indian win the next time!!)
  12. Virat Kohli Press Conference after 1st Test

    Pujara got two unplayable deliveries. First innings ball landed on a crack. Second innings ball bounced from good length and hit the bat almost near the handle. One almost had to be a lesser batsman to not touch those deliveries - Pujara gets in line more often than not.
  13. I think the more concerning part is if he has a technical deficiency in playing quality fast bowling in seaming conditions. Seems he plants his foot way too much towards offstump and head tends to fall over. Quality quicks like Amir, Rabada have exploited that in getting him out LBW.
  14. My point was that he can achieve those two numbers - he is good enough. Shakib has those averages. Kallis averaged less than 33 with the ball. At least, he can definitely average more than 40 with the bat. With the ball, he has good pace and if he improves on his consistency, he can average around 33. Ben Stokes averages 34 and bowls at similar speeds. Pandya will definitely improve on his bowling over time. That's the one constant in his performances - keeps learning and improving.

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