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  1. Indian Player: sir, what is "winning mentality"? Guru: "When you fire a blank from there, by the time it crosses into Southern hemisphere, it is blown away with the wind like a tracer bullet. Okay? But lead... Lead... With something in it... Can be pretty serious." Indian Player gets so motivated by the sheer magnitude of man-management that he bowls at 190 mph, takes a flight home to Northern hemisphere, shuts up all the armchair critics at ICF, crosses over to Southern hemisphere, back to the ground and collects the ball before it even reaches the keeper. All hail The Shashtri. Valar drunkaisis (All men must get drunk) House of Tracer Bullets.
  2. Velu, that's DC not Marvel.
  3. Samcric

    Rank current test pacers

    Any particular issue with the ICC rankings that you do not agree with that? I follow it regularly and believe it to be the most objective evaluation of rankings. Since fans of one country do not always watch the matches of other countries, there is always a chance of bias towards players that we watch more of.
  4. We'll win 3-2 or 4-1 if Dhoni bats at 4/5. Series will have scores of 320+ so unfortunately, MSD's limitations will come to the fore in at least a game or two (same as England ODIs).
  5. Samcric

    Telecast/Broadcast - India tour of New Zealand

    No love for Prem Jyotish?
  6. Surprised no one has mentioned about Prithvi Shaw? Is he injured? Mumbai hasn't qualified for Semis so he should be available. He could have opened and could become our back-up opener if KL's form does not improve.
  7. Samcric

    Line up for NZ series

    Saw his hitting against NZ-A. Was able to clear the fence easily against pacers. Guys like Ferguson like to bowl short and fast. Shankar can take them on. I think he will be ideal for small grounds where ball comes on to the bat with pace - like NZ, England etc. May not be that good in Australia or against spinners.
  8. No, we won because a batsman other than Kohli scored runs. And we finally found at least one reliable opener. Rahane and Vihari didn't score much. You could have changed either of them with Pandya and result would have been the same or better. So, the argument regarding balance being the reason is not true. We would have also won in SA and England if Pujara and Agarwal had played all matches and performed as they did in Australia. On a personal level though, I would also prefer Vihari or Gill intstead of Pandya on bowling friendly pitches.
  9. I think Bhuvi has performed well enough in this Aus ODI series to put any doubts to rest.
  10. Samcric

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    Correct. You forgot to add - and inspite of Dhoni?
  11. Samcric

    Get Dhonified !!!

    @velu though...
  12. Agarkar would have missed bowling to someone like current Dhoni. Economy rate would have been so much better.
  13. I hope Rohit got enough calm today batting with Dhoni. Should have asked for a better strike rate as well.
  14. Pant and Shankar. Shankar was brilliant with the bat in NZ and economical with the ball.
  15. WI tour is the beginning of Test Championship for India so doubt anybody will be rested. Also, WI has been preparing low-scoring greentops which can become a lottery so you need your best bats.

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