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  1. If only Shami can learn to bowl those fast yorkers consistently at the death - he would be unstoppable in ODIs. He always bowls a great line and length upfront. When fit and in rhythm, he is our best and most destructive fast bowler. And rarely enough for an Indian pacer, has an intelligent brain to go with his skills.
  2. Yadav has shown signs of improvement in test matches and gotten close to top 20 ranking. But let's not get ahead of ourselves by calling him 'successful'. Still averages 36 and needs to prove a thing or two.
  3. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Very interesting :)
  4. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Seems ball was not coming on to the bat after 35-40 overs especially the cross-seam/slower ones. Scoring quickly against the new ball will be key. chasing 75-80 in the last 10 overs will be difficult.
  5. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    When will experiment of Umesh Yadav in ODI end? has not worked and will not work.
  6. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Still no KL Rahul. No pacer for the death overs. India will probably lose this match if they don't get early wickets. If Aussies get to a flyer, expect them to make 330+ this time. No pulling back towards the end.
  7. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    The most satisfying part is that this time, Batting and Bowling have contributed in equal parts for India to be no.1 in Tests+ODIs. Batting used to do the heavy lifting in the team of 2008-2010.
  8. Let's be fair about this - Bumrah has much more control and has been easily the best limited overs bowler in Indian set-up for the past 6 months. One night of under-performance does not make him worse than Bhuvi. Bhuvi was fantastic tonight though and showed us a glimpse of the old days with the big swinging unplayable deliveries :) Hope this puts an end to the debate about the no.2 Indian seamer for limited overs cricket. At least for a while.
  9. This is exactly the kind of powerplay batting that lost us the ODI series in Australia in 2016.
  10. His natural length seemed to be just short of good length. If that's true, he should do well in bouncier/seaming pitches in SA and Australia but may go for plenty in conditions like Sub-continent/WI or perhaps even England/NZ. But I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to see him clock up to 148kph. We need to be patient with all these new blokes. I am sure we will find 2-3 really good pacers in the coming months who will play for India for the next 10 years. All the guys you have mentioned in this thread are good prospects and the new rotational policy by the selectors does help. I am especially excited to see Nagarkoti and Mavi as both seem to have batting potential as well.
  11. Very well put. @Lannister Death Bias is the enemy. It always wins. And we still need to fight it. :)
  12. Top teams would be Aus, Eng, SA, NZ He has good ER against Aus and NZ. You need to take into consideration the type of pitches (350-par) which is also reflected in the ER of other Indian bowlers. Bumrah has extremely good numbers but has played very few ODIs so data is limited. Also, Bhuvi has a very good ER against Eng. SA and Eng are the boogie teams for Bhuvi and Bumrah respectively. It is near impossible to have a good ER against each and every team.
  13. I agree with that thought completely. Just have a problem with the premise of this thread that we ought to do that because Bhuvi is so very bad!
  14. Regarding Economy rates, as you can see below, he is one of the top 2 bowlers (highlighted in green) overall as well as against all top teams except SA (every bowler has a boogie team or two as the data also suggests). In fact, below data clearly suggests that Bhuvi and Bumrah are the best in term of ER on a long-term basis based on the ODI cricket they have played so far. You may choose to dissect data for last 12 months, last 2 months, last 2 weeks etc. To me, the best analysis is over a period of time especially for bowlers who have played 50-70 ODIs. Bumrah has played only 21. So better to look at the career data for these bowlers. Regarding the second point on trying new bowlers, I agree on what you are suggesting which is that we should have a larger pool of good bowlers. I just don't like the fact that you are trying to put down Bhuvi in order to get to that point. Yes, his ODI bowling average is not very good but is it so important in ODIs as it is in Test matches? Not in my view. If a bowler can restrict runs, it is as important as getting wickets - remember the last ODI series against Aus and SA - matches were won or lost based on the last 10 overs. That is what will happen more often than not on 350-type wickets. If you want to build a team with bowlers like Steyn, Warne, Waqar who will get international teams out in 35 overs and have bowling averages of 25, good luck with that. Teams like England will keep coming at you even if they lose wickets and will bat 50 overs most of the times because they bat deep. You need bowlers in the team who can restrict them to 75-80 runs in the last 10 overs and not concede 100. Last point on who should replace Bhuvi - The only name you gave was Thampi. I liked what I saw of him and I am all for him to be given a chance to see how good he is. But don't agree if the reason is that he 'seems' to be much better than bhuvi. Yes, he bowled 3-4 good yorkers in IPL but went for plenty. He also did not do as well in the SA A Triangular series as you claim. Was the 5th best Indian bowler in terms of ER and worst among regular bowlers in terms of SR and Average. Shardul Thakur was the best of the lot (considering both ER and ave) and he did get a chance. Bottomline - Yes, I would very much like to see young fast bowlers given a chance to create a pool of bowlers. But don't try to force-fit the notion that Bhuvi is a bad ODI bowler and others are so much better and it is such a miracle that he has been a part of the team for so long. He is a good ODI bowler as per most data-cuts and ICC ranking. He should only be dropped to try out new players (to create a larger pool) and not because of some imaginary reason that he is awful.
  15. Death bowling and economy rates are much more important today - given that that most teams bat deep and have more firepower. ODIs relate more to T20Is these days with 300s being scored more frequently. Take ICC ODI bowlers ranking for example - it takes both economy rate and average into account. And Bhuvi has been in the top 20 for a while. And having seen the other Indian bowlers in action, can't think of any one who can bowl yorkers/slower balls as well as Bhuvi and Bumrah. Can you suggest any bowlers who should be playing instead of Bhuvi?

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